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TITLE: uncovered

I was the oldest of four boys in our area,when I was a toddler,I had the smallest Penis among us,Even in school I was the smallest among all in our own age group,Some boys a few years younger than me were even bigger,I got very self concise and avoided situtations where I might be seen,I was also practising keeping my Foreskin Retracted and after been repremanded by My Parents a number of times I had to be extra careful,incase someone told on me. As we reached Puberty nothing changed and I avoided Sports where Showers were involved, Later in life even Avoiding Jobs fearing the medical. I didn't Date local girls fearing the talk that could get back around if one seen my penis.- My Penis was thin Pale in colour,and always felt cold. My erections were generally pretty good and I more than doubled in size,But I was still pretty thin.I was never one for pumping (fisting)when I masturbated, I generally stroked along the shaft with the palm of my hand,or just under the head with my finger,I could last a long time, Through the Years some woman have laughed, Giggled,frowned,when noticing my flaccid state, In any relationship that I had I always felt insecure.Many men have Commented when noticing it,some included friends of mine,And it hurt. I may have damaged myself when I was young as A very heavy wooden toilet seat crashed down on it as I took a pee, I also fell on my tailbone with over a hundred pounds in weight on my shoulder,in my teen years,which may have also contributed to a stuntted growth. I purchased a Vacuum pump,and noticed a change after using it,I also do some exercises which helped a lot,But not really on a regular basis.Taking the courage to strip naked on a nudist beach and absorb some heat and Sun put a bit of colour into it, I ruin the best years of my life because of my penis, and hated it for years

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TITLE: tiny

My dick is bent to the left just a little and has a nice shaped head, is quiet a bit darker than my body,and at 63 it still stavds up hard with vains showing, and loves to be jacked off.

TITLE: cogerman

My dick isn't too big, but I never heard complains. It is white and the head turns purple when it's hard. it bends up and tends to hang allways to the left. I would like a pair of inches more. but I'm not willing to try any operations. All my partners said that it is a cute dick.

TITLE: miteaswellbedead

I have no testicles, so I don't attract women. I want sex but no one wants me. I got cut at 44 to remove a cyst and was given salt petre to calm urges for 2 wks. After that urges threatened to rip stitches. Now, 16 yrs later, leftover stitches that were missed are coming out gradually causing soreness when I jack off. I do it anyway. I was a late bloomer in school and was ridiculed by several boys my age because I was tiny and they were not. I cannot begin to describe how painful that was. My inability to attract girls led some to accuse me of being gay, but hey; I can't even get a fag to go with me. Life sucks so much that I alternately either consider suicide or [consider resorting to sexual taboos and/or crimes]. My psychiatrist said that if I mentioned any criminal thoughts he would have to report me to the cops, so I can't talk to him about it and I don't know where to turn. When I cum it is just mucus, I was tested and there is no living sperm. I don't want to cut it off like some eunuchs. I just want someone clean to pay attention to it.If I could hve been built right maybe I would have had some other problem, but playing "what if" will drive you nuts. I would change it in a New York Minute if I could, but; I can't. I get testerone injections, but that won't put out a scent. I drank over it for 40 years but now that I am sober, I cannot find anyone in AA with my problem, so , I am still alone with it. Alone can be HELL. The only thing that keeps me here is my desire to help those less fortunate than me; and there really are a lot of them.

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TITLE: avalad

My penis is slightly darker than the skin on my body and well fully hard has lots of promanent veins which are thick and make it ribbed when I wank of fuck with it. my cock is uncut and has a p.a. piercing and an amperlang in the cock head. my cock has a nice curve upwards and to the right. my balls are big and hang low. I would like to have a sklghtly straighter cock but I like the one I have. I get a lot of pre cum and can shoot a lot of spunk. I was embarressed by it at at school coz apart from 2 other boys and the teacher,we were the only ones that wanked in the showers if we got hard ons and the teacher caught us one day.

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