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My penis is long and is quite large in girth. It is very soft and smooth, and is quite dark in colour, I have olive skin and you can see this is my penis as this is very dark. I am not circucmised and the foreskin is quite tight but can be pulled back all of the way. It doesn't really bend but it does go of on a small angle to the left. I have alot of pubic hair, that spreads to my chighs and up my anus. My scrotum is also very hairy as is the rest of my body. My scrotum is quite large and hangs low but my penis hangs much lower that the scrotum. I wouldn't change my penis as it is quite large and I am much bigger than all of my friends when soft and hard. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis, I only get compliments from my partners and my male friends (locker room talk). I masturbate frequentley with all of my male friends and I lick to jack them off, how ever I am not gay but I am very turned on by the male and all of my friends bodies.

TITLE: Calfonso

My penis is a cone that is bigger from the shaft, but grows smaller towards the head. It has small bumps on it, like goosebumps, and it's very tan. It bends down when off, when erected, it goes straight up. I would change my penis into a much bigger one and a more ejaculative penis. no.

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TITLE: glen

Mine is lighter in colour than than the rest of my body. It hangs a little to the left. It has a few scars on it from my younger, more adventurous days. I've had a couple of guys not let me penetrate them because of the size but most of the guys like to take it and no girls ever said no.

TITLE: superman

Describe the shape of your penis, the texture, the color, etc. Does it bend to the left or the right? Up or down? Anything else unique about it? Would you change it if you could? Why? Have you ever had anyone reject you because of your penis? Have you ever been made fun of because

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My penis, is about average in length and about 5 inches in distance around. I wish it were longer, but my family all seem to have the very same size to deal with. Dad. Brothers and two cousins, we all look like we were formed in a penis machine. I have bushy hair that I keep trimmed, as it makes me look bigger. I know it well as I use it daily with mywife and my right hand.

TITLE: Anonymous

My penis is long and a little larger than the average penis. I am content with its size but I would be lying if I said I would not make it bigger. my girlfriend complemented on its size and the way I use it. My penis bends slightly upward but is pretty much straight.

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My penis is straight and uncircumsized. When erect it is seven inches in length and five inches in circumference, the head is big and flares nicely. I keep it and my testicles shaved because I love the feel of naked skin against naked skin since I have persuaded my wife to let me keep her shaved as well. I am satisfied with it, and have never been rejected because of it. It is large enough that I have always been able to feel it making solid contact with the cervix of whomever I am making love with.