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I think I have a great penis! It's a nice hefty size, but not too big. It's very thick, so it looks and feels substantial. When it's erect, it stands up nicely, and it has a slight upward curve, especially near the base. When I was a teenager, my erection stood so upright that my glans actually rubbed on my belly, even when I was standing up. Now that I'm in my mid-40s, it stands at a lower angle, but it's still well above 45 degrees. The skin on my penis is nice and soft, and uniformly colored. It does have a few freckles on it, and some hair along the lower part of the shaft. It has some prominent veins, but is fairly smooth overall. The only thing I would change if I could is the head. Given that my shaft is quite thick, I would like to have a bigger glans. As it is, my glans is about the same thickness as most of my shaft. My shaft is pretty uniform as to thickness, although it does get noticeably thicker near the base. I would like it if my glans was a little more prominent (mushroomlike). Well, maybe I would change one more thing. I am circumcised, although I am cut pretty loosely. That is, about half my glans is covered when my penis soft. I would really like to know what my foreskin would have been like had I not been circumcised, but I am very glad to have as much of it as I do. The only time I was ever made fun of because of my penis was when I was in junior high school. I matured earlier than most of my classmates, and a few times in the locker room someone made fun of me for having "such a big penis." I suppose they were just being kids, or jealous, or both. I guess I have had one compliment worth mentioning. My wife and I were both virgins on our wedding night. Being a bit reserved, my wife was more comfortable making love that first time while partially covered by blankets. That meant that we did not get a good look at each other below the waist. The next morning, as we were sitting together on a couch in our hotel room, I got an erection, which worked its way out through the fly of my pajamas. I figured there was no point in trying to hide it. When my wife saw it, she exclaimed, "LOOK AT YOU! NO WONDER YOU HURT!"

TITLE: big214

my dick is the perfest shape,cut,nice mushroom type,no bends,just hard and straight,never had complaints,no changes,no rejections! guys love my big dick,girls would too.i love to jack it off and watch it,feels so good!!!

TITLE: Scott

I've been blessed with a good size cock, fully erect it is a little over eight and a half and about for inches round it has pleased many men over the years, When erect it is very straight with some light blue viens running through. its nice and tan at the moment and its stands firm when erect.When it is soft it hanges to the left a little and rest on my hugh testicels. My cock is more grow than show so if you saw me soft you would'nt think I was that big. I have recieved alot of compliments about my cock, by partners, co-workers and family, My three brothersand I compared our cock on a boys weekend we were so drunk, my youngest is over nine, bro #2 is about 6 and #3 is just pushing 7, I won second place. I would like my cock to look bigger when its soft.

TITLE: Anonymous

My penis is long smooth tanned and sexy. it points up when erect and hangs in the middle almost reaching my knees. I would make my penis thicker for more pleasure. I was rejected because it was too big!

TITLE: big one

My penis is cut but that made no difference, the skin is smooth, and it's half-black. it's straight up and down generally and looks normal. I would like a few more inches if I could. no one's rejected me but lots of people tell me I have a big penis

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