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masturbation picture

free penis pictures

masturbation picture

free penis pictures

human male penis

free penis pictures

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A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

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-Submitted May 22, 2006

My penis is a little darker than the rest of my body. It curves a little to the left. It has been complimented on the fact that it is long and will stay hard for a long while. It shoots out a clear liquid when fully hard.

-Submitted May 22, 2006

No complaints nice thick uncut cock. grower not a shower, 2-3 inches soft, but nice size hard. openly gay and a top, a lot of guys have trouble taking it. As for my ejaculation, it all depends, if im pleasuring myself I shoot a little, the the rest just comes out. If I am with my partner I cum like a water hose and spray everywhere. As my partner says I cum buckets.

-Submitted May 22, 2006
Marcus Pryor

Circumcised, straight out when I have an erection, swells up before it shoots. Ejaculation is one-to-two pulses about 3 feet (as long as I have limited my masturbation to once a day or less). In high school, I was teased (almost no body hair and smaller then). I have been rejected for being too small (only a handful of times) and (laughingly) too big three times in my life; that last one was weird for me (rejection only from men). I have not had a problem with women rejecting me (but did have sex with one woman friend who could not feel me, there was so much room in her. I introduced her to a good friend of mine who was considerably larger than I was. They are still together.

-Submitted May 22, 2006

The shape of my penis is pretty average. My color of my penis is a tan color with a nice pink head. When erect my penis goes straight out and a little up. If I could change anything I would want it longer when soft. When I ejaculate I have big loads. I usually shot and usually alot. The color is a off white.

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-Submitted May 22, 2006

My penis is circumcised although I am English, which is not so common. Where the skin has been pulled back and sewn it gathers a little. I think this is quite rare, as I have not seen many circumcisions like mine before. Although I am circumcised I do have a really nice purple helmet.

-Submitted May 22, 2006
pretty average

the shape is pretty normal, but I thnk I have more foreskin than compared to most pictures I've seen.

its pretty much stright up, nothing weird.

I've only been with my wife and she doesn't have a problem with it

during ejaculation it generally squirts a little but not much.

I reckon on average I'd produce a tablespoon of semen

-Submitted May 22, 2006

I have always been ashamed of my penis. When erect, it is only about 3.5 inches long. I am terribly afraid that anyone will see it, so I have never taken a public shower, and I always use the stall in a restroom. I have no idea if there is any woman out there who would ever marry me knowing that I couldn't fully please her. I would love to make my penis longer and give it more girth.

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-Submitted May 22, 2006
older guy

I am 3-4 inches soft and about 6-7 inches hard. I think of myself as average in that regard, though I must admit that sometimes when I see guys with 5 or 6 inches soft, I get a little envious. I'm circumsized and have lots of foreskin. The head is light pink, the skin color is like the rest of my body. I have one or two orgasms a day, mostly masturbation. I usually shoot a lot of cum in a few spurts, then dribble a little. Maybe two tablespoons total. The amount varies, as does the distance it shoots. It's usually a pretty thick white, though sometimes it gets a little thin if I have had a lot of orgasms. If someone else is masturbating me, there is more cum and it shoots farther.

-Submitted May 22, 2006

Circumcised, straight, off-white, some small bumps on underside. Very stiff when erect and stand up at a 45 degree angle. Doesn't bend down when erect which can make some positions uncomfortable.

-Submitted May 22, 2006

my penis is normal looking and the same color as my skin ( peach-tan ) it doesnt bend anywhere. My ejaculation shoots out and there is normally alot of foggy grayish white sperm.

-Submitted May 23, 2006

My penis is 5 long and 5.5 around. When soft it is 2 long. It is straight and points at a 90 degree angle. Both my partner and I wouldn't change anything about my dick. When I ejaculate it is thick and white. Although I'm a dribbler, my cum volume is about 3 teaspoons. I will usually cum after about 10 minutes and will stay hard for about 3 minutes after cumming.

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-Submitted May 23, 2006
pierced boy

my penis is around 7 long and has a slight tendancy to the left,it has no bend in's uncut and since having a prince albert piercing last year,the skin attaching it to the head has been cut so it doesn't penis is a healthy flesh colour and my head when erect is a really throbbing deep red,if I wear a cock ring the whole shaft and balls go this colour.before I had it pierced I was able to shoot up to my chest and beyond,now not so far as I have an 8mm ring in the end that restricts the shooting distance,when I cum it's a fairly thick nearly pure white,and depending on how long since I shot there's plenty of it, also have loads of pre cum before I shoot.i love my penis and apart from the piercing wouldn't change it,my partner has no problems with it,and apparently my cum tastes good as well !

-Submitted May 23, 2006
Tree Man

I have a nice straight dick and the head is a little bigger than the shaft. Nice beige skin color and red head. I have no complaints with it other than not the action all the time I wish I had. I use the hand about 4 time a week and shoot a nice amount each time , milky cream color and shoot it on my belly. I am bi and am leaning on going gay so I can enjoy sex more often. Lucky I am to do sex so often.

-Submitted May 23, 2006

It leans to the left, and usually sticks straight up. It's uncircumcized and is tan. I wouldnt change it, I love it!! Ejaculation is great, most of the time it shoots out but sometimes if ive masturbated more than once it seeps out pure white. its smooth and straight, quite sexy if I do say so myself.

-Submitted May 23, 2006

probably longer than average, white, skin is extemely smooth. usually sits to the left and has a slight banana like bend to it. I, like many men, would like it a bit bigger. Would like it if it was a bit more respectable when soft. I don't have a name for it but when I was younger I was fasinated with it to the point that I would talk to it. I ejaculate with medium force. My penis swells quite a lot larger during ejaculation and depends on the mood but it usually shootsabout one foot from the end of my penis. and the consistancy of my semen is always thick, white and creamy.

-Submitted May 23, 2006

My penis is big and decently round. I am a virgin and have never had sex. I haven't come out and would love to see other penis's mine is tan smooth and would send pictures if anyone would love to see it. I know how bad I could amke a girl scream but I would rather make the boys choke. It is curved down slightly I like it and can suck my own dick. The head is huge. I would make it 9 inches and fatter. I love big penis and love to watch them. I have never had any one reject my penis I have showed it to alot of people and they say wow becuase I only weigh 120lbs and they think it is small until I pull it out. Getting off is great I shoot and can make it in my mouth while sitting down (i'd be a swoller not a spitter)

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-Submitted May 24, 2006

My penis is smoothe and well shaped, a pale tan and is about 8.2 inches long when aroused. It bends slightly left when errect.I would not change for the world as I have had so many good compliments. My ejaculation is plentiful, it squirts an amusingly large amount, a very long way.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

I am Circumcised and wouldn't change back if possible. I have great feeling especially at my frenulm. Even at my age I can masturbate twice daily or have sex without any guessing if it will rise to the occasion. My relatives are uncut and have never turned me on to long foreskin. In fact they retrace their foreskin and leave it most times Ive seen them urinate. One had his sons circumcised.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

average, symetrical, cut, nice head, biiger then shaft, straight erection. Would like it to be a bit longer. No rejections because of my penis. Been complimented a few times. I have been told I am bigger then alot my girlfriends ex boyfriends. I can ejaculate alot of cum. During oragasim I shoot the first load then the rest comes out nicely... it is a thick white color.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

normal straight. it is 8 1/2 inches long and about 3 inches round.. it has a smooth even feel and Have to be careful not to hurt women.. my sperm is opal white in color and usually dribbles out,,, but every now and then it shoots..depends on the action hand or oral or other.

-Submitted May 24, 2006
shaven is best

My penis is cut and 7.5 inch when erect with a large mushroom head, always smooth and shaven that points upwards when erect. My balls are shaven and hang low and I just love them too. I would not change my penis. When ejaculating normally shoots out in long thick strings of cum which can travel over my shoulder when lying down. Normally I shoot 6 ropes of white cum.

-Submitted May 24, 2006
fire guy

its perfect according to everyone who has seen it, or is it? It sticks straight out most of the time unless I am really turned on then it sticks straight up like when I was a teenager.It has a large vein on the top of the shaft and a nicely shaped head. Shaved completely since I was thirteen. I like it and I guess that what really matters

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-Submitted May 24, 2006

It's got a nice mushroom head, but the shaft is very slender & it's probably a bit shorter than average. I would definitely change it to be a lot thicker, and somewhat longer.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

My penis is not very long, probably a little bit shorter than what would be regarded as average. The head of it is smaller than many penises that I have seen photos of. It is straight and the only reason there is some degree of dropping when erect is because of my age.

I really like my penis. I touch it and hold it often, and yes, I regularly masturbate, and I enjoy that very much.

I'm single and not interested in a long term sexual relationship, so masturbation is my only sexual outlet. My climaxes are increadably enjoyable, sending good feeling throughout my body. I feel that the penis came into existence not only for the purpose of urinating and sexual release through intercourse with women, but also to be available for self enjoyment through masturbation. I might occasionally engage in sexual intercourse with a woman if the opportunity arises and the conditions for it are acceptable for me (i.e.; no long term committment required, etc., etc.), but I will never stop masturbating. Masturbating is my right and my privilege to make love to myself. I strongly recomend that everyone, both men and women, engauge in masturbation at least occasionally even if they have a good and fulfilling sexual relationship with someone else.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

It's nice and thick with a big mushroom head. A hair short of 7 inches long and about 2 across the head. The biggest girth is at the base and it measures about 6.25 inches and drops to a little under 6 inches in the middle of the shaft. The head itself as measured from the top measures about 2 wide by 2 long. The texture and color seem to be pretty uniform. It doesn't have any curves left or right, only up a little. If I could change it, I'd like to be a little longer. Maybe only an inch or so. Only for looks though. Being as thick as it is, it doesn't look real long. That, and I'm a pretty big guy. Only been with one girl (my wife), so no rejections. Ejaculate varies from time to time. If I come quickly, it's usually thick and white and usually just dribbles. If I've been stimulated for a while, it'll usually be more watery, but will shoot up to 3 or 4 feet...over mine or my wife's head.

-Submitted May 24, 2006

As a teen I did not really know that my penis was larger than average. It was when I was in high school and ran cross-country that I learned that I was large. In the showers after practice I noticed that my penis dwarfed all of my teammates, even when I was a freshman and compared to Senior teammates. My team gave me the name of Horse. This was somewhat embarrasing. Also, my penis is very veiny, I've had a few girls tell me that this was hot. As a 30 yr. man I love to see others look at the big bulge in my pants, esp. at the gym. I have an enormous head and no matter what I wear, underwear or no underwear, it always shows.

-Submitted May 25, 2006

My penis is smooth and a little short but I like it anyway. It is a little pink when I get a boner and it just pokes out straight. I have never had sex before. When I ejaculte it drools out.

-Submitted May 25, 2006

My penis is fleshtone along the shaft with a pinkish head.It is circumcised and curves a little to the right when i'm hard.I'm average size although I have been told it has a big mushroom head.My balls are brown colored and I sometimes shave but I prefer being hairy.When I ejaculate it varies from a squirt to a shoot and it is thick and pearl colored.I would add another inch to it if I could.