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free penis pictures

masturbation picture

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free penis pictures

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-Submitted April 16, 2006

My penis is a whitish/pinkish penis that becomes red when I masturbate. During ejaculation it comes out in a foam but it is controlable. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis size (About 5 1'2 in. erect and 2 3/4 in flaccid) My Penis has been said to have an excellent girth. I just wish it was longer.

-Submitted April 15, 2006

My penis is rather small, and uncut. There is a lot of fore skin so and it never did retract no matter how hard It got. My mother called my penis grub worm', and I was quite old before I started calling it a cock. When I was five, my sister gave me baths, and she would pull the foreskin back as far as it would go, which wasn't far, but it felt good, and I would reach down and continue to do so ubtil she made me stop. I started masturbating when I was about eight, and I still do at least one time a day. My wife is the only one I have ever had sex with, except for several guys who enjoyed sucking me off. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can get too old to masturbate! I'm 83.

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-Submitted April 15, 2006
Long Depth

My penis looks proportional in terms of width and length, fairly smoth with hair growing at the base and the color is slightly darker than the rest of my skin color. It bends slightly to the left and downward while in its erect state. The only thing I would change is to just make it longer because I want it bigger. No noone has ever rejected me because of my penis. No nick names have ever been given to my penis. I have been complimented by all partners as far as it being large and perfect size and have been reassured by my current girlfriend. My ejaculation is typically pretty strong and it usually shoots but it does vary.

-Submitted April 15, 2006
Doc G

Tilts slightly to the left. The shaft is the same diameter its entire length. the glans is about 1/4 inch greater in diameter than the shaft. When really hard it projects up at a 45 degree angle. Not circumcised but the foreskin retracts completely on its own when erect. Women love the softness of the glans because it is covered with the foreskin when flaccid. Record ejaculation was five times in 24 hours. but now only once in 24 hrs tho I can get erect in 30 minutes for a repeat but not ejaculate. Women love that ability in a male.

-Submitted April 15, 2006

On the shorter side. Large vein on top left. veers to the left a little. I would make it 1-2 inches bigger. Taking showers in the gym room was always a little embarrassing because of the smaller size in compairison with others. After playing sports it shrivils up to about 2 inches in length and little girth and looks tiny, so it's hard to shower at the gym without recieving words or looks. ejaculation squirts straight out in a descent amount.

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-Submitted April 14, 2006
Lover of King

My Cock is large straight forward great shape,color and well it's perfect. I have never been rejected because of it hell if anything I have been Accepted. Never made fun of, comlimented yes. Me and my friend King usually get boners in class he seen mine and was like Damn dude!... I was wearing boxers that day so I had a boner most of the day. It was sliding down the leg of my jeans. But when King seen it we where leaving class and it was straight out... When I cum I am filled with the power of a thousand suns and shoot my load everywhere.

-Submitted April 14, 2006

my penis gets thicker in the middle and the head is about the same thickness. I am moderately hairy and my right testicle hangs a little lower. Although no real curve to any side the head corkscrews a little bit towards the left side. No one who has seen it has complained.

-Submitted April 14, 2006

My penis is 6.5- 7 inches and is shaved smooth and is straight I have been complimented and rejected and when I ejaculate the first one is a big squirt and then it just starts to dribble but there is lots of it.i have one nut bigger then the other (i dont no if this is normal tell me if its not).its also kind of skinny in width but fat on the top of my shaft. I am also wondering I am in high school and guys are always saying the penis is huge but then in showers they are small does ur penis look bigger to you then it does to others.

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-Submitted April 14, 2006

My penis is straight, 5.0 inches hard 1.5 inches soft. The color's a little darker than my average skin color. My head is mushroom -like. There's alot of veins. My piss- slit is on the large side - almost 3/4 long, so my ejaculation & piss sprays a lot.

-Submitted April 14, 2006

My penis sticks straight out and bends slightly to the left. I really wish it were larger and shaped more like a bananna when erect. No one has ever made fun of it although I have been told it should be a little larger. I do get a occasional complement about the shape of the head. My ejaculations are intense as it really feels great when I cum. I usually shoot two squirts of thick white cum followed by another squirt of less intensity and it is almost clear.

-Submitted April 14, 2006
john wang

My penis is rather small when flaccid. It kind of pokes out over my scrotum. When erect it is straight, but bends in the middle. I wish it were wider. I have had remarks made about it being small when flaccid, but never told it was large, or too big. I have been told it is a nice looking dick. An ex girlfriend measured it once with a ruler, because she thought it had to be bigger than 5 inches, but she was wrong, and that was embarrassing. My wife tells me its not the biggest shes ever had, but its the nicest. When I cum its shoots out, and my cum is off white and smells like chlorine.

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-Submitted April 14, 2006

My penis is 7.5 in. long. It is the same color as the rest of my skin. It bends up.It cannot fit into my girlfriends mouth. If I could change it in any way it would be to add like 2 or 3 in. in length. I have never been rejected because of it because the only one that saw it was my girlfriend, and she says she wouldnt trade it for any other penis. Oh, ejaculation is sweet. My best was just today. It never felt like that before. We decided to tape me doing it. It shoots all over my girlfriens tits and face. Sometimes we video tape us having sex.

-Submitted April 14, 2006
free willy

MY penis is a pretty good size. I like to storke it atleast two times a day. MY ejaculation is usually white... and there's a lot of it! I oersonnally like to taste my own cum and have fantisies of other men ejaculating all over my hard body!

-Submitted April 14, 2006

my penis is pretty long and round shape. Its is very soft when turned off but when horny it. gets rough. It gets big at tha head. Head gets pink then purple when very hard. Doesn't bend. Would not change. Never rejected. When ejaculating it squirts very far like up to my lip. Get like 7 shots then dribbles for like 3 seconds

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-Submitted April 14, 2006

light red skin color, bending up at a slight 30 degree angle leans more to the right. Would want it slightly longer and thicker. Never been rejected and have been praised for it. No names, and always complimented espescially on use and thickness. Ejaculation is too much, atleast 7 times normal amount, where everyone else has a few teaspoons, I have half a cup provided my sessions are intense and I haven't done anything else prior and even sometimes then it is still alot. It always squirts and far, about 3 feet up sometimes 4 if I'm sitting down in a chair, if standing about 5 feet forward.

-Submitted April 14, 2006

long, cut, white, hard pointed. bending left would like it to be thicker longer. poor self esteem never rejected yes nick name, but cant remember it. Complimented.. told average mostly. Short shooter. small amounts of ejaculate

-Submitted April 14, 2006

My penis is hard as rock when erect, but soft to the touch. It's pretty veiny as well. It has a slight bend upward, and generally aims to the left. Left testicle is slightly higher than the right. It's about 6-6.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and about 1 inch high. Unless I'm at work, or some other inappropriate place, I'm pretty much always erect (and believe me, my girlfriend loves seeing the signs of it).

If I could change anything about it I would make it 2-3 inches longer, and a little bit thicker (all around, not in one particular direction). I think it's partially due to confidence, but I know my girlfriend wouldn't mind the change either.

Don't have any real nicknames for it, but every once in a while I'll call it Mr. Happy or Mr. PP, Mr. Happy is some obscure Mad TV reference from years ago, and Mr. PP was a nickname given to me by a friend about 2 years ago.

I'm always getting complimented on it by my girlfriend, normally she tells me how big [I] am.

My ejaculation depends on what's causing it. If I've been teased properly before hand I'll shoot a few feet, and a lot of it, but if I'm just getting off quick it'll just dribble a little. The amount, again, varies from either a couple milleliters, to a full shotglass or more, again, depending on how and why it's happening. Color is mostly a milky white, with some clear.

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-Submitted April 13, 2006

Its getting older, it is circumcised and I think wanking too much has made it less desirable too much pulling. Really they are quite ugly things but do give us lots of pleasure.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

My penis is straight and proportioned. I have had good results with it over the years and have had no rejection. I have been complimented on the shape and size. Nice ridge. I'm a shooter, 3 or 4 good ones. Clear to whitish in color.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

Oval Shaped It is a straight but comes out an angle would like more size whne flaccid Yes, I have had someone reject me because of size

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-Submitted April 13, 2006

my penis is long and quite thin, its about eight inch from tip to base, its pale with one big vien running down the top side. Its sort of oval in shape round the shaft.

The foreskin is big and comes out quite away. Its a light pink colour and the tip bends slightly to the left. My ejaculation is very good and shoots.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

My cock is really gorgeos it is thick and uncut with a lot a excess forskin. It cover my erection with about an inch of overhang. I am about 7 and half inch when hard. I love when my girlfriend chews on my foreskin and stick her tonge inside of all my skin and pulls it over her nose and gives it a good sniff.

-Submitted April 13, 2006
Southwest Guy

My penis is about 7+ inches in length. It bends to the right, I guess through years of masterbation. Only trhing I would change is that I would like to remain harder for a longer period of time. Never has anone rejected me because of my penis, neither girl or guy. In 7th grade I use to get constant erections in gym class. Guess it seemed strange to oter guys and I was teased constantly because of my size. I use to ejaculate copious amounts, after an accident the amount has really decreased. Two or three tea spoons of brilliant white lumpy cum now just leaks out.

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-Submitted April 13, 2006

My penis is looking very normal. I am uncut. It differs a lot when soft, but when hard it stands at 45 degrees.

I think my penis is normal in lenght, but is very thick.When fully erect I do experience some discomfort in retracting the foreskin all the way.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

my penis is white and smooth and is not circumcised. It doasent bend to the left or the right but points up when erect. They is only one thing I do not like with my penis and that is the length so I would change the size as I dont feel comfatable. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis and I have never named my penis any nick names. I have been told I have a nice penis by my partner. My ejaculation is strong and when I ejaclate it shoots about one tablespoon. it can vary with the amount of times I shoot and is always thick and looks creamy.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

Like so many smaller endowed had always wished and still occasionally pine for a larger member. BUT whatcha gonna do. It's a cute little penis. Being older and on medications, erections are aided through chemistry now. No nicks. When he stands, its straight and proud. Never rejected or had any fun made. Have been a masturbater for as long as memory serves. Married twice, sex great with both just never enough, so have continued with the extra workouts. Sometimes still shoots like a bullet more often though a squirt, dribble and drool. ALways a reasonable sized load and very consistent white color sometimes thicker though and sometimes thinner.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

I shoot very hard, at least 30 ejac in 6 or 7 hard spunks. My cum is white and creamy looking, tastes fairly pleasant. I found that if I get anything inserted into my ass just before I spunk, the ejaculate is bigger and fires harder.

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-Submitted April 13, 2006

7 inches long and reasonably thick. Even at my age I can still maintain an erection. without difficulty. I have never had any complaints from the many women I have presented it to. And even had a few compliments

-Submitted April 13, 2006

curve smooth black it bends up yes I would change it if I could because its too small yes I have had a girl reject me cause of the size no I have never given my penis a name yes I have been made fun of because of its size I was given the nick name little boy my ejaculation is good I can shoot far so to say a grate amount mostly white.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

I have a very attractive brown penis. the tip of my penis, also my most sensitive part, has a pinkish color that wraps around the base of the head. I am circumsized.

-Submitted April 13, 2006

My penis is a good size for y age at about 6 inches. I have a purpish redish head when hard. My penis is perfectly strait. And the unique thing about my penis is that its the only uncurcumsied one that my girlfreind has ever had.Iwouldn't change my penis if I could becuase I think its perfect just the way it is. I have never een rejected by someone because of my penis. My partner has given me the name white chocolate. And I have no reason why. I have been complimented on my penisby my girlfreind the first time I met her. My ejaculatioin is very inttesns and fast with lots of cum. Durring ejacultaion I shoot loads of bright white cum.

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-Submitted April 12, 2006
scott's penis

My penis is pretty much the same light flesh color of the rest of my body. It does not bend to the left or right when erect but to the left when placid. I like my penis but a little more girth would be nice. No one has ever rejected it or given it a name. My last partner didn't have any complants and she like how it moved. My ejaculation shoots pretty well nothing out of this world but I do ejaculate alot 4 or 5 good pulses.

-Submitted April 12, 2006

My penis is slightly oval shaped, and as for the color it is a little darker than my skin color,except for at the bottom of the shaft where it is darker. My penis has a smooth texture and is circumcised. when it is hard it bends slightly to the left, and if given the chance I would not change anything about it. I've never been made fun of for it, nor rejected because of it. And when I cum it shoots out but the cum only shoots about four inches

-Submitted April 12, 2006

My penis curves to the right a little bit. It has a really large vein going across the top. There is a small patch of dark skin on the right side just below the head. I would make it a little bit longer if I could, so that I could suck myself. During ejaculation, my cum sort of oozes out and gets all over my hand and balls. It is usually a very light gray color and sometimes feels sort of cold.

-Submitted April 12, 2006
Big Mike

My penis is light tan and rough. It bends to the right. I would not change a thing. My partner call if Hector like the big greek hero itis. My cock suckers love the thickness and big head. It changes during a hot session of head. My ejaculation is like popping a nut and it squirts several times over my shoulder. It is a thick white cream.

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-Submitted April 12, 2006

My penis is straight and smooth. It is not veiny looking but has a very attractive light tan color. When erect it points up slightly. The head becomes a dull purple color and my ejaculation is usually very heavy. I have never been rejected by any female partners or male partners. My ejaculations have squirted well over three feet. I have been complemented on its size although I wish I had more staying power I usually only last abbout 10 mins during intercourse and 40-50 mins during oral. Which I like to give as well as recieve.

-Submitted April 12, 2006

My cock is cut. It has a smooth texture, especially the head. It is a very light brown in color and has a slight upward bend when erect. I would not change anything about my cock as I like it as it is. I have never had anyone reject my cock, most like it. Roll her over in the clover and let her find rover. My ejaculation is about a teaspoon full and is slightly milky in color. At 68 I don't shoot as far, but I can still get about 8 or 10 inches of distance.

-Submitted April 12, 2006

I have a smooth penis and I would not change it for any other one I have been circumsiced so my penis is clean When I ejaculate it shoots out like a water hose my girl loves the size of it the way the skin around the top of the penis is cut I have shoot the hole length of my desk b fore

-Submitted April 12, 2006

Slight curve upwards. Large but not huge head. If I could make it a little thicker I would.Cum is thick and white, first shot shoots to chest, then dribbles

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