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Free picture site that was started to adress myths about penises (size and shape). This site also has a penis survey.

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TITLE: sauner

My penus is dark in colour smoth to the touch it bends down i am uncut and would not change it for the world i have never been rejected or had fun taken out of it when i have had casual sex i have had complemnts on it

TITLE: pat

My penus is skin color it is shaped like a penus. when i am horny it bends up a little. yes it is too SMALL. no no i am not married.

Editor's Note: I have met 3 women in my life (at least) who said they like little ones! By the way, I've only ever had these types of conversations with about 8 women. Therefore, 38% of the women I was comfortable enough to ask said they vote for SMALL penuses!

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TITLE: Techno

My penus is fairly okay for my age. It is the same color as my body except for the head, which is a little lighter. It's thick whether i'm hard or not. There are some veins near the base along with very thick hair. It is straight at all times, and it has two marks. They resemble snake fangs. They are barely noticable,but when i look under my head i see it there. I would like to be a little thicker and longer. Maybe it will grow over the next few years. It doesn't matter now because i only masturbate. I don't take gym so no one else sees it. Overall i'm happy with my penus.


I have to say my penus is a darker than any other skin on my body. When its not hard it hangs to the left all the time. When it goes to the right, I get a bonner for some reasion. I like my penus although, I wish it was a litle longer and thicker, maybe a half an inch longer and an inch thicker. I am a virgen so, no one has ever made fun of me cause no one has ever seen it, but I do feel like hideing it some times.


My penus i like a shape of an arrow but more round at the tip and at the begining of the head it curves in, My penus is tanish color. My penus blends with my skin in every way. No I wouldn't change my penus becuase i like it how it is. No one has rejected me because pf my penus and no never even rejected me.. MY penus only has been complimented when me and My Girl friend masturbated each other. She said, "Your penus is huge."

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TITLE: tony

My penus is cercumcized and darker bends to the left a little bit. i would make it a lilttle bigger if i could because it would be more pleasing for my partfner.never been rejected.