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My penis is circumsised, fleshy pink in color (red when fully erect)with prominent veins. When erect my penis points up at about a 45 degree angle which is pretty good for a middle-aged guy like me. I have fantasized about having my penis made 2 or 3 inches longer and an inch or two wider but have not acted on it. I feel I am around average and my penis continues to perform well for me. I have never been rejected by anyone because of my penis. I've not been made fun of because of my penis and my partner has complimented me numerous times. I keep myself in good shape and fantasize about flaunting my body in public including my erect penis.

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TITLE: matt

My dick is light colored when I have a boner. When I do, it points up wards and bends a little. If I could change it in any way I wish I had a bigger and thicker dick. I can usually keep from ejactuaing, but sometime the feeling is so great ti over powers me. But when I ejactualate, I can usually keep my erection!

TITLE: sanchez

My dick is very light colored when erect. When erect, it points straight out and slighty up. When I was a kid, a friend called it a banana dick for the way it was shaped. It is about 5.5 inches in length when erect. If I could change anything about it, like most men, I wish it was a big bigger. However, my spouse seems very pleased. Another change I would not mind would be to have more staying power. It does not take me very long to ejaculate. Fortunatley, I am able to keep the rection and continue to perform!!!!

TITLE: horny1

My penis gives me a great deal of pleasure. I usually masturbate at least once a day, but if I leave it a few days the sensations are more intense. It is a bit under 6 inches long, so I wish it was a couple of inches longer, and it is average thickness. Again, I would prefer some extra width. The head is nice and big with a big flange round it. It is a nice pink colour with the head being a bit darker, and it is circumcised, although I usually wish it wasn't, as wanking would be easier with more skin to manipulate. It gets extremely hard and curves upwards slightly. I have only ever slept with three women in long term relationships, and they have all said they love my cock, so it can't be too bad. I suppose it's not just about what you've got, but also the way you use it!

TITLE: Pappy

I'm 53, white, 200 lbs. circumcised, and proud of it. My jolly has a slight curve to the left, that's the way it hangs in my jeans. It's a nice fleshy-pink and stands firm pointed to the sky when erect. It's always ready when duty calls. Don't need no pills or lotions here. Wouldn't change a thing about him. Never had any complaints, just compliments everywhere he's been. Thank you.

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My cock is long from top of shat to tip and is a great mouthful. Its a bit veiny and the head is nice and sensitive. Its the same colour as me and it is very straight. I would have less bulgy viens and wish I wasnt circumcised as I find it too tight when masterbating as if I do it too much it gets sore and can get damaged. Noone has ever rejected it. They love it. All partners compliment me on the size.

TITLE: Bobby-Boy

I'm 27, uncircumcised, white. When fully hard my penis sticks straight out with a slight bend down. No curevature left or right. I have somewhat of a short frenulum, so, when pulling my foreskin right back, my head turns downward a little. When I was younger girls would tell me to get circumcised, but as I got older, the women either didn't mind, or as a few... prefered it uncut. I always thought about getting cut, but because I have no medical reason for it, no one will do it, unless I pay for it. The women in my life now says I have the nicest pink helmet she has ever seen. I don't have erection problems in that nature.... in fact I wish I could wake up without them. Made fun of? Stacey, One of my girlfriend's friends & when drunk, will whisper to me that I should get circumcised. She finds my uncut member "grosse". Sometimes she asks to see it. Stacey doesn't bother me a bit....but she would if I was 17 again!

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TITLE: angel

The shape of my penis is normal. It is about 7 inches long and 5.25 inches in circumference when erect. It is big for a 16 year old but I was told that it runs in the family by my dad. I am not circumsized. It is a brownish color with a pinkish redish head. And I love it!