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TITLE: red
My penis is nicely shaped, straight shaft, light color and looks really nice along with my regularly trimmed red pubic hair. It does bend slightly to the right. Though I have been circumcised I have been mistaken as uncircumcised by some of the guys I've played around with. I used to be embarrassed by the smallness of my penis but now have accepted it and enjoy being the "smallest guy" when several of us get together to stroke and suck each other, and no, I wouldn,t change anything about it.

TITLE: Scott

My penis is fairly straight, very slight upward bend. I would make it bigger if I could, thicker especially, becuase I know that a bigger penis is truly pleasing to women. One of my wife's ex-boyfriends had a big thick cock, and I know she really loved to get filled up. I have never been rejected, and my wife and other partners I've had say my penis is fine and average. I just want to be better than average.

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TITLE: Scott

My penis is straight with a nice flared ridge at the head. When erect the veins are pretty pronounced. I am cut. I like to keep my pubic hair well groomed. I shave my balls and base of the shaft, but leave a nice trimmed patch above it. I don't like the thickness of my penis. I feel it is too thin at just a hair under 4.5" around in girth. I have never been rejected because of my penis size, but I have not subjected myself to many opportunities for it to happen! I married the only woman I have had sex with! I feel she would really like intercourse more if I had more girth. I know her ex was pretty thick (she told me when I pressed about how big he was).

TITLE: tee

some what pointedup at the tip when hard the penis is a darker color then my ballsand has a very smooth texture If I could change mine I would want it long enough so that I could suck itnever been turned because of size or anything but I have always thought I am small but after a divorce to a women I was with 15 years she told me sometime afterwords that mine was large compaired to the men she had dated since the dorvice. Also my new wife thinks it just the right size

TITLE: dave

Most girls and guys have told me my cock is beautiful. It is the perfect color, cut and I have a very large head. When I stand my hardon tips up about 20 degrees and my balls hang loose. My cock bends upward when very hard. I can usually cum a huge load still in my 40s

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TITLE: byebyegirl

I am a woman. My last boyfriend had a real little pecker, cut. About 2 1/2" soft and about 4" erect. It angled off to the side. But, he also had a gut, and that cut down on the length that I could get from him when we had sex. Didn't fill me in the slightest. Left me wanting more and more. I also have long fingers and the width was lacking too. On the other hand, he did have a monsterous set of balls! OMG!!


it's about five and a half inches long when erect, but only about three when limp. the head is slightly larger than the shaft, and is a light pink, and I have no bend at all. the shaft is tan, and my balls are a much darker color. it wish I was thicker, but being 15 i've got plenty of growing left. plenty of thick, curly hair compliments it, and never recieved a complaint. not circumcised, but the foreskin pulls back when i'm hard.


I would love to have a cock which was covered with foreskin when errect.I feel that my cock is not as sensitive as it might be. I have only had sex with my wife but would like to do so with an uncurcumcised man.

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TITLE: rookie

My penis is an average size, depending on the day it is about 6 inches long, the girth is about 5. From what I hear that is about normal. the head is pink when im fully erect my penis angles a bit upward, a guess it is more of a little curve. I hope it is normal. I am satisfied with the size of my penis, i've never been rejected because of my size but then again no girl has ever seen my penis. I guess all in all it is just a pretty average penis but it is mine so I am proud of it.

TITLE: penis freak

I'm a 18 year old. I'm not really satisfied with the length and width of my penis. However according to surveys, my penis is of average size. My penis bends slightly downwards and to the right side when erect. I'm uncut. The colour of my penis is quite brownish.