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free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

human male penis

free penis pictures

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Some Survey Results Below:

-Submitted April 12, 2006

I have a smooth penis and I would not change it for any other one I have been circumsiced so my penis is clean When I ejaculate it shoots out like a water hose my girl loves the size of it the way the skin around the top of the penis is cut

-Submitted April 12, 2006

my penis is 7.5 (13ish CM) uncut its tanned white I have a resonably big head, I have never been laughed at and made fun of cos of it and none of my sexual partners have ever rejected me because of my dick, that wld just be rude anyway, wen I cum it is just the usual white and it shoots out

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-Submitted April 12, 2006

Shape as a slight bend in it but still fairly straight. Texture is tanned. No bends. Probably larger if possible and the foreskin done, reason being for self-imagery reasons. I haven't had anyone reject me yet, no one has seen it. I have no partner but it was given a nickname when we spoke about it. I have been made fun of which has made me more aware of the sizes with ex girlfriends assuming without seeing it. My recent partner and now ex who I'm still close to reasured me that it's just fine. Ejacuation's great when aroused, sometimes it comes out without the pre-ejaculation and it isn't very satisfying as usual, very minimal irritation. It mainly shoots and drools after, and continues to do so for another 5-15 minutes.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

Mine is very soft textured, medium color darker on the head. I feel that it is on the small side, especially flaccid at 3.5. Never been teased but always felt inferior in the lockerroom / changing room / shower. For being on the small side I produce a lot of ejaculate in a strong squirt.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

thick skined dark brown takes along time to come desinsitized by medicines all partners satisfied when I come its long and slow im heavy I somtimes pull the skin back around the nuts and measure my partners and I call it that dick never had any complants it s not curved but it leans to the left it loves pussy and also ass of both sexes when I come its extreame when a stranger sees it fornthe first time my head of my cock is quite large I wish it about 2.0in longer but im satisfied lsj.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

thick skined dark brown takes along time to come desinsitized by medicines all partners satisfied when I come its long and slow im heavy I somtimes pull the skin back around the nuts and measure my partners and I call it that dick never had any complants it s not curved but it leans to the left it loves pussy and also ass of both sexes when I come its extreame when a stranger sees it fornthe first time my head of my cock is quite large I wish it about 2.0in longer

-Submitted April 11, 2006

It is rather nice with a really nice mushroom head. It is straight and pointed upward when erect. I would make my penis a little larger maybe 6 inches and a bit wider. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. It has no nickname. Occasionally I will ejaculate in one large spurt usually up to my chest but normall it just comes out and drips down my penis. It is white cum.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

I like to think of my Circumsized penis as average to most, but spectacular to me.

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-Submitted April 11, 2006

Curve slightly to the left. I have been told by numerous women that I have a Beautiful Penis

-Submitted April 11, 2006

My penis is about 6in. long and 3in. around. It is somewhat tan and has a lot of hair around its base. It leans to the left slightly and and it is a pretty good size, but I do wish it was a little bigger because I think it would be more pleasureable to masturbate with. My ejaculation isn't as powerful as I would like, but it shoots about 5-6in. or so and is white. All in all I'm very pleased with, but it could always be better.

-Submitted April 11, 2006
big boy

my penis is brown the head is amaller then the shaft not that smaller tho it bends slightly to the left no females have rejected me because they think im not small when I ejaculate I can feel the cemen coming out mf my penis durring my ejaculation it varys widley on how I masterbate.

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-Submitted April 11, 2006

My penis is fairly straight, and when erect points outwards at a right angle to my torso. I have one big vein running across the top ending just before the head. I'm circumcised, and there are some small stitch marks around the bottom of the head. If I could change my penis i'd like another 2 inches in length, i'm happy with the girth. I've not been rejected for my penis, in fact i've been complimented a few times. But because my penis is quite short my partner enjoys sucking it more than penetration. My ejaculation depends on how horny I am at the time, if i've had plenty of foreplay I get more cum out of it, and it squirts, although if i've had a quickie it tends to dribble out. It's colour is always bright white.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

My penis hangs straight, and is straight when erect. The shaft is uniform all the way, with the head mushrooming slightly thicker than the shaft. There is one predominant vein on the left side, but it is smooth for the most part. Flacid length varies greatly for me. I have never had any complaints from women, and have been complimented by many. I have always felt, however that a woman would compliment anyone's member to not hurt their feelings. So I have always wanted a thicker penis. My length (though not enormous) is enough that I have hit many women's cervix before. Terrible thing for them and I must be careful. I alway considered myself small, until I actually became more experienced with more women. They have all commented on my ejaculations, which are powerful, shooting streams in large quantitiy. I think every man wants to change his penis in some way.

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-Submitted April 11, 2006

My penis is circumsized, since birth. There is a scar from that. It's pink for the first two inches and a medium- brown from there to the base. It has a lot of loose skin from stretching due to masturbation, which in in flaccid state, can cover a little bit of the head, but not all the way. Most of the time, there's this scent to it that turns me on, no matter how much I take a shower, it's still there. I've always thought it to be a little small, but nevertheless, I'm happy. It brings me hours of joy.

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-Submitted April 11, 2006

My penis is small(2 when Flacid & 4.5 when hard) hairy and doesn't really hang to either side.

At school I was made fun of due to it's size, although this humiliation actually turned me on.

When I ejaculate it shoots a thick off white colour and it tastes great.

-Submitted April 11, 2006

The shape is bent slightly downwards and a bit to the right. the colour is the same as my skin colour.that is brown. I will never change it becoz I think its unique n its me.if I could chage I would like bout 1 inch of girth more.Ive never been rejected becoz of my size or shape.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

It looks like a banana.It bends up and to the right.Yes I would change it. NO I have not been rejected b/c of my penis. I have given it a nickname, I called my little solider b/c he has to go on deep missions. NO I have never been made fun of b/c of it. I feels relly good and I a soom normal. It shoots and drools a littel. The color is white.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

Circumcised. In proportion (that is, the glands are not too big for the shaft and it is not too fat for its length). The end is a nice, classic shape. Not too many veins sticking out, purple at the end when excited with a pale pink shaft. Gets erect to a perfect angle for front entry, points to the right a bit. Dribbles quite a bit and often without needing to be touched, but that helps for masturbation or sex. My wife likes it when I use it to rub on her clit. Many women have told me it is beautiful. I have never had a bad reaction to it, which surprises me because its not overly large, just a good fit I guess. Although not too big when soft, it grows with encouragement. Many of my partners liked to watch it grow.

Ejaculation tends to vary according to length of time its been stimulated. Mostly it is squirted out. If not in a vagina it will shoot 3-4 feet or so.

-Submitted April 10, 2006
leppy the leprechaun

bends a little to the left at the base, but when really turned on, straight as a pipe. im white, I gots one freckle on my body and strangely enought there it lies, right above my balls. I have the nickname captain huge, so that is a compilment. I squirt white, it seems to vary on how much water I drink before hand, I can shoot a load to about a teaspoon.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis goes by the nick name of Mr. P thanks to a former lover. I think that I am lucky to have a straight penis that is a little longer than normal.

No question that matters. I personally have had several rejections of intercourse because of the length. In some cases intercourse has been difficult as there is tension with my lover.

My ejaculate is a milky white a relatively thin. Normally I will have 3 to 7 squirts. The strength and amount is based on the amount of foreplay and time between sessions.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

it is large and a pink color. It bends upwards, I have never had any one reject me becuase of my size. I have been complemented on my size. I have a strong erection, and I shoot cum every were, and I rub it on me. it shoots out, a lot comes out. it is a wight color. My erection is stronger when I masterbate

-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis is, I would say, normal from other pictures I have seen. The texture is smooth and not hairy (only pubic hairs). It's a creamy white (no pun intended). My penis also bends up so I can easily get the G-spot. I'm cut and partners say I have been the best they've had. I would not change my penis... I love it! I've been complimented on my penis by partners, they all loved it when we have had sex. I tend to dribble or shoot straight, depending on the excitement of my orgasm. I tend to come alot. I would say about 2 mL of sperm each time. I like my penis and my partners have all loved it also... they love giving head to me also.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis is pretty standard in shape, nice big mushroom head, ;pink, not too veiny Generally it sticks straight out/up Yes, I would like it longer Never had a rejection due to penis. No nicknames A Few have said it is a great size to suck ejaculations are pretty powerful usually I shoot, sometimes I only dribble, volume depends color of semen is white.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis has a bend to the left, but luckily I have had no complaints about it. When I cum my penis tends to drool out the cum more than shoot, but if I am backed up and have gone without orgasm for 3 days it'll shoot. The color is white and creamy.

-Submitted April 10, 2006
banana turn down

My penis is a light brown, cut and curves down when hard. Around the crown of the head it is 4.5 inches and 2.5 inches below its 5.5 inches around with the base is 6.0 inches.I wish the head was fatter and it would curve up instead of down.My wife calls it the brown banana. She would like it a little skinner. I shave everything and have been since I was sixteen, all my partners have loved it,male and female. My cousin and I use to sleep together on weekends in our mid teens and take care of each other for hours on end. I have always had alot of clear before I ejaculate. Its shoots 1 to 2 feet most of the time and it is mainly white.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

my penis is 5.5 inches when erect and only 2 inches when soft. When I have an erection it cureves up at a 45 degree angle. I have a very smooth and nice looking penis I have been told not a lot of veins and it is proportioned well. I wish I could add about 2 inches to its length. I have had a couple of women turn me down once they saw the size of it. I have a very light ejaculation, usually around 4 or 5 squirts. Sometimes it shoots a few inches other times it just dribbles out. It is very white in color and have been told that it does not have a strong odor or taste.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis skin is smooth,my color is caucasion,and the head is rounded.It bends a little to the left and up a bit and has a mole on the lower side just below the head. No one has ever rejected me for my penis, as a matter of fact my partner loves it and cant get enough at times.I have had a bit of compliments as I really know how to use it for sexual stimulation.When I ejaculate it shoots with a lot of pressure and thats what my partner loves most about it. Never dribbles and shoots a full load and it is usually creamish.My penis is the boss.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

Circumcised, medium color, big shaft, medium mushroom head, slight bend upword. Stands at 45 degree angle when hard. I would add about 1/2 an inch and straighten out the bend if I could. I would like my balls to be slightly larger. My partner has given my penis a nickname. That way we can talk about it in public without other people catching on. My wife says she likes my penis very much and compliments me almost every time we make love or she plays with it or gives me oral sex. My ejaculation is slightly watery and is a milky color. It usually dribbles out but sometimes will shoot about 6 inches. It's usually a teaspoon full.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

it's a good size and does the job but I am concerned with size and owuld like an inch or two. I think it would make me more brazen about showing it off and using it.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

The penis is oval, slightly tanned and has a smooth texture. It has a slight bend to the right and my left testicle is higher than my right. My pubic area is very hairyand masturbation is great it shoots first then dribbles I can fill a glass half full if I store for about 4 months, really.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

My penis is perfectly straight and the head is pretty significantly wider than the shaft when hard, but a lot less wide when soft. I'd add an inch or so of length if I could change anything, but other than that it's great. Never been rejected or made to feel bad about it in any way, other than I got into porn when I was really young (11) and grew up expecting your standard 8-10 inch porn cock... a bit disappointing and probably why I want more length. My girlfriend tells me never to change anything about it at all, so I guess that's a compliment. My ejaculation is very powerful. If I've been masturbating for awhile I can get the wall above my head if I'm laying down; I credit the early porn thing for this as well, since I found out about PC exercises and have been doing them ever since I was 12 or so.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

my penis is skinny and long with a large vein running down the center. near the top of my deep cut circumcised penis is a brown color from my tip to 3 inches down the shaft despite my white arm colors. I think my cock is fairly large mesuring 9 and a half inches long 1 inches across and 2 inches in girth. im often called a freak for my penis size because my age.while elaculating my penis veins quiver and shake and sperm pours down my shaft but because of my age 14 years,only a table spoon or so of thick white sperm comes out.if I had money I would widen my penis besause though long its not thick at all.

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-Submitted April 10, 2006

smooth skin, uncut, curved to the left, I like my curved but got some weird look before. I wish the girth is a little bit bigger, I shoot like crazy to the left hitting my arm.

-Submitted April 10, 2006

When my penis is hard it is hard as a rock. it is at an angle that if someone where my hight it would point strait to there stomach. My penis is curcomsized and when it is hard I think that it is at a 45 dagree angle. I shave my penis testicals , my pubic hair, and between my legs

No I would not change any thing about my penis. God gave it to me the way it is so I am not going to change it at all.

No I have not had anyone reject me because of my penis.

I call my penis little peter. The reason for that is that peter is a nick name for a penis and also I know a cute guy with that name.

I do have a gay friend that says that I have a average size penis. That make me feel good to know that someone actually like something about me besides my personality.

When I ejaculate it feels great. Every time!

When I ejaculate my seman shoot out at the angle of my penis at the time. My seman is an off white, it comes out very fast like a squirt. I tasted my seman once and it very salty, and has a strange liking to it even for me.