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masturbation picture

free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

human male penis

free penis pictures

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-Submitted May 19, 2006
always horny

My cock is pink and soft. The head is bigger than most other guys my size. It really is pretty ordinary, except I can cum at least 5 times a night. I have had lots of people tell me it is OK, but I'm sure they are just being nice. I would love to have 2 more inches in length. My cum is white and creamy, I have been told it doesn't have any flavor so most people don't mind sucking it. When I was younger - till about 40 I could shoot my cum about three feet - I hit one partner in the nose when I pulled out of her pussy! Now it just kind of oozes out. I am still horny all the time though, because of my blood pressure meds it is very difficult for me to get really hard, like I used to.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My friends call me mushroom because my cut cock is topped by a shiny pink knob the size of a good size mushroom..It bends a little to the right and has two veins running from base to ridge of my crown..When flaccid I hang about 6..I love to flaunt it in theshowers and know is being many cases I have had guys approach me with offer of safe sex and ora sex..I loveto be sucked and generally when ready to cum I pull out and squirt gobs of cream on them I have been known to throw a load about three feet onto them and move closer t dribble and drain the rest of my load

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-Submitted May 19, 2006

I think my penis is not long and big enuff, I dun get satisfication during masturbation. It bend to right and down, I want it to face up but can't. I never had a real sex experience bfore. it is like it sprut high for at the begining and then it start to flow quick.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is average size. It is rather smooth and the skin tone is a little darker than the rest of my skin. It curves a little to the left. I would like to have a longer penis. My ejaculation is usually just a small stream that flows from my penis. I don't recall ever shooting more than maybe a centimeter or two into the air.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is very smooth and straight - no left or right curve - aims upward at almost 45 degree angle. It looks even larger than my actual 8.25 inch measurement because I shave my entire body which makes your penis appear larger. The shin is very soft and only slightly darker than the skin on the rest of my body. The head is very large. My ejaculations are strong and shooting - almost always reaching my pecs and sometimes even my mouth. My penis grew very large when I was young and I was initially embarrassed that it was so much larger than other boys but when they noted the size in a positive way, I became very proud of it.

-Submitted May 19, 2006

I really love my penis and he loves me. I have an 8.5 inch cock that never gets small. When completely soft, it ranges between 5.5 and 6.0 inches. Mt cockhead is even larger than the rest of my dick. I get a lot of attention in the showers and many guys are attracted to my cock in the sauna. When I was in my teens I participated in lots of circle jerks and was always complimented on the size of my package.I shave my entire genital area so my cock gets all of the attention in that region of my body. My penis is very smooth and staicks straight out - neither left, right nor up. There is not one thing I would change about my penis. I masturbate several times a day - sometimes alone and other times with friends. My ejaculations shoot long distance and with a lot of cum covering my abs and chest. Most of the time I have about 5 very solid and long shoots along with 3 or 4 shorter squirts. I like for other guys to watch me jerk off and look at my dick.

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-Submitted May 19, 2006

My penis is 7.5 inches hard, which is average, but smaller than average soft. I have never had any problem satisfying a woman, but when I see other men naked I sometimes wish it were bigger soft. I am circumsized and have a large foreskin. The head of my penis is a very light pink. The skin on the shaft is flesh colored. My scrotum is light colored, too. I have to make an effort to look at my cum because my orgasms are very intense. If I have not masturbated a day or two, there might be a tablespoon or two of thick, white cum in three or four large spurts that can go as much as 12 inches, then ooze our with several most msaller spurts. If I have had sex more than once in a day, the cum is less thick and more watery, travels a shorter distance and dribbles more than spurts. I have seen my cum ooze from my wife's vagina after sex, and it seems to look the same as when I masturbate.

Penis Documentary
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-Submitted May 19, 2006

its okay. Its thick and sticks straight out like a flag pole. Its light color like a flesh tone. It works out with the women. the only thing is I can't go long enough. that is the only thing I wish I could change.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

my cock is thick and long enough and cut)its got a bend to the left I would like 2 more inches in my girth.Never have I had a female say no just more.When I cum its is great I blow a load for about a foot and its thick, creamy. and lots of it.I love to jackoff just to see it blow.Then when I do cum I am the frist one to lick it up.Its great then its jackoff time again.I can do this 3 times in a row before I can not get a hardon I love my cock

-Submitted May 20, 2006

My penis in average in length, and tan. When it is erect and hard, it points up with a slight curve to the left. I will never change my penis for anything. I have never been rejected by anyone because of my penis. However, I have been asked if I ever wanted a blowjob.

When masturbating, my penis will squirt. It becomes red at the tip before ejaculation occurs. I am hoping to get a blowjob from a guy or girl.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

my penis is a pale colour with some veins, nice smooth texture. it is a nice shape slightly curved to the left. The only thing I woudl chaneg is that I would want a foreskin to get back the sensitivity of my cock head. I have never had anyone say anythign bad abotu my dick one girl even called it little jakey. I have been complimented on my cock by a few guys in th showers about my size. I have pretty goood ejaculations they usually squirt up onto my chest and I blow a lot of cum. I love my dick haha

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-Submitted May 20, 2006

Nice and straight

no bends at all.

Heya - it would be nice to be much bigger, both in length and girth. It's a bit like having a club as a weapon, no one respects a pencil, but a baseball bat - Yes! I don't know why, but everyone else's penis always seems to be much bigger - perhaps it's a perspective or viewing angle thing. As a youngster, I had (and to some extent still have) huge penis envy problems even though it appears that I am 'average'.

No known rejections.

No special names.

No comments - either way.

Ejaculation is still sensational, but in the last 10 years, it has changed as an event, ie it used to be an explosive thing - bang - aaaargh - finish, but now it is a bit like a toilet flush - a big burst with a much slower finish more like ah-ah-ah-aaargh-ah-ah-ah-ooow (if that makes sense?).

As for delivery, that too has changed - when young, during masturbation, I had to close my eyes - gave myself face shots, sometimes even right over my head - powerful shots. But now it's more like a controlled squirt and I rarely get it across my palm - usually right in the middle of my palm (perhaps I am getting more accurate as I get older?)

The quantity has also reduced compared to 10 years ago, probably around a desert spoon full, which is about half of what I used to produce. The color too, is not as even - sometimes a bit motley.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

My penis is not too long (5½ inches), but it is very thick (6¼ inches around). It is circumsized very tightly and consequently gets very hard when erect. It sticks straight out when erect and barely hangs down at all when flaccid at about 2½ inches. My testicles are pretty large also and sometimes hang low enough to swing. My semen is very thick and white and I only make a drop or two of precum. I usually don't shoot very far, but onetime hit my eyebrow while lying down. I've mostly been with guys, and they all seem to love it and think it's a good size.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

It is pink and soft. Smooth large tip. bends to the left slightly. Nickname was elmo for a while. I have been complimented many times of it and how I use it. I have large ejaculations, I masturebate frequently and my sperm shoots right out. It is usually a white but sometimes a little yellow

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-Submitted May 20, 2006

My penis hangs normal when soft, its light skin colored and soft, I have extra skin close to the head where I was circumsized. it dont bend when its hard, if its really hard it curves up toward my belly. no one has ever said anything negative about it, the girls I have been with said it was cute and long. I can cum many times in a day or like 2 times in a row when im with my girlfriend. its usually white and liquidy, when I cum it feels great!!! if I jack off I can spray it all over my chest and sometimes I can reach my mouth. if I pull out when im with my girl I can shoot it all over her tits and shoulders and in her hair and face. I usually cum alot, it is never really thick and gooey like alot of people say. I mostly spray it out in large qauntities. Im actually happy with my penis and the way I cum.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

My penis is slightly oval, hardly angled up. When hard it runs horizontal to my abdomen all the4wayupto the belly button. It is soft and smooth with visable veins, and is tanner than the rest of my body. I have never been rejected for any reason. The only thingthat I would change if I could would be the size, just by at most and inch longer and an inch wider.

-Submitted May 20, 2006

I am a 66 year old white male. I guess you would call my penis just a little under average size--5 when erect. It is velvet smooth with just a little bulge at the end and I am uncircumcised. It is a medium flesh tone color and it tends to point just a little to the left and has a very distinct seam underneath. While another inch would be good, I can't complain about the size. I nor my ex-wife had a name for it that I can recall. Toward the end of the marriage, she began to ridicule its size, but she was the only one to do so---it was probably just spite. Since I have gotten older, the ejaculate is not as much as it used to be and because of medications, it takes more effort to get hard. Before I started taking the medication, the ejaculate was creamy and came out in large spurts reaching my chest. Now, most of the time, it just kind of dribbles out.

-Submitted May 20, 2006
Horrible Herman

My penis is curved slightly towards my stomach, it is circumcised and has a nice crowned head. When hard it has visible veins but not bulging. My balls are nice and tight, my wife loves playing with them. My cum when I masturbate shoots out quite nicely and is white in color. I love the taste of my pre-cum and often keep a hard-on for hours so that I can sample it repeatedly. My cock is flesh colored and the head is slightly purple, especially when hard for extended periods of time. I love my cock and so do all of the women that I have shared it with.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

Flesh coloured semi circumcised dick and my head is pointed and a real purple mushroom when I am over excited. When erect 'willy' smacks against my tummy. There are some strong veins along shaft. The underside is tan/olive toned. I have a slight left bend. I would prefer a straight willy. My ejaculation ranges from an automic rifle firing to a drip, dribble, spurt.

-Submitted May 21, 2006
Danny J

My penis is the same width at the base as it is at the top. very smooth texture light pink in color. It is pretty straight but curves a little up at the tip.It would be nice if it were longer, but I have never been rejected. My ejactulations are very large for the first time but get smaller each time I cum. It shoots out the first time, but the second time it usually just drools out. If I continue to stimulate the spot just under the tip of my glans I will cun 2 or 3 times in a 30 to 45 second time period. I usually dont go beyond 3 times because it become too much to handle and my body tenses up too much.

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-Submitted May 21, 2006

My penis is 5.5 inches long and straight. My ex girlfriend loved it. But I have a vein on top. When I ejaculate is is not white it is clear. I have never been madefun of, once my girlfriend saw it and said Wow, its huge! but I think it is small.When I ejaculate it drolls and squirts sometimes but not a lot comes out.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

normal size circumsized bends to left. would not change it.never been rejected. no nicknames. all positive. ejaculate thick and creamy. Shoots and sprays all over the place.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

My penis is smooth and darker color skin than my body. My balls are tight and small. My penis does not bend but when erect just points straight out. My penis ejaculates a whole lot of sperm and only gets erect one time a day. My penis squirts most of the time but sometimes it will drool and the sperm is thick white.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

pretty straight when erect. 6.7 erect. 4.75 around. hangs to the left when flaccid. I have a few papuale around the head. i'm uncut. would like it to thicker and maybe a little longer. my cum shoots over 2 meters when i'm very arroused (which always impresses the ladies ; ).

-Submitted May 21, 2006

My penis is very straight when erect. I would like to have a slightly bigger penis when flaccid, although I've had no complaints when erect... I always seem to produce very powerful ejaculations

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-Submitted May 21, 2006

Penis is straight, normal color. I would like to have at least 5 to 6 inches more, but at my age of 66, highly unlikely. Never been rejected. Yes the wife calls it the bird. Never been made fun of. It used to shoot a lot, now it only shoots a little, but when I milk it after intercourse much more comes out. It varies when shooting, not very much any more like when I was in my fifties. My sperm is clear. Other times it is mixed with pee, but not for a long time

-Submitted May 21, 2006

It' has a slight curve to the right, circumsized the crown is a slight bluish purple tint. The shaft is veiny and I keep the hair trimmed every week. If I could change it I would add 2 inched to the lenget and 2 inches to the girth. His nickname is love scud or Mr Happy. I have been complimented seveal time on how nice it looks and how much she enjoyed licking and kissing it. When I reach orgasm it's totally mindblowing as it shoots it's cramy white load. hmmmmm........I'm hot now!!

-Submitted May 21, 2006

It is a normal size penus. I have the pyroine disease. My penus bends to the left side when it is errect. It does not stand up like normal penus, it lengthens in sizw but does not stan up errect.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

My penis is about 5 inches long hard so kinda average length and thickness. The head is big so it's great for when I get a blowjob. My penis curves a little to the left when it's hard but it sticks up instead of out. If I could change it I would make it longer cuz that's what I think girls like is a big penis. When I cum I shoot about 3 or 4 times first then it dribbles out. I have alot of precum too.

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-Submitted May 21, 2006

I like the proportion. Nothing hanging too large or too small. No bend. My penis tends stick out when I walk around naked at home, or when trail hiking. No woman has ever rejected me because of my penis. However, when I was still very young and inexperienced, one girl friend told me that I should experiment around more, since I was due to leave for a long stint in the Army. I was surprised, and felt a bit hurt. A few years later, I thankfully realized, she was right on.

During ejacuation, I spurt in long cannon bursts - maybe six or seven wonderful bursts.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

I am very comfortable with my penis. It is very straight and does not have a curve in it. I am what you call a grower rather than a shower. When flacid it is about 5 in length.

-Submitted May 21, 2006

It is straight with noticeable veins, pink/tan color. No rejection;no nickname; no one made fun except myself to be playful; ejaculate is white, thick, used to shoot but not too far. Now it just comes out and covers the head. With prostate medication sometimes there is no ejaculate although the orgasm is normal.

-Submitted May 21, 2006
scotty L

It is very smooth. The veins are not sticking out and its smooth to touch. When erect the head beomes rather large compared to the shaft, looking like a weird mushroom. it doesn't bend in any direction. if I could change it I would make it longer. it does not have a nick name. no males have ever seen it and the females that have haven't said anything. when it ejaculate it squirts numerous times

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