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My penis is great. I love to play with it, make it get up and dance. While erect it sways gently to the right. It is a normal looking penis. Long missle shaped with a well rounded mushroom head. The only thing I would change about my penis is maybe make it longer while at rest. While erect, which is quite often, I have never been rejected or made fun of. The women I've been with often comment on the way it feels in their mouths.

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I have always been a little shy revealing my dick (penis sounds so clinical) to someone for the first time, because it so damn small.Soft it is only one inch long.and that is if it is out at all. It has a tendancy to retract into my groin like a turtle or snails does with their heads. Erect it is 5and1/2 inches. I have never measured the girth because I know it will not break any records. So I would rather not know (ignorance is bliss).The older I am getting Just turned 50 last month, the less importance I place on my dick size. I'm just glad I have one that takes care of business as needed. And it does give me so much pleasure,nothing can make me feel as good.I have been an avid masturbator since I was Eleven years old.A neigbor of mine sucked it for me when I was Five years old,he was six.And I have always known since that day what a special treat and feeling it is to have someone suck on it.I have returned the pleasure to a few of my closest friends in my life. I have three male friends at present, all heterosexual two are married one single,that I suck on a regular basis. They ask me to because they say I do it better than their wives and girlfriends, it's less hassle,and because I enjoy it. This has been going on for more than ten years now. I'm sorry, I am getting off track. Back to describing my pecker.It doesn't bend left or right, when it gets hard it will point up at about a 45 degree angle. perfect for hanging a towel on it.Or for playing ring toss. If I could change anything about it, realistically I stopped having that fantasy years ago...I'd change everything, I'd replace it with one like my friends that is only six inches long,but it's a fat six inch sucker. Just like a sausage.... when I was eight or nine years old, I belonged to the Boys Club of America in Phoenix Az. there was an olympic size swimming pool that I just could not get enough of.Everyone had to take showers before and after entering the pool,plus swim trunks were prohibited.everyone would swim nude.Except the life guards. Every half hour or so, one of the guards would blow his whistle and everyone would have to get out of the pool and we all had to stand in a long line and listen to what ever the guard had to say, or be inspected (for what, I never really gave it much thought) All I know is how much I wanted to get back to swimming.But it was on one of these routine interuptions that two of my best friends started making fun of my dick, and how small it was. They were laughing and pointing at it and managed to get everyone to pay attention to my shrinking pecker and ego. I remember being so embarrassed. That little incident scarred me for life.Honest. I have always felt a bit of an inferiority complex,time age and no amount of reading size does not matter have done nothing to rid me of my complex.I was eighteen years old and in the Navy when I lost my virginity with another sailor(was I scared) and nineteen when I had sex with a female (a wave) I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get up enough nerve to have sex with anyone at all. After that experience I had sex with several woman and occasionally sex with a guy.I always felt more at ease being naked with the guys. And at age twenty two, faced the fact that I am homosexual, deal with it ... haven't had sex with a woman since. I often wonder, if I had a big dick, would my life be any different. would I have continued having sex with woman. I doubt if I would have this inferiority complex that has been my constant companion for the last 50 years, our golden anniversary. Did I answer any of the question that were asked in this survey? I hope so, Thank you.

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