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TITLE: jaggent

The shape of my penis is the same thickness from base to the head that forms into somewhat of a mushroom. The skin is smooth with detail of the veins. The skin is darker than the rest of my body skin. It lays straight down and is supported by my balls raising the angle. I like the way my penis looks, at times I wish I had more but other times I have a lot more than other guys. I've never been rejected by anyone because of the size. I have received compliments about my penis. A unique thing about my penis is I am not circumcised, which makes for conversation at times.

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TITLE: bullyboy

My penis is OK. It sticks straight up with a slight bend to the left. I am cut. I would like an inch or two in lenth. but I've had no complaints as of yet so I guess my size is ok. never been made fun of not even in my school days. I was shy at school showers seeing boys of my age then of 13 to 14 some had quite large penis. I was about 1½ inch flacid, where as some of the boys where a good 3 to 4 inches flacid. But no fun was ever made of me. Oh by the way I'm 48 years old now. I've had a very good sex life and still do!

TITLE: Tucker

My penis is pink with quite smooth skin. Not a lot of veins show. When erect it is quite straight without any bend to left or right. I wouldn't change it at all. All my partners think its a great penis. I have never had anyone reject me and no one has ever made fun of me.

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My penis is evenly thick (and straight) until just before the (large) circumcised head. It is a light tan color with a few fairly visible veins. It hangs down when hard because of the manner I masturbate. I can't remember how long ago it stood upwards when at attention (I'm 51 years old). It's been called a monster by several guys, although I don't think so. If I could change it I would make it twice as large and protrude horizontally (yes, I'm a size queen). No one has ever made fun of it (not that I haven't been ridiculed for other things like my weight). Guys have difficulty taking me orally without gagging (and others aren't careful about scraping their teeth on my penis). My balls are larger than average, although I've never measured them. I've developed a way to measure the volume of testicles and peniss. Fill a measuring cup with warm water. Standing over the toilet or better yet in a bathtub (if indoors), stick your penis (or nuts) in the cup. The amount of liquid displaced equals the volume of your organ.

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TITLE: Beach boy

I used to be worried that my penis was too small but I have come to like it as it is. Certainly no-one has ever complained and I have had many compliments. I used to suck my buddies penis and I regularly jack off with my brother in-law and both of them are no bigger than me. I am circumsised and I do like the look of uncut dcks but bothe my boys are cut like me, my wife likes peniss like that and I lost the battle! The fact that it is quite thick used to get me teased at school where some of the other guys had longer peniss bit mostly the teasing was about my wanking habits and the fact that I used to try to suck my own penis which at my length was impossible!

Pictues of Nude Men
Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

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Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

TITLE: penbird

My penis is nice and straight. I've kept it and my balls hairless since I was a teenage boy. Sex feels much better that way. I've had both electrolysis and laser hair removal and don't have to worry about shaving. I'm like everyone else and would like to have more lenth however I've known many women and never had any complaints. I've never regretted having my pubic hair removed and I've never met a woman that cared if I had pubic hair or not.