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penis pics

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penis pictures

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TITLE: Fantasy 9

I am a 22 year old white male. It is ccircumsized and when erect it bends somewhat like a banana sticking upward towards my stomach. When hard it also has a slight bend from left to right. When it gets hard it swells up, sticks almost straight up along my stomach and bends like a banana as it almost doubles in length and width. This trait is quite obvious in showers during school, sports, etc. When hard, you can see most of the veins straining through the tan skin and when shaved (as I often do during the summer) it makes it appear even larger. I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 13 and have always worn Speedos and enjoy the feel of them on my body and in the water. I am quite happy with my more than average size equipment, but since I am somewhat susceptible to getting hard-ons easily, it does cause some uncomfortable (yet unforgettable for those viewing) moments by pool side or at the beach. Many times this happens while strolling the beach catching the babes in their suits. Unfortunately, while strolling the beach wearing only the speedo it is almost impossible to hide the arousal when it happens. (Tough to hide 9" in a skimpy lowcut nylon/lycra speedo.) I have never been rejected by a woman for sex, although 1 or 2 partners have had difficulty handling the full erection, which limited my pleasure, as well as theirs. I have also been propositioned in the locker room and showers by males wanting to look closer and see if I am interested. (I am strictly heterosexual!!) To my knowledge I have never had anyone make fun of my penis size, but have been embarrassed on numerous occassions because of it's large size, and the obvious exposure I provide when wearing the swimsuit. (My choice,...I could switch suit styles, but have always liked the speedo style.)The only time I was ever made fun of was when I fell asleep at the beach in Key West and awoke to find that I had a huge hard-on and about 2-3" of my erection was protruding through the top of my Speedo onto my stomach and was visible for some time to all passersby until the beach lifeguard woke me to alert me to cover up! (Even he woke me with a smile and an envious look of approval.) Most partners have their complete fill with my penis as I usually shoot white thick streams of semen when orgasming for about 8 - 10 seconds.

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TITLE: shrek

mine is straight with a large, flat head. The circumcision scar is prominent, but is being reduced due to foreskin restoration. To date, I've brought back over 1.25 inches of "fauxskin" which usually remains over the glans during the day. Sex and masturbation are both much improved and different since beginning restoration. Those who have been circumcised, I urge you to look into non-surgical restoration. Those who haven't - congratulations. Don't let your sons be snipped.

TITLE: Cameron

my penis is long, fat and white. Right now I am wanking and it feels super. When erect it produces buckets of spunk and it bends up the way. OH CRAP here cums the piss. I have filled my bottle now and must use my hand. It is so unique at 21 inches long and 4 inches wide. I would never change it. Everyone has said give me more of that 21 incher. I get it out in public, erect of course, and am blown away with compliments from young teenage girls. If you would like to see this cum to my house, that is 7 Redcloak Crescent Stonehaven Scotland UK and ask for me Cameron milne.

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TITLE: long

My penis is circumsized it is the color of my body. it sometimes move by itself when i'm naked fucking girl. I would never change it.i've never been rejected cause of my penis.Never been made fun of.i have been complimented.that's it 6 inches and 9 erect

TITLE: ivor hardon

I am half circumcised (Rabi mistake) with long crusty end. It sometimes goes blue and points to the left. It's very veiny. I love my penis. He is called James. Sometimes he spits at me when I stroke him. He likes to be stroked. Penis be good!


Compared to others I've seen, I really like the appearance of my penis. The skin tone is even, it's symmetrical, the head is full and slightly purple in comparison to the shaft, vein protrusion is there but not unsightly, and my balls are loose hanging. When soft, it bends quite a bit to the left. When erect the skin is very tight, almost too tight. (Damn that M.D. who did the circumcision!) Like most guys, if I could change one thing it would be the length. I'd prefer to have 7", although I've never had anyone complain. Wanting to be bigger is just a personal preference because I get very aroused at the sight of larger penises so I assume that others are the same way and might appreciate more length in me. I know this is flawed reasoning, but it's still a hang-up of mine. The only negative comment I've ever had regarding my penis was once being told it was too thick. I don't think that is the case, and I only heard that once so I don't put much stock in it.

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