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TITLE: The Dick

I have been told I have a nice cock by many. I love my cock and I am proud of it. I hang a full 6 and heavey with allot of viens. I am cut but have plenty of fore skin. When I have a hard on it is fat and curved with a huge door knob sized head. I have several moles on my cock. My nuts are very large and are also full of veins and cum of course. Other guys always stare in showers, at urinals ect. I enjoyed a nice harem in my 20's. I do not mind people staring it is flattering.


My Penis, when erect, stands straight out. No bend just straight. Has a nice mushroom head. Its only seen the inside of 3 vaginas all of whom said they loved it. If I would change it, I would like it to curv up a bit as this would help my partner as it would rub her G-Spot more!


While erect mine has a bulge on one side and curves upwards. The foreskin just touches the head but never covers. When flaccid my foreskin hardly covers the head just reaching up nearly halfway. The colour of it is a light pink If I could change it I would have a longer foreskin and darker penis.

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My penis is even in circumference from the base of the shaft to the glans, which is helmet-shaped. It does not bend to the left or right but has a slight upward curve when extremely erect. There is no extra or loose skin, and it is flesh-toned in color. I have never been rejected for my size, which is best described as small-average. I fully believe that 99% of rejections are self-induced, anyway. I have been complimented by several ladies by them describing it as "pretty", as it does have a classic shape. At any rate, rejections and compliments are both a result of the same source: one's attitude. I would probably add an inch or two in length and, perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 inches in circumference, but this would mostly be for MY added pleasure and the extra sensation derived thereby, but all-in-all, I am happy with it, and would gladly expose it to a new girlfriend should the necessity arise.


My cock is a decent shape and quite smooth...i have a nice red knob; it bends a little to the left. Nothing else unusual but if I could have another inch I would feel happier although I have never been told I am too small. My partner now is more than satisfied because of the way I use it. I am able to cum quite a lot too and can produce a lot even if I have been wanking a lot or having intercourse a lot.

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