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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

My penis is perfect. When it's soft it's nice and small (my girl calls it "cute") and when it's hard it's a good 6.5 inches long. It's straight and sitcks out from my body at about 45 degrees, although if I've already had sex or jacked off that day the angle is a little less. I am proudly circumcised and I love the way my penis looks: the first 4 inches are dark, then there's are dark brown scar that I think makes it look more manly, and the next inch is bright red. This section is extremely sensitive and there's one big purple vein that runs along the top part that my girlfriend loves to trace with her tongue. FInally there's the helmet, which is about 2 inches across at the widest and it's purple around the edge, deep red toward the tip. It's a lot wider then the rest of my dick, which gives a great feeling when you thrust back out and the edge slides against the walls of her pussy. My penis is unique, obviously , but for me it's perfect. it fits right into ma=y hand and even tho i'm cut the skin slides all the way up and down the hard shaft so I never need to lube myself to beat off.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: reasonable

I am 23 years old and I have had sex with 5 women. My penis is about 3.5 inches when soft and about 5.5 inches when hard. I've always thought my dick was a bit small. I have told this to the women I have had sex with, but they say that they like it A LOT more than guys who have 7.5 inch penises. One woman said that she had sex with someone who was too big for her. She said it actually hurt her when they had sex. She said that guys are WAYYY too concerned with the size of their penis. She also said that guys with wide penises are better than guys with long penises. I was glad to hear this because I have a wide dick. About 5.5 inches around

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