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TITLE: Simple
Well I quite like my penis - and also the partner. The shaft of my penis is quite smooth even more when fully erect, and my partner loves touching it. I bend to the left slightly, which doesn't bother me too much. My foreskin doesn't cover the head, due to it being loose, I like my head showing. The one thing I would change would be when I'm not erect, I'd like to be slightly longer and wider. But heh we can't have everything.

TITLE: lion

Straight shaft, medium pink color. No left or right bend, but a but of a curve up toward my belly. I like it as is. I have a piercing (frenum) which improves sensation. Women generally complement me on it. I keep it fully shaved which is also appreciated.

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TITLE: piper

It sticks up just a little above horizontal. I was circumcised as an adult because masturbation cold be sore in pulling the skin right back over the head. I have a mushroom glans which is fatter than the shaft. My friends always thought it was large when I was a schoolboy as it appears quite fat. If I could change it I would want it to taper towards the end.

TITLE: party boner

i'm uncircumsised not real long foreskin,smooth -when it gets hard the skin slides back by it self ,the head is dark red and quite senstive.--i never have to use oil or ky to jerk off--i've jerked off other guys that have been cut, circumsised and most need lube or spit to feel good---- with foreskin I can jerk dry---i would never get mine cut as it feels too good the way it is---some day I would like suck a uncircumsised penis to see what its like.


My dick is uncut with the foreskin covering half the head when hard. It curves a little upward and then to the left. If I could change things I would like my dick about 1/2 inch thicker. Other than that I enjoy it all the time. I love the foreskin because it keeps the head so sensitive.

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TITLE: Big Dick

My dick is straight, but very dark for a white man, in fact even darker than some black men. I am partially cut so that I have plenty of skin to jack with and yet don't have any overhang. I never need or use lube to jack. For years everyone told me I had a big dick and I never gave it much thought. When I joined a nude group, I realized that I was above average by far. If I had a choice, I'd be fatter in circumference, have a larger head, another inch in lenght. Oddyly, straight men have complimented me on my big dick.

TITLE: benny

I've got a really great cock, I have to say it. It's been my best buddy for as long as I cann remember it's got me into lots of trouble along the way. my cock is nearly nine inches and uncut. it has a thick girth and my cock head is plum size when not erect.When ive got some horny cocksucker on the end of it, my cock just engorges instantly into a really big thick hard straight shaft with a juicy purple knob that leakes heaps of precum. If I've barred up in my jeans it's not long until the dark wet patch appears obviously on the top of my thigh. I always dress to show my penis off and love the bulge that results in tight shorts. I'm a pretty open guy and let most people who want to suck it do so. I find men suck cock the best as they appreciate it more as I found out one drunken night with my room mate, but girls have a soft tender touch that I also love. my foreskin hangs over the end of the head even when is hard. I especially like when I can show off to other guys in showers, toilets etc and love watching them try to check my cock out whilst not being noticed. One guy even started a conversation with me while standing at the trough with my hands on my hips and my cock just hangin out doing a piss. he asked if he could touch it and was on his knees and blowing me within 20 secs. Another time at a party I fucked a girl in the garage and had her two friends come over and ask for a look at my cock after. They also ended up on their knnes taking turns off having their faces fucked

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TITLE: load

My penis is mostly straight. I wish I had my foreskin. I ve never been rejected or made fun of. It looks very similiar to the upper right hand photo of page 4 ejaculation pics. I would love to have my oozing cock posted here. I am a life long hetero but coul enjoy mutual male jackin or possibly mutual male sucking. I love looking at these pics and jerking off and eating my cum.

TITLE: claude

my penis is darker brown than my body. It is uncut and hangs down. In school I noticed several of the boys were longer. Some of the ball players laughed at me and said I must have had a lot of toys because it was obvious I didn't play with my penis. My grandpa however enjoyed playing with and sucking my penis. I was impressed with the size of his penis. I have seen my dad's penis and it was long and slender. In college my penis grew and was as big or bigger than most of the fellows.