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Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

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Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

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Some Penis Survey Results Below:
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TITLE: pee wee
I am 27 years old. I am desperate. My penis is very small due to a surgery that did not gone well just after my birth. I have been rejected twice because of that. I used to believe that some woman are bad characters,but I understood that this was a very selfish.Actually I think that it would be unfair for a woman to be unsatisfied in her sexual life. I became an expert in penis size and function as I was trying to find a solution for my problem.Here are my conclusions. Surgery can give about of 1 to 4 cm but we have to consider that someone with small penis is having a lot of psychological problems about his body and the surgery is not a miracle that can solve everything without a cost.After the operation I pensonaly would still believe that my penis is small! A doctor told me that even if I managed to solve the size problem then I would have to get used to the idea that my penis would never stare up in the erections. The same doctor told me that if there was a way to increaze our penis size then everyone would do it without a second thought.He finaly mention that a woman with a normal experience would notice the surgery fact. I found many people with the same problem but were in the same desperate situation just like me.Most of them were found in a sex therapist doctor who was tried to convince them that everything was ok. Once a friend asked me "so what are you gona gona kill your self because of two inches of meat ? " and my answer was that I dont know what to do but I surely will make things easier whatever that means. Finaly My Meaning of Life 1 Find ways to be happy 2 Make someone else to be happy 3 Find someone to make you happy

Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

TITLE: Niceguy

I'm cut, pink, gets a bit bigger at the head. Bends to the left, but doesn't curve. I'd like to be an inch longer and an inch thicker. I'm a tall guy and it looks kinda small compared to the rest of me. I've been reassured by partners, but i've never made a woman gasp. I know I'm not small, but I have a couple buddies who are big and I'm envious.

TITLE: turtleneck

I have an uncut penis, it curves slightly upward and it's head is heart shaped, it tapers and is wider at the base. It is darker than me and the foreskin retracts all the way when it's hard the foreskin and shaft are carmel colored and the head and around it are reddish pink. It's 6"long and almost 5" around. I have had girls and guys make fun of it because it's uncut, but I have also received compliments. I still think about getting circumcised but I like the way the skin feels so I'd rather change these narrow opinions instead. I'm still self conscious about that though. I'd definitely like more girth and maybe some length too, though not too big I also wish I had a bigger head. My current girlfriend loves it though and sucks it often.

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The Shape of my penis is straight and long. The color is tan when erected and when not tan olive color and it hangs by my balls. I have been made fun of because it was small. If I could change it I wolud make it 2 inches bigger, because it would feel more comfertable


My penis is straight with a large purple head when hard. When flacid it hangs just below my balls. It is straght and Tan olive skin colour. If I could change it I would change the size. Iwould want it to be a inch bigger. Its not small but it would make me feel more comftable.

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TITLE: tim

My penis is cut and above average when compared with my friends, It is straight, It is thicher at the head and slightly less thick ar the base.It is brown in colour. I am a indian of punjabi origin. I am very hairy and the base of my penis is also hairy.

TITLE: Michael

My penis texture is smooth. color is sortave redish, basicly just darker than my skin. and it has a ring in the middle of course. it bends left and up. I wish it was bigger. no one has rejected it. no one has made fun of it. as far as I can tell. size does matter. but not length wise. its more width.

Anal Masturbation Techniques and Tools
This site all about the tools needed to get the best orgasms from anal stimulation. There are a variety of items available that produce a range of sensations from gentle pleasure to super-intense feelings or even aggressive sensuality.


Uncircumsised with downward angle when fully erect.Head gets very big and shiny and foreskin rolls back when fully hard.Always keep the shaft and testicles shaved but trim the remaining pubic hair a little.Never have any trouble with lubrication when masturbating or any other activityand am able to maintain erections for long periods and control ejaculation