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free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

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free penis pictures

masturbation pictures

penis pictures

Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.

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-Submitted May 3, 2006

mine is average and curves up. I would like an extra inch on it, only 5 and a half inches now. When I ejaculate it shoots wildly and has made it past my head, and i'm tall. I cum a lot more than my bestfriend and his brother which is my only comparison. but they dont cum very much. anyhow its usually clearish white. my penis is white and thats about it. I've never been rejected because of it.

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-Submitted May 3, 2006

My dick is about 6.5 to 7 inches long. Its is also really thick. I get made fun of sometimes cause i'm so welll developed for my age. I'm cut, and no girls rejected me for my dick yet. It curves a little up and to the right, but thats it. I also have some hair on the lower shaft, and a lot of my balls. When I ejaculate, it shoots pretty hard all the way past my shoulder, if i'm good I can get it past my head. I shoot a lot too. Its a pretty good dick

-Submitted May 3, 2006

My peins is clean looking light caucasian skin tone, ribbed sides with stipple like bumps. Sligt downward curve, Circumsided, staying thick all the way to the head. I would like a longer thicker penis, no real reason I just like to use it and think my wife would enjoy it more as well. I have never had my penis rejected.

My ejaculation varies some times I shoot out thick steams 2 - 3 feet other times 2-6 inches. It is always thick and white. My wife says (and others I have shown online) say I produce a large amout, however, I would like to produce much more (like Peter North). I just love to ejaculate and love seeing my penis shoot.

-Submitted May 3, 2006

At only 5+ a fraction hard and rather on the small side circumsized and perfectly formed. Stands straight out with no bends.Ejaculation doesn't SHOOT but varys from squirt,dribble& drool. Really depends on the length of time between ejaculations.My ejaculate is a white cream,volume again depends on frequency.I have been complemented on my penis but members of both sexes,Woemen like the size as they don't end up SORE.

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-Submitted May 3, 2006
Average Guy

My cock is medium pink in colour. It is straight with thick prominent veins which show up when I have a hard on. It is uncut with a large glans dark red purple when hard. The forskin is long and loose and gives a thick ridge of skin when fully retracted. I have a thick bush of black cock hair. My balls are muscular and very hairy. Never had a bad comment. I sometimes shoot some times dribble. Generally I am a heavy shooter and squirt a pearly white cum. I make a lot of pre-cum and my balls get sticky when I am wanking as it just leaks and leaks out. I like my cock especially the way it is so hairy.

-Submitted May 3, 2006

Large mushroom type head, circumcised, veined, completely straight, not curved at all accept slightly upward. I would not change my cock accept maybe a little larger, I am 7-7.5 inches long and decently thick, but would like to be 9-10 inches.. some say greedy but I say pleasurable without question.. I have never been made fun of about my penis, I have been told it is perfect. ejaculation is thick and bright white. it varies normally the first half of my ejaculation shoots , and then second half drops in a couple globs.

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-Submitted May 3, 2006

Penis is straight with smooth skin and pink/purple head. Back edge of head is rounder than penis. Does not have a bend and is straight up when erect (erect length is about 6 1/2 inches and 4 plus inches in circumfrance. I have had only one partner and she loves it in her hands mouth and vigina. Ejaculate is white creamy maybe a tablespoon full and first cum is squirt, then more dribble/ozess. Masturbate about 5 times a week and make sure that I cum every time (widower)

-Submitted May 3, 2006

Mine is just to 7 inches barely,slightly wide in middle,much veins,pink red when erect,bends to right and straight.I have sensitive nodules around head makes me sensitve.I would add an inch.No one has rejected me yet..even though I show it and not had sex,they want nicknames.way complimented that it looks like bigger but its my body type and that I shave there.I ejaculate medium since I do it often(masturbate).all ways it comes out during ejeculation.

-Submitted May 2, 2006

My penis is long and slim. It is very nice looking with a very proportional head, and a very high angle. It gets very hard and points a bit to the left. Though it is pretty skinny, only about four inches around, it is longer than most penises, and appears even longer since I am only 5'4 and weigh about 130 pounds. It looks nice flaccid as well, retaining 3.5 inches of its total length and almost all of its girth. My testicles are rather large for my size and they often hang lower than my penis. All in all, I am happy with the size of my penis. If I could change it, I would like it to be a bit larger around, and maybe a tad longer, but not at the expense of its good looks.

I am confident that my penis is large enough to never get laughed at or made fun of, but it is also not large enough to make anyone gasp. Everyone that sees my penis says that it looks good, except for a few girls that only saw my penis in a picture. They joked about it being small, but I think they were just giving me a hard time. A couple girls thought it was larger than it really was, estimating it to be about 7 or 8 inches long when in actuality, it is barely over 6 inches.

-Submitted May 2, 2006

I have a regular size penis with a slight curve and I can have sex for long periods of time without ejaculating, I've been told that I have a nice light color to my penis and the head of my penis is pink and my partners like it, and when I'm ejaculating it just squirts a milky clear liquid, and I would like it better if I was a little thicker but the I'm happy with my length, and I'm so hairy either which I like, I don't like to be itchy all day long.

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-Submitted May 2, 2006

shape - cut, and pretty much round as opposed to oblong

Made fun of - was told I would never win a contest with it

My penis is too small for me or in my opinion anyone else. Don't know why life gave me a problem I have so much trouble dealing with

-Submitted May 2, 2006

my penis is uncut,quite brown in colour,when flacid its 2 and when erect it points straight.i would like a bigger penis about 7 as it looks better and would give me more confidence.i have never been wife calls him rocky,as its very hard!when I ejaculate I most of the time drool but if i,m very turned on it will shoot! depends on how often I ejaculte but on average about 1 teaspoon of a of white colour and before I ejaculate I have a clear liquid that dribbles out

-Submitted May 2, 2006

leans to the right and is darker at the bottom with a lot of hair all around it. ejaculations are intense because I always use stop and go method to get good eju so it varies to whjat im looking at (male female etc) most of the time a few shots of thick white cum and then some dirbbles that are mostly precum

Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.

-Submitted May 2, 2006

My Penis is un circumcised. Bends upwards. I would like it to be a little bit bigger. I have never been rejected because of my penis. My ejaclation is extremely intense. When I ejaculate I shoot sometimes and sometimes er drools

-Submitted May 2, 2006

My dick is six inches long and curves to the left one think that I would change is give it a little longer but I love it I have not had sex yet but im working on it I think the girls will love it when I do

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-Submitted May 1, 2006
Linda's Lover

My Penis has a slight curve to the left when erect. The head and the top of the shaft have a darker tint than the rest of it. I keep both m penis and balls completey shaved at all times. I love to see how small it will get when it is cold.

-Submitted May 1, 2006

appears long smooth,when hard points down. I would not change it, it looks great to me. I don't think I have ever been rejected because of my penis. My ejaculation is thick and white. During ejaculation it shoots. A fair amount if I'm real horny.

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-Submitted May 1, 2006

it bend to the left according to girls it is to slim to really satisfy them (some girls said so, the others prefered to not aswer to my questions about that...) I had 6 partners, 5 said it is the slimest penis they have ever seen, and one said she doesn't really remembered... lenght seemed to be ok... (but they all said lenght is less important than width)

-Submitted May 1, 2006

Well, I've always thought of my penis as an attractive part of my body. I'm circumcised, which I prefer in other men. The exposed crown is very appealing to me. The texture of my entire is like smooth silk, and hard, it leans slightly to the left, and no, I wouldn't change it, although I've always wondered what it would be like to have an 8 or 9 penis. I've never named it. I like calling it my cock. So far, noone has had anything negative to say about it, although I've been with women who've told me that they enjoyed men with huge cocks. C'est la vie. As far as my ejaculations are concerned, as I've gotten older my sperm has thinned and is far less abundant than it was when I was younger. This has disappointed me greatly. However, it still can shoot out of me, but with much less force and volumn. Someday, I'd like to give Viagra, or one of the other similar products a try, a test. The idea of experiencing a rock- hard erection again is very appealing to me.

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-Submitted May 1, 2006

when erectmy penis looks nice and full, I am asuming its about 5 inches . I have never really measured it .never been rejected for size yet. I would like it tio be just an ich longer and a bit thicker. well ejaculations are great it shoots a great distance and such a release.its white in colour and when my partner does a hand job it shoots , but by myself it varies

-Submitted May 1, 2006

My penis is evenly shaped with a nice head. My cock is much darker than the rest of me. It stand out straight with a slight bend to the right, I jack off with my right hand. My cock is not very thick but other than that I love it. When it is soft and warm it hangs nicely between my low balls and looks fantastic, When it is cold it kind of shrinks and looks too small. I dont shoot very far but I do produce a nice load.

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-Submitted May 1, 2006

My penis is straight no bends. I would change it if I could maybe add an inch to it. I have never had any sexual conflict with my penis. I have satisfied the women I have been with. I haven't ever nicknamed my penis and during ejaculation it usually shoots once and then dribbles.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

Well first of all I love my penis...It's easy to get rock hard and i'm horny all the time so my cock is always hard. Even though it's not the biggest it sure is a nice one. I love stroking it and jacking off it's the best. I love cumming all over the place ahh i'm getting hard just writing about my dick. When I jerk off i'm in heaven. If I wasn't able to masturbate I would die. I jack off all sorts off ways...I jerk off with friends, in the shower, fucking something up, or jsut playing with my cock casually. When I cum it's so amazing just the orgasm and cum going all over the place. It usually depends on how horny I am to determine if my cum shoots all over or dribbles. I'm usually very horny so it usually shoots oh yeah!!! Well that's my penis for you!

-Submitted April 30, 2006
worried about shape

i'm not too woried about my length cuz according to most surveys this is supposedly normal. but on dildo selling websites the 8inch ones seem to be the most popular . my penis curves downward slightly and this makes face to face sex really difficult but doggy style really easy.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is slightly above average in length and average in width. When it is erect it has a slight upward curve. The head has a nice pink color. My shaft is light tan and has a medium tan color where my foreskin used to be. I'm happy with the shape, color and size of my penis. Everyone I have shared it with have seemed to enjoy it. I have had nice compliments form other people about it. When I ejaculate I will squrt 4-6 inches about four times then have 4-6 nice dribbles after that. My ejaculation is a creamy white liquid when I start to shoot then becomes thicker and white with some clear liquid when I dribble at the end. The size of my ejaculation is around one tablespoon. Before and durring ejaculation, my testicles become very tight and pull up towards the shaft of my penis.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006

Its very small flaccid, howewer grows to 6.5 when erect, and is skinnier at the base than around the middle. It hangs to the left slightly, when soft and erect. When hard it points upward slighlty. When I ejaculate, I usually shoot it on my stomach it usually shoots twice. They both average about 8 inches in distance. Then it just drools and pulsates out on to my belly button area. I'd say its probably about a tablespoon or so, depending on the last time I masterbated.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006

my penis is a pinky pale colour with a purple head when hard, when erect it stands to about 7 inches an dbends slightly yo the left. I have never had any problems with my penis and I would probably make it slightly thicker if I could. My ejaculations are powerful and tend to last for a while, I skirt then dribble. overall I am happy with what I have

-Submitted April 30, 2006
Old David

Circumsised, small when flacid, much the same shade of pink/brown as the rest of me. Smooth skin when erect with darker head. Pronounced bend to the right - wasn't always - due to 60 years of masturbation with my right-hand. I always felt that it was on the small side until I read some of the postings on your sites and saw the pictures. Some of them are a little longer than mine, but not many are thicker so I feel much happier about it. My ejaculation is still thick and white but goes colourless quite quickly. Maybe because I had a vasectomy about 30 years ago (which made no difference to feelings, performance, etc.). I don't shoot any more but still produce a reasonable amount.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006
big shooter

it is big and round and is realy hard when I am excited. has been sucked many times. I have fucked many many gurls with it and they all ways moan very loadly. some say that that is the biggest dick they have ever seen. Then they ask for more.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis bends up and a little to the left. It is cut and pink in color. When it is hard it has alot of viens all around it. Whenever I cum it is very white and comes out in several squirts. The amount depends on how horny and how long it is played with.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is curved up wards a little & hangs to the left side when hard. It's not colored any different than the rest of my skin. I am cut & I am glad, it feels good when hard, I usually have an average orgasm shooting on belly & sometimes chest. I do trim my hair & have shaved it a few times, I shave my balls & shaft. If I could change it I would like a little more length, maybe an inch, & would like a little more girth but no one has ever complained & have had some good comments on it.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006

I really like my penis. It isn't too long or two wide, but it is very masculine and veiny. A lot of people don't like veiny penises, but mine is awesome. My ex named it Rocky. If anything, I would like for it to be a bit thicker.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is actually rather small when not erect, about 2.5 inches. A bit embarrasing at the gym. When hard, it is respectable I suppose, but bigger would be better. It doesn't bend left or right and I have never been rejected or rideculed because it's size. Ejaculation is a quick shot with drooling to follow.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is smaller than average when flaccid. Less than 2 inches long. However, it grows to a much larger size when stimulated. The most consistent comment from the women who have lovingly sucked on it over the years is that It's just the right size. Consequently, I think I've gotten more than my share of oral sex over the years. I wouldn't change a thing about my penis and I caress it as frequently as I can.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is circumised. It is very smooth except for the vein on the bottom. It bends up. If one thing could change it would be the length. My ejaculation is it either shoots or dribbles down the side. I Have a lot of cum when I ejaculate it is cream white.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

slightly bent to left it is lovely to watch I would make it as straight as an arrow if I could no one has rejected me ejaculations are in 3 to 6 jerks and first two may shoot it is circummsised head is proper in shape ans shiny as well