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penis pics

penis picture

penis pictures

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TITLE: Larry

I have always been fairly satisfied with my penis. It is uncircumsized, with I guess what you would call an "average" foreskin. It is a bit darker than my my general skin tone. When it is erect the veins stand out prominently and the foreskin does not nrmally cover the head, although it can be pulled up over it. It has a very slight curve to the left, probably due to masturbating a lot with my right hand. the only thing I might want different about it is a slightly larger head. I have received a number of compliments on it from both females and males. I have only been rejected because it once and that was from a very small woman that said it was hurting her. She actually liked it even though she couldn.t have intercourse with it. She took care of it manually and orally, and I her I might add. All in all my relationship with my penis has been mostly satisfactory and pleasurable.

TITLE: huge dick

My penis is huge and dark. it is great for masturbation cause i can really move up and down my shaft. If I ever get an erection in public if women see i usually always get laid. I would make my penis a little bigger in girth and 15 inches is my perfect size if i could change it. women are always happy and satisfied after an orgasm. i have been complimented at the shower in a locker room, when i get hard in public it sticks out of my pants, and when a girl reaches for my goods.

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TITLE: anonymous

my penis is your average one it is black and bends upward in an erection. If i could i would make it 15 inches because the bigger the better. No one has rejected me because the size of my penis. I have been complimented when: at the gym in the locker room, in a spa when my pants fell of by accident, and by many pertners. women love my size and i get laid just for showinng them.


Me penis is slightly curved to left when its erect . when I get hard the shaft is white and the head gets red. When I was younger I wanted my penis bigger butt now i think its fine. when i am limp my penis is small like when it is cold some have made fun of it when they see it like that but when they see it up its like how did that get big like that.


My cock is 7 1/2 inches hard and it is cut. It has a perfectly formed pure white head altho the shaft is tan. It is 6 inches around and sticks straight out when erect. I love my cock just the way it is. It is the same size as my dad's when we have a hardon. I wouldn't change a thing. I constantly thank him for my beautiful dick and the large amount of cum I produce. We both give the same amount of cum when jackin. I am 19 and dad is 39.

TITLE: latin9

The shape of my penis thick with a slight cover, the texture is frim, color tan. it hangs to the left. would i change anything would like to have it a little bigger. To me it seems a little on the small side. I had a few guys reject it because they were affrid of the size, all in all size is the key. No one has ever made fun of it, compliments i do get from the guys that do take a look at it ...stright or gay ... My partner tells me it is a perfecy size.

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TITLE: joe blow

It stands at about a 30 degree angle and is about 6"+ in length (larger when about to blow a load). It's got a perfect shaped head. It has a nice pink color down to below the head and then gets a bit tanner where the circumcision was done. It kind of twists to the right a bit. It has a really nice look about it. Let's put it this way, it's definitely not an ugly, distorted penis like I've seen on some of these sites. So far, all my past women compliment me on how beautiful it is. My wife loves it when hard and in her vagina or mouth. My balls are completely shaven and so is the base of my shaft. Nobody has rejected my penis. Never been made fun of. I would like about 1" more on the length.

TITLE: Bently

I love my penise. I didn;t always. I thought it was smaller then average before I became sexually active. It's about 7.5" it is not as big around thuogh. Really that is the part that matters, i've heard. It bends slightly to the left and hangs low even when fully erect. If I could change anything it would be the bend.

TITLE: lib1nmne

I'm very proud of my penis, although as most guys I'd gladly take an extra inch if it were offered. When fully erect I have a very slight turn to the left at the base. I'm cut, so my head is quite prominent when hard. The overall color is a slightly tan flesh color with the head becoming somewhat purple.


I am only 14 years old and i know that my penis will continue to grow. As of now though, i am very satisfied with my penis. I do not necessarily want it to be overly excessive like 9 inches or anything but like 6.5 to 7 inches will do. I just like the feel of my penis and they way that it fits into my hand when i masturbate.

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