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TITLE: rich

My penis is like me, short and fat. The diameter is uniform down the shaft with a slightly thicker head.Girth measurment taken along the shaft. It bends slightly to the right.

TITLE: deaf

My penis is pretty straight. It has little bumps on it. Also has a pinkish tip and the shaft is the color of my normal skin. I have never been poked fun of or rejected I feel it is very average

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TITLE: The Jackel

My penis is quite large and thick. I am a white American so it is light in skin tone. I am circumsized and when erect my penis stands very much upright and hard. If I could change anything about my cock it would be a little bit more length. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis, women seem to think it is quite nice as a matter of fact. Complimented by partners for size.

TITLE: JimmDandy

When hard (most of time) - it stands staight out - bobbing up and down when I walk. Looking at my body straight on - my hard penis is straight as a rod - and as hard. I would not change a thing about my great penis. It's a pal to me - makes me feel goooood all over. No one has ever rejected my penis - it and I have always been xcepted in the bedroom. I have never been made fun of - other than when I was younger, cause I was bigger (penis) than most guys in the shower at gym class. As I grew older - the compliments grew too! My penis was the cause of my blushing many many times over the great remarks handed me. One partner I favored most - nick-mamed me JmmDandy!!

TITLE: craig

my penis does'nt bend in anyway when I get a hard-on my penis sticks up at a 30 degree angle whether im sitting or standing it is the same colour as my skin (i am white) I wouldnt change any part of it to me it is the perfect penis, I am uncircumcised, (i have a forskin) I think this is a good thing because I think it give me more sexual pleasure I like it the way it is, my penis has never been rejected by anyone up to now, and I have been complimented by many parteners in the past, but I dont think it is the penis that gives your psrtener the pleasure its the way you give the sex

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I think I am kind of small its a little darker with a pink head and hangs to the left it seems to shrink with age. It still makes me feel good that hasent changed. I would like nicer looking balls if that was possable.


It curves down and leans left. I have 2 veins on each side that bulge out when its erect. I also have 2 moles on each side. My balls get very tight when I'm erect & horny. I'm uncircumcised, which is great, because my foreskin is loose, so I don't have to lube up when I masturbate. When erect my head turns pink. Overall my cock is great, I don't think I'd change anything about it. From what I've seen on other sites, my penis is above average.

TITLE: jlw

My penis is straight and circumcised loosly so I can pull the skin almost completly over the head. It has a huge vein down the right side and one that runs from the base on the left side up to a junction that splits into about 12 smaller veins. It is the same colour the whole way down appart from the ridge where I was cut. The head rarely goes a darker colour when erect it tends to stay the same as the shaft. You can also see the surface veins running across the shaft. Im not sure how you measure width but its as fat as it is long when you wrap a tape around it.The head is just slightly wider than the shaft and is a classic teardrop shape.I wish it was bigger on the slack.

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