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TITLE: charlie

My penis is nice and smooth.beautiful shape average in color yes it bends some when hard no very satifide no my cock is liked by other men no all said it was liked and my balls too ido have a hand full of cock I would like to be able to suck my own cock as I did when I was a kid but now being 70 I cant but it still comes upnow an then and love it I still like a bj and like to give one I am into cocks and very instrested too but few like to give a older man a bj I also like to feel both cock and balls but not into anse sex I feel very glad that I am male due to the feelings I have a freind I have wanted to suck for years due to him being uncut I like the foreskin look but mine is gone what a mistake I a married for 47 yrs but still hold out for a good time with other men

TITLE: tuntun

The shape of my penis skinny,have a good grip,the head of my penis pink,the color of my penis is latino color,when is erect bends to the right,i never had anyone reject me because my penis,noone had made fun of my penis.


My penis gets a slight reddish color with the head a deap purple when erect and it points straight up almost touching my stomach. I generally produce a log of precum while my penis is hard. I love the way my penis is shaped although I wish it were a couple of inches longer. I have never been rejected and have been complimented on how hard I get and how large the head is.

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TITLE: horny dude

My penis is nice and hard and has gotten lots of praise from both men and women. It likes to stand stand straight up and a little to the right, but when it is soft, it like to be on the left.

TITLE: huge

My penis is too big. I have accidentially made women cry. I envy you average men. I think big is bad; It is almost a cruse when women avoid having sex because it is to big.

TITLE: slim

My dick is awesome. The only thing that I would want to change was the length, only by a little bit (1-2 more inches). Otherwise I'm happy with it, and enjoy using it. My erection stands upwards towards the left and is almost touching my stomach. It gets rock solid, and has a little precum, but has a good load.

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My penis is normal in shape, very soft and tender, and bends upright. It is the perfect size, and even when flaccid, it appears very large. The only time I've ever been made fun of is by people who were somewhat jealous about my size, so they tried to make it as if I was too large.