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-Submitted May 15, 2006

It's standard caucasian penis colored, with a slight bend to the left. When I'm really hard, the head is larger than the shaft. Most women seem to think it's rather large in the diameter, and a little bit larger than average in length. My ejaculation rarely squirts very far, but is more of a dribble. Sometimes if Im really turned on, I can squirt. I think the farthest I've ever squirted is about 3 feet. It is pretty much always off-whitish, and is kind of thick.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

My penis is 5.75 inches when erect and I have mild hypospadic condition. No complaints from women on my dick and erection angle is 90 degrees. I tend to cum with squirts but it varies

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-Submitted May 15, 2006

I love my penis shape and appearance when erect. I think it has the perfect proportion os head size and shape to shaft but it think it is a little small and wish it I was not so hairy. I've never been rejected due to penis size. As I became more experienced in sex I learned how to move and angle my thrusts to give maximum pleasure to the woman. The penis size does work to my advantage, I feel, when receiving a blow job as women are comfortable with the size in their mouths and can swallow it entirely without too much trouble/gagging ususally which feels really great.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

The shape of my penis is more wide than long I bends down when I am hard. the texture of it is nice and smooth as I am cut it is nice and pink I have never been rejected by my penis because some guys tell me it is huge to them I have gotten some compliments from a good friend who saw it when I shoot my load I sometimes dribble and spray

-Submitted May 15, 2006

I'm a 42 yr old w/m. I am happy with my size as I understand it to be on the large side 7.7 long, 5.6 girth. I believe that most women like something in the 7+ range and thick even though my wife states i'm a little large for her. When I was younger I had longer endurance/staying power but at this time I last about 15-20 minutes total including forplay/oral etc. Refering to ejaculate it varies. Sometimes I shoot a good amount but mostly it just runs out and smaller quantity with a solid white color. No complaints form past women.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

My cock is a nice size. Women love it and so do some men. I am bi but I like women most. It curves up and to the left slightly. The size of my cock makes masturbation so much more fun and pleasurable. When sent to the limits a ton of com is produced

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-Submitted May 15, 2006

My penis is 6 inches long when erect and bends upwards slightly wnd the tip is pierced. I prefer to be smooth and so have removed all my pubic hair which means I can get an all over tan. I don't think I would change anything about my penis. When I ejaculate I used to be able to spurt quite a long way but not so long now. When erect my penis sits quite high which I am quite proud of.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

My penis is a tan color because I tan nude. It is 6 soft and 9 hard. I have a nice formed head that doesnt look like a mushroom because it is relative in size to my penis. It is straight and curves slightly upward and tends to hit the g-spot. I wouldn't change it I happen to like it. Never been rejected. A girl broke up with me because it hurt her to have sex with me. She wasnt very large down there. My fiancee calls it moby dick.....for....i guess obvious reasons. I get alot of compliments and sometimes i'll be taking a piss and awkwardly guys will comment on it's size. My ejaculation is always good I shoot and one time my fiancee was giving me head and I came and it makes her choke. I felt bad but we had a good laugh. I think my record shot was 7 feet. It is always a milky white color when I cum.

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-Submitted May 15, 2006

I love my penis, even though it could be bigger and better, it is still a great asset to me and my life. It is a beautiful 5.5 inches and in great form with no curve and great balls to match. My partner says that it is just great and perfect. When I ejaculate, the snesation is so amazing taht I curl my toes and close my eyes so that the sensation is all over my body. Sometimes I shoot and sometimes it is just a drool, but it is always good.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

I think it's shape is good. I have a full shaped head. It bends up slitely. I have never been rejected. The color is the same as my body. The texture is smoth. It has no nick name. It has never been made fun of. The ejaculation is a total climax. It squirts I don't know for sure how much. Maybe close to a tablespoon full.

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-Submitted May 15, 2006

My penis is more of a helmet head. It has average length descent girth and a big purple head when I'm about to cum.

It usually hangs slightly to the left but nobody has ever said anything negative about it.

The only thing I would change is the fact that there is a few hairs on the underside of the shaft which I think is probably kind of gross to others.

My ejaculate is two or three milky white shots followed drool before I sleep.

-Submitted May 15, 2006

my penis has a oval kinda shape to it (around) it is a bnit darker then my skin colour. it does not bend in anyway. I would not change my penis. I have never had any1 reject me because my penis. during ejaculation most of the time it dripples out when I masterbate but when given head it squirts out.

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-Submitted May 16, 2006

I hang erect at just about 6.25 inches with a girth of around 6 inches, a little less or more in both categories according to arousal levels. I am circumsized and happy with it, it is a seemingly normal colaration, it has a slight twist in it my cockhead twisted to the left, that would be the only thing I would change if I could, perhaps a little more length, but i'm quite happy, i've never been rejected because of it. No nicknames. I've been poked fun at by guys at school, normal crap, not because they had seen it. my ejaculation I think is good, I almost always shoot, the distance depending on my arousal level beforehand. depending on the last time I ejaculated it is different consistancies, thicker as time between them increases. I am rarely a dribbler and usually come in an off white color. happy with the size as of now, 17 now maybe i've got a little more growing to do?

-Submitted May 16, 2006
mike scott

it is 6.5 inches long, a thick 2 iches wide, a relativley girthy 5.5 iches round. It is straight, has no color blemishes or scars. Slightly curves towards my stomach. I would take this curve away and make my penis more flexible towards the grounds, mine feels abot stiff.

-Submitted May 16, 2006
thick and happy

I suffer from the opposite of premature ejactulation. It takes me on average 25 minutes to get off. It takes even longer for the second time. Most women are too sore for more than once. It is more of a curse than being a premature ejactulator!

-Submitted May 16, 2006

I have had surgery on my penis which I now regret , beacuse of its extreme size many girls are scaared 2 fuk it so I dnt gte much action its is a browny colour and now cirsumsized I can fire a gd 9 squirts in arow and it fires like a rocket is a creamy colour

-Submitted May 16, 2006

My penis is striaght and arched when erect. Pink in color. I would not change anything about my penis. I have not had any rejections. I have been told that my penis is thick in size. My ejaculation is thick. When I ejaculate it usually shoots, and sometimes it gets messy. It is cream to white in color and thick.

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-Submitted May 16, 2006

My cock is smooth for the most part . The head turns purple and shiny when erect but is soft . It stands at a 45 degree angle up with a nice curve to it and bends a liitle to the left . I always thought the penis was suppose to be curve . I've always been complimented on it . My come drools out but it feels like it is under tremendous pressure .It is usually milky , some days clearer and more liquidy and other days like thick white cream . I laid on my back once and masturbated and arched my hips over top so I could let the cum run into my mouth . the texture was creamy with a little wild flavor , not bad .I always thought it was suppose to shoot out, so all my life I thought something was wrong but not now thanks to sites like this . I'm happy with my cock . Lots of fun.

-Submitted May 16, 2006

Uncut penis, no bends. White the entire way along shaft. Nothing I would change about it, had lots of great comments. I always shoot when ejaculating about 3 feet or more for about 6 shots.

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-Submitted May 16, 2006
Brad Cordes

Smooth, not bent or discolored. I wouldn't change it. No one has rejected it. No nicknames. Only compliments. My ejaculations are average, mostly dribbles.

-Submitted May 16, 2006

My PENIS is long. it is vry hard.its color is black and it moves upwards. I wnt my PENIS to b vry thick n also to b circumcised.ihve never been rejected coz of my PENIS. I hve no nick name of my PENIS. WHEN I EJUCALATE my sperm goes up to 3 feet. it has a creamy color.

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-Submitted May 16, 2006

My penis grows to over 7 inches whe I get an erection. It is relatively straight and uniform throughout it's entire length. I am circumcised and the head of my dick flairs a bit, and feels great when I masturbate. I sometimes fantisize of having a much larger penis, but really it's a nice size as it is. I've never nicknamed my penis, but enjoy hearing about those I hear about on tv. When I was young, many of the other boys my age made fun of how big my penis was, so I was a bit embarrassed. Aparently mine was much larger than theirs, and they were jealous. I was an early bloomer. I've gotten most of my complements about my balls though, aparently they are the largest most have ever seen. I don't think they are particularly that big, but I do enjoy rolling them around in my hand whenever I can. When I ejaculate, I usually shoot all the way across my torso, sometimes landing the first glob in my own mouth.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

Hi All, A lot of intersting responses after mine (05/11). I am 7 inches long, 6.25 plus in girth, with base and head about equal, and I am cut ( and 45 yrs old). My point being (so what!), would I like to be better hung when not hard...Yup! I saw a few responses that are really upsetting to me, yet I am not Bi or Gay. People who are thinking of doing things to their friend to enlarge, or are totally down on their members, please go seek help. Please do not judge your being or worth by such...

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-Submitted May 17, 2006
hung teen fb

Smooth skin, curves slightly to the left. When erect it does not point all the way up like most do. I would rather it point up when I have an erection. everyone that has seen my penis liked it when I ejaculate it shoots 4 or 5 feet a few globs then dribbles about 6 or 7 more globs

-Submitted May 17, 2006

My penis is very nice. I recently have been going through puberty, and it is growing like crazy. My penis is well circumscised, pale on the shaft, and a very dark almosr purple colour at the glans. My penis goes straight up and down when erect, and is fairly normal. If I could change something, I would want my foreskin back. I am a virgin, and have never had a sexual encounter at my age, and no rejections. Only other guys have seen it in the locker room, and it is a lot longer and better looking than theirs. I have never named my penis. When I ejaculate, about 1 teaspoon comes out, sometimes it dribbles, sometimes it shoots, or squirts. I depends on how fast and how intensely I have been going at it. The amount can be more or less depending on this factor too, and where I am going at it. The color is always a milky white.

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-Submitted May 17, 2006

My penis is uncircumcised, with a straight shaft, pinky/beige in colour and smooth in texture with quite pronounced veins when erect. The head is a more reddish colour becoming even redder when erect. I am quite satisfied with it and have not had any complaints from any partners, although I feel a little inadequate compared to some other guys I have seen in terms of the length and girth! I have been complimented once or twice on the fact that it is so straight and very stiff when erect. I always try to hold off from ejaculation for as long as possible, and this results in me producing copious amounts of pre- cum. My ejaculations are very strong, usually in two or three spurts which quite often reach a foot or more. The colour is off-white/cream.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

It has a velvety smooth texture, circumcised with an prominent ridge at the base of the head. Has bulging veins to the left of the shaft and the hair stops growing at the base of the shat.

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-Submitted May 17, 2006
Lamar Graham

the head is greenish purple, with the foreskin covering about half the head when erect. Ejaculation is a dribble, and it is yellowish and very thick. The shaft is straight and the head is conical. I have been told by the opposite sex that I have a pretty penis.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

I am cut. My penis stands straight out. It seems to please my partner, but I would like to see it a bout .5 to 1 inch longer. My ejaculation tends to be 3 to 4 bursts followed by drippling. I shoot about 4 to 5 feet and it has a off white color.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

penis is more oval then round,bends to the right. Would like it to be straight and thicker. no rejection. No name. Complimented. Jaculation is like ivory soap and shoots out.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

My penis is a nice fleshtone pink with my balls being a little darker shade of pink, of course it has veins along the shaft and a nice shape to the head. My balls are average I would say with the left side hanging a little lower. When I have an erection my penis has a slight curve upward...kind of like a bananna, nice shape and nice size. When I ejaculate sometimes my cum shoots or squirts and other times it drools or dribbles out, I think it depends just how on I am. My cum is mostly white, sometimes with a very light yellow tinge to it and fairly thick and of course warm. I have had no problems with the partners that I have had regarding my penis size, everything is ok. When I do not have a partner I must confess that I do enjoy masturbating several times a week, and usually take my time and really enjoy it. Would I change anything about my penis? NO...very satisfied.

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-Submitted May 17, 2006

Black, long,circumsised, wide-ish, It kinda curves to the left slightly. Big compared to all my friends. They have like 1- 3 inch penises and like .5 inches wide. I felt one of theirs before and it was boney. Some of my friends have chokes. Anyway mine is firm, it can ejaculate. Yeah thats all I can think of. Oh yeah My ejaculations vary, it is kinda liquidly but moslty slimy and gooey. It is now watery white. And I can get about 1 teaspoon out in one ejacultion. I've been complimented by my friends on how big it is. One asked to suck it, that was different, and I never heard that before but I let him. I would change it to make it so I would get more erection randomly so it could bulge in my pants, I'd like it to be 6 inches long and 1 inch wide, because now my penis is 5.5 inches long and .7 inches wide.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

I love my cock. Its more than everage size and suits my needs well when I am horny. When I masturbate and cum, the cum comes out very clwoly as I have alot of foreskin. It dribbles, and is always very white in colour.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

Mines is fairly straight, and my balls are perfect. I have a massive amount of very dark pubes, and my treasure trail is very dark to. I have a large buldge with my dick being over average size at just over 6 Inches. I masturbate around 2-3 times a day and my cum is really white and thick. It drools and dribbles due to me having alot of foreskin and not being circumsized. I am straight but I just have an obsession with dicks lol.

-Submitted May 17, 2006

My penis is really awesome. Girls love it and some guys have had it. I know I'm well off, but I just still wish it was bigger. It bends to the left a little and my big hairy balls sag really low. It's perfect. I can almost give myself a bj.

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-Submitted May 18, 2006

Well, when it gets hard...its very hard, no limpness here. Average length, but its fairly thick. Bends slightly to the left when erect, and curves up and out from my body. Im very happy with it, maybe add one more inch in length if I could. Its been very well received by my girlfriends. When teased for quite some time, I can ejaculate some distance.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

Smooth uncut penis with a very adequate foreskin. Normally hangs straight down and the foreskin fully retracts when erect. Normally sticks straight out when erect. What would I change: Maybe an inch more in length when erect.

No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. No nick- name. I was teased while in High School. Now I know that it was penis envy in the boys locker room after gym class.

My ejeculations are quite strong, even at my age and I can shoot five to six squirts. I frequently work out my penis between intercourse activity by masturbation. It is fairly clear, a light milk colored ejaculate. I think that I am fairly healthy and enjoy my situation.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

My cock when hard is really admired by guys and gals.It is pink and veiny with a large mushroom head.It stands above large hairless balls with a slight curve to the right.My cum hole is like a pink eye.When flacid (which isn t often) it hangs about 5 but retains its thickness.Others enjoy it as much as I do.I s prettier thyan a picture!

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-Submitted May 18, 2006

My cock is skin tone and veiny with a large cut mushroom knob.When flacid it hangs about 6 above large hairless ball ( shaved) It is admired by both men and women.It is thick at the base and tapers a little before reaching the bulbous head..I love to get pre cum by rubbing a clit or inserting it into a nlong foreskinwhile I jerk at the base..Ilove to have the precum licked and get me really juiced up..then I stroke the shaft until I m ready to shoot.when I do I love to see my Grey white cream shoot on my partner.First shots are usually powerful then I dribble.I one had two men go down on me at the same time to get me prelubed.I was really hot ...when relly lubed up I withdrew and came on their faces..It was so hot (just the sight of it) that I stayed erect,rubbed my cock on tyheir faces as they jerked off and came again..They both came at the same time..I d say it was a cumming time for all!!!Oh, by the wat BB stands for big balls. thats what they called me.

-Submitted May 18, 2006
the boy

my penis is about 4.5inches when its erect and abt 2 when its flaccid. Its smooth and normal asian-boy colored. It curves upwards and a lil to the Left. Its still original which is uncut. I think Its a bit small But my Lover thinks its alright. She says its fine for her, but I would like it to be a lil bit bigger. Say maybe an inch extra to the girth and Length =) I jack off about 2-3 times a week and my ejaculation is usually thick cum that jets out. Sumtimes it will be a bit watery.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

I have a small penis, first tenth percentile in length & twentieth in girth. It is light colord w/ red ring behind head. I was cudt as an infant. When erect, it is straight, and points slightly upward. Two large blood vessels run nearly the length of it. Years ago, ejaculations shot out for a distance of a foot or two. Now that I am older, it just drools out a few drops. If I could, I would like a longer/larger one as mine is not long enough to feel my wife's contracting her muscles. My wife is kind enough to give me some terrific hand jobs on my little dick.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

Blunt with 5-10 degree bend to left erect. White to red/purple erect. Love it as is. no rejections. My lover call it John Henry(Lady Chatterly's Lover).Ejac is creamy, whitish, plentiful(tablespoon+). My 17.78m erect cock has been praised by many gals, most often called beautiful. Two-three more inches would be nice, but not my destiny; seven inches has done me very well!

-Submitted May 18, 2006

My cock is skin offwhite at base, turns reddish halfway up to dark purple at head, which has six inch girth. Bends slightly to left erect, at a full 7 inches base to tip. I have very large balls and usually pass a tablespoon+ of semen at ejac. My wife loves to watch its growth as she measures it, from 3.5 in. flaccid to 7 in. erect. She loves to suck and admire it and swallows the whole load, eagerly asking for more.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

My penis is circumcised and curves upward, with the glans being the girthiest at 6 inches around. I have severeal visable vians along the shift about 3/4 apart that are verey noticable to the touch when hard. The color is mostly a redish brown with the glans and the area right behind being more pinkish. My ejaculat is a yellow white that is some times almost a pearl white,I have shot cum to over three feet but mostly shots in the one foot range. My wife call my penis the thing, the big thing. Compliments, had more then a few women staer at my croch, and I,ve even had one woman who I see every now and then as I go in and out the coffie shope stop me ask just how big is your cock it's looking exta huge today. now this is a lady I have only said hello to when we cross at the coffie shope. The biggest knowen hard that I have had was when taking Viagra The wife measured it at 8.25 long and 6.5 around. If I could change it that would be the size I would want to be when hard.

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-Submitted May 18, 2006

i am cut and I love it. my penis is smooth and has a nice erection. I wouldn;t change because my girlfriend would leave me if I did. i;ve never had complaints but I have been turned girl calls it fefe sometimes but thats when shes not drunk. I have been complimented. I kinda squirt but not very far. it varies a lot. I am white and almost clear!

-Submitted May 18, 2006

Pretty much straight...with a tilt toward the left (I'm right handed). I've been made 'fun' of only because I am a bit larger than most of my friends. Women compliment it's it is bigger than 'average'...but not too big. I masterbate as many as 3-6 times in a 24 hr period. And it 'shoots' about 2-3 feet....maybe more at times. It is slightly darker in color compare to my skin-color.

-Submitted May 18, 2006

Shape: Conical. Bend: slightly right. Change: length+.Rejection: No. Name No. Made fun of: No. Ejaculation like: Thick, white. It dribbles, medium amount. It's difficult to get/keep an erection at age 74. When a good hard on occurs, it usually lasts about 5 minutes tops, and it's hard to masturbate a soft one (by urself) It helps when a willing partner helps. Toys are a big help at this age, because you can orgasm even with a softee. Most used helper toys are a barber's vibrator and the shop vac when properly used is not dangerous. But you should always use the vac with a hose attached, never the suck port directly. I can use a pump to increase length by a full inch and circumference by two inches, but the length decreases immediately when the pump is removed. I would suggest to the young guys - use it often keep it covered when with a woman - no child support payments. Enjoy is now, because past 70 years of age, enjoyment goes way down (but not the desire).

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-Submitted May 18, 2006

I am a white male and my penis bends upwards when erect, remaining straight. It hangs down when flaccid. I would change it if I could, I want to add like 2 inches or so to it. When I ejaculate I usually shoot, and the amount is usually significant.

-Submitted May 18, 2006
mini stick with tiny balls

I now know how the term good things cum in small packaged My small package was teased all through school. Since I was a late bloomer, I looked like Grade school kid when I was a senior in high school. I went to a new school and joined the swim and diving team. As you can guess the team suite was a speedo. My first time at practice I walked in wareinng shorts over my speedos. All the other teammates (girls and boys) was wearing speedos. I started to remove my shorts and noticed everyone was watching. When my shorts hit the floor, there was a silence, then laughter started. People pointing and giggling. I noticed my other male team mates had enormouse bulges in there speedos. After a few weeks the nick name teeney weeny was given. I had to shower after practice, I usally swam extra laps to take a late shower. One day I took a shower with the team. As a senior, I still had no pubic hair and a very small package. Again more laugher. They also told all the girls. I also had un-controlable erection. I was waiting to make a dive. I was behind a girl whos speedo was caught in her vagina. I was deep in thought and not paying attenion to my teanm mates whos was staring at me while my penis was getting hard. Again more laughter. Another nickname Baby Bonner. The good, girls curiousity, they wanted to see it. The bad, they said it was very cute. My penis is just under 4 inch hard. Its cut, white, points straight up, and its fattest point is at the tip. Small balls and all shaved cleaned. I still have un-controllible hard ons. Depending on sexual status lots of pre-cum prior to, and I spray in force in whiteish color . I accept I am small. I love to watch people starring at me checking out my cute little weeney.

-Submitted May 18, 2006
pooh bear

very small when flacid but grow enormoously when hard. has plenty veins and a solid head it bends slightly to the right.i would not change it. I was never rejected always have repeat clientel. nickname is readyboy because it ejaculates and in 5 minutes it is ready to go again. always complimented although they are guys who r bigger.the sperm is very creamy and is about 2 teaspoons full each time and it always squirts.

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-Submitted May 19, 2006
Honey boy

When flacid my penis is about 3 inches long,uncut. Even at 58 my erections are very hard and the penis is a bit over 7 inches. I have always liked my penis because of the nice pinkish flesh color with deep purple veins running up the penis. The glans is a deep pink and my lover loves to suck on it. My lover calls it the British name, Todger, When in High School, a girl I dated would not let me penetrate her because she though it was too large. After she lost her virginity to her husband a few years later, she looked me up and could not get enough of my seven inches. My present lover who has had several other lovers, keeps telling me how wonderful my cock is and how great a lover I am with my tongue and fingers as well as my cock. I continue to ejaculate regularly at 58, but the amount and force is less. I continue to shoot the wonderful milky white semen that continues to ooze out after the first shot. Almost every morning, I awaken with a wonderful erection like I did when a teenager.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is short but on the fat side - 5.25 long and 5.5 wide. When erect it is straight and points at a 90 degree angle. The head is wider then the shaft. When not erect it is 2.5 long. I'm happy with my penis because my wife, and others in the past, have enjoyed its girth and tell me that it is attractively shaped.

When I ejaculate it usually dribbles, but the volume is high. My cum is white and thick.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is a netural skin color, relatively straight and can not think of anything I would change. My penis brings me great pleasure and I masturbate an average of 3 to 4 times a week. I often can masturbate and ejaculate after I have ejaculated in my wife. I also enjoy tasting my own semen. I vary as to the thickness of my ejaculation, most of the time it is thick creamy color. The amount I ejaculate is generally from a table spoon to three table spoons. Thank you for your web site.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is nice and tound at the edge, has a slight red color and is smooth mostly cause I shave. I would definatley make my penis bigger, ive been rejcted by some males. However O hve been complimented cause it soesnt gag people during oral. My ajaculation is white, thick, and shoots out. I ajaculate a lot.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

normal and bending upwards in erection. Shaft is red/purple I wouldn't change it really no-one has rejected me because of my penis no nicknames have been given yes, i've been told my penis is nice and big my ejaculation takes a few minutes at the maximum, and is quite a bit of see-through ish semen It dribbles or squirts

-Submitted May 19, 2006
Randy Andy

The shaft is a light pink, the glans is a light purple. It hangs to the left when flacid and stands up straight when erect. I would like one to two inches more of length when flaccid and erect, is now about 2' long when flaccid. The extra length would show better and I could have a longer stroke, which I suspect would feel great. Never been rejected. Partner says she likes it the way it is. Ejaculate is moderately thick and sometimes dribbles and other times shoots about 12. The color is a milky white clear.

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-Submitted May 19, 2006

I think I have just the normal Mr Average penis. Circumcised, (at age 20), I am delighted to say, and no- one has ever complained about its length or girth. Orgasms and ejaculations are always great, whether from sex or solo masturbation, and probably more intense as I get older. Ejaculation varies, my semen sometimes it dribbles out, sometimes shoots out. Depends on how long since my last orgasm and ejaculation. My semen is normally white to pale yellow in colour, and normally 10 to 12 spurts at each orgasm. In volume, when measured for hospital tests my ejaculate was was 6 millitres, (cc), of semen.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is perfect. Not only do I think so, everyone that I have been with also has told me. Both men and women love my cock. It bends slightly up so it hits just the right spots. My ejaculation shoots hard and far. Women love it when I shoot deep inside them. My cock is thick and hard with a perfect length. Their is nothing I would like to change about it.