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free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

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free penis pictures

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-Submitted May 7, 2006

My penis is somewhat veiny with a large head, cut, goes straight up and down; wish I was bigger but have had no complaints from any lovers; especially wish I was bigger when flaccid; seems to retreat quite a bit when not erect or semi-erect; ejaculate is slightly creamy and shoots about three feet if I've been aroused for a long time and haven't cum for a few days.

-Submitted May 7, 2006

I have the best of both worlds. Soft I am completly covered with overhand bundle, hard I am exposed with the foreskin traped behind my plum size head. I or my wife can recover my tender head by hand but she has never been able to when I am inside her so she has learned to not move when I stop pumping when we make love. I usely shoot 4 to 5 large ropes of spunk when we make love which is a dark white color not clear but very thick. Wife says I taste very good to her, still give me head after 15 years together and we made sure the boys had all their parts when we brought them home.

-Submitted May 8, 2006

Looks to be naturally tanned, very smooth, large veins, (been told it is pretty) slight upward curve. Never been rejected over my penis. If I could change anything it would be the girth as I feel a larger girth would be more pleasing for the woman.I ejaculate like Peter North almost everytime!

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-Submitted May 8, 2006

My penis is uncut, straight and does not curve up. It is relatively long in comparison to its width. I have never been rejected due to the size of my penis. My gf is very happy with our sex life, as have all of my previous ones. I dont have a name for my penis. My gf always calls it Cannon. My ejaculation is a greyish opaque colour. There is usually a large amount of semen ejaculated when I orgasm. I usually squirt or shoot my semen about 4-5 times. However after extended teasing this reaches 10+.

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-Submitted May 8, 2006

My cock is smallish but well proportioned, 2.5 inches when flacid and 5.75 inches when fully erect. There is a vein on the upper side and my helmet is not too large but suits the smaller size of the penis. I don't think it matters if cocks are large or small. Each one is unique. My wife has never complained or made fun. Its not long enough to bend but I suppose slighly to the left. Ejaculations are fairly thick consistency and pearly, I dribble but when there is a build up I shoot.The best lubricant is my own saliva, sometimes I spend a long time pleasuring myself. My testicles are more or less the same size but the left(as you look at me ) is prominent and the right sits behind and gets hidden. I would like normal balls. I sound like Will who submitted on 5th May. Are there any other men with irregular testicles..I need reassurance.

-Submitted May 8, 2006

It's pretty normal, I think. It doesn't bend distinctly one way or antoher. I think I might like it bigger, why not?

Ejaculation varies on how long its been since I've masturbated. I usually shoot a ways, though. Creamy white, sometimes its thicker than others

-Submitted May 8, 2006

My penis is straight, smooth and I have a foreskin which I love!! It is slightly darker than the rest of me. When hard it does fall to the left, but my actual penis has no bends. I would like it a bit thicker not sure why, but when I see other men they always seem thicker. No has rejected me so far:) I have not given my penis a name.

I have not had any mocking or compliments. My cum is white/cream coloured and when I'm really turn on I can shoot it on to my face. when I'm not usually spirts to start with then dripples.

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-Submitted May 8, 2006

1}. When it's hard, my penis rises to a length of six and a half inches, but when it reaches full length, it bends slightly away from my body. 2}. When I masturbate, I'm so proud of my hairy balls because they hang low, but provide plenty of cum. 3}. Sometimes, I wish my penis were wider, but I love my cock, and so does my lover.4}. John has never rejected my penis because he loves me for who I am. 5}. We haven't thought of any nicknames for our cocks, but then again, we don't really need them. 6}. Oh sure, in High School I was always teased about the size of my penis, but, many years later, I became an exhibitionist, and became very comfortable with my sexuality, so I didn't need to be reassured that my penis was satisfactory. 7}. When I ejaculate, I shoot white cum at least six inches away.

-Submitted May 9, 2006
Tony Anthony

Nice shape, smoothe, circumsized, darkish-pink. Only hangs straight down in beginning and end stages of erection. Most of time sticks straight out like a little wine cork. Left testicle hangs down lower than right. I certainly wish my penis was longer and thicker and that it always hung downwards when flaccid. I was a very handsome, attractive man with many sexual partners. Some girls have sniggered a bit when they first saw how little it was, not expecting that to be the case. Often, I tell them half seriously with my penis the only one I can satisfy is myself so they often let me masturbate myself while I masturbate them manually as well. Once, at a girly show a performer commented positively about my penis but she was obviously looking to turn a trick and was not being truthful. I try to avoid being seen in locker rooms with my penis exposed. Tho' if I shave my pubic hairs my penis appears a bit more normal size. I like to masturbate at least twice a day - six is my record for a day. The ejaculation is strong with many contractions. It feels great and helps to eliminate stress and nervousness. The come varies from a drool to a squirt. The amount depends on the interval between my last masturbation.

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-Submitted May 9, 2006
JO Bill

Mine is a 75 year old penis that still gets very hard, 6.25 x 6, cut, straight with no curves, and I love it. My penis is my best friend and has been since I was about 5 or 6 years old. It has had lots of experience with both females and males. As a boy it was involved in many circle jerks, but it was a virgin with females until late teens. It learned how good it feels to JO at age 7 or 8 and has been receiving that attention ever since. At 75 it stillgets jacked at least 5 or 6 times each week.

-Submitted May 9, 2006

pink toned, slight bend to the right. would like it to be larger. ejaculations vary from oozing out to shooting depending on the arousal. I have never been rejected although feel inadiquit sometimes when looking at other men. My ejaculation is ranges from intense to just getting off.

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-Submitted May 9, 2006

My penis is about 6 and half inches,circumsised, fairly wide and large around. When flacid it curves a bit to the right but when I get an erection that all goes away. If I oculd change my penis I would probably make it a bit larger, not to sound shallow. I just think that it would be more satisfying to me and my girlfriend. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis, but if I thought someone would, I wouldn't be going out with them in the first place. MY girlfriend called it big ben on a recent trip to england but mainly as a joke and code. My girlfriend always how she loves my cock so much, but that is probably just for reassurance. Ejaculation for me is very loud. I usually scream and spray about a dixie cup full into my hair. The cum is usually milky and fairly sticky

-Submitted May 9, 2006
fisky 70

round stands up proudly. the head is deep crimson when aroused. my ejaculate shoot up to my chest. its a thick creamy slimy and tastes salty. faint odor of yeast and vitamins. my techniques have always brought my partner to orgasms.

-Submitted May 9, 2006

my penis is velvety and white and sometimes its long and the head distinguishes itself but sometimes its hidden in the pubic hair and makes it look smaller than it really doesn't bend ,it is a straight penis.i would never change my penis for another one because I feel confident about it.nobody has ever seen my penis because I am still young. my ejaculation feels like heaven and sometimes my sperm dribbles out but when I really feel good it shoots out completely.

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-Submitted May 9, 2006

I was born with a buried penis so my penis retracted inside except when it was erect - uncomfortable most of the time. With no visible penis I was often made fun of in school. Erect it was 3 long at best. My doctor kept telling me it was normal. (It did work to father two kids) Finally I got referred to a urologist who preformed the Bihari surgery to release the suspensory ligiment and remove the dysgenic bands that pulled it back in. Now the glans stays out - about 1 flaccid - and erect it is about 4. (If I push back into the pubic fat pad, I can measure 5) It has always worked very well, but I sure would have liked to have had the surgery 30 or 40 years ago! Erect, it stands out straight, is only slightly more pink than the rest of my skin, and ejaculates 3 to 12. We named it Herbie after the VW in the movie Herbie the Love Bug - it's small, round, and lots of fun just like the car. :-)

-Submitted May 9, 2006

my penis is long pretty thick and its straight.i like the way it is and would not change anything. no one has ever rejected me at all due to my I have and no one else has ever nicknamed my penis.i have be told that I have a big penis.obviously it is very warm and usually a lot comes out. it always shoots out.sometimes stronger then others bout always squirts. and it is pretty dark and smooth.

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-Submitted May 9, 2006

I am white so is my penis.It is very smooth when erect, and also very stiff, as well as pointing skyward. My best orgasm takes place the first time I masterbate after having hade sex. The only thing that I would change is my ejaculation, want larger ejaculate and to SHOOT.

-Submitted May 10, 2006

Well my penis seems only two inches limp but gets up to 5.5 to 6 inches when hard. When it is hard it bends to the left a little bit. The head is like an arrow point. I am happy with my penis except I wish that I was uncircumcised. I think the pleasure would be better and I think that my penis head would fell better. Ive only had one girlfriend and I only had sex once and she didn't see any problems down there so I guess im good. I don't think ive been in a situation for someone to make fun of me but no. My ejaculate is milky in texture not clumpy but not runny and when it gos off I think a good word is squirt and if its real good it will spray. I only have like a teaspoon but I don't really save up either and the color is almost always the same.

-Submitted May 10, 2006

The foreskin is brownish with a dark pink knob and pinkish shaft when foreskin fully retracted; the foreskin slides very easily backwards and forwards when masturbating and does't require much in the way of lube.

It has a slight banana shape when hard and is slight oval across the shaft. It has a reasonable up angle but with age it is less pronounced

I find that there is plenty of pre-cum when horny and ejacultion falls into three categories. It starts with a single blob spurting anything up to 3 or 4 feet; next it dribbles sperm and finally it ejects three or four spurts of sperm. The sperm is slightly off white in colour and varies in taste according to diet

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-Submitted May 10, 2006

My penis may seem small, but it packs quite a punch. I've never had any complaints... it's easy to deepthroat & it's easy for sex. When I cum, it squirts everywhere. Usually upwards towards my face. I often get it in the face. It's a straight stream of white goo.

-Submitted May 10, 2006

My penis has a very big head. The girth of the glans is actually bigger than the base. It curves a bit to the right. I am circumcized and have a bit of skin left under the frenulum. I guess the extra skin adds sensation to my partner. My partner has been satisfied with my size and I could tell it everytime we made love. My ejaculation squirts... It squirts about 5 to 6 times during my first ejaculation. My semen is whitish in color and thick. I would say the volume is in between 1 to 2 mL.

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-Submitted May 10, 2006

My penis is considerable darker in color for about 3/4 length of the shaft (from base towards head). My girth is largest at the base by a very small amount; otherwise rather uniform from top to bottom. I have no bend, angles up during erection, seems the seferity of angle has diminished as I have aged. I have not been rejected (that I know of) because of my penis, nor I have I been given a nick-name. I have had 5 or 6 partners comlpiment me on my size...most commonly using 'endowed' or 'well endowed'...I felt this was just a nice thing for them to say during the 'moment'...I feel that I am average, a reason I found this site, am I? My ejacultions vary it seems on the amount of volume. If I am really excited I suprise myself on the amount compared to my 'average' ejaculations...I am sorry, I have never attempted to measure the amount. I do shoot, and it almost always pearly in color.

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-Submitted May 10, 2006

my dick is tan, thick, and long. It kind of bends to the left and I wouldnt want to change it. No no one rejected cause I never had I have never gave my dick a I have never been mad fun of cause of my dick. I ejacutlate a lot at first and then little by little I I cum more. My cum shoots and then drools in white then clear a lot

-Submitted May 10, 2006

its just a little bumpy near my balls, it bends about up a little, I would make it a little bigger, and change it to cirumsized, I had been made fun of, because of my size, and my ejac is usually just 5 or so squirts from the first being largest going down to little squirts.

-Submitted May 10, 2006

I'm cut and and I like it like that. When I've got a boner, it grows to 6 inches, straight out with veins running on both sides. The pink head oozes pre-cum that I spread about. Two hairy nuts.

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-Submitted May 10, 2006

My penis is Brown b/c i'm latino amd its round. It does not bend it stays in the middle. Yes I would change it I would change my size because I think its too small for my age. When I ejaculate it shoots likes 2 feet and its white in color. Also when i'm about to ejaculate one of my balls seems to hang and the other one stays in place.

-Submitted May 11, 2006

At this time/age, my penis is the only part of me that works as I want it to. My wife of 17yrs and 2 sons later, still enjoys, and goofy as it is, calls him...Mr Happy. All women I have been with have commented on how thick I am. But veins stick out, and I have a bit of a hook to the left. My wish is that I were better hung so to speak, and that my balls would drop lower. I have a really nice erection, but otherwise kinda pathetic looking. My ejaculations vary, but most often drool and are milky in color.

-Submitted May 11, 2006
monkey boy

my penis is bumpy and white, it has a bend to the left. I would make the penis longer and harder.I have not been rejected yet.I have given the penis a nick name wich is big red wood.I hve not been made fun of because of my penis. My ejaculation is lke turning on a fire hose. it shoots hard.

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-Submitted May 11, 2006

My penis is Pale colour with vein down top middle and smaller viens on sides , slightly darker under neath. thick Pinkish head . Circumcised , Ejaculation is getting better as time goes on and more intense. I love to masterbate it because my wife is a bit cold.

-Submitted May 11, 2006
braxton hicks

my penis is 16 centimeters long when erect. it is unshaven and uncercumsized. it is alot smaller when it is limp and smaller than most of my friends is a light cream color but the head is a light pink. you can see some of the viens on it and the blood vessel on the bottom is quite clear. when I ejaculate it shoots a thick white coloured shoots alot. the only other erect penis I saw was my one friends penis (jerk circle)it was alot bigger than mine about nine inches and circumcised. he did tell me though that he really liked the look of my penis.

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