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TITLE: HotDog79

I'll start with the bend. My penis points a little to the left side, but is perfectly straight without a curve in it at all. From what I have read about shapes, I have a "bullet" shaped head, I'm uncircumcised, it's thickest on the shaft just under the head. It's generally smooth with only 1 vein visible when erect that runs along the underside. It's kind of a dark tan color, the head is a pink color. I would like it to be a little bigger as I have been rejected because of it's size. There was never a problem with the way it looks. Because of it's size, I have had my share of hurtful comments, even by an ex-girlfriend.

TITLE: Jimmy

My penis is a little thin at the base, but gets thicker as you go up. It curves to the right a little (thanks to my 7+years of masturbation). If I could change anything about it, I would make it streighter and longer (c'mon puberty!) It also kinda leans to one side. Id fix that, too...

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TITLE: devised

my penis is on the small side, but its smooth and proportionate with my balls. it curves slightly right, has a beauty mark on the head. wouldnt mind it being a little bigger, maybe an inch or so. my girlfriend or ex gfs never complained about size. she loves having sex with me.


I'm uncircumcised. My dick's shape is close to a cylinder. Slightly bend to the left and up. Redish color and veiny when hard. Relatively large head. I wish my penis were a little larger, but have no major size problems here. Have never been rejected because of my penis. Got a lot of comments such as “average size”, “a good size”, “large head”, “kinda long”, etc.

TITLE: d-jizzil

I am a circumcised male, my penis is slightly curved to the left, brown in color, and smooth (u know no bumps or nothing). Personally I think its small, if I could I would increase the length to 7.5 inches. I think thats probly the perfect size (big but not to big). However, two of the four girls have complimented my penis size, i've never been rejected because of my size but I still like to be a little larger.

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My dick is a little over 5 inches and thin. I used to say it was 5 1/2 but 5 1/4 is probably more accurate. I don't know how thick it is but I know it's not. I think my dick looks smaller than most guys who say they are 5 inches because mine is thin. I do like my dick and I love showing it off but of course I wish it was bigger, or at least fatter. I never had anyone make fun of me but I have always been self conciuous about it. Once I was with a girl and we were getting hot together. She grabbed my hard dick through my jeans and before I knew it - we had stopped. I still think to this day it was because she was disappointed with what she felt.

TITLE: Bubble

My penis is kinda tan, smooth, with a massice bush, it sits perfectly straight, I would never change my penis I think I am one of the few people in the world that would not change their penis, I have never had anyone reject me apart form a girl a couple of years ago who said I hur her when I put my monster in ther.

TITLE: gsrocker

I've always been a little leary of the t.v. commercials telling me take this pill and my penis will magically grow 4 inches longer. but after checking out this site I realize i'm actually doing pretty good. I average erect, perhaps a little shorter or longer depending on degree of mood. and I think thats pretty good. when I stop a think a minute about these advertisments that will give me an additional 4 inches, do you realize how large that is?!!!! get real... my wife sometimes complains now, how the hell do you use something that big? not to mention, if everyone used these magic pills, then everyone would be 4 inches bigger and we would be back to square one. lets face it guys, you are what you are and be happy with it. as long as it works and brings you pleasure either solo or with partner, then what else matters?

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TITLE: aron

My penis is slightly brownish with a long tapering foreskin that forms an inch long nipple past the head wheen soft. The skin is smooth with a few wrinkle due to veins inside my penis. I do not have any hair on my penis like a lot of guys. When I am erect my foreskin still covers my glans and still has a small nipple of skin before my peehole. My penis curves up at about 60 degrees and my balls hang low since my scrotum is very long. I don't have a lot of hair on my balls. My penis never comes out of my foreskin unless I pull the skin down - this is a great turn on since it feels fantastic to me to show my penis off. my inside foreskin is reddish-pink and my glans is slick and moist and dark red when erect - a light red when soft. I am 17 yrs 8 months old. Almost everytime I got get a physical some doctor wants to cut my foreskin off saying it is too long or something. I had one doctor who kept sliding my foreskin back and forth so much that I got erect and shot my cum on his hand. I don't like doctors.