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penis pic

penis pics

penis picture

penis pictures

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Free picture site that was started to adress myths about penises (size and shape). This site also has a penis survey.

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WELL it bends to the right it curves, it is pink and the head is pinkish purple when it is hard. i wouldn't change it. i have never had anyone rejuect me yet. all of the above coplimented all of it. i really like to masterbate alot but i don't normally have to my chick loves to do it for me and loves to have anal sex more than vaginal sex.

TITLE: Revol

I am large both long and quite thick and I must admit that it gives me great confidence. The kind of thing where always in the back of your head you are thinking, "well, I may be stuck in traffic, yet I have a big penis so I guess ultimately everything is ok". Most women tend to like it very, very much. A few have "been scared" or cried which actually was not fun as I then had to go through the hassle of convincing them that "yes it will fit" and for many women they feel (unjustly) that I am too big for anal sex with them. I tend to wear through my blue jeans in the crotch before the knees, but that is more likely from a gentle rub every now and then before I decide to go ahead and masturbate.

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TITLE: Anthony

My penis is relatively "good looking" if you want to say that. It is a tan/pinkish color with a slight curve to the right. I seem to think that the durve has developed because of masterbation habits, but regardelss. I think I would add a little length to my penis just because of some of the looks I get in the locker room. My girlfriend never really is interested in doing much with it, so she is either still uncomfortable with the fact that it sia penis or she wants "more". I have been indirectly been made fun of because of my size, but I can make up for the loss so in general it works out ok.


My penis is long and fat, it has quite a large un-circumsised head that is a very deep red colour. It has ver soft skin which is dark in colour. It bends slightly to the left and slightly up, the veins are very large and stand out quite alot in my penis. I would never change my penis as i think it is bigger than the average penis and i have no problems with it, aso because i have never been rejected because of my penis. No one has ever made fun about my penis i have only ever had compliments about it.


Circumsized, good size 8.25 inches long , good width and circunference over 5 inches ,matches skin colour. bends upwards when hard and finds my wifes G-Spot for unforgettable orgasms, never been rejected, masturbate every day, and show it about as muich as I can.

TITLE: ole

I like my penis.I have it uncircumcised. Is the same color as my skin. When erect it bends up , when flaccid it bends a little to the left. I am happy with the size. I would never change it. I have a lot of fun with it.

TITLE: Big Bill

I'm 60, and have enjoyed my penis for most of those years. It's on the small side - 4 inches or so, soft, and 5 or so, hard. Not all that thick either. I'm circumcised, and the corona is real purple in color, and so sensitive, it's unbelievable. I'd give lots to have a big one. Most of the men I hook up with seem a little turned off when they see mine compared to theirs. When I was in school, I took lots of grief over my size, but only from guys. Girls seemed not to care about size.

TITLE: Billy Washington

Longer than some other males around my age, a sort of soft texture, and a little tan in color. Bends a little to the left. I wouldnt change it because I think it is rather normal in size/shape/ and color and I also think it is fine the way it is. No rejections although haven't really encountered many people that have looked at mine.

TITLE: bigpenis

My penis is super hard when i have a boner. It is the same color as my skin. My penis is nice and smooth. it bends up. My girlfriend has given me a blow job every time i see her because of my penis size.

TITLE: BlackPuertoRican

I'm 17 and I'm happy with my penis. It's almost 7in long and 5in around and circumcised. It curves to the left. I'm mixed (black/puertorican) and my penis is brown with a nice pink/red head. I love my penis, especially since I can give myself head, it feels SOOOO GOOD! My penis hasn't been rejected. My best friend complimented me on it, still does. I used to want to change my penis because I thought it was small, but it grew and is still growing, I've learned to be happy with what I have. I have big brown balls, but I've never had anyone to compare them with. I love my Penis!

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TITLE: joel

My penis is just over 7 inches long and curves to the left when flaccid. it straightens out when erect and curves upward slightly. The base is thicker than at the head, but it is almost entirely the same girth. It's about 6 inches in circumference. I am fond of my penis because i am well hung while flacid, but not too big or small. I am confident but not over confident. It's a great size and shape. My testicles are average size as well and are about 1.5 times the size of an unshelled almond. Whne I come, it usually shoots out strongly on the first two bursts and then spews out afterward. Sometimes, I can shoot myself in the face! Hope you're happy with yours too.

TITLE: Tbone35009

My dick is just over 7 inches long and quite thick roughly 2.5 inches. I am circumsized. I have an extremely large head that is wide and long and the whole shaft curves upwards slightly. I have small balls though. I still cum a ton. My penis has very smooth skin and I shave my hair off my balls and my legs and ass etc...My dick curves also a bit to the right. Maybe because I am right handed. My girlfriend thinks it is because I have always masturbated with my right hand. I have never been rejected due to my penis but a few times the women wanted me to ease it in just alittle at a time so they can get used to the size over a few days. Usually it starts out slow and they say just stick it all the way in I cant stand it !! I was surprised because I did not think my penis is all that large. It just looks bigger due to the large head. I am limber and I have always been able to selfsuck as well. When I was a early teen I was very small sized. I was very embarressed about my size. My girlfriends in HS said it was just fine. As HS continued I seemed to grow in size until early 20's. I was alate developer as far as growth. My major growth spurt as for my height was 17-22, For my penis it was more like 16-22.

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