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TITLE: Ethan

I have a lustreously thick long penis. The best way I can describes it's texture is smoth, tough, and tanned skinned. I have to admit I am not gay but I enjoy whack off sessions I have with all of my friends, they always say that I have a beutiful and handsom penis. On some occasions they tell me how good it feels when they place it in their mouth but it does lean to the right a little. But I am just happy all of the other guys like to look at it.

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TITLE: Tater

Erect straight out, with a whitish-pinkish color at the base, then gets darker the further up it goes. I would make it bigger, but who doesnt? No one has turned me down because of it that I know, but who knows? Girlfriends have complimented it, but who knows for what reason?

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TITLE: lil rough head

My penis is 6" long and a lttle more than 4.5" around. It stands straight up when erect and can stay hard for a long time and several orgasims. The head is a little rough on top and smooth over the rest. I love my dick but would like it if the head was smoother and if it was maybe an inch longer. I have been complemented on my dick several time by both men and women and I let anybody enjoy it with me as long as it is safe.

TITLE: litle dick

dick is smooth sticks out hoz. real nice head uncut with fore skin you can pull back and make for good sucking and fucking.I have always gotting compliments from people. I am not young but I still have good looking cock. I am in my 80's. I have to use a vacunn pump but I still can get a 5" hard which means I lost an inch. I still cum very good. My dick cums about every 8 to 10 days. I am proud of that and so is my wife of 56 years. I keep my dick and all the area aroubd it shaved. Girls say the like suck a shaved dick .

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TITLE: marty mart

My cock curves up and to the left slightly....and it is a light brown, and when it is really hard, it has several veins that shows. I am semi cut.... so when I jack off I don't need any lotion because my skin still moves. If I could change something...I would want to be uncut. I think it looks better and is probably more sensitive to sex. I have never thought of my cock being big, but my x wife couldn't even take it all the way in, and guys that I have fucked loved it. It seems the curve gives an interesting feeling. I have never been made fun of about my cock, but get many complements when in a nude situation. I really love my cock. Sometimes, I wish I could suck it to see what if feel like to others. I have also thought about making a casting of it and making a homemade dildo. That would be so cool .

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TITLE: Jammy

The shape of my penis is long and quite wide, it has quite a large girth. The skin on my penis is very soft and alot darker in colour compared to the rest of my body. My penis appears to be very straight although when it is errect it very slightly bends to the left. When I have an erection it gets very very hard and pints up rather than out. I wouldnt change my penis at all as it is quite large and in full working order and I have never had any complaints about it! Nobody has ever rejected me because of my penis although I did have a girl struggle to fit it into her mouth! I have never been made fun of because of my penis or reassured about iut but I get lots of compliments of females and males (in the locker room)! I love to masturbate infront of the mirror as I love how I look when I am doing it, I also love to masturbate in public or with other guys as you know that other people are watching (could be watching when in public)!

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TITLE: mark

My cock isn't too big, but I never heard complains. It is white and the head turns purple when it's hard. it bends up and tends to hang allways to the left. I would like a pair of inches more. but I'm not willing to try any operations. All my partners said that it is a cute dick.