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Lover of the Hard Penis

My hard Penis is average in length but thick. I have no forskin and my penis head is perfectly shaped and rounded with quite a big ridge on the head next to the shaft. I have hair at the base of my penis and trim all the hair inbetween my penis and my arse hole. It is very smooth and I don't need to use a lube to wank. I have a vein running down the front of my penis which becomes more pronounced when erect, however otherwise I have very few veins on my penis. When I wank my penis stays erect for at least 5 minutes, I can ejaculate up to 3 times in a row without stopping. I would not chance my penis, I like being cut. I am a virgin so I have not had the chance to be rejected about my penis. No one has ever made fun of it because it looks good. I get hard penises regularly especally when I think about giving my hunky friend a blow job, I can keep my penis hard for anything up to two hours.


My penis is cirumcised, with a deep pink mushroom-shaped head. It's very sensitive to temperature, and shrinks if it gets at all cold. It's quite small to start off with, and if I could make it bigger, I would. I once went skinny-dipping in the sea after a wild party, with a girl I really liked. When we got out of the water, she peeped at my hard penis and balls, which with the cold sea were now tiny, pulled up close to my skin, and she burst out laughing, saying I looked smaller than her baby brother. She apologised when she saw my face, but I could never see her again without thinking about that night and how I wished I had a bigger one.

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Lover of Tan Hard Penises

I am a 29year old WOMAN. I stumbled upon this website and I just have to leave some comments...and preferences....First...I love tan to dark skin, the color does make you look bigger...something about a bright white penis turnes me off...which is wierd I guess, cuz I am very white. I am not against white guys at all, My husband is white... just bright white hard penises look less appetizing and it just doesnt make me want to jump on it. Next the bend issue..I find a bend either way to be a good thing...just get into a different position and your curve will allow for G spot stimulation with less effort than a straight penis..for help let me tell you if your penis bends to the right, the best postion is spooning laying on our left side, opposite if it bends the other way. What I would change about men's gentialia would be that most men dont shave. At least use the beard trimmers and do it ALL. Basically, If you want my mouth on it, shave it. Same goes for your face, I shave my pussy for you, dont go rubbing 5 o'clock shadow on my soft skin, it hurts. Next question is about rejection. I would never reject sex with a man for a small penis...first, that is a myth about having to be big. I have had all different. The important thing is firmness. I had a guy once with a 11 inch lie..but the texture was not rock hard. Well what do you do with that. Sure it felt good to him. But 11in or not, a women cant feel a soft penis... I'll take a 5in super hard penis anyday. I mean when it comes to oral, I have to say when you line 2 guys up one 5 in and one 9 in, both rock hard....I am going to choose the 9in I think just out of greed, I dont know how to handle a small penis when it comes to oral. I want something I can grab and manhandle. I have major penis envy, I want one. If I had one I would masturbate ALL THE TIME. So when I get a chance to give a blowjob, I want it big so I can really handle it and play with it. How do you play with a small penis when you have most of it in your mouth. I mean all I can do is slightly wack you off with my thumb and pointer finger ( tweezer style) nope, not for me. Fuck me with a small one, thats fine, but put a big one in my mouth. I swear some sort of chemical in my head makes me want to put the big one in my mouth..It compells me...something about a big fat head make me want to suck on it. My favorite by far has to be my husband's penis (thats why I married him..ha ha) He has an 8" 1/4 in penis we never mesured girth but I cant fit my hand around it... but I am 5'6" and a women...It fits in his big man hands just fine...he is 6'4". I love when he is really hard... the skin is tight but so soft, like velvet, makes me want to rub it on my lips to feel it. I would have to say that he is above average....Its not that I go for the big guys, its just worked out that way. The point is that you have to know what you are doing with your penis, no matter what it looks like. If you dont know what to do to make a girl happy, you ask her...we seceretly wish you would have enough balls to ask. Most men think they know what they are doing and they dont.....If you havent ASKED your women what postion, speed and what extra for you to do to make it the best....then you are NOT THE BEST, even if you can make her cum, no one can make her cum better that herself...ask her and she will show you how to do it....I am telling you even the prude women would like you to know what makes it good for her. She is probally to embarrassed to tell you with out you asking her. You can make her cum good with a 4in or 12in...just modify what you are doing to hit everything...You know a vagina is only about 5 in deep anyway. I have had 3 kids and cant fit all my husband in inches are lost.....Women are not men judge yourself too much....for women, if its hard and no funky lumps or warts or looks good to us....remember we dont have one and we really havent seen very many before so we are happy with what we get, If you are not trying to inpress a porn star......than relax....In my eyes a hard penis is a good penis....By the way..some are grow-ers some are show-ers, some look big soft but only grow an inch....some are so small almost inverted...but grow 6 inches....I think that is impressive.... to watch a small flacid penis grow FOR ME!!! a study out of Ciaro, says that the average size penis is 1.6inches soft...and by the all the men on this sight, alot of you seem over confident, large penis or not, it doesnt make you the man.... treat your women (or man) right and they will worship you no matter how big you penis is.......

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Uncircumcised Hard Penis

My penis is slightly more tan than the rest of my body. The head is a purple color, and is slightly thinner than the shaft. I am uncircumsized, and I have never been turned down because of my hard penis. I enjoy it just the way it is, although I think it would have been interesting to have been circumsized. But it feels good when I come, and thats all that matters really anyway.