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Free picture site that was created to address myths about vagina appearances and to show the various types of vaginas. Also includes a survey.

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

human male penis

free penis pictures

masturbation pictures

penis pictures

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Some Survey Results Below:

-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is straight, pinkish light red color,bumpy on the under side and smooth on the top side. It bends up and slightly curved at the bottom. I would not change a thing about my penis as I like the way it is shaped. No one has rejected me because of my penis, in fact I have been complimented on how great it looks and feels. I have given my penis the name of dick.That is a nick name for richard which is my middle name. I have never had anyone make fun of it. My ejaculation is a lot of pre-cum. When I finally ejuaculate, it is mostly white with some clear fluid. It shoots and squirts out sometimes dribbles at times. Usually I have about 2 to 4 ounces of fluid.

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-Submitted April 30, 2006

My penis is reddish due to jacking off every night and gets lighter towards the end. It bends up towards me and I like to ejaculate into my belly button. I enjoy jacking off with my friends and I can actually lick my own penis! When I ejaulate, cum shoots out and just about hits the ceiling if I skip a day of masterbation. I love y penis and don't wish to change anything except for length maybe.

-Submitted April 30, 2006

my penis is very small...almost invisible soft and cold. also quite hairy, half way up the shaft. it bends slightly left. have been teased by male friends sometimes but no complaints to my face by girls.

-Submitted April 29, 2006

I really like my penis. It is not very big compared to some I have seen in the showers but its not the size but the skill. Every girl I have ever been with has complimented my cock and really gotten into it. It is really straight going up to the fairly large head. It is a nice dark color to it. Darker than my body. It has a slight bend up whick ladies tend to enjoy. I would never change it. It gives me great pleasure. No one has ever rejected me for my penis size. Yeah we used to call it the Hose. I guess you can guess why. Every girl including my girlfriend really likes it never and complaints. My ejaculate is really thick but shoots in long ropes. I really like to watch it. I can shoot up to 7 or 8 jets. At first it starts out slow and gets some distance and then starts to drool. It usually makes it up my chest and its a nice white color.

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-Submitted April 29, 2006

Penis is cut, smooth, hard, bent to the left. All guys like it. I produce a large volume of ejaculate and the first couple of shots shoot quite far then the rest dribbles out.

-Submitted April 29, 2006

long and thin points to the right. tand with purple end. full of dimples.called willie. girls love it but I think. need moor gurth to fill the gap.i come after about half hour some times shoot but may vary white in color.never had a bad word from the girls. I would love a bigger one to enjoy it moor I need to know the girl is satisfide fully.

-Submitted April 29, 2006

My penis is straight , it is very rough. I have never had anybody reject it. When I ejaculate the semen typically shoots out. I have had many girls tell me it was the biggest they have ever had. I get lots of compliments on my penis.

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-Submitted April 29, 2006

It's pretty fat and straight. 8 long, 2 wide or 6 around. Thick from the base to alomost the head. The head is pretty large also. My girlfriend tried to put it inside a paper towel cardboard and it wouldn't go in. It's a righty. I'd like another inch or two but it's fine, gotten quite a few comments from new commers. My ejacaulation varies, sometimes a shooter, sometimes an oozer.

-Submitted April 29, 2006

My penis is circumsized with a tapered shaft. It is very thick at the base, over 7inches around, barely 6 inches around behind the head. The measurements are when erect.

It straight with no curvature with elongated arrowhead shape, very wrinkled when soft and barely 2.5 inches soft, growing to 6 inches hard measured from tip of head to base of shaft topside of shaft.

Veins are not as obvious as some others I have seen. I am very hairy in the crotch area and hair grows on my shaft almost out to the head. I usually keep the shaft trimmed.

I am bi and I have been complimented by male and female partners. Both sexes have commented about the thickness of my shaft and it is obviously has more girth than the average penis which must compensate for having an average length.

When I was younger I could ejaculate multiple times a day. If I had not ejaculated for several days I could shoot multiple streams of semen three to four feet. At my present age if I do not ejaculate for four or five days I can shoot about a foot (first squirt) with a second of a few inches and then dribble. My semen is a thick, milky white color. If I ejaculate a second time within a few hours the amount is much less and it is more water-like in nature.

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-Submitted April 29, 2006

My penis is a very nice pinkish color, although now it is tan since I do tan in the nude. It does not bend to the right or left and still maintains a very upright erection. I have been told by many partners that it is rather large to take anally, although I never thought so. My ejaculation is usually thick, very white and if I am really turned on I can hit myself in the chin with my load.

-Submitted April 29, 2006
Bob F.

My Penis (Mr. Happy), is of Average Length (6.5 inches), Light Tan in color, Rosie Pink Penis Gland or Head, Over-all very Healthy Looking Penis and Scrotum with Larger than Normal Testicles to complete the Package. Mr. Happy is Uncircumcised with Average Length of Foreskin; of which Cindy (MY Friend) and Me Love and would not want it any other way. My friend Cindy compliments Me about Mr. Happy's Lovely shape, texture, color and We are both amazed at how it all works! I am very pleased with what I have to offer Cindy and she Loves it whatever shape or size it is from relaxed to Hard and Firm and Standing at attention. I Love the attention Cindy gives Mr. Happy and the amount of time We spend enjoying Foreplay and Stimulating each other. She has no complaints and Loves to watch Me in the Nude and to watch Mr. Happy giggle and shake as I move around. Because of Cindy's Love, Special Attention, Foreplay and Stimulation as she Stokes Mr. Happy, My Ejaculations have been much stronger and Longer Lasting. I must say, having a Partner that Loves Me, Mr. Happy and having SEX together and all that goes with it makes a world of difference (I am very fortunate)! Cindy has made SEX Fun and Enjoyable for both of us; as we feel it should be!

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-Submitted April 29, 2006

my penis has a really nice shape. Very small when soft, about 1.5 in. but thickens to a much longer and thicker cock of about 5.75 in. The head of my cock is of a good size that sticks out from the shaft alot. I keep my publc hair trimed, not shaved and my balls shaved smooth.

-Submitted April 28, 2006

its al little darker tthan my skin. Its bends up when erect. I'd like it a little bigger. no one rejected me because of it. no nick-name. no. First it shoots then dribbles and its white.

-Submitted April 28, 2006

tapered head, circumcised, shaft girth greater than head, but not very, slightly below perpendicular to body. tip points slightly up. too small, hairy. squirter, no nickname, thick clearish semen.

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

a bit pail maybe because i'm a redhead, I am quite happy with the length of my penis but I would like it to be a bit thicker my when I ejaculate it just seems to squirt a few times but the feeling seems to come in waves over more than a minuit this seems to hapen for longer when my cum is a off white colour and the quantity is about half a tea spoon in fact this sometimes makes my legs crumble (i mastrubate standing up cause my wife likes to watch me cum on my own) when this happens my wife gives me a number on the richter scale as to how close I come to falling down!! an old girlfriend did not like my foreskin as she said it seemed to be too large for my penis when soft but my wife say's its like curtains down on a good show!! I also have very pronounsed veins on it while it's erect which quite a few girl have said they liked but all in all I love it

-Submitted April 28, 2006

It's fat and black. it doesn't bend I wouldn't change it. I had two girlfriends that rejected me, but then I went to pick up a hooker to release energy. many men offer to suck on it. ejaculation are not that special, it squirts and some transparent liquid.

-Submitted April 28, 2006

a good shape long and fairly thick . it stands out and up I would not change it as I have not had a rejection no nicknames but a good ejaculate which squirts out a good deal of off white ejaculate

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

Let's see.. My penis was nicknamed JUDAS once, It seems to be the usual shape and feel I mean it looks like most penis' you see in porn movies, it is straight, and hangs a bit when it is erect. I have been rejected due to it hurting.. I have been with a lot of women and one of the most common problems is it hurting.

I've got it pierced, When I ejaculate it varies.. sometimes it's a hard spurt sometimes it's more smooth and slow.

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

I love my Penis. It is very straight with a slight bend to the right. I guess because it is tucked in my underwear to the right. Medium pink and thick veins. I have been cut when I was a baby and I have some scar tissue from the procedure. The head of my penis is bright blood red depending on the blood flow also there are lots of glands very sensitive when fully erected and pumped full of blood. Very smooth shaft.

I like to masturbate ~3 times per week. This has decreased as I have gotten older and more stress has been added into my life.

My wife thinks I have the perfect Penis and wouldn't change a thing. Me on the other hand of course it can be bigger.

I like the masturbate in the shower because it is warm and moist in the shower. I will start by first putting a little shampoo on it and start stroking with my right hand. I know I am about to cum when my body gets tingly all over and my knees get shaking my balls draw up tight then.....gosh I cum, the texture is very thick and pooling white to yellowish with lots of semen and what a relief it is. I feel much better after cumming. I do dribble after cumming until I milk out the rest.

I then only start to think of the next time I want to cum.

My wife gave my penis a nick name of Snuffy. Like the Snuflacus on Sesame Street for his long trunk.

I have been told by different girl friends that I have the Perfect Penis.

I can remember when I was a teenager that my Penis when erected, it would stand straight up next to my belly, and now it kind of lays bent outward when erected.

If only I could self suck..Huum

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

my penis is only 3 inches soft and 6.6 inches hard it looks kinda small but I know its not. its thick with a big head. I am cut and happy. slight curve up left not bad I do wack-off alot when I ejaculate it can vary sometimes it shoots over my head (laying down) or it can dribble, and sometimes alot of it and sometines just alittle it depends on the day!!

-Submitted April 28, 2006

My penis is darker than the rest of my body color. I read where that is caused by testastrone. The shape is straight; no curve. I have BIG balls, one like an egg; the other just a bit smaller. Men have always liked them, but I think they are mis-shapen! I like my cock, but I'd like to downsize my right nut some. My penis doesn't get as hard as it used to, but I love to beat it. My cum has always been a drool. Only a shoot when I have worked it over a long time and used a vibrator. There is not a lot of cum. I have always looked at the amount my partners have shot and have been jealous. I feel my cock is big enough that it should shoot strong! And alot! But I don't. (But enough juice that I made a baby.) It's always been white; I like the taste of it; and it smells like good cum. I use Viagra sometimes and my cock stays rock hard as long as I am jacking it. I can shoot 2 or 3 loads if I keep working it at that time. Of course, the load is smaller and smaller, but the sensation remains the same.

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

I am 18, Australia and I was recently circumcised at the age of 13. The shaft of my penis is smooth with a slight v- shaped scar on the underside where my circumcision was performed and my ferenulum is still intact. I have a very prominent head which is a deep reddish purple and has a very velvity texture with a prominent rim. I've always been lucky with the shape of my penis. The shaft tapers slightly to the head which remains the thickest part of my package. It bends very slightly to the left when erect and hangs down straight against my balls when flaccid. My balls hang evenly down slightly shorter than my penis. When fully erect my penis rises a bit higher than 90 degrees from my body. My whole package is the same tan colour as the rest of my body

Because of this, my girlfriends (I've been sexually active with 3 serious girlfriends since losing my virginity at 16 and active with numerous 1 night stands) have always loved the look of my penis. I have made it a habit to maintain the amount and shape of my pubic hair which can really help with the look of anyone's penis. A nice triangular black bush leading down to my package without hair on my upper legs or balls has always gained me much appeal. My Penis has never been ridiculed because at my school (which is co-ed) we are always showering after sport and the girls share the same showers as the guys so you can't help but become very comfortable with yourself and my girlfriends (most of whom I have gone to school with) already know what to expect.

As for ejaculation, my penis pulsates very deeply before I spray/shoot into my partner with a lot of cum and not much pre-cum. My cum is pure white and has a thick milky texture.

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

My penis bends to the left and upward. The skin around my cut shaft is too loose but its fun playing it especially when masturbating. My ejaculation is great it produce more cum. After masturbation my penis shrink. My penis looks like brownish brown and vary color from top to the base. The shaft becomes to red when errect and my gf calls it jayBigcock.

-Submitted April 28, 2006

My penis is below average in length and width, straight with a nice head. I would like a penis about six inches long, medium thickness and a curve upwards because it conforms better during intercourse, either in the vagina or anus. I have been rejected by male partners, though females don't usually mention it, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she is not satisfied. When a girl or wife says she likes it just the way it is, that's code for I love you no matter what, and at the same time she's fantasizing about that eight inch cock on the video.

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-Submitted April 28, 2006

My Penis is a good size I say but id like another inch 6 seems a little small even tho it is actually decent. When I masturbate it usually shoots a little and runs down my shaft. I wish I would be one to shoot far that would be cool

-Submitted April 27, 2006

My penis has a good hook to it and it gets extremely hard. It has a slight bend to the right. My erections usually last a long time. In fact, every morning I usually wake up with wood. If I don't take care of it that morning, I'm extremely horny all day. I usually shoot a decent load of semen, depend on how long between sex or masturbation. My girlfriend loves my penis, she especially likes how hard it gets. She says it feels great.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

I think I have a pretty good looking penis, straight, thick with a nice shaped head. Normally like to keep my penis and balls free from hair, I think this adds to the stimulation during sex.

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-Submitted April 27, 2006

Nice roundpinkish purple tip, the shaft is a thick, hard and silky smooth. The color is darker than the rest of my body. It does not bend in any way, it is a straight monster.If I could change it I would change the angle and make it jut straight out from my bode when erect.My ejaculation feels like a train roaring down the tracks at full speed and it makes my legs tremble. It shoots out or it squirts out. Most of the time it is a light semitransparent white color.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

Straight and 'fat', very smooth, pinkish-white, long foreskin. Would like it to be an inch or more longer to allow greater penetration. No rejections. Yes. 'The Pussy Hunter' because that's what I like it to do! No adverse comments, partners like the name. I used to shoot right over my shoulders when lying down, sometimes hitting myself in the face or the wall behind the bed but much less now. Used to be creamy, with large blobs, or 'ropes' of cum but now it is mostly clear.

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-Submitted April 27, 2006

it is white with heavy blood bvains from base to top. Have a large mushroom head with pale purple color. very little pubic hair. when soft about 5 inches long..when hard about 7 inches long and girth grows to about 7 inches around. when I cum, the cum (first load shoots about 2 inches, the remaining loads tend to go about 1/2 inch. The cum color is milk white

-Submitted April 27, 2006

my penis is bend downward from root and swellen glans, when I press my glans I feel something is running in veins to the shaft, when I leave finger from gland then suddenly glans swellen, my penis is abnormal, when penis going eract, I think the pressure of blood going to glans and and leave shaft weak. I dont know what is matter. if you have any solution for this problem then please kindly help me. thanks.

-Submitted April 27, 2006
Dicky Mcbigbig

Long cilindrical, smooth, some bulging viens, normal skin color for a caucasian. My penis is sraight and pionts up at a 10 degree angle. I like my cock just the way it is. I have never had anyone reject my cock, I've even fucked a 15 year old at camp. She called one eyed jack. The other boys are always jealous. My ejaculations a massive, it explodes out of me like a volcano.

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-Submitted April 27, 2006

my penis is nice and it is in my opinion large for my age... it has a slight upward curve and is smooth all the way around. I have had several girlfreinds and each seem to enjoy sex with me.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

My penis is what I consider to be fairly normal although a bit shorter then I would prefer. It really does range in size from a 'frightened turtle' to 3.5 - 4 inches when soft. It will grow to 7 inches or so when erect. It doesn't appear to go left or right but I did not it is slight off center - if you draw a line from the tip of the nose right down the body, it is a little to the left. I've never had any compliments nor complaints about it. The ejaculation is white with some clear fluid and wil either shoot out a couple of inches or sometimes just kind of dribble out. Is is circumsized but I think I must have squirmed at the moment of cutting becasue it appears to look only semi-circumsized.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

My penis is short but proportional with small balls. It is four inches when hard and circunsized , One and a half inches when soft. The main shaft is tan in color with a redish tan head. My head has a larger than average slit, (Urethra)(pee hole). It really shoots far when peeing or ejaculating. My penis curves slightly to the right when erect.I like my size, never had a complaint.

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-Submitted April 27, 2006

Normal penis, it doens´t bend, No I wont change I like the way it is. No reject until now. I call it my little vic. Normal ejaculation. During ejaculation it dribble and shoot. The color is white.

It´s mine... what you see it´s what you get.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

My penis is tanned an bend a bit to the left. You can see his veins while masturbating very clearly. The glans is red and I have pearly penile papules. I hate them, if I could change it, I wanted a straight penis .

I never gave it a name, because it's still a part of me. My ejaculation is a bit tiny, I mean it does not shoot or squirt, it's just dribbling. The colour is often clear white, but sometimes with a light yellow in it.

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-Submitted April 27, 2006

It is straight, circumsised with a real ridge around the head. It is pretty smooth without any large veins that stick up. I shoot large amount os white cum when I ejaculate. I have been reassured by sexual partners (really helpful!) and have nicked name it my tiny willy. I would lve more size but really don't lie awake worrying about it.

-Submitted April 27, 2006

My penis is small when soft but reaches 6 and is quite thick.I'm circumsised and have a senitive area just under the head. I've learned to do exercises to halt the start of ejaculation but I still cum each time I want. My wife loves it and gives me lots of head in return. My dick is straight and points slightly up. My orgasms are irregular each time with sometimes I experience a very minor ejaculation and other time I shoot off like a cannon and have about an ounce or more of seman