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TITLE: Lance

My penis is pretty straight, with a slight upward curve, smooth, and a skin tone consistent with my mixed mediterranian/caucasion background. No bend, nothing unique really. I would say I have a pretty text book penis. (except being cut, yay religious practice) I would probably make it about an inch longer, and half an inch thicker. I just think you can do more with a slightly longer penis. Nothing drastic though, I'm pretty happy. Never had anoyne complain or tease, usually get compliments during sex... though it's usually on technique, and the boys arn't really into critiquing each others goods in the locker room.

TITLE: NiteSeeker

My penis is a consistent flesh color througout. It does not have any dark pigmentation. The skin on my penis is unbelievably smooth, hair-free and silky-soft. Just to feel the satiny smooth texture of the skin itself, especially when full and erect is a turn-on in itself. There are two veins on either side of the shaft that make it look beefy and manly. I love the way it leaps up and expands to its fullness and thickest size just before shooting a load. It bucks up and down wildy while throwing off large ropes of hot, sweet, white cum. During an orgasm, each ejaculation spasm of which there have been as many as twelve erupts into a spurt of rich, creamy cum that has shot over my head at times and into my face. When really aroused, my love muscle can release as much a half cup of spunk that my male partners often rub all over their own bodies like a rare and exquisite body lotion. I wouldn't mind having a ten or twelve incher just for the feel of that much cock, but I am really happy with my cock and how others have responded to it. It is of respectable size for the general population, and has never disappointed me or others in its stamina and consistent performance. When spent after cuming, I love the way it lays down on its side over my thigh, half filled with blood and half soft with sum still slowly oozing out from its piss slit. There is a picture of contentment and after-glow. I love my penis, and I am grateful for the joy and fulfillment it brings to my life and love.

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TITLE: Woody

I see lots of sizes of penises here but in no picture do I see a set of balls like mine. My balls are about 3" long and 2" across. They are huge and fill my bag.

TITLE: rhino

Mine is average length with a slight upward curve. I have a large round head and am thick shafted. men and women have said it is the perfect shape though I wish it was a little longer.

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