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-Submitted April 19, 2006
Big tank

The shape of my penis is almoast perfectly striaght but curves a bit upwards and is cleanly circumsized. I sqiurt actually pretty far when I ejaculate and it's white and a little yellow somtimes in colour. I have been complemented on webcam from girls I don't really know in chat rooms but never in person, and it makes me feel good. I don't know if it's big though so thats why I have self doubts. I hope that it grows more to like 8 or 9 inches that would be great!

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-Submitted April 19, 2006

I have a small penis. I was a very late bloomer and when in the 11th grade I still had no pubic hair and my penis was just under 3 inches erect. I was also in the swim team and light speedos shows all. I was tormented through school because of it. when the girls heard about my teeney weeney they wanted to see it, then, teased me and said I seen bigger dicks on my baby brother. I finally finished puberty at 19.5 yoa. And my hair grew in. I was curious about penis size when in a swim meet I saw my team mates with very large bulges in their speedos. So I did research and found out I am half the size of an average penis of 7 inches

My penis is flacid from 1-2 inches erect 3.75 inches and just under 3 inches girth small tight balls Circumsiced very light in color and smooth Head is widest point Points straight out clean shaved Masterbates average 1.5 times a day white 90% of the time opeque 10% My squirt varries from squirt to spray drools when over squeezed

Do not want to change a thing I dont get compliment but people like to see it.

-Submitted April 19, 2006

My Penis is the same thicknes in the shaft and medium brown in color. My head is very, very big pink purple in color with a pronounced corona. It has a smooth texture and some blue veins.Im uncircumcized, It curves slightly to the left and upwards. I wouldnt change anything about my penis as it gets many compliments. (nice dick)Ihave never been rejected. no nickname. When I cum I will shoot about three times and then drool. lots of cum white in color.

-Submitted April 19, 2006

Straight, cut, veins running down the shaft, pink head. Wouldn't change it at all. I like the way it looks and feels. I love to jerk off slowly and milk the pre-cum. When I cum, white jets shoot out. Great!

-Submitted April 19, 2006

My penis is circumsized, bends upward and has a small freckle on the head. Nicknamed mini me. Women sucking my penis like the freckle, they say it is unique. My cum shoots out and it is white colored and sometimes has a yellowish tint.

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-Submitted April 19, 2006

Well my penis is uncircumcised and it is a little straight and is also bent(to the left but also is a little bent up).It is brown and the glans are rather bright and shiny and not dried this is because I am uncut. Well my penis also starts from the pelvis thin and coming towards the glans it widens. Well no one has rejected me because no one has seen it but I do not think anyone is ever rejected by your penis. My penis well if one thing I would't change it permanently but I would try out circumcision. Ejaculation well depends on how I masturbate if I pull back the foreskin ot normally shoots then it dribbles out the remaining but if I leave my glans covered by the foreskin it normally would always dribble out. Well the semen is white and thick and never watery. I feel satisfied with my penis even if most males don't. It is something that you have to live with whether you like it or not!

-Submitted April 19, 2006

my thing is about 2 soft 5 hard its pretty straight, the head is a little bigger than the the shaft, its the same color as the rest of me, its smooth, no bumps, it points kinda up when hard, no rejects, I think it ok size wise, it has no nick name, when I ejaculate its pretty intence it squirts out, about a teaspoon full, its mostly clear

-Submitted April 19, 2006

Shape is exactly straight and the same thickness throughout the entire length. Head is the same size as the shaft (doesn't overhang) If I could change something about it, it would be another inch of length and having the foreskin back.

I've had several women comment as to its size over the years. The ones who really enjoy sex and have had some experience (field research, my wife calls it) have been the commenters, and they would remark at different times about my big dick. My second wife (and soulmate for life) just loves it.

When I was younger I was a very heavy cummer, kinda like Peter North. My first wife and I practiced the pull-out birth control method once in a while when sex was spontaneous, and she'd turn her head to keep from getting shot in the face as I pulled out, something that happened more than once. I've found that as I've gotten older, the quantity and ejacuated distance upon orgasm has dropped off considerably, although it feels exactly the same. I can still manage about a foot of distance if I'm sufficiently turned on. Ejaculate is milky white to very slightly yellow, probably depending on what I've been eating.

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-Submitted April 19, 2006

My penis is rather veiny and about 5 inches in length when erect. The head is nicely shaped, in the classic mushroom shape. There's no noticeable bend to it, but it does slightly curve upward. My average ejaculation is a squirt, containing maybe a teaspoon of semen. If I avoid sex or masturbation for at least a week, when I come it shoots out rather forcefully, which I enjoy. The color is a slightly yellowish white.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

My penis is straight, smooth and slightly brownish in colour. I would like it to be stiffer when erect. It was nicknamed James by my girlfriend/wife, so she could ask about it any time she wanted. During ejaculation seman oozes out in a thick creamy discharge.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

I love my penis but of coarse if it was bigger I would love it even more. I have always had to think about what other people's penis sizes are around me and always expect that they are larger than me.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

My penis is straight, uncicumsized and covered with my normal coloured,smooth skin with some brownish coloured markings on the underside. It was of the same dimentions as that of my close friend at school (with whom I used to masturbate) so I never worried about length etc,as no- one,including my wife ever made unpleasant remarks about it. I certainly wouldn't want to change it as it has brought me much pleasure during my life! In my young days I used to refer to it as Tyrone after the handsome actor Tyrone Power. At that time my ejaculation used to be white and used to shoot out particularly when my girlfriend was masturbating me. Now that I am old, it dribbles out and is rather watery - but still gives me a lovely feeling.

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-Submitted April 18, 2006

my penis is long and quite wide at the top and narrows as it reaches the bottom, it is very tan and curves slightly to the right and up. It has a gigantic mushroom shaped head (dark red skin colour) and I wouldnt change anything about it except my girth which is a bit to big for most. ive had a couple of chicks say no cuz it was, imagine this, too big! I gave it the name sparky once but that was before I hit my growth spurt, so far no new names. Ive been complimented by many men/ guys in shower/dressing rooms and a few girls here and there that can take it.Most just stare at me, some just say I wish I was that big or a Nice!!!. My Ejaculation varies because I masturbate a lot, it always feels awesome but sometimes not much comes out. If I go a day without masturbating I can shoot out 2 oz. of sperm across the room but most of the time I accidentally hit mt face.

-Submitted April 18, 2006
defoe_keane_mido_spurs rule

my penis is quitie like any other penis it don't bend up,right,left it just hangs down. if I could change my penis I would let me have my foreskin back because I was circumsised when I was born and I would love too know wat it feels like too have a foreskin when I ejaculaton it vary and the color is nomaley grey/white

-Submitted April 18, 2006

well my penis is pretty straight with a slight curve to the right, its a lot darker then the rest of my body with a very nice shaped head, very nice and big, and purple in color turning a bright when when I cum, I think my penis is perfect and wouldn't change if for anything, i've always been accepted for my penis I guess because its a little on the larger side, my penis's nick name by my current boyfriend is turtle, I have to say my penis is very powerful when I ejacualte, I shoot a lot, regardless of how often I masturbate or have sex my best attribute about my penis and sex drive

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-Submitted April 18, 2006

it gets hard very easy and stays hard for a very long time. I have sex with my wife the other night and an hour after we finished I was still hard. she can ride me as long as she wants. it stands straight up and shoots about 7 inches out on the first shot then dribbles.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

My penis is small, bends to the left, and during ejaculation it squirts and sprays a thick white, slightly yellow cum. The amount of cum varies on the last time I ejaculated. If it has been a long time, I cum for what feels like a lifetime. If I ejaculated earlier, then barely anything comes out.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

Its short and thin, dark, shiney bent to left an bit and not curved. It tries to lie at 90 degrees when erect. Iwould like it to be more thick and long to make it more attractive.I ejaculate 3-4 times a day and that is why it mostly just dribbles and is just a 3-4 drops white in colour.

-Submitted April 18, 2006

it is long, with a lage gland. it bend to the up. if I could, I could change my penis for a longer. I have a little éjaculation, less than 1/2 of a cofee spoon

-Submitted April 18, 2006

my penis is very hard when it gets looks mostly tan all the goes completely up...i wouldn't change anything its perfect but its a bit short I would like a couple of one has ever rejected me...i am still young and I have had sex once with another nicknames were given to my penis by partners but I call it one has ever made fun of it or complimente it...ejaculations vary

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-Submitted April 17, 2006

My erect penis has a slight upward curve, with a nice pinkish purplish head. Texture is soft because I oil it everyday after shower. Brown ring where they cut me, didn't leave me much skin to pull! The only thing Iwould change would be to add an inch or two but my girlfriend once told me I have the perfect shaped dick. Never rejected. When I ejaculate I have to use two tissues cause soooo much shoots out. White, thick and lots! My penis is so beautiful that I would love to suck deep until I shoot! Then swallow!

-Submitted April 17, 2006

Thick shaft, skin baby ass smooth, but not very loose, nice thick mushroom head,head is 2.5 inches thick when flaccid normal skin tone for someone of caucasian descent. When erection occurs it sticks straight bends..... Even though I have never had any complaints I wish it was a little has a nickname....Irving.....because I'm of jewish descent.... I think everone that has been with me has enjoyed my bad comments ever made. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes for me to arive at the big O. I leak a lot of precum during forplay, it is kind of clear. My ejaculate is whitish and kinda thick...and there is lots of it...more than a tablespoon....when I orgasm the ejaculate shoots out and I shoot about 6 to 8 times during orgasm.

-Submitted April 17, 2006
paul 3

light brown shaft, smoth glans dark red.Bends to left and up. My glans is bigger then my shaft its about 8.5 around.even when not erect its very large,I had trouble pulling the forskin back be hind the head of my penis. my wife made me get circumsized,and when the doctor was done he said he had to remove so much skin he was going to charge me double.My wife loves it now and says it glides in good now.Befor I was cut my wife could hardly feel me come now she feels flooded. She loves to watch me jack off to see how far I shoot. Its thick and white.

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-Submitted April 17, 2006

My penis has always been larger than most guys'. Not record setting but big. Guys in the locker room used to stare at it. The few times I masturbated with guys, they wouldn't stop staring at it till I ejaculated. This made me reluctant to masturbate, show it to men or women or to have women touch it. Finally in college I dated a girl who was eager to have sex and wanted us to get naked. She thought my cock looked great. Since then, I have made up for lost time and show it with pride and jack off a lot. I don't know if it's the size of my erection, but I can shoot my load 12 to 18 inches in distance.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

it just normal really. it bend to my left and upwards. Nothing unique. I'd like it a bit longer, but not much. No my penis has never been rejected. I was bullied at school, they used to call my penis a watsit?? No idea why. I ejaculated OK. Alway ejaculate white thick cum.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

Well, not too much to describe. It looks like a penis except it is a lot longer than a lot of guys I have seen. My complaint is that mine is too big. If I could, I would have it shortened (if such a procedure exists). This isn't a joke or a way to brag or sound funny. I am being very serious.

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-Submitted April 17, 2006

Straight, normal color, sticks straight out, like it to be thicker, semen not white, but off white, sometimes shoots sometimes drools. keep it shaved.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

My penis about average I would say. About 6 and a half inches, uncircumcised, white, not hairy. It bends a little to the left. Nobody has rejected, or made fun of me because of my penis, but I can't help but feeling left out sometimes. I have had 7 partners, 3 guys, four girls. The girls don't seem to mind it too much at all. The guys all noticed the difference, (obviously), and one asked about it, but nothing negative has been said about it. My ejaculations are great. My cum Spirts out in long lines. I jizz huge amounts. Its ussually a white cloudy color, but other times can be a little yellow.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

Well my penis is the same colour as the rest of my skin it feels smooth with some veins but it kind of matches the rest of my body.It bends slightly up.I would not change it maby I would like it better if it was another inch longer but i'm happy with the size 7.4 long and 5.5 around.I never had anyone reject me because of my penis.I have been complimented on the size of it by a girl and it's a great felling some times I notice girls and sometimes boys stare at me when I were tight trousers sometimes I fell a bit weird about it but I kind of enjoy it.My ejaculation most of the time is white and when I cum it shoots out sometimes over 5 feet and there is lots of it.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

The shape of my penis is not very round at the head but it looks more cone-shaped. The texture of it is really smooth and the color is like a nice tan with a darker shade around the shaft(circumsized). When its erect it normally points upward ,but when i'm really hard it curves to the left. Also when I get really erect the veins bulge out looking like they want to burst(i think thats sexy). The only thing I would change about my penis is the length ( not that its short I just want length). No one has rejected me because of my penis, but things could change we never know. My ejactulation is like nothing I have expierenced in my life. It is AWESOME! When I know that I am going to cum I stroke as fast as I can and when it comes it shoots like a gun (far). the color is a thick white. I have a great relationship with my penis.

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-Submitted April 17, 2006

I am now very happy with my penis,especially since I was circumsised,I was with my doctor a while ago she was examining my scrotum and testicals for the cause of some pain.As she lifted my penis off my scrotum and proceeded to examin my testicals,I got a really good erection and it was really trobbing,I was amazed when she took my penis in her hand,her comments delighted me,she said that I had a very nice wellproportioned penis,that the headwas a very nice size,and the circumsion was an excelant job nice and tight.I was really trilled with her comments,and much to my surprise,with a couple of quick movements of her hand, and much to my embarrisement she made me climax.Her comments and actions made me very happy.

-Submitted April 17, 2006

color is a little darker than my skin. its 5.5 erect though pretty small when soft. I started growing hair their at about 16 and hated it so now I keep it shaved smooth. I have been told by more than one guy that I taste and smell great. I think its pretty cute also and very straight.

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-Submitted April 16, 2006

it's circumsized, has a pink head, a big blue vein across the middle top. When erect i'ss straight out, pointing up a little. Small when flacid but grows a lot when I'm excited. Would like it to be bigger whn flacid. never had anyone reject me because of it. my wife calls it ramrod. never made fun of because of it. reassured by my partner when it wasn't performing like we wanted. ejaculation is different depending on how long between cumming. the longer the amount of time, the thicker and more copious. it shoots and sprays and my cum is just off white.

-Submitted April 16, 2006

My penis is round and is white and som pink. It is soft and smooth. It bend up and down and right and left.I would not change anything about becuase it is soft and good looking. No one has ever regected me. They have never gave it a name. I have never made because of it. My ejaculation shoots and sometimes dribble.

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-Submitted April 16, 2006

I love my penis, I masturbate everyday, and my orgasm is very strong, and shoots far distances. One time me and a friend were comparing penis' and then he reached out and grabbed my throbbing erection, it felt so good, having someone else jack me off, I came all over, (neither of us are gay). My penis goes a little to the left, and is slightly darker than the color of my skin, I am circumscised, and my penis is rock hard when I get an erection, thanx for letting me tell you about my penis.

-Submitted April 16, 2006

My penis is about six inches long when erect and 5.5 inches around the thicknes part. It is narrowest at the base and thickest about an inch behind the head. I am circumcised and the head is light purple with the shaft being fairly pink. It is pretty straight with little bend. When I ejaculate, it varies quite a bit. Most of the time, it squirts, but the distance can range from less than an inch to over 6 inches distance depending on how intense the orgasm is.

I am quite happy with it and have had no complaints -- no nicknames either, though! I really wouldn't change it. It seems pretty proportional to my body, and that matters to me more than absolte size. It looks and feels about right.

-Submitted April 16, 2006

my penis is smooth. n points about 45 degrees up, I hav a lge vein on th side. I hav never has a rejection. my ejaculation is a squirt n a dribble most of the time it can vary.. I ejaculate about a 50c piece or more, somtimes not as much depending on mood n surroundings, n is a cloudy white colour

-Submitted April 16, 2006
ya ya

my penis is thicker at the top than at the base. it is somewhat darker in color than the rest of my body,very soft anf supple. bends slightly to the left and has a small freckle on the glans that is very visible and gets alot ofgood atention from the ladies. I would only give myself another inch if I could simply because I am pretty self concience about it.

-Submitted April 16, 2006

for starter my penis is NOT circumscised. When flaccid my penis is more or less 10 cm long. in fact the flaccid length varies. for example it gets smaller(about 5cm) after a session in the swimming pool. When erect my penis has the size mentioned above. well to describe its shape I would say that it gradually slightly enlarges from its base to half way up the shaft.then it keeps this size upto the coronal ridge of the glans(head). the head is quite the same width as the shaft. hence the shaft blends with the head. therefore my penis its slightly larger at the halfway point up my penis has a brown colour with a pink head. it also has 2 veins appearing on the left side. my penis does not bend in any direction. it is straight and does not seem to have anything unique about it. NO! I will never change my penis for another one!well I guess every man should learn to live with their own penis.i have heard that many men would like to change for a bigger penis. but I am very satisfied with my size as ALL of my previous partners have complimented it. they said they enjoyed having sex with me.i have had sex with 11 girls upto now and 7 of them got an orgasms. iv had sex with 2 black girls, 3 chinese, 2 white,4 indian girls. could say I have tasted every flavour... most of them thought that my penis was HUGE!!! I personally dont think its huge but they say they liked the size! so I guess that the saying bigger is better does not apply here. c'mon guys girls are not interested with the size..they are interested in YOU!!! thats my conclusion anyway. Nope I have never called my penis any names. Basically my ejaculation consists of several shots starting with a few big shots and endeing with a few drops dripplng down the shaft.i tend to ejaculate about 10 big drops. the colour of the semen is pale white..

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