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Some survey results are published below.
Note that survey information is not related to the pictures above.


SITE SUGGESTIONS: Before proceeding with the "interview", I wanted to say that while obviously this website is quite useful with regard to accomplishing it's goals of creating a more realistic outlook on our own penises, it certainly would be more useful were it to provide perspective or context by associating the subscriber's commentary with pictures and/or measurements of their own penus as information without context is far less valuable. Also, a women's point of view associated with the site interview by interview might be nice if it is acurate personal perspective that we are really looking for.
SURVEY ANSWERS: My own is just a bit above average and for this I am grateful as I have seen many smaller and many uglier. I have always wanted an extra inch and a half in both directions as I have had to live up to the expectations of girls, particularly in my youth, being viewed as a player at different times in my life. The player status had far less to do with my smoothness or looks (though I am reasonably attractive and glib) and much more to do with my social standing and occupation. My penus is quite straight side to side curving only a bit to the left after years of normal masturbation and curves back toward my stomach some. It is proportioned almost scientifically being virtually the same circumference from base to tip. My testicles, I have been told many times, are small for the size of my shaft and I am a grower not a show-her unless I know that I need to impress an audience or at least not unimpress them. I guess that's the showbusiness part that kicks in in a pinch. With regard to rejection I have been too big, too small and more often big enough to get the job done. It seems that women most often only remmember the extremes. I have had opportunity to speak with many women about love, sex and penus size and to my surprise as they get past their early twenties they seem to not prefer large penuses beyond the occasional novelty experience. It's like kissing or cuddling or conversation it's about what fits. Everything fits best when it's a bit tight but not too tight. What women want seems to be whatever they percieve a man to be which seems to have nothing whatsoever do to with anything. The truth is always what we want it to be. I have been told that I was the biggest and the best and also been told that she thought it would be bigger and better because I was me. Funny I almost always know when I am being lied to. Most people don't really lie so much as tell you what you want to be true or what they want to be true, I am never really certain which. Anyway the truth is whatever you make it out to be which brings me full circle back to context and perspective. If you want to feel big find a girl who thinks you are or at least is convincing in the telling and if you are secure in yourself look for love, perhaps if you are fortunate you might come across both. In the end it is irrelevent how big your penus is it only really matters how big a man you are. Being a man is about using what you got to take care of what you get.

Editor's Notes: (1) Thank you for saying the site is useful. (2) I'm not sure what you mean by "subscriber", but there is no realistically legal way to have people send penus pictures combined with commentary due to the fact that there would need to be some sort of age verification. {That would mean the site would no longer be free if we had to verify ages.} (3) A woman's point of view? I have tried that on other sites. Usually, I just get a ton of men who say what they wish women would say. (4) Thanks for sharing your in-depth observations on your penus!

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TITLE: Anonymous

To add more comments to my previous description,and after reading some of the other guys chapters, I also love my penus and love to wank,I fantasise about about taking part in a group wanking session where anything goes,I d like to be pulled from behind whilst in the doggy position,my Wife does it for me sometimes. Does anyone else like this position?



My penus is always attractive to me. When it is being worked on for it's sperm, that I drink, it appears as about the most beautiful thing I have seen. When my sperm comes out, instead of flying through the air, it oozes down the 6 inch length in an eagerly anticipated quantity of about a tea spoon full. I usually wait about twenty minutes for it to change from it's white milky nature to a clear fluid before I drink it. It tastes very good. It's not salty at all but kind of semi sweet. Of course, all of this has a tremendous anticipation effect on my penus and makes it even harder yet. Seeing some of the penus ejaculation pictures, help consider- ably toward my own ejaculation. Some of the ejaculation pictures are very sensual. I wish that I was part of the photographing process, except for seeing all of that precious sperm go to waste. With age, my penus has lost an inch or two. this is a concern for me. But I try to compensate by being nude most of the time and playing with my penus. It's always right there anyhow and hard to miss.

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