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Cut and fairly straight. Slightly darker than the rest of my skin with the top third lighter. Large head, but not too big. I'm often complimented on the size and shape of my organ. Am now working on adding another inch. Started at 7.5 and have gained 1/2 already.

TITLE: Sucio

My dick bends down and it's uncircumsized. I love my penis it's about 6.9 and i love the color of it and everything about it. it is light brown, and bends down like a banana. (not that much) the only thing i dont like is my nuts are too close to my body. i am also VERY hairy, but i guess that comes with bein Mexican.

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TITLE: Alexander

Well my penis is your average caucasian male penis, pink and red in color. It bends to the right a lot and sicks out straight. I probably would like to change my penis to make it a lot more straighter and less curve. I have had not been rejected by anyone yet, for it has never been shown to anyone. But I have dicussed it with a couple of my female friends and they have had surprising answers, saying it was much larger than the typical male penis. So for that my confidence was really boosted.

TITLE: Zander

It's pretty large for my age I mean. It's basically your average white penis, circumcised as well. It bends a lot to the right, but also sticks straight out, when erect. If I could change anything about it I would make it more straighter, not so much to the side. ALthough it is not a total right angle, I would love to have a straight penis. I have never been rejected becasue of my penis, nor made fun of, at least not yet!

TITLE: carlo

My penis is round and is straight when erected. It is very smooth and reddish-brown in color. When it is erect, it bends upward. I would want my penis to be longer and bigger. I showed my penis to my friend and they complimented me because of its smooth look and rock hard figure when erect.

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TITLE: jonno

It is a mildly curved penis and is very smooth. the colour is a light tan. it bends to the left and slightly up. yes i would change it. Although everyones the same, I'd like it bigger. No I havn't been rejected. In high school people made fun of it being too small. Partners dont seem to mind.

TITLE: chispa

my penis is straight smooth white with some freckles with a beautiful pink red head to match and i am circumcised -sometimes i wish ihad all my foreskin i personnally like uncircumcised i like the way it looks andi liketo ppeel back the skini haave been reassured many say i pack a weapon

TITLE: Dicky

I am a 15 year old male with a very happy penis. My penis is normal shape, with a silky smooth texture and baby pink coloured. When it is erect it bends slightly to the right, and sticks straight out infront. I would not change my penis because it is the best. No one has seen my penis yet. Finally my ejaculation shoots really far when I masturbate.