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TITLE: A Womans Thoughts
I am not a man but, I think most of the men on here would want to here what I have to say about penis size. I am 29yrs old and my husband's penis is wonderful it's not near the biggest penis I have ever had it's maybe 5 inches erect but, it hits my G spot everytime. It is smooth texture and normal skin toned and curved slightly upward very sexy looking.To all the men with a small penis act very manly and she will not see a small penis she will see a very masculine penis. As far as the rejection question I can not imagine rejecting someone because, of their penis size. Besides a large penis seems to go right past the G spot and then you have to change positions to get it there. I would say my husband is likely the shortest penis I have ever had but it feels the best. He is also the most masculine strongest man I have ever been with. So maybe instead of worrying about penis size so much just relax and work on being more masculine.

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I think that the people who operate this web site have done a remarkable thing. They have awakened us to the fact that penises are simply beautiful. So much so, that like a guy in a prior comment, I milk my penis while looking at the beautiful penis images. I especially like the ones that are spewing their milk. Those have to be some of the more sensuous images in existence. For someone who drinks his own milk, these images are tantalizing. I have never sucked a penis, but this may have to change. I cannot suck my own penis, so now I have a tremendous urge to suck some of those shown. The wonderfulness of sperm milk may be the next subject for elevation in the public's opinion. I can't believe I went so many years just mindlessly wiping it away. Just before giving it's milk, my penis is about 6 1/2 in.long, 5 1/2 in. around, points straight up toward my face (mouth),is uniformly light colored, circumcized, shaved, and generally agreeable to see. In a relaxed state,it can sometimes all but disappear which is ok since it usually gave me what I wanted. At other times, it can be much of it's erect length except soft and bouncy. This is when it lies down on my testicles, resting after being milked. I've never been complimented or berated since most of the world views it as an unmentionable subject. I spend much of my time nude or at least bottomless and am glad to be seen by most anyone, especially friends with whom I try to encourage nudism. I haven't really seen many other penises in my life. This is probably not optimal. So, after seeing these images, I look forward to seeing every penis that I can. Maybe if I/we do that, these very beautiful things can start to come out of hiding, and can start to be appreciated as these web site people have attempted.

TITLE: Mannie

I'm black so the color of my penis is brwon it id smothe it bends just a little to the lest to hit your spot if I could change my penis I would make it bigger by 2 inches because who wantz a small penis I have neva been rejected because of ma penis and I have been complimented a reassured by my sex partner

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TITLE: toddy

I have just shaved mine it looks cleaner and adds leath to it I love my penis but its the first time I dont know whether to keeo it shaved or what cause im only 15 it feels great

TITLE: jcool

My penis is normal in shape, it is smooth when erect, and it is a shade of white. When I am having an erection it bends upward, something unique is I like to have it played with! If I could change my penis I would want to have harder erections and longer lasting erections. I have not have anyone reject my penis.I have not been complimented either.

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TITLE: bobby d

thick, with a slight curve to the left and upward near the head, I am right handed. color is dark brown, however some call me a redbone!!! that gets me too. why are some dicks darker than the rest of the body is lighter in skin color? when it stays' covered all the time? My last girlfrend said I was a great lover, but she did not want to have sex often she said I made her sore, and she had to do a lot of standing. and she though of me every time she laugh at something. however she gets over it and comes back for more.I have meet some guys that like it too.said it was the right size and fit... wherever it went.....