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Free site Female masturbation and Male masturbation. Includes techniques, pictures, videos, stories, Fleshlight reviews, and ejaculation videos.

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TITLE: StayHigh
Man you should see this thing. It's like........ pitiful. Its short but its fat. Sometimes it sweats and makes me itch. It's probably all the unprotected hooker sex I have. Who wants to get on the 'net and talk about their penis? COME ON ITS FUN. It bends up and to the left and the texture resembles oatmeal. It's a mood penis. If I'm happy, its one color and when Im mad, its another. If I could change my penis, I would make it even smaller so I could write more about it. I got made fun of in gym class cause these dudes were all like "My penis is smaller than your penis" and I was like... "Oh no it aint" and then he was like "Oh yea. well your cocks so big, you have to hang it out your pants cause they won't fasten" and I was like "oh yea, well your cocks so big, it gets in the way when you eat your oatmeal in the morning" And then he's all like "How'd you know I ate oatmeal this morning" and im all like "IT WAS MY COCK BITCH"

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TITLE: HappyWithMyPenise

My circumcised penis is extremely small when flaccid...that's embarrasing to me because not everyone realizes that the flaccid penis in no way reflects upon the erect penis. My penis is rather dark, not really veiny, and is cut pretty tight so I have no overhang when erect. When flaccid, it looks like an accordian in that it's very short with pleats of skin that expand when I get an erection. I have an average size erection that points up at about a 45 degree angle. It does not curve right or left but has a very slight curve upward. Overall, I'm happy with my penis because it brings me so much pleasure. I often wonder, however, what it would be like to have a foreskin since a tiny remnant of mine (the frenulum where it was attached to the underside of the glans) is so sensitive and pleasurable. I wish it was about an inch longer or at least thicker. But I'm not complaining


Nobody really says anything about's not very big, when I am with a girl, they usually want to be on top, when I am with a guy, I am usually a "giver" or top... I wish that my penis was not cut. I have been with guy that has his uncut and it is the best thing that I have ever experienced. It seems that with two rubs, I am done.

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TITLE: anything

My penis size is average when erect. it is thick and very hard so I love to grab it. it is a bit darker than my skin color and the head is very beautiful when it is fully erect.the head is pink and round and I receieved a compliment saying that it is very beautiful. my penis is cut and it bends slightly to the left and a bit upwards. it also stands at around 45 degrees. I have never been rejected nor made fun of because of my penis and if I could, I would like it to be straighter and one or two inches longer.


My penis is six inches long when erect and 2.25 inches wide with a circumference of 5 inches. It also stands at about 45 degrees and is slightly curved. When soft it's about 3 inches and hangs slightly to the right. It's color is the same as the rest of my skin except for the head which is slightly purple. Veins are prominent when hard. Several people have expressed positive comments about my penis and how quickly it gets hard, often just by being looked at. I would change nothing, except maybe a little less pubic hair

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TITLE: kirk

My penis appears to be about average. I would prefer it left uncut however that was beyond my control. When flaccid it hangs to the left. When erect it stands up with a slight curve to the left, most likely from masturbating. I generally masturbate daily and copulate with my wife 3 to 4 times weekly. My semen generally shoots and then oozes onto my fist. I occassionally enjoy my semen when it goes clear. I prefer to keep my penis and testes shaved up to around the waste band of bikini underware. My penis has never been made fun of or rejected, though on severl occasions I have been told to be careful, and once " I sure as hell would'nt want it any larger." I like this site and find the ejaculation photos very erotic. I enjoy masturbating while viewing the photos.

TITLE: joker

My penis is slinder and long. It sticks straight out when hard. I would like it to be bigger but my grandpa said it was beautiful and great for sucking. I have had guys with big penis laugh in the locker room when they saw me in the shower and said I must have had a lot of toys growing up because it appeared I had not played with my penis. But at college the fellows enjoyed playing with it. My wife said she was satisfied with our sex life.

Free site Female masturbation and Male masturbation. Includes techniques, pictures, videos, stories, Fleshlight reviews, and ejaculation videos.

TITLE: Horus

It's got a banana shape pointing up toward my face when standing. My dicks got the same color as the rest of my skin and the head is more purple than pink. The curve has bothered me and I find it difficult to wear boxers because when flaccid it doesn't point strait to the ground. It points slightly outward, making it visible to the public. I haven't had sex yet, so I don't know what the reaction would be. When I'm rock hard I can't imagin that I could enter a chick because it points so far up. I guess I'll know soon, but in the meantime I wank a lot.