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masturbation picture

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free penis pictures

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-Submitted May 25, 2006

Shape. Never thought much about it being anything other than normal, average, penis shape. It is uncut but the foreskin does not extend much beyond the head. The head is smooth and shiny.

It is quite veiney and the skin on the shaft is smooth during an erection but rather wrinkled when soft. There is a slight upward curve when erect.

I like my penis. When I was young, I wished I were circumcised, but in recent years, I have learned of the benefits of being uncut and am glad that my dad and my doctor did not have me cut. The only thing I'd change is to have it WORK! I seldom get erections and masturbation could be an all morning thing.

Rejection because of penis is a strange concept to me. My wife and I were both virgins when we married and on our honeymoon she accepted my penis as part of me. We never named it...didn't know we should.

Have never been made fun of my penis. Once in a locker room, a friend who is homosexual whispered to me that my penis was beautiful. I was surprised...I always thought of penises as being functional, not beautiful. I asked him what he meant, but can't remember his reply.

When I was 12 or 13 and jacking off in the garage, I could shoot 4 or 5 feet, thick and white. Now, after being zapped with X-rays, I just dribble or shoot a few inches a watery fluid that is the color of weak tea.

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-Submitted May 25, 2006

my penis is curved a little to the left and has distinct blue veins the length of it. I am circumsized and sometimes wonder if having a foreskin would look nice. it hangs down, even when i've got a hard on. if I could change it, i'd make it maybe an inch longer and a little thicker. sometimes in jr. high school I was teased about my crooky by the guys in the shower. when I cum, it just drools out. this has been the case since I started taking all kinds of maintenance drugs on a regular basis. it is ususlly clear, sometimes white in color. I still enjoy masturbation now and then, even tho most of the time I never really get an erection. I do ejaculate though.

-Submitted May 25, 2006

My penis is thickand is white. It has a foreskin which is not too long but not too short. The tip of my penis is a redish pink colour. the veins on my penis stand out and they are quite big. My penis bends up. I have been complimented on how nice my penis is and how big it is. My ejaculation is very white and stick and it does not shoot too far.

-Submitted May 25, 2006

my penis is very long and very wide when I play it feels very soft and smooth(exept the hair at the base)!my penis bends up very far and when I mastrbate it has it's own heart beat!no I wouldnt chang it if I could,i like it hthe way it is.nobody has ever rejected me because of size,shape,or circumsion!my ejaculations are very nice it feels like nothing i'de ever felt before.

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-Submitted May 26, 2006

my penis is normal I guess. its semi long and pink and smooth the head is mushroom like. I think I would change it so it would be longer but I guess ill just have to wait and see.i guess I would change it to feel more secure about it. I have never had sex so I havent been rejected. no it doesnt have a nickname. I have never been made fun of because of my penis size mostly because most people havent seen it. when I ejaculate it varies from how much and how focreful it is. if I masturbate for a long period of time its more forceful and there is more of it and its thick and white but whne its quick usualy it shoots out and sometimes its a littl clear.

-Submitted May 26, 2006

I am uncut which has always gotten me a lot of attention in the locker room (which I enjoy). It is pretty fat and I have a pretty loose overhang of skin. Smegma can be pretty abundant especially since I live in a warm climate and workout a lot, so I have gotten comments about it from other guys, but on the upside it keeps my dick glossy and sensitive. I have a glossy pink head. It has never been rejected,but the smeg has been a frowned upon by some guys, but they are usually overlook it because of the size and the fact that I am uncut. I was made fun of in the locker room a few times becuase I was literally the only one uncut in my school and gym, but after I let them look at it and feel me they got to like it. I normally ejaculate a lot I start by dribbling some precum, them I shoot out a large wad then it just turns to a spray of clearer semen and I just dribble the rest out in a few more spurts. it normally is whitish

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-Submitted May 26, 2006

Uncut. 4 soft 5.75 erect. Straight when erect. Horizontal elevation when erect. The head is slightly wider than the shaft. The foreskin is large enough to fully cover the head when fully erect. Being uncut has the adventage of not requiring lube for masturbation. All in all its fun to play with.

-Submitted May 26, 2006

My penis is uncut,slightly thicker towards the bottom and bends upwards on most erections. Nine inches when full erect. Both my female and male friends love giving me blow jobs. If anything I have been accepted more because of my penis and most people who see it give compliments. The feeling of ejection varies and so does how it's method of letting sperm out and often shots a normal spoonful and a half or more for half a minute.

-Submitted May 26, 2006

1) the texture is smoothe with a pink top 2) my penis always bends up when I have an erection, is that normal? 3) if I could I would make it bigger so I can please people better and obtain more self confidence due to the expectations of society 4)no 5)no I havent been made fun of or complimented 5) ejaculation feels really good, like something rushing out of me and then I ejaculate 6) it drools, not to much though and its white

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-Submitted May 26, 2006

my penis is about 7 inches uncut. this shaft inside is very thin with a small head. but when I get excited I bone up straight and hard. I got alot of bush around the penis and hair on my balls. I got a long hangin ball sack and the balls aint even cum is real thick and shoots out. if I not been drinkin (or token) I can cum 2-3 times a night.i do men and girls, most of time a top.i love gettin blowjobs. I have been rejected in the past when my forskin was dirty,but since the skin is thick most partners think I am hung. thanks for readin this. ronny

-Submitted May 26, 2006

My penis is tan in color with a smooth texture. It is straight when erect and hangs to the right whe limp. I would like to increase the size of my penis. There has been no nick-names give to my penis. The amount of ejaculation depends on how often, but it is always white. If it has been a couple of days since my last ejaculation then it squirts, but if has only been a short time than it usually drools.

-Submitted May 26, 2006

When erect, my penis points upward and nearly touches my stomach. I have a fairly large head that is very sensitive and a generally have a lot of precum. My ball pull up next to my body when I have a full hardon. I have been complimented while in the Navy as to how hard my penis can get. Most of the time, I squirt a pretty good load of cum.

-Submitted May 26, 2006
Mans best friend

Those who wanted re-assurnace about their balls. I think most peoples hang at different heights - my left is much lower than the right but I 've never had comments and it's never been a problem. My friend is quite veiny and slightly narrower towards the base. Appearance wise I think it looks ok but I had a big hang up for years about the size. It's 5.8 long 1.6 wide and 4.8 round. Would defintely like an extra couple of inches length and at least a half width. My current girlfriend seems to like it, it doesn't feel loose at least. It bends slightly to one side and when erect is pretty much vertical if I'm really excited. Ejaculations squirts a little If I can leave it alone for more than a couple of days!

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-Submitted May 27, 2006

my penis looks small no matter how I look at it. it is straight and smooth. there is nothing out of the ordinary except that it looks small to me. when I was younger I used to have huge explosive ejaculations that would actually shoot across the room. but now days it just kinda dribbles out and my erection dies as soon as it is finished.

i am terrified of showing my naked body in public due to the fact that one day in my grade school locker room I was forced by some older more developed boys to pull my underwear down and show everyone in the locker room how small my penis was. they commented on how small and shriveled up it was compared to everyone elses. I was eight years old. I am now 40 and that scene stays burned in my memory to this very day.

i once knew a girl in highschool who would only let me dry hump her. she nick-named my penis digger because that's all she would let me do with it. she was a virgin at the time and eventualy wanted me to stop coming to see her. so I did. the next year she had a boyfriend who she was obviously having sex with and through the grape vine I found out he had a large penis. at the time I had no idea that penis size was such a deciding factor in a relationship.

i have never been told that my penis was big or small. in fact females never comment on my penis unless I ask them to. and when I do then they get all defensive about it like it's a sin to comment on the size of their lover's penis if there is nothing spectacular about it like length or girth. it's like getting a can of pop out of the vending machine, you know how big it is going to be and how it's going to feel in your hand. of course if a can that was bigger than normal fell out of the machine then you would say wow, that's huge!

i have a lot more stories, but i'm afraid most of you have probably quit reading by now so i'll finish here.

-Submitted May 27, 2006
Anti boy

i am now happy with mine. It is pretty straight and point upward a little or horizontal. I am a sqirter and drool abit beforehand. I am a smallish bloke so I looks bigger than it is thuogh it still seems to be growing. I sometimes wish I had been circumcised but other than that I am as I said , HAPPY. Anti boy

-Submitted May 27, 2006

pink in color thick slight curve to left straight does not curve up or down very smooth shaped head that is slightly thicker than shaft is cut very well 6 long erect 3non erect. I am happy with my penis looks and works great. 5/06 No name yet no need. Seems to get erect at least 6 times a day or as needed. All partners very happy so far.

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-Submitted May 27, 2006

My penis is longer than average soft - 5 inches, but it's about average hard - 7 inches. Men and women have told me they thought I would get longer when I was hard, but nobody ever complained. My penis is the same color as the rest of my skin except for the head which is a light pink. When I cum it does not shoot very far, it dribbles out in a few spurts, but there is a lot of it. I like the taste of it. When I see other men naked, I think my penis is OK.

-Submitted May 27, 2006
Young Penis

I am white so my penis is white as well with the normal head coloring. I am only a teenager but I think my penis has a good length and girth for my age. My penis has a slight upward bend but not too much. If I could change anything about my penis it would be the lenght because I think size DOES matter for girls.I have only shown my penis to one girl and she said it wasn't small and reassured me that it was fine.My ejaculation varies, but it usually squirts slightly. I masturbate 2-3 times a day so my the amount I ejaculate varies.

-Submitted May 27, 2006

My penis is small I'm only 4 inches long and 3.5 inches around the shaft. It's flesh tone in color and it bends to the left when flaccid When I get an erection it's a full 6 inches and it sticks straight up. I'm circumcised. I wish it was a little bit longer in length and width. Some girls have laughed when they saw it, but most don't care about the size. My ejaculation is white and sticky and squirts out.

-Submitted May 28, 2006

My pinis isn't much different but I wish it were bigger. I play with it alot and even tho I have a woman I still prefer it alone. I know what I'll do when I finish this.The trouble is I'm always alone and would like a mutual coming together.

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-Submitted May 28, 2006

My dick is perfectly straight. It is white with shades of brown and has a very large mushroom head on it. It is thick shafted. I wish it was bigger, although I have had it described as being the perfect penis by both men & women. I can shoot my sperm over 6 feet if standing when I cum. But it varies depending on how horny I am, how many days since I last came and so is creamy white with some clear. My balls are large although I wish they hung lower than they do. They hang good when I take a jacuzzi or vacation in humid hot places like Miami or Hawaii...I love having my balls sucked...

-Submitted May 28, 2006

It stands nearly straight up, maybe a little to the left. No one's ever rejected it, though more length would be nice. My balls are huge; two urologists have commented on them. At one time, at the start of adolescence, my penis grew pretty much to its current length, but the rest of me hadn't, and I got made fun of for being too big. My ejaculation shoots if it's been a while.

-Submitted May 28, 2006

My penis is 6.5 long with a soft veiny texture. It has a slight bend upwards and ic circumcised. When I ejaculate the sperm tends to squirt out and has on occasions hit me in the face. I usually produce about 1.5 teaspoons full of the creamy juice.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

My penis has a big head. The shaft has veins that can be seen. Penis colour is a bit darker then my skin but the head of my penis is darker. when I ejaculate I shoot my loads far and it takes a lot out of me I usualy have to sleep after.

-Submitted May 29, 2006
Justin B.

My cock starts off as white as the rest of my skin but the last two inches are bright red. It has a slight upward bend. I would never change it. It is the perfect size for most girls. Never been rejected. It's often been the reason a girl would want me. I once had a girlfriend who named my balls Haggred and Dumbeldor. My cock was of course The Serpent from the Chamber of Secrets. Yea, I know its geeky but we had fun. I have been complimented when out clubbing commando in tight jeans. When I cum it shoots about 3 inches out and normally fires 4-7 times. Sometimes I can cum faster with a girl sucking my balls and not my cock.

-Submitted May 29, 2006
Ben J

Well, my penis is pretty normal. I have a straight shaft; the head is a bit bigger than the shaft-pretty well- proportioned. I think I lucked out. I have a great penis. The shaft is pretty smooth with a few wrinkles. I am circumcised. My head is a bit textured on top, but smooth underneath. My penis isn't curved, but it does like to flop a bit to the right (I think thats cause I'm right handed but you'd have to be pretty familiar with me to even really notice.) The shaft is a pinky-beige (i'm a little fair skinned;) the head is the same color, but a bit more pink & red. When I get hard, it stays mostly the same color, but it does get darker & pink up a bit more. When I have an erection, its 6 inches long, just over 1. 5 wide, & about 4 inches in circumfrence. I usually jack off with out any lube, and with my right hand. Usually I do it at night, once or twice. When I am getting ready to cum, I don't precum quite as much as other guys usually do, but I'm good for a couple of dribbles (unless I'm really turned on, then it flows.) When I do cum, I definitely squirt forcefully. Usually it gets on my neck and face if I point my penis that direction; 2-3 feet, though if I try I can get it to go farther (eg. over my head if i'm laying down.) My sperm is off white/light almond colored, & has an individual smell and taste. Not bad, but not like anything else I've ever come accross. When it dries my ejaculate has a very sweet smell to it. Pretty pleasant actually. I'm very happy about that part. Usually I jizz about 3-4 tissues worth. I guess that'd be 2-3 TBL? I dunno-I just measure in kleenex. I've never been rejected because of my penis. I've been given compliments though. It doesnt have any nicknames either. Its just part of me. Thats about it for my penis, sperm, & how my cum comes out from inside me. :) This is a great survey & I hope it helps alot of guys. Thanks!

-Submitted May 29, 2006

Bends up slightly like a banana when erect. Sticks out a bit when slack. Skin too smooth, hairless balls. Would like thicker pubic hair to give more mature look. Would like it to be another inch longer when erect and an inch shorter when soft. No-one's rejected me, though one girl says she wished I was cut. I like having a foreskin though: I think it looks better. Teased in changing rooms because of upward bend -called banana man. Find it hard to control myself and ejaculate too fast. When I cum I shoot quite high in quick squirts: cum is grey and not as thick as some of the other guys.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

My penis is cirumcised and slightly pink in color. The head is a little larger than the shaft when erect and round, and is a little smaller than the shaft when flaccid. It sticks out straight when erect and points up and gets very hard. I keep all pubic hair shaved to get a bigger appearance. If I could, I would want it to be at least 4 longer when flaccid and hang down. (1.5 flaccid now) Also I would prefer at least 8-9 when hard. I have always been reassured by partners because it stays very hard. During ejaculation it shoots very strong 4-5 times sometimes as far a 6 feet or more and then dribbles a few times. Semen color is whitish, almost clear.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

My penis is light brown in color. It bends a little to the left and up. During ejaculation, my semen usually shoot across the room. Most of the time, the color of my semen is white.

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-Submitted May 29, 2006

Circumsized with a slight upward curve. Thickest at the base (5.75 in) tapering to 5.5 below the head. Would like to be a little bigger but would not want more than 9 in length and 7 in girth. My wife tells me she could't take any more but I think she could.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

When soft about 3 inches long, and head hides in foreskin hood. When semi-erect about 5 inches long when erect about 6 to 7 in ches long and 5 inches around. White shin with a purple/pink head. Head about 1 1/2 inches long..soft or hard. Blood vains stand out.Penis hole about 1/8 inch dia.

-Submitted May 29, 2006
portland guy

my penis is average length and shape. It's also circumcised, unfortunately. However, there remains considerable foreskin attached, that sometimes I'm asked if I'm uncut. If I could change ONE thing about my cock, it'd be to remain UNcut! When I masturbate, usually once a day, I can either shoot my cum all over my chest or, if I haven't been jacking too long, it just dribbles out, with only a little pressure. It's usually white in color. IF I'm really horny, & have masturbating for a long time, there is a lot more cum.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

Not the biggest, but I know how to use it. As agreed by my wife. Insertion is not always the aswer, rubbing her clitoris with the bottom cleft at the end is something she fully enjoys, as do I. We will often orgasm at the same time and she says feeling the semen against her clitoris at orgasm is just wonderful. We often mutual masturbate, lying on our back, front to back with her leg over my chest so we can both see each other. If used right, size is not that important.

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-Submitted May 29, 2006

the shape of my penis is round and it hangs to the left slightly, the color is white with a pinkish tint on the head. I wouldnt change anything about my penis because I have been with a lot of girls and they all love it. yes two of my former girls have nicked named my penis, one named it samsinite and the other rufus. my ejaculation is usually white and shoots, but sometimes when I havent ejaculated in a while, it shoots really forcefully and hard.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

My penis is straight with a fairly large head. It is smooth. It also has a slight bend to the left and up a little bit. If I could change one thing it would be just to make it a little longer. During ejaculation, I cum in squirts. First it shoots out, then it squirts, then it will drool. The cum is white and/or clear/white.

-Submitted May 29, 2006

My penis is about average or smaller than average at a bit over 5.5.

Its uncut with a short frenulum which means it can go back all the way but is more comfortable when it sits half way down the head.

I have pearly penile papules on the corona of my gland and my penis is totally straight with no bends/curves.

-Submitted May 30, 2006
mr cock

my penis is a little darker in colour then my skin tone. It stays straight out when hard and is very hard when erect. One thing a little bit unque about it is that I can't pull back my foreskin. I have been complmented a few times from people saying that I have bigger than average dick or they say I have a long one. When I shoot my load it usual sprays out probably more than normal amount of cum half clear and half white in colour.

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-Submitted May 30, 2006

My penis is cool. Its uncircumcised, stands straight out and is a healthy tanned colour. When I cum, it sometimes shoots when I really enjoy myself ;) or dribbles when its average

-Submitted May 30, 2006

I am cut,dead straight, enjoy wearing a cock ring, masturbate often. Fuck at least once a week. Have crisp veins, purple head. When I cum, it usually spurts five to seven times, and goes out 15 inches or so.

-Submitted May 30, 2006

my penis is narrow with an average winkled skin....all of my partners have complimented on my partner and I gave my penis the nickname of murphy.....when I come, I usualy shoot a good stream of cum when I am very excited....other times when I masturbate, the cum will only squirt out if i'm not realy turned penis has a slight curvature upwards....but overall, I and my partners are very satisfied with what I have

-Submitted May 30, 2006

My penis is 7 inches when erect and 5 when soft and I have a thick shaft.I have quite a curve in it and it leans to the left.According to several partners I have very large balls and I must admit they do hang down a helmet becomes very red on stimulation .My sperm appears to be an off white colour

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-Submitted May 30, 2006
Gary's Penis

my circumcised penis is approximately 5 in length and almost 4 in girth when fully erect. it curves upward and has a full head and a big slit. my penis is quite smooth, along the shaft. hair only around the base and no bulging veins. flaccid my penis is 2. I trim back the hair around my penis, but do not shave. I prefer the look and feel of keeping it close to natural.

-Submitted May 30, 2006

  I like my penis it is slightly to the left when is uncut nd my head is nice nd big nd pink my balls are bout da size of golf balls a little smaller when I cum I cum quite alot nd it sometimes dribbles out but if I hold it den cum it squirts and I enjoy rubbin ma dick girls dat I no have complemented on my size and it has neva been turned down.

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-Submitted May 30, 2006

My penis is pretty average. Uncut, bends slightly upward when I have a boner. 6 inches long, would like a couple more inches. Never been rejected, and no nickname. When I cum, I shoot 4 or 5 times, then dribble onto my chest. It's sort of a milky fluid.

-Submitted May 30, 2006

well my penis is almost a perfect circle around, and it looks kind of like a banana with a head. It is very tender skin and light complected also. From the shaft to the tip of the head it measures 7 exactly. The head of it is almost a mix between lavender and pink and quite large. It has a slight bend to the left. I would change it and make it straighter and maybe another inch or so longer, but mostly get the bend out of it, because it just would make me feel better about it and about using it. No one has ever rejected it but that might have just been them being horny or something. I love my penis overall. My best friend(who is endowed greatly) has even complimented on it. When I ejaculate, it is a white creamy liquid. It will sometimes drool, but other days it might shoot, so I never know what it will do.

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-Submitted May 30, 2006

stright long firm penis dosent relly bend a certain way. a little bit bigger. no ive never been rejected no nicknames, ive been complimented, ejaculation is amazing, it shoots

-Submitted May 30, 2006
uncut mid

quite straight penis , uncut and a little bit rough at base with few white pimples. Satisfies people sexually and possible would like a bit more length but thats life.

my penis enlarges quite a lot from flacid to erect. rather small when flaccid

-Submitted May 30, 2006

When erect, I measure about 7 inches. My penis bends slightly to the left and up. The color of my penis is normal skin color. The texture and color seem to be pretty uniform. It doesn't have any curves left or right, only up a little. If I could change it, I'd like to be a little longer. Maybe only an inch or so. Only for looks though. Being as thick as it is, it doesn't look real long. Never had anyone complain many of the women that have hooked up with tell me they love the size. My cum is think and white and clear sometimes, but when I ejaculate shoot all the way over my head on to my wall, chest, pillow, hair. Never really collected it, but lets just say it's a lot.

-Submitted May 30, 2006

7 long, about 6 around. I'm cut with not a lot of veins. Pretty much caucasion flesh tone, head is a little more on the pink side and slightly larger diameter. Stands to the left and has a slight upward curve when erect. If I could change anything, maybe add an inch or two, but what guy wouldn't? No nicknames, no complaints. Ejaculate varies. Mostly thick white or a little clear. Anything from a dribble to a shoot/squirt, depending on level of intensity. When masturbating on my back, it will usually shoot up to my belly or chest. If I can manage to go a couple days without jerking, I get a pretty decent load (4 or 5 good squirts).

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-Submitted May 30, 2006

I am circumcised and very happy with it. Mt penis points straight out from my body and is perfectly straight. All my partners are extremely happy with my penis and prefer my being circumcised. My seman shoots 3-4 ropes 1-2'on most ejaculations.

-Submitted May 31, 2006
perfectly average

My cock is 7.5 and 3-4 thick. it has no curve to it and stand straight out at attention when hard. I think of it as peerfectly average. The skin of my penis is darker than my body tone, the texture is not entirely smooth I have nice veinage -in fact one vein doubles over itself and creates a smooth ridge. My best friend thought it was abnormal and had me worried in 5th grade so I asked the gym teacher. He was reassuring. I have been complimented for having a nice cock. Some have told me it is small, but I am confident it is average or better. I have seen both biger and smaller cocks. I have always thought of myself as cut. But someone said it has a military cut so some foreskin remains. That is more noticable when I am soft and not at all noticable when I am hard.

-Submitted May 31, 2006

I love my Penis. I love to feel it,and make it hard so I can masturbate. My penis is very smooth and has a brown ring around the shaft. It seems as though my penis is quite normal all around indeed doesnt veer to the left nor to the right and doesnt shift up or down either. Something that is so great about my penis is that girls love it. One of my ex-girlfriends loved it so much that she took pictures of it and still has them to this day to get her off. I guess you could say that no I havent been rejected by my size. On a side note I would definetley want to increase my penis size all around if I really could. For now though I am enjoying the orgasmic sensations that come about. I drink lots of water so I shoot a lot and man do I enjoy that. It seems as though I drench my entire leg so much from when I masturbate and the feeling is absolutely powerful.

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-Submitted May 31, 2006

the shape of my penis is round,smooth surface and color is brown and the glans is bright is straight when erect. my partner praise it for the size and called it a big raddish,my ejaculation is white thick liquid about a teaspoonful and I shhot while ejaculating.i dont like to change my present state of the penis thank you.

-Submitted May 31, 2006

my penis is 15cm long. it is curved slightly up and also to the left. I am uncut and my foreskin can almost fully cover the head even when erect. the only thing I mite consider changing, is making it straighter. my ejaculation is great, heaps of it. it usually shoots with power and is white and generally the same consistency. some what thick and clings together like jelly but less solid. Ejaculation happens in short burst, cum is shot each time, abt 6 times. If I havent been masturbating for much time there is usually less than cum than after a longer masturbate.

-Submitted May 31, 2006

My penis is the color of my skin and the texture is silky. It bends to the left. If I could change it I would because I don't like that it bends. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. My penis dosen't have any nick-names. When I was in middle school kids made fun of me because theres was bigger. I have never had an ejaculation before. I can't have an ejaculation.

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-Submitted May 31, 2006

Very veiny on top, curves up like a banana, bends to the left slightly. Cum lots of watery, salty cum, initially shoots about 1-2 feet, sometimes over my head if been wanking for a while, then pumps about 7-8 loads down my shaft.

-Submitted May 31, 2006
mister bill

a mild circumcision, foreskin will move more than half way over head when masturbating. The corona ridge will get quite purple when fully erect and being masturbated. Olive colored skin, pink head, prominent blue veins. Hangs fairly straight when soft, is slightly curved upward when hard. I have had prostate surgery, complete removal because of cancer. Before surgery it was 7 1/4 inches long when erect, but now is only 6 1/4. Why, I do not know. Before surgery I would ejaculate by shooting a thick white load more than 6 or 8 inches in the air, now, orgasms are dry. but I do get some pre-cum lubrication at times. Intercourse and masturbation are very pleasurable but now only about six times a month. It takes a bit longer to get hard now, spontaneous erections only happen occasionally at night when sleeping, never during the day.

-Submitted May 31, 2006

My penis is straigh and very vieny. The head is slightly smaller than the shaft and has small bumps all over it. I also have a mole right under the head. Noone has ever seen my penis so I have no compliments.My ejaculation ussaully shoots but only if I wait a few days.If I masterbate daily it ussally just dribbles out. I am happy with my penis I just wish my balls were bigger.

-Submitted May 31, 2006

I'm blessed with a very straight above average sized penis @ 7 inches. It's circumcised, and still works like a champ after 54 years. If I could change anything about it, it would be the circumference - I'd want it thicker. I ejaculate strongly, large volumes and shooting outward in a squirting fashion. Always have. Sometimes, if I J/O a lot or having sex for a second time in the same day or night, the cum just dribbles out. My cum is milky white, not yellowish like some. I've been told I have big balls - one lower than the other.

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-Submitted May 31, 2006

I have a very thick head and shaft, when excited it stands straight up with a curve to the left. Theres's a bend about halfway upwards which helps stimulate my partners G- spot quite easily. The skin is darker and will go to a shade of purple almost when I am ready to shoot. I take a long time to cum, but when I do I shoot buckets and shoot far. At least 6 - 10 solid ropes with the first few shooting over 6 feet. The semen varies from thick and almost solid to watery and thin. When thick it shoots far and when thin it sprays like a hose. I've been told I make an excellent lover and never had any complaints, even from women who had partners with a longer penis. I'd like to have another inch or so, but don't we all.

-Submitted May 31, 2006
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My Shape is pretty regular with an upright angle when erect. I find my overall size to be acceptable and it has a tan colour to it. the problem is I have bumps along the underneathblower part of my shaft. I can pop these bumps and a white puss comes out but they only shrink and keep coming back. also I have never had sexual relations so it can't be a STI, I also keep it clean by washing once or twice daily. So I am writing to see if any others have had this problem and if so how it was fixed. if you are responding to this please state somehow in your entry name or title, there are to many of these enties to read them all. and if the reviewer knows somthing add COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OR SOMTHING

-Submitted May 31, 2006

My penis is mostly the same width but a little thinner at the base. I think the skin is rather smooth it has more viens on the left side.And it has a few freckels.It bends to the left I believe becouse of masterbateing alot when I was 12 :).If I could change it I would make it a little longer and maybe a little thicker.I dont believe i've been rejected becouse of my penis and it was never nicknamed.I have been told its very nice and some say its big one person asked what i'm going to do when the moose I stole it from came looking for it I thought that was funny.When I ejaculate it shoots there isnt much and its always white I think theres not alot becouse I masterbate regularly.

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-Submitted May 31, 2006

my penis is about six inches long and is straight, pointed upward a little when I have an erection. if I could change it I might make it a little bigger but not much else. I am circumsized and I like it that way. I named my penis little jimmy because thats my name. my ejaculation is usually pretty powerful, and the first spurt sprays out, then the rest kind of squirts out. The semen is a white liquid but pretty thick and I usually ejaculate quite alot