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TITLE: penisson

I am cut and my penis is straight. However, though I am white, my penis is very dark, even darker than some black men I know. I am in proportion to my balls, roughly the size gold balls, and moderately low hanging. If I could, I'd add another inch in lenght, and have a fatter head. I'm bullet shaped now. I never thought I was out of the ordinary, but over the years, and even recently at the nude group I belong to, I've been told I have a big penis. Of course, I've seen bigger, but considering that research shows the average penis betweek 5.5 and 6.5, plus or minus, I guess I was lucky in that department. I'm also farily average, I'd guess. Also, though cut, I have a partial circ, done at birth, so that I have penty of skin to play with, never need lube, and can almost cover the head of my penis hard with the skin I have. It goes up about 3/4 of the way when I jack. If I could fix this, I'd take off a little more, so that my penis head would be more naked at rest. Now at rest my penis head is covered, but no overhang or nipple.

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TITLE: who me?

Even though I am not circumcised, my foreskin does not normally cover my glans at all - at puberty when my penis got longer it seemed as though my foreskin did not. Compared with photos on this site, my glans is also very big where it joins the shaft, even when flaccid. When I am getting an erection my penis curves a bit to the left, but when fully erect it is just about straight, and my glans becomes much bigger. When completely aroused my penis is about seven inches long and points upwards about 60 degrees. I am very happy with the size and shape of my penis, and have never had any complaints. The only things I would change would be how it works rather than how it looks - I get lots of erections when I don't want them - the only times when people have made fun of it, I produce lots of pre-cum (enough to soak through clothing) and unless I have been aroused for a long time, my semen does not shoot very far


I keep returning to these penis pictures because they make me yearn to self suck. The images where the penis is ejaculating are the best. It is unfair in this one instance that some guys are long enough to orally take in their penises, while others can only dream. So penis length most certainly DOES make a difference. And the blanket state- that length doesn't matter should not be made. I would not want a longer penis except for the reason stated above.But my otherwise fine six inches cannot take me to where I des- peately need to go. LENGHT DOES MATTER !!!!

Editor's Note: Your body's agility is more of a factor in whether or not you can suck your own penis. The body structure, inlcuding the size and shape of the rib cage is also more of a factor than penis length. If you have ever seen a human contortionist, you would understand better. Some of those people can bend themsleves into positions small enough to fit into a small suitcase.

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TITLE: powder

My penis is soft, round, and tan. It bends up and I would never change it because it is perfect. I have never been rejected because of it. O have actually been complimented on it, and that is a good feeling.

TITLE: Jacob

My penis is kind of thick, I'd like to think. I am circumcised. It's smooth, not too vieny, has a pink mushroom head and then has my normal skin color as you go down the shaft. I have a big vien (dorsal vien?) that runs along the top of my penis and makes a knot in the middle of my shaft. I bend slightly to the right and when I am hard it stands straight up. Of course I wouldn't mind another inch/inch and a half in length, 1/4" or 1/2" more in circumference too. when i'm not hard I am very small looking- shriveled. i'm a grower not a show-er. I wish I had a big floppy swinging penis when flaccid. I have some hair along my shaft too, I shave it alot- I don't like having a hairy penis. never been rejected (as far as I can remember) because of my penis. its pretty average. one girl who had alot of partners said I was small another girl who had only had two partners said I was big. one girl loved to suck it. I have been made fun of because of my big vien. a friend said that if it was cut, I'd die of blood loss- its like a major artery.

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TITLE: yes guy

The head of my penis is about 2 inches and the rest is a little bit bigger maybe by ½ inch. It does not go in a different direction. It  goes straight all the way up. I would make my penis maybe ½ inch longer, but I have had no complaints never made fun of I feel good about it but when guys talk about there penis and you know how most guys lie about it. Well, I don't. I just listen and laugh, but sometimes I'm not sure if they are telling the truth or not!