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masturbation picture

free penis pictures

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-Submitted August 1, 2006

my penis is long and cut. nice pink head and the rest is a little darker than the rest of my body. When erected it goes straight up with no curve at all. I would never change my penis. I have never had any complaints about my penis and all the men cum to their knees at the sight of it. I always get compliments on my penis. My ejaculations are very enjoyable. It varies in how it releases. it mainly shoots a white stream of man juice.

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-Submitted August 1, 2006

Curves a little to the left. Bends downward. Skin is darker than my regular skin colour. If I could change it I'd make it about 8 inches and bend upward because that's my view of a good penis. When I ejaculate my semen squirts a little and the rest of it drools. The semen is white and think, very sticky. If I haven't masturbated in a while I cum about 3 tbps of semen.

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-Submitted August 1, 2006

Probably about average length, a little veiny. It doesn't bend at all. It just sticks out pretty straight. If I could change it, I'd probably make it longer. But it's ok like it is. I've never been rejected because of my penis. In fact, I think most people who have seen it like it better than I do. It has no nickname, but hey, maybe there's an idea! I have been complimented because of it, so that was a nice confidence booster. My ejaculation varies a good bit, depending on how long it has been since the last time I ejaculated and the cause of the ejaculation. If I'm masturbating and it's been a week or more, I usually shoot myself in the face, and there is a lot of juice that comes out with it. If I've ejaculated in the past day or few hours, it may be small but usually still has some shoot. It's usually a creamy color.

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-Submitted August 1, 2006

My penis is uncut, soft skin, brown color, pink at the top; relaxed it covers half the glans and keeps that position, when grows, glan gets uncover, gets red color, and bends to the left (I masturbate with right hand), and gets up straight. I wouldn't change it, I love how it looks both relaxed and erected. Men look at me in the showers as it shows among hair. No one has rejected it as I am a grower (small relaxed and large erected. Guys and girls have said it is cute. If I'm really horny it shoots, if not it drools, it is white and thick.

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-Submitted August 1, 2006

My penis has a symetrical shape with a normal sized head, slightly fatter in the middle of the shaft with a smooth texture. The shaft skin tone is the same as my regular skin tone with a purple head. My penis bends to the left and up, I would not change anything about it, all the guys I have been with think it is the right size for anything we want to do. When I come it squirts and it depends on the horniness level on how much it does squirt

-Submitted August 2, 2006

I have a very smooth, uncircumcised penis, pale in color, and its veins show. It bends slightly to the right, because, well, i'm a righty. I would not change it--i love my penis!!! I have never been rejected because of it, in fact, during a game of strip poker, I was complimented on it, and my partner loves it. My ejaculation varies depending on how long it has been since i've had an orgasm. I can shoot for several feet if being stimulated by my partner, but masturbation tends to be much more along the lines of squirt or dribble, milky white, and the amount also varies from tons to a small amount.

-Submitted August 2, 2006

My dick bends up and to the left. I am uncircumcised and I have a frenum piercing as well. Other than that I think it is pretty average. I don't think that I would change it, though a tiny bit longer may have been nice (it is about 6 inches erect). I am a grower. When I ejaculate I tend to shoot a bit of precum first, followed by a fair bit of white cum that initially squirts out, but then dribbles after the squirt.

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-Submitted August 2, 2006
Sex master

My penis is round and smooth. It is White with the head redish. I can't bend my penis, but I can make it vibrate maddly, which feels so good. I would not change my penis at all. It is fully funtional and I am happy with it. Nobody has ever rejected me for my penis before. My penis has the nickname sex toy. It is my own personal sex machine and baby maker. I have only been complimented by my penis. My ejaculation feels so good. I just lay down and rub my penis until I ejaculate all over me. During my ejaculation, it shoots so hard I could shoot it at my face. My semen is white.

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-Submitted August 3, 2006

My penus is a little darker than my skin tone and darker at the head. skin ismooth soft, and is thinner than the rest of my body skin. It is exsteamly sensetive below the head. It bends downward slightly. I cum allot with 7-8 streams. I use to squirt a great distance, now it varies from a dribble to a couple of real big squirts at the beginning, then decresing after each squirt.

-Submitted August 3, 2006

My penis is uncut, slightly darker than the rest of my skin. The head is widder than the shaft and it has a dark red tone. When erect it bends slightly upwards and it also points upwards. So far nobody has made any criticism about it or reject it. If anything, it has always been praised. My ejaculation varies very much with my mood, my arousal, my diet and my stress level. Usually I squirt strongly around 5 to 6 times. In a good day I can shoot cum over 4 or 5 feet away. The sperm is usually whitish and not too thick.

-Submitted August 4, 2006

My penis is uncut, bent ever so slightly up, and is equally thick from the base to the head, although it has a pronounced ridge around the bottom of the glans itself.

I've never been rejected because of it, my lovers have all appreciated it and what I can do with it. I've been complimented a few times, or its just been ignored. I've never been made fun of. My ejaculate is pretty creamy and thick most of the time, and I'm a squirter, not a dribbler, although I generally only shoot a few inches.

-Submitted August 4, 2006

My penis is probably about average in length and girth. It is light in color in comparision to many penises. There isn't anything I would change about it. It has been circumsized. This makes me wonder what it might be like if it were not cicumsized. I have never felt or known any rejection because of my penis. I have been complimented about it for straighness and length Ejaculation is usually a small squirt it varies in amount. Pre-ejaculation fluid is plentiful and probably unusual compared to other males.

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-Submitted August 4, 2006

Penis is smooth with a vien through the middle and gets a little dark instead of red when erect. It bends to the right and down and is uncircumsized. No I would not change it because all the girls ive been with absolutely love it. Litte J was the name of it. My penis when flaccid is only 3 inches and thin. Never been made fun of or at least that I now of. My ejaculation depends on how horny I was. If im not really horny, I dribble or drool but if im horny I shoot for distances and sometimes even spray.

-Submitted August 5, 2006

My penis is about average size for my age, I guess. The only thing about it is that on the left side my forskin is attached to my penis head, I know it sounds wierd. I dont know how normal this is. I hope to get this fixed with surgery someday. My penis has lots of visible viens in it, brown, and curved to the left. I am still a virgin, so I guess I havent been rejected. My penis does not have a nick name. My ejaculations are intense, since I prolong the masturbation time. I like to masturbate for about 1 hour or longer, so the ejaculation is usually a lot and it shoots out. My cum is really white and kinda thick. In general I am pretty pleased with my penis, I just hope my partners will be.

-Submitted August 5, 2006

My penis is cut and light brown. Soft texture andenough skin to masturbate dry.When my penis is flaccid it bends many ways, when erect it bends to the right about 15 degrees.I like my penis the way it is thick and long. Never had rejection yet. I don't have a name for it yet so maybe I will. People that see my dick errect like it and would like to feel it but I like t keep him to myself. When I cum I shoot usually 3 ropes or more.

-Submitted August 6, 2006

My penis is average I guess?!, texture is very ribbed, normal colour, kept pretty neat down there no hair on balls or shaft, etc... It is pretty straight and points up a bit. Relaxed it is not that big about 8cm, not circumcised so forskin covers it, pulls back when erect which is 18cm to show knob which is a mid-red colour and smooth. Wouldn't change much, maybe a bit wider. Never been rejected because of it, and never had a name. Ejaculation varys depending on how long i've been going, mostly shooting about 5 or 6 inches then dribbling at the end, Sometimes it just dribbles out a nice white creammy goo.

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-Submitted August 6, 2006

My cock curves to the left hard or soft with a fairly large head (2), circumsised. I would prefer an inch more in length and not so sensitive. No nicknames for it, wife says it is just right. I have very intense orgams. Cum varies from semi clear to thick white depending on frequency. Ejaculation varies from 3+ foot squirts to drools, again depending frequency. Orgasms are usually 2-5 times a week depending on schedule. I generally jack off to porn, and have vaginal sex 1 time per week

-Submitted August 7, 2006
Dave H.

My penis is all flesh colored...the same as the rest of my skin. Very smooth but veiny when really rock hard. When really hard, the head turns very slightly purplish from all of the blood flowing into it. The head flares our a little larger than the shaft when fully hard. It is very straight and is above horizontal when erect and throbbing. My balls and sack are the same flesh color as my penis. My left testicle hangs a little lower than my right one. They usually hang pretty low but pull up tight right before I cum. there is a seam of skin that runs down the bottom of my shaft and around my scrotum and to my asshole. I keep everything completely shaved for the sensation and visual purposes. I'm very fit and because og the shape and size of my penis and balls, it gets a lot of looks in locker rooms, etc. Girls seem to like it all too as they love to focus on everything up close while playing with it all. My erections are bone hard. It takes mybe two minutes for precum to begin dripping from the head.

-Submitted August 7, 2006

I have a grower. That is it isn't long when flaccid. I have what is called a dorsal hood because I have stage 1 hypospadias that was repaired when I was 17 and never was circumcised. My penis appears somewhat blunt and after the repair it did become more pointed although the meatus will always remain at the bottom of my glans. Only twice was the appearance of my penis brought up. Once in the high school locker room and once in the Navy which I never could have joined if I hadn't had the hypospadias repairs. 3 surgeries. Before my TURPS (transurethral resection of the prostate) my ejaculation was never a squirt. Now I only have retrograde ejaculation and have not seen my semen in years. The semen just simply came out. I think I would have liked to have had about a 7 incher NORMAL and neatly circumcised. In my earlier years my erections were pretty much straight up but now only straight out and only briefly. Won't stay up. Due to too many birthdays no doubt ! One last thing and that is I have a few hairs growing out of my dorsal hood that I trim off once in awhile. If I was circumcised the hair would not be there. So much for Peter.

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-Submitted August 7, 2006

My penis is straight when it's hard; no bend. Teh foreskin covers the head when I have an erection. I wish it was thicker and maybe a little longer too. My wife calls my penis Buddy. I've been teased in the locker room as a boy because I'm not circ'd. My cum is usually pretty thick, white, and if she wants me to beat off, it usually squirts first then runs out. I never measured the amount of cum.

-Submitted August 7, 2006

my penis seems to be at its widest in the middle and goes thinner at the nottom and towards the top and bends slighlty upwards. I would like my penis to be thicker but I am okay with tthe length. My partner calls mine henry haha, I have never been rejected by a anyone because of my penis I have a had compliments also. When I ejaculate it just seemd to dribble out and ive always wondered if this is okay :s there seemd to be alot of it and is white but on some occasions has been an offwhite yellow colour dnt ask me why lol

-Submitted August 7, 2006

My cock (I prefer the word and use it respectfully) is probably average in shape, and I'm guessing that, at 6.75 erect, it's a little longer than average in size and girth. It is circumcised and has fairly prominent blood vessels, but not to the extent of being gnarly. I would not change it except for my wish toi have longer, harder erections. It is fairly straight but tends to point toward my left hip. When I'm erect, it bends slightly upward. I love being erect; it reaffirms my feeling that despite my age, I still retain some of the personal and physical qualities of a seventeen year-old. Only six females on this earth have seen my cock, and four of these have not seen it for 35 or more years, so I don't obviously show it around a lot. I've never been rejected because of the appearance of my cock, and I still remember a favorite girlfriend (one of the six above) saying Oh, MY! with wide eyes and obvious delight when she first saw it. I've never been kidded about my cock except from a couple of jealous guys on my high school basketball team (I take some consolation in the fact that I was probably the worst player on the team but they all were considerably smaller than me!). My wife is scared of my cock, I think, which one of many reasons that our sex life is unfortunately close to zero. The copiousness of my ejaculation is directly proportional to the intensity of my arousal: in intercourse, it is smoother, clearer, and thinner, while in masturbation it is thicker and occasionally slightly yellowish. My come has always shot out of me: as a teenager, I could propel it quite a few feet, whereas now, I can get maybe a foot of distance. I have a healthy love for my cock and wish I could share it with someone who loves it equally well.

-Submitted August 7, 2006

Wider at the bottom, more like a slight wedge. Has a slight lean to the left, and curves up. Slightly darker than my skin. Smooth with bulging vains when erect. Feels great in the hand. Sometimes I'd like to have a few more inches, but trueth be spoken, I consider myself blessed, its a real nice one. All that have sampled it have enjoyed it, and I have too. Never have given it a name, never considered it. When I was a bit younger I could shot over my head, now just up to my shoulders. Shot on average two to five time, (thats two to five sepearate orgasms a night). The color is creamy white to milky clear. Some times its a bit chunky, which give the a felling of rubbing on the inside of my penis, a 3D effect ejaculation.

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-Submitted August 7, 2006
Unknown ...

The shape and color of my penis is normal. There is no curve or anything like that. I think it might be a little on the smaller side at a little under 6 inches. But whatever. I haven't had any complaints about that. It seems to me that girls care much more about how long a guy can last than the size of it. When I ejaculate, I usually don't shoot. Sometimes I do, but mostly it just seeps out.

-Submitted August 7, 2006

My penis is the same thickness until my head which is a little thinner. Its very smooth and white. it points straight out and arches up a little. I wouldn't mind an inch added but I'm pretty much happy about it. No one has ever rejected my penis, and it has not particular nickname. I've never been made fun of but have been complimented on its girth. When I cum, it shoots out in a few streams pretty forcefully when its been stimulated for a while. Its usually white and thick but sometimes its yellow.

-Submitted August 8, 2006

Well got to say that my penis is small when almost all the other guys that say their penis are big even if soft but are actually smaller than they say.the guys who say that should just say the truth and be happy with what they got.the color of my penis is tan when soft and a pinkish reddish color when I get a penis curves a little to the is uncut because I believe that I should be happy with what I have.

-Submitted August 8, 2006

I qm very happy with my penis. It's not too smqll that i'm embarassed, but it's not so big as to become a problem in gym class and sports. If I could change anyhting about my penis, it would probably be the lenghth. Ab extra inch would be nice, but i'm not complaining. I was not circumsized, but I do not have a forskin that hangs over the head of my penis. I'm not sure if that's common or not. My penis is about 3 inches when phlacid but I am constantly impressed by how much it grows when it I erect. My penis is relatively the same color as the rest of my body except for the head. It's a darker, pinkish color. My penis does curve to the left and I have an amazing ridge underneath that really gives it some texture. When I masturbate, the head of my penis becomes very large and let's just say i'm definitely a shooter. lol. I am happy with my penis.

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-Submitted August 8, 2006

It is pretty small when soft, maybe 3 or 4 inches long. I have a very tight circumcision, and the scar is close to halfway down the penis. Im white, and my penis is a bit tan looking, with a darker ring where I am circumcised. The skin moves a little bit when Im soft, but when erect, the skin pulls tight to almost painfull. I love my penis, it feels great, and does a good job!

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-Submitted August 8, 2006

My penis is only about 2.5 flaccid and is very thin. Erect it goes to about 5.5 and fairly fat. It has a slight U curve. I was circumcised - very poorly - at 3 1/2 years of age as a punishment for constantly having my hand down my pants. The doctor was convinced that would cure me. Yeah, right! The color is fairly light and reddish. The head used to be very dark, but that has faded over the years. It generally points to the right when erect - I figure because I'm a lefty and all those years of playing with it have had some effect.

I guess it would be considered a grow-er. I wish it were a show-er and an inch or so longer. When they cut me, they were also repairing a hernia and chopped off a little too much scrotal skin, so my sac is very tight. If I could change that I would.

I've only had one partner. She never complained and when I would, she tried to make me feel better about it. I've never been made fun of because of it because I've never been undressed in anyone else's presence (other than my doctor and my wife).

Over the years, my ejaclate has changed. When I was younger, it varied from very liquidy to somewhat stringy if I went a few times in a row. Now, it is generally just liquidy. It has always been cloudy and whitish. The volume also changes based on how excited I am. A half hour or more of viewing explicit materials will produce more than tossing a load in the shower (with no other influences). When I ejaculate, it shoots fairly well - though less now then when I was a teen.

Although I love to play with it and love the pleasure it brings me, my penis has always been a source of angst too. If there were ever truly a safe, effective way to enlarge it, I would. I would love to be the one that others stared at in admiration in the locker room.

-Submitted August 8, 2006

My penis is long, narrow and very thick, the color is white with a light brown ring outlining the where I was cut at a very young age. My penis dose not have any curves or bends in it, it is pretty much straight. The only thing that I would like to change is my length. I have never had anyone rject my penis, I have had alot of comments on my size and shape of my penis.

My ejaculations vary from time to time, sometimes I might shoot, and sometimes I might dribble. My cum is a white clear fluid, I usally cover my partners face when I cum, I have had very few when I havent covered my parners face.

-Submitted August 9, 2006

my penis has a semi-smooth texture peach color on the shaft with it being pinker around the head. it doesnt bend in any direction which is a little odd. it has a mole on the side of the shaft that is about a centimeter big and streches to almost an inch when I get an erection. I get the mole removed personally if I had to change it becuase its made me kinda self concieous recently. ive never been regected becuase of my penis and it doesnt have a nickname. i've been told by one of my freinds once when she was bored that my penis was perfect of course she never saw it. she had me describe it to her which then I recieved the perfect comment for. I also had one of my partners tell me it was superb to perform oral sex on becuase it fit their mouth perfectly. ejaculation for me is intense and almost life draining if I don't masterbate or orgasm for more then two days, but if I masterbate or orgasm once or more a day it kinda feels hollow and like a chore. when I do ejagculate after more then two days it shoots out and then kinda drools. if I egaculate once or more a day it kinda squirts and then nothing. also I believe its worth mention that I dont secrete any pre-cum during sex or masterbation

-Submitted August 9, 2006

My Penis curves to the left just a nudge I think, It's a bit darker then my like arms, but not like crazy. If I could change it I would make it straight, because I think that'd be more normal. I've never had a rejection, but I'm also abstinant...

My ejaculation squirts out in about 12-17 pumps but it doesn't seem to be alot. Somtimes its thick like and sticky but othertimes it's like really think.

-Submitted August 9, 2006

I have recently shaved all of the hair off my penis. It stands erect in the direction of the ceiling when standing, but has a slight lean to the left.

The head is about an inch long when fully erect and I am cut, having been circumcised as a child. My balls drop down about 3 or 4 inches from my shaft.

When erect, my penis goes a light purple colour and throbs. The most sensitive part of my penis is the head - when masturbating I seem to concentrate more on my top 3 inches and don't usually stroke lower than this, though I also always have to use lube, and sometimes spit as a lubricant.

Generally I spurt a few inches in the air when I cum, and this is combined with me clenching my bum to increase sensation. I will come all over the place if I also have anal stimulation, sometimes with up to 6 or 7 squirts.

I'm a grower and not much of a show-er, my flaccid length being only around 1.5inches.

I would love another inch or two on top of my current shaft length, and I would like to concentrate more on rubbing my penis the full length during wanking. When hard, my penis goes rock hard and I really like this due to the increased sensations I achieve during a wank.

-Submitted August 9, 2006

I've been told I have the perfectly shaped penis. I'm cut, an nice even coloring, evenly thick shaft with the head being slightly thicker. Sticks out straight with just a slight bend to up. I've been complimented on my size and have had praise go to the doctor who did the circumcision. Have had only one partner say they couldn't take it being too big, the rest have been ecstatic!

Depending on how long I've gone without ejaculating, and on how long I've been stimulated, orgasm go from a few spurts to a drool or if overly excited I can shoot up onto my chest.

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-Submitted August 10, 2006

I am uncut with a tight foreskin so when its retracted it makes my head swell so ususally the foreskin stays forward. I don't like the skin of my dick. Its kind of bumpy (maybe aggrivated by plucking hairs). Also my scrotum skin goes all the way up the underside of my penis so I have a lot of loose skin which I dislike. I would change the skin if possible but I generally like the size and shape. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. Someone did like the way my bell-end swelled to make it too big to fit in the mouth. My ejaculation is usually a dribble (not shooting) but lots of cum.

-Submitted August 10, 2006

My penis is triangular shaped because of my urethra. It's entirely smooth. It's a two tone brown color with a line where I was circumsized. It bends very slightly to the left. I would not change my penis if I could. I've never been rejected because of it. I named it Chuck because I have a very hard erection and Chuck is a strong name. I've never been made fun of nor complimented. When I have an ejaculation it shoots a little out then it begins to drool. My cum is always really white.

-Submitted August 11, 2006

My penis is whit with a few viens. It points straight up when erect and is perfectly straight. I guess my penis is above average but I wish I could have a bigger penis. I am quite a tall guy so everyone thinks I have a huge penis. I have never had any complaints from my girlfriends but once a girl walked into the mens change room by accident when I was naked and all alone. She saw that I wasnt huge, only average and she told everyone in the school. When I cum it usually shoots out and is a creamy white colour.

-Submitted August 11, 2006

Mine is straight and fat with a slight curve to the right. It's a little bit darker color than my own skin color and it feels nice and soft. I wouldn't want to change anything about it because my boyfriend loves it just the way it is. He loves riding it as much as I love riding him. I make a lot of precum so there's really no need for lube except when getting ready to make love. When I have my ejaculation it can shoot up to my chest in thick white ropes or it can spray all over me in a grayish color.

-Submitted August 11, 2006
Mr B

My penis is straight with a slight curve up toward my belly. I have soft skin but it is textured with little bumpies below my circumcision line. My ejaculation is fairly heavy and it squirts out quite a bit with a few stong pumps about a second apart.

-Submitted August 11, 2006

My penis is long but I feel that it is not thick enough. It has the same shape all along. The head is not much bigger than the shaft. It bends to the left and is curved upwards. I would like for it to be thicker. I feel it is to thin. My girlfriend says no, but I would feel more confident if it would have more girth. My girlfriend calls it the Energizer Bunny because it just keeps going and going...My ejaculation shoots and then drools in pulsating motions. It is clearish white in colour. All in all I just wish that my penis was a little bit thicker.

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-Submitted August 11, 2006

My penis is light brown, slightly darker than the rest of my body. It has a few hairs on the sides and one at the top. It bends to the left and down in a slight u-bend curve. I would like my penis to be straighter and point up more. I have an uncircumcised penis and my foreskin is very ample which I love. My partner calls my penis 'Wilf', not sure why but it started when she first saw him. She used to hold him and talk to him for a laugh, after a while she started to call him wilf and it just stuck, so to speak. I have had 3 sexual partners and they have all complimented my penis, saying it is a good length and thickness, that they are always satisfied. My current partner even says my penis is handsome, which I have to say is actually true! I have quite a runny ejaculation, it used to be thicker and whiter but it changed when I had a vasectomy a few years ago. Ejaculations don't feel any different though. Most times when I ejaculate my penis drools but if I stay aroused for a long time (say more than an hour) it shoots big time.

-Submitted August 11, 2006

Uncut, decent amount of foreskin. Pretty white, pink to purple head, with smooth skin.

Bends slightly to the left, more so when soft, points straight up almost flush against my stomach. Its a grower rather than a shower most of the time. I might make it a little longer, but I think I would loosen my foreskin a little.

No one has rejected me because of it, Its had no nick names, I have been complimented a few times on my forskin and its size.

My ejaculation depends, sometimes it shoot a short distance, ocationnally its over my head. Theres a lot of it, and it varries from clearish yellow to bright white.

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-Submitted August 12, 2006
my penis

My penis has kind of mottled skin, probably from masturbating so much. The veins are very visible. I'm circumsized. It bends slightly to the left. I'd change it by making it longer if I could, because women do prefer big ones. I've never been rejected by a woman once involved with her because of my penis, but I have had initial advances rebuffed for being too small. I call my penis Wilbur, because that's a funny sounding name. My best friend, who is also a beautiful woman and my lover, says that she likes my penis because Good things come in small packages. My ejacuate is usually clotted, white, and fairly small in quantity; it dribbles.

-Submitted August 12, 2006

My penis is uncut with a large head. The foreskin easily slides back behind the head and forms a neat collar. When I am erect, my penis curves down like a banana. The skin on the shaft is quite smooth, while the head is a reddish purple. I used to shoot a load over my shoulder when I was lying down, but most shoot small ribbon now. I shoot quite a large load if I have not ejaculated in several days. I have often been told by guys that I have a good looking, handsome penis.

-Submitted August 12, 2006

Penis although below average is well proportoned and nicely colored. I have a gentle inward curve like a banana, I am uncut and enjoy it. So have many of my partners. My ejaculation is usually prolific and white or gray white in color. I cum about 2 tablespoons shooting it several inches depending upon how hard it is. My balls are above average in how they hand and the actual sie of the testes.

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-Submitted August 12, 2006
Vic F.

Now that I am older (61) - my penis is changing. It seems shorter when soft, more difficult to get erect, & more difficult to ejaculate - with less ejaculate volumn. I was circumsized, but not deep, so now my foreskin goes about half way up the head of my penis when soft. My testicules seem very large & hang quite low now. I had a girl friend about 15 years ago who said my penis was the hardest she had ever felt! Not so anymore, I am sure. My ejaculate sometimes shoots large globs, but mostly drools (it use to spray years ago!) The fluid is yellowish white. I still get large amounts of pre-cum fluid.

-Submitted August 12, 2006

I have an average size dick. It is 5 & 1/2 inches long, and relatively thick. It is straight, with a pretty big mushroom head. When I ejaculate, it varies. Sometimes I squirt, sometimes I dribble. I am self-conscious about it though, because every other dick that I've seen has been bigger than mine. Don't get me wrong, I like what I have, but I really wouldn't mind an inch more. Honestly though, I like my dick, and give it alot of attention (3-4 times a day, to be exact).

-Submitted August 12, 2006

I have an average-size dick. It is five and a half inches long, and relatively thick with a big mushroom head. No bends or curves, just a straight arrow. When I cum, I dribble, drool, shoot, squirt and spray an awful lot of white, creamy sprem. I am a virgin, so no nickname or comments about it. Personally, I wish I had an inch or so more, because every other dick that I've seen has been bigger than mine by atleast an inch and a half. Overall though, I don't really worry about it. I love my small dick, and give it ALOT of attention (3-4 times a day, to be exact, maybe more).

-Submitted August 12, 2006

While my penis is not ultra-small or disfunctional, it is not nearly as large as I wish. It can get erect and hard to a size of 5.5 long and 4 around. I like the shape of my penis (straight and the head is a little larger that the shaft). It is circumscribed. With an erection the penile skin gets very taut.

With intercourse, I think that there is very little friction/resistance for my wife to feel in her vagina. If I use water based lubrication or she is wet it slides into her so freely that she does not really feel it. I would pay big money if I could change the size of my erect and flaccid penis without being disfigured. My wife loves me and tries to downplay the importance of size to not hurt my feelings, but we both know that intercourse is not stimulating for her and she has never had a vaginal orgasm.

Once I was rejected by a woman. We were in the process of having a one night stand (I thought). We were slightly drunk. She pulled of my pants to expose my penis. She looked at it and touched it for a few seconds. She politely pulled up my pants and said that she needs to go to sleep! It was obvious that she was not impressed.

When it is flaccid it looks way too small, about 1.5 inches long and embarassingly thin and meager. I get self conscious at public urinals because someone might see it.

my ejaculate squirts about 1 foot and is whitish yellow. there is about .5 teaspoon for volume.

I truly feel like I am abnormal obsessed with penis size. I see photos of well endowed men in porn or the locker room and truly get jealous.

I have worn a penis extention sleeve in my underwear while getting a massage and felt proud and confident, even if it was artificial. The woman masseuse noticed the obvious fullness in my pants and she flirted with me and gave me extra attention because she admired my bulge

-Submitted August 12, 2006

Standing at attention it is 4 inches long, sort of flat on the top for the entire length, and not circumcised, but the foreskin has been skinned back for so long that it seldom hoods over the head. It bends upward abruptly about 1/2 way out. I would definitely have penile inversion surgery to form a vagina because quite frankly, that's what I should have been born with. I've been rejected on several occasions because of length, but was told it was cute! It's been giggled at. My ejaculate drools, and sometimes comes out in globbs, yet at times shoots out about 3 ft. Usually clear, white, or transparent. That's me!

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-Submitted August 12, 2006

My 5 inch penis, measured by my wife an RN, is slightly thinner at the base until about 2/3 the way to the tip where it is 1 3/4 inches thick. It then tapers to a point within the head. The head is 1 3/8 thick both in width and length and curves near the tip. The color is a uniform tan with just a hint of red color beginning 1 inch under the corona. It has pronounced veins along with smaller distinct veins that sprial from left to right. It has a hint of an upward curve along the top. My ejaculation and orgasm is strong resulting in a large volume, about 8 squirts and I have measured almost 2 teaspoons. It's consistancy is a thick white and clear fluid mix. I do masturbate frequently, twice a day or more. I aim it straight up so it does not hit my face as it still shoots quite a distance although sometimes it is weaker depending on how excited I am.

If it could I would wish that it was two inches longer and an inch bigger around. My x-wife, before we divorced, commented that my dick was too small in front of a group of friends, both male and female, so everyone knows. After that one of the woman always had call me little dick in front of everyone, even strangers. Women would give me that knowing smile even though I didn't even know them. A girl friend once said that she was so glad I was not big, but she quickly said I was not small either (whoops). It was just that her ex had 11 inches. My current wife once said that I didn't seem to have a dick and asked why it was pointy. She likes it very much anyway. She says it is a torpedo dick and I guess it does resemble a torpedo. I don't want to give it to her much anymore because I have a small penis mental complex now.

-Submitted August 12, 2006
Arizona Guy

My penis is light tan with a slightly pink head. My frenum is pierced and my wife likes to play with the piercing. I am circumcised so don't know what it would feel like to have a foreskin. It bend slightly to the left and downward. There are large veins on the sides and small one on the top. When I have an erection my urethra sticks out a lot on the bottom. Pubic hair gets regular trimming because it improves the overall look. I wouldn't change anything about my penis. My wife especially likes my tight scrotum. No one has ever complained about size or performance. My wife calls my penis Mr. Pee Pee. My ejaculations are not as intense as they used to be due to medications but still are enjoyable. I can shoot about a foot and a half and then it dribbles out. The color varies but there are usually some white streaks mixed in with clearer fluid.

-Submitted August 12, 2006
small down under

My penis is weird. I can't ever tell what it's going to do. It's always getting hard for no apparent reason-it's quite embarrassing in school and when I'm sitting on the couch next to my sisters. It bends to the right, I guess because I tuck it in that way and it just goes that way now. I have no nickname. It's dick. My shoots out. Trying to masturbate is hard. Even with a tissue on, it still leaks out all over my hand.I still love my little buddy though. Anyway, that's all I have to say about my penis for now.

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-Submitted August 13, 2006

Hmm, my penis... In general, my penis is of average size while erect, but, as one girl friend described it, it is a grower not a shower. While a respectable size erect, it is not impressive flacid, with a distinct curve to the right.. That has always been an issue for me; no showering after sports, embarassment in front of women, etc.

It is normally pale in color with a red to purple-red head. When erect, my penis is fairly constant width along the shaft, but with a rather large head. The shaft is about 5.5 inches long (or longer, it depends on how excited I am - sometimes my penis is about 7.25 inches erect, and sometimes it is about 6.75 inches) but the head is about 2 inches long and about the same at its widest, the bell end. As such, the head has a very pronounced ridge that women seem to really enjoy. Some more than others, but in general, they seem to comment on the ability to really feel the head as it pops into them and then feel the ridge inside. Women do, in general, seem to like my testicles as well. They are medium to large and hang low. My wife likes it when they bounce off of her clitoris when we have sex...

The one thing I do seem to have, and I have been complimented on this numerous times, is the ability ejaculate very strongly. Often when ejaculating I am able to shoot over my girlfriend/wifes head from the missionary or doggy style positions. My record was over five feet, stopped only by the wall! My wife always seems to enjoy seeing me ejaculate and will often just lie there and masterbate me just to watch. The distance is highly coupled to the amount of water I have been drinking; if I have been drinking a lot, it will shoot far, if not, the semen is thicker and may only go a foot or two. Normally, I have one or two (sometimes three) strong ejaculations and several (four or five) smaller ones where the semen esentially dribbles out.

-Submitted August 13, 2006
Small Gus

Slight upward curve and a little to the left. Circumcised. 5 to 5 1/2 inches when erect.

I think my penis is smaller than average. More than one ex-girlfriend has commented you're small. They have done that in different ways. More than one mentioned something about most of the other guys they had been with being much larger. One directly said one morning you're small. Another one described her brother-in-law (HUGE) but mentioned that his size frequently caused her sister problems (pain, urinary infections, etc.) -- and then said something about how I seemed to make the best use of what I had.

If I could change my penis, I would give it about 2 or 3 inches more in length and about another inch in girth.

Despite being small, I manage to shoot quite a bit of cum. One ex commented (after giving me a delicious hand job) about the volume of cum that I had pumped out. She wanted to take a picture, but the batteries had died in her digital camera.

-Submitted August 13, 2006

my penis is about 5 inches, maybe 6, when erect. It has a slight downward curver and points down rather than up. It has strange spots on it, all natural that are not caused by std's or skin disorder but are merely blemishes.

My penis starts normal size at the head and widens until it is at full girth in the middle at aproximatley 4.5 - 5 inches in girth. than it tapers down to the very base where it is the same girth as the head.

-Submitted August 13, 2006

Penis has a downward curve, I would straighten it out if I could. Ejaculate slowly rolls out, thick whitish ejaculate, average amount. Penis skin is very smooth. During family weekend from basic training penis was skinnier and different shape when erect.

My wife is filling this out for me as I am answering the questions, I'm just not that kinda guy. I do not wish to normally discuss matters of my penis.

-Submitted August 14, 2006

My penis faces about 30 degrees from my balls when it is down and about 30 from my stomach when it is up. It is very soft and quiet dark for my complexion. I am black. It does not bend to the sides in any way but when down it sometimes looks like I have an erection which can be quiet imberasing (sp) sometimes. Especially since I am a gym freak and I take shower at the gym after training. One thing I dont like most about my penis can be the fact that I have somethings that look like pimples around my head. Thos can be embarassing when I have to sometimes explain it to my chiks. I went to a doctor but he said it was normal and most men had it. Another thing that could be unique about my penis is that when erect, sometimes ny head gets very huge and sometimes very very small. I would change my penis if I could. Get it bigger (length, girth, width, head). This would boost my confidence in a great way cause im sometimes rejecting girls cause of this and here in south africa, your reputation goes down the drain if you do that. I've never had anyone reject me before,(maybe its because I can give it to them nice), but that is my worst fear. My ex-girlfriend gave it the name 'pimple piel' when we broke up (piel is south african slang for penis) and almost the whole of s.a knew about this. I guess she wanted me to starve!!!lol Ive been complemented on how I use it but funny enough girls would never say anything about my size!! My ejaculation is like nothing on this earth (especially when I am drunk), it just feels good. I can actually feel my heart beat down there if you know what I mean. When I ejaculate, it usually shoots but since I masturbate about 5 times a day, sometimes it can just dribble and sometimes nothing. It depends on hoew long ive been doing it. The lot also depends on when I cum, a lot when I shoot then sometimes nothing. My cum is pure white.

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-Submitted August 14, 2006
Gregory Turner

My penis isn't that big. I have seen much bigger penises in movies. My penis is the same color as my body, although my balls are much darker in color. My penis is circumsized. My penis curves upwards when its hard, but just slightly, but not to either side. If I could change it I would make it a bit bigger. no one has ever said my penis is small or made fun of it, but then no one has ever said that it looks very good or very big. I guess its just a real average penis. It ejaculates very hard, and there's usually very much, it seems much more than I've seen in movies. No one else, other than a few friends who I've masturbated with a few times has seen me ejaculate, but even they said it was lots of semen. It shoots pretty far, and it makes a lot of mess, which although I like how it looks means that when I masturbate there always lots of mess, and its usually all over that needs cleaning.

-Submitted August 14, 2006

I think that my penis is very average, particularly for my age. It is normal in shape, circumsized, small when flaccid, but OK when aroused. It is straight and well proportioned when hard. I am a white male, and my penis colour is the same, except when excited the head gets very red. Eeveryone I've met so far has accepted it as it is. I masturbate regularly still, often 2 or 3 times a day. My ejaculate seems pretty normal, creamy colour and consistency, sometimes spurts out, sometimes just runs out, depending often on frequency of masturbation. Seems to be an average amount the first time, about a teaspoon, less each consecutive ejaculation. Pre-ejaculate tastes sweet, ejaculate tastes more bitter. And yes, I am very happy with it, it gives me great feelings!

-Submitted August 15, 2006

My penis is quite small when soft, but gains length and girth significantly. Very straight, pinkish to brownish with not many veins, cut when I was mature, so not a pretty scar. Hangs at 90* to my body, wish it were more up pointing. A nice mushroom, flared at the corona which makes it great for sensitivity. Testicles are not low hanging (shame) and disappear upwards when near ejaculation, which used to dribble, but lately has got very strong, often shooting one foot or more, especially when someone else is giving me pleasure. It's not true for me that my penis got lazy with age, the only change I notice is it gets soft more quickly after ejaculation and takes longer for me to cum, which is nice!

-Submitted August 15, 2006

I like my cock, its got a nice bulbous head and uncut. One large vein down the middle of the shaft. It bends a little to the left and has a patch of darkened skin from where I masturbate thats been there since I was a teenager. I masturbate with my thumb on the top of the head and all 4 fingers spread down the underside of the shaft, jerking the foreskin back and forth over the head. When I come its a good quantity but seldoms shoots, more of a dribble. I've only ever had postive comments or none at all. After ejaculation it can stay hard for a few minutes. I would like an extra few inches, it would just feel nicer to have a bigger cock in my hand.

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-Submitted August 15, 2006

It's slightly darker in color than the rest of my skin, but not hugely so. I hate the way it curves: up at the base, to the left in the middle, and then down at the tip. Although nobody has ever complained about it, a few partners have noticed this and I get very self conscious, although they have few other complaints.

I'm uncircumcized and really grateful for it - there are so many fantastic sensasations to be had from stimulation where the foreskin meets the shaft, and it is much easier to mastubate with it than when I try to without. When I first started ejaculating (at 15 after more than four years of dry masturabation - I'm not kidding) I could shoot several teapsoons-worth onto the wall behind my head when I was lying in bed. Now, 15 years later, it barely dribbles out and only in tiny quantities. My last girlfriend used to insist that I show her the intact condom after sex as proof that we were safe, and sometimes she didn't even believe that I had come. She nicknamed my penis Rudolph because I suggested it as a possible name if we ever had a boy and she hated it.

Like nearly everyone I would make it bigger if I could - both wider and longer when erect but I'm not really sure about whether I would change its flaccid state. It's pretty small when soft - I'm very much a grower - but I wonder whether it will be comfortable in the kind of tighter underwear I prefer. I'd also make it straighter, and would have liked to be able to retract the foreskin without too much pain before I was 21, which I couldn't really manage.

-Submitted August 16, 2006

My penis is thick and soft-skinned, with a darker tone, something like cafe au lait. It sticks straight out with no bend at all and it's very difficult to hide an erection, which is one thing I would change about it. I have had someone refuse me because of the size, saying it would not fit in and if I managed to wedge it in, it would be uncomfortable. My penis has never had a nickname and I have been made fun of for it simply because it's too difficult to hide an erection due to the sticking straight out. My ejaculation is powerful and a lot comes out at once, at least 8 powerful bursts. Sometimes it feels as though it will tear my penis apart, but that's rare and only when I'm extremely turned-on. I mostly shoot during ejaculation and it's all white. I also leak pre-ejaculate well before ejaculation and often to my humiliation because of wet stains on my clothes.

-Submitted August 16, 2006
My penis description

My penis is long and wide, it curves slightly to the bottom and has a very large head on it. Yes I am circumsized. it is the same color as the rest of my body but the skin around my scrotum is a couple shades darker. it has several suddel veins in it. I probably would not change it. I have never been rejected because of it. No I have never named my penis. I have been complimented by people. my ejaculation is very quick. at first the sperm just kind of squirts out but then it slowly dribbles out. when I am in the process of masturbation I do experience some pre-cum if u will. and I usually shoot alot of sperm if I havent masturbated in awhile, but if I masturbated maybe the day before there is not alot of sperm. and it is white and clear, very gooey and sticky.

-Submitted August 16, 2006
Happily Average

My penis is slightly curved upward, with a somewhat large, mushroom head. I have a lot of pubic hair around the base. It is very veiny, and sticks up at a noticeable angle when it's hard. My partners have generally been happy with it - one lady thought it was just ok - but mostly satisfied. My cum tends to be thick - drools - but when I have been aroused for a long time, there is a lot of extra, and it shoots pretty far. It is milky white.

-Submitted August 17, 2006

My penis bends to the left. It is pale in color.I am cut. The head is smooth and a little darker then the shaft. The edge of my head curls up a little. Nothing special about it. I would not change a thing about my penis. My ejaculation varies from a strong shoot to a dribble. It depends on when the last time I ejaculated. The color is usually more clear, but some times it is thick and white.

Due to various medications I am taking I do not usually get a full hard erection. My penis does swell. I am able to have an orgasum. They still fell as exciting as ever. Sometimes when I ejaculate my penis becomes hard for a very short time. In spite of this I still enjoy masturbating myself or with others.

-Submitted August 17, 2006

my penis is the shape of an arrow. It is very smooth and is multicolored, the bottom is tannish brown and the top is whitish red.It curves up and to the right very slightly. for some odd reason I have hair growing about 4/5 of the way up my shaft or 4 out of the 5 inches. Many girls compliment my penis size as other say its really small, I guess its a matter of preference. When I ejaculate it is like my penis pulses and depending how many times ive masturbated or the past days it either shoots squirts dribbles or just pours out. The hornier I am the bigger the shot. Most of the time it is a thick white ejaculation but every so often it is runny and clear

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-Submitted August 18, 2006
My Average Penis

I've always thought my penis is small, and I've been embarassed to have sex with a woman, but I'm getting more comfortable. My penis is about 6 when I'm completely erect, and perhaps a little thinner than I'd like. I feel like it's way too small when flaccid, so I'm always embarassed in locker rooms, but it seems to get semi hard when I'm around a lover, so it doesn't look that bad. If I could, I would like to make it a bit longer and thicker, but not too much.

As I've aged, I've become less worried about people's perceptions of my dick. For younger people reading this, please realize that it really is not that important to most women. It's more important to enter into a sexual situation with confidence, so do that - just be confident. Be confident that you will find a way to satisfy your lover, and that she will find a way to satisfy you. Truth is, this is almost always the case.

-Submitted August 18, 2006

My penis is curved down and light in texture. It is cute and have a redish purpls shine to it (the head). It stands upwards but curves down. I would change it to bigger length, about 2 inches. And straight. No one have ever really seen it so no rejections.

My is ejaculation is fun, orgasms feel great and it is a total stress releaver. My orgasm vary, but mostly it squirts. And my semen is white and water color.

-Submitted August 18, 2006

My penis circumsized, and there no apparent scar. It is of average length, but quite thick in comparison. The girth is uniform from the base, and does not taper or narrow to the head. The head is wider than the shaft, and the colour is a dark purple shade. When erect, the colour of my penis gets much darker, and the skin tends to get a 'shiny' sheen, as the skin stretches over the shaft and head. I have been told that I have an attractive penis, and that it is very well proportioned.

-Submitted August 18, 2006

My penis looks regular like the ones in the anime. I masturbated when I was 12 I used lots of lotion that made penis smooth. I shave and had it still have a foreskin. It dose not bend any way only down and up. I do have a specil madecal problem. My penis does not grow. For some muscular reason my penis is the same size when flacid or erect. Never rejected because of penis. I would try to let my penis grow a little more to average size of 6 inches. Don;t have a nick name, but do get complimented on in the shower room for big flacid penis. My ejaculation is really extreme. First time I orgasm was when I was in 6th grade It was intense. My best friend taught me. Of course were not gay we didn't see each other. Any way I pass out from the intenseity for a few minute. That what my friend says. My ejaculation shoot once I measure it and it shot 5 feet of course that was when I when to band camp and couln't masturbate for 3 months. I don't have a lot of sprem I think and it was clear when I statred know it's a bit milky.

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-Submitted August 19, 2006

My penis is uncircumcised it is pale and curves a little to the left. I like to keep my pubes trimmed and sometimes will shave smooth. I tend to have more errections when it is smooth, this can sometimes be a little awkward in the sauna, but then the blokes there seem to enjoy looking at it anyway. I have no reservations in showing it off fully errect once i've adapted to the idea that it is not causing offence.

-Submitted August 19, 2006

My penis is not circumcised which I like. When flaccid my penis is around 8 centimers long and some 3 centimers wide but it can also be much smaller in some conditions(cold, after having a swim or other sportive activity). When I was around 6 years old it was noticed that my foreskin could not be retracted all the way. My frenulum was attached rather high at my glans. Therefor the docter made a small cut in my frenulum so my forskin could retract more easily. This also made my urethral opening a bit wider than before. In erection my penis is around 16,5 cm long and rather thicker than other erect penises(yes I have seen and touched some because of my bisexual nature). I have a rather straight erect penis with a slight bend to the left.

As my urethral opening is rather wide my ejaculations tends to be more squirting than shooting. My cum is mostly creamy but sometimes when I did not ejaculate for a while more fluid.

-Submitted August 19, 2006

My penis is shaped like most penises, I guess. I'm circumcized. About halfway down my shaft, it goes from light skin to dark... the result of my circumcision. It hangs a little to the left, but it's not bent. I guess I'd make it longer. No, I've never been rejected because of my cock. No, I've never given it a nick-name. When I come, I can feel the cum traveling through my balls. There's a twinge of pleasure, and then everything starts to contract. It lasts about five seconds, and then it's over. My orgasm varies between dribble, shoot, and squirt. Also, depending on how long its been since my last wank, the amount varies. Its... uh... white?

-Submitted August 20, 2006

The penis is short, 2 when flacid and is soft to the touch. It is light color skin tone. When flacid it is up tight again the body and about 2-3 inches in length. When erect it is 6.13 inches long, it is fairly straight with a light upbend to it. It is circumsized. Not sure I would change anything except maybe add about 1/2 inch in length. I have never been rejected for my penis for any reason. I have never had a nick-name for my penis nor have any of my partners given it one. I have never been made fun of about my penis. I have been told that it is thick and fills the space ncely when inserted. My usualy partner has told me nothing needs to change with regards to my penis. My ejaculate is milky and thick. It tastes salty at times and sweet at other times. During ejaculation, at times it shoots and other times it squirts. It is fairly plentiful unless I have ejaculated more than three times in a 12 hour period. My ejaculate is light milky white in color.

-Submitted August 20, 2006

I am a caucasian with a smooth 6 inch straight medium brown erect penis with with a purple normal sized helmut. I can attain a full erection quickly with moderate stimulation. I would change nothing about my penis. I masturbate to orgasm 2 to 4 times a week. I have a milky ejaculate (about a teaspoon full) that dribbles out. I have an Aneros and use it with success occasionally

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-Submitted August 20, 2006

My penis is perfectly straight, and goes at a 75 degree angle. It is very smooth, and the head is dark pink, while the shaft is tannish. Would not change it. No rejections, no nicknames (does a nickname seem a little strange, or is it just me?) Lots of compliments, my partner loves to have sex. My ejaculation actually shoots about a foot for the whole orgasm. There is a lot of semen, and it is sticky and white.

-Submitted August 21, 2006

(1) Texture is soft, no visible veins on the base part of the shaft, few veins can be seen at the top part when errect. Base of the shaft is Dark brown, Top part is reddish (2) it's Slightly bent towards my left when errect, faces slightly downwards when errect (3) I would like to enlarge it (4) No nick names (5) I have been complimented several times by males by seeing it in it's flaccid state for its' size but my partner is not happy with the size (6) Intence (7) depends but mostly Shoots if not spray. color is white or pale white about a tea spoon

-Submitted August 21, 2006

My penis is nice, I wish it were larger, but it does the job. I am sure it will grow though.

Mine bends up slightly, and yes I would change it. I wish it was bigger and it didn't bend. I don't like it bending because personally I think it looks weird on me. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis, but I am not that sexually active.

I have never given my penis a nickname, I have never really thought about it. I have not been made fun of it yet, but not many people have seen it either.

My ejaculation is not very big, it is about 4 ounces or so, and it is kind of white and very sticky. It shoots out sometimes, but it usually just kind of flows out, if you know what I mean.

-Submitted August 21, 2006
Let's just say I am Klever...

Uncut, 5.5 - 6, with nice color skin and caramel balls. Latino in Los Angeles. Cute body to go with it. If I could change something I'd.... I'd remove the pappilla corona I have, a common thing uncircumcised men have. Ejaculation varies. Sometimes a good ejaculation, where I ejaculate on my own stomach and even shoots up in my very own face. Pre- ejaculation is enough for 2 even up for 3. When it is erect, it is very hard, and my foreskin is able to retract fully. The erection at its full potential, it stands perpindicular to me.

Ejaculate could at times dribble and spill over and just spill onto my pubic hair and onto my balls. If it has been a long time period since I had last ejaculated then I will release a nice amount of semen onto my stomach or on to the guys anus, face or stomach. If I have been ejaculating alot within recent time, I will ejaculate a semen that is almost clear but sometimes not as much as I would if I would have if I had not ejaculated with a long time.

-Submitted August 21, 2006

My penis is relatively straight but bends very slightly to the left, and is thicker around the middle than at the tip. I would describe the skin colour as being tanned. If I could change it, I would probably make it slightly longer, and a bit thicker - but according to this site, it is common for penises to fully develop after the age of 18. When I ejaculate, the semen contains little sperm, but that is probably due to factors such as age, frequency of ejaculation and testosterone levels. It is of a transluscent whitish colour. The semen dribbles sometimes, others it drools. Rarely, it shoots. I am able to keep an erection for as long as I want, until I lose interest. My penis is uncircumcised and will remain that way.

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-Submitted August 21, 2006

I have an average size penis for an indian. its brown in colour but the tip is pink. it has an avg length and gridth but a huge head. I am circumcised.I dont want to change my penis because it is good enough and nobody has complained. If I am ejaculating after a few days of no-sex or masturbation , I shoot quite a bit. but usually the semen comes out in force and drools. The semen is thick milky white in colour.

-Submitted August 21, 2006

My penis is fairly cylindrical with a very distinct vein running along to the top to the end. There is a slight arch to it. To me it does not seem that large although I have recieved a few compliments over the years. When its flaccid its tiny (.5 - 1 inch long) The skin is quite smooth and the base is sligtly thicvker than the tip with is a fairfly large round helmet like head.

-Submitted August 21, 2006

I like to think it is a pretty normal looking penis. it curves up I little. it is very smooth. not real veiny. im cut. if I could change it I would make it longer cuz its not very long. I have never had anyone reject me cuz of my penis. no I have never given it a nickname. I have never been made fun of. people like that it is really smooth. my nut is a cloudy color. not real thick but not real thin. when I cum it shots and dribbles.

-Submitted August 21, 2006

My penis is circumcized, 6 inches long, 5 inches in girth. If I could I would like to add about 2 inches to my length and maybe a half - 1 inch on girth. It's white/pink. I'm a virgin & never showed a girl my penis. I have jerked off with my friends before as a dare but we never commented each other's penis'. When I ejaculate I usually shoot for a few seconds then dribble out the rest of my load. My sperm is usually a normal white color and pretty thick.

-Submitted August 22, 2006

bwing a korean, I dont expect my penis to be too big, or even normal. it started to bend left some years ago. I tried to keep it bent right when in my pants. didnt work out too well. it goes up a bit. masturbation with my left hand ( yay south paw ) probably contributed to both. Ejaculations are.. fun? it shoots, but not too long. possibly because I masturbate too much? it drools now since I try to not make a mess nowadays. it tends to be clearish if I masturbated alot recently, or milky when normal.

-Submitted August 22, 2006

my penis is straight and to the right when it is hard.It does bend in all directions,circumsized when young to give it that perfect head.Would change the length like most males, but would only care for another 1 inch. I have been rejected in the past, but still keep my head(s)up! I also have been complimented before and just like penises vary so do the female comments.

-Submitted October 1, 2006

I actually like my Penis, it\'s uncut and shaved.When flaccid it looks to have to much skin so it looks like it has a hood on. When erect it is 6.5inches and very thick and very hard. The Skin can pull back when erect to reveal the head this also gives it more force when cumming. I love to feel it go hard in my hand and keep it hard, so often masturabte. The feeling of cumming is great and it\'s never just a dribble, being able to do that several times in a row. My wifes loves the size of it often saying how good it feels in side her, and that she can feel the force of my cum. My balls hang fairly low and are always swinging freely in by boxers and will swing during intercourse the sensation from the slapping against my wife is also drives me wild.

-Submitted August 22, 2006

The head is larger then shaft,I have been circumcised 2 times so It is very smooth.It bends to the left and now down Yes make it stand up at higher angel. Yes becaus its so thick,girls think it will streach their pussy's.Susage.I have had several men ask what its like when its erect, some even offored to get it up for me.It use tosquirt out a long way,but now itdrools out. I have always had a large valum. Milky white and some times clear.I have tasted some times and its not bad.

-Submitted August 23, 2006

My penis is pretty smooth, and it bends upwards and to the left slightly. It's pretty thick too. It starts off small when it's flaccid but grows to over twice its flaccid length when erect. I guess it's quite dark compared to the rest of my skin. My cum is white and can shoot pretty far if I haven't jerked off in a while. I would be happier if it was a couple of inches longer.

-Submitted August 23, 2006

I have an average sized penis. It is about three to four inches when flacid and works its way up to just above six inches when hard. It curves slighty up and to the left. It is darker than the rest of my body, but not by's a light cocoa or brown/tanish color. My ejaculation usually consists of half of a teaspoon for shorter sessions, but I have ejaculated up to two tablespoons after a good one-hour session of masturbating. I tend to have a mixture of a squirt and a dribble. It varies between how long I have been masturbating and how often I have masturbated recently. I masturbate almost always daily with the exception of a few days here and there and love to unload a wad - it still hasn't grown old after all these years!

-Submitted August 23, 2006

Judging from photos of others, my penis is below average when flacid and perhaps a little above normal when erect. When younger I was kidded in gym class showers by those better endowed. I'm uncut, bend slightly left and up, and am flesh colored with a pinkish knob when my skin is pulled back. My partner just calls my penis it when referencing sex -- as in would you like to put it in or do you want me to touch it. I often ejaculate in pretty intense squirts (some times over my head when laying down) of an amount that seems greater than some others I've seen. (I've been told at least twice wow, that was quite a load).

-Submitted August 23, 2006

My penis is slightly darker than the rest of my skin and ofter has a much softer feelthan anywhere else. It bends slightly to the left, but not by much. I like the fact that my penis is fairly small when flaccid but grows a lot when I get erect. when I ejaculate it varies a lot. If I was very aroused then I shoot a few feet away three or four times, each shot getting less and less until it's just squirting out. I can make it dribble out if I want to by squeezing the shaft. Either way I do have a lot of cum; it's usually very thick and a sort of milky, creamy white.

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-Submitted August 24, 2006
Mr happy

Well my penis is about 5 inches long I would like to be a little bigger but im happy where im at. his name is mr happy because he likes to pops up and says hello lol it depends on how long I go 4 how much I cum might be a little or might hit u in the face its like a white-clear color and it kinda taste salty come on I know you tasted do it you might like!

-Submitted August 24, 2006

I am uncut and the foreskin when erect barely covers the glans. My penis when erect is 5.5 inches - eariler in life about 6 inches. I am on tesosterone treatments which helps with erections. Before I took treatments I was experiencing hot flashes and would break out in a sweat. I was going through male menopause. Hormone replacement has helped this condition I also have ED (erectile dysfunction) - a venous leakage problem which makes it difficult to maintain an erection. My penis is symmetrical. It points more straight out whether than up. One always would like more inches either in length or girth. My cum is clear at times and other times is whitish. It seems more sticky than it used to be. I cum several teaspoonfulsa and if excited shoots a couple of feet.

-Submitted August 25, 2006
Willie B

Long, thick, slighly curved to the left. Circumsized. Light flesh in color. Head turns deep purple just prior to ejaculation. Stills gets extremly hard. Almost every woman comments on my size. Nickname The Big Toy. Ejaculate is usually thick. Varies in propulsion depending on stimulation and time between sex. Usually squirts about 2 inches. Milky white in color. However I was on a medication for a leg condition and my ejaculate tripled in volume and would squirt about a foot. Never had a complaint other than too deep sometimes. Normally described as it hurt so good!

-Submitted August 25, 2006

My penis is very thick, circumsized, and pink in color. It becomes darker during high arousal. It does not bend, its arrow straight. It has been described as being gorgeous. I would like it to be another inch in length, but I have never been rejected. It doesn't have a nickname, but my wofe compliments my size - she's the best at getting it as large as possible. My ejaculations are very intense, as I am very skilled at masturbation and by long teasing, I can shoot semen a up to 10 away. Volume is usually 3.5cc. When masturbating, you must make sure to stimulate the head as much as possible for the most intense orgasm and largest volume of semen. It takes practice.

-Submitted August 25, 2006

Uncircumcised 8 inch long penis with velvet coloured head and is sensitive to certain temperatures, slightly tanned colouring. Head is extremely senstive. The skin covers most of the head when erect, and when erect it stands out straight and hard! The head is plump and as thick as the thickest part of the shaft. The testicals hang down underneath well.

-Submitted August 26, 2006

Penis is straight. Color is the same as skin color. Texture is smooth. Straight, no left right, no up down not unique. Would like to add length and girth, think it is average. Noone has ever rejected me. I have called mine George for as long as I can remember. I was made fun of at 11 or 12, but I was a late bloomer. I had one girl say I'm glad you don't have a big dick. Never complimented. Ejaculate used to be 2 or 3 times what it is now and would shoot out about 4 to 5 feet and now just shoots 2 or 3 inches. About 1 to 1.5 teaspoons. Color is clearish white.

-Submitted August 26, 2006

6 inches, straight, nice big head. It has a small curve up but otherwise, is straight out! I think if I could change anything (I'm sure it is a common complaint) but I like to be an inch or so longer. I have NEVER had anyone complain about my size but there are times I feel less of a man.

I have always called my penis, Willy, Willy and the twins. When I ejaculate, it is usually, a large squirt of white cum. Usually, the more I build the moment the larger the pay load!

-Submitted August 27, 2006

My penis is tan a shade darker than my skin, Circumcized and get hard as a stone and when hard stands up like a flag pole.. When women see my penis they lust love the look and cannot help putting it in their mouths, and rubbing it all over their bodies When I jack off it cums for 2 or 3 seconds and the come is usually semi whiteish and dribbles but when it cums after a steamy sex session the cum is almost always thick white and it shoots almost a foot away the whole cumming session lasts for atleast 7 seconds

-Submitted August 27, 2006

The skin on my penis is very soft, it is slightly tanned, it is perfectly straight. If I were to change anything about it, I would like it to be longer and bigger because It would make me feel better and my partner, My partner has never given my penis a nickname, nor have I ever been made fun of because of it. My ejaculation is quite alot, I drool sometimes and sometimes it varies.

-Submitted August 27, 2006

My penis has a great shape, I believe. The head is really nice to look at from any angle. Almost bell shape. It's a light tan color, but the head is pinkish, especially the rim. It's straight, but slightly curves up, which I really like. I'm happy with my penis for the most part, but would like more foreskin, and maybe an inch or two. I've always had a very close relationship with my penis. I discovered masturbation at age 6, of course I couldn't cum, but I'd still have dry orgasms back then. I started making pre-cum when I was 11, but couldn't cum until the summer I turned 13. Up until the past few years, my penis was barely 4 and I was really embarassed about that fact. I was afraid that it would stay that way forever, and that I'd never be able to find someone who wanted to have sex. But, now, it is just a little over 6. I have nice sized balls too. The first person who ever saw it, while I was erect, was my best friend at the time. He laughed and told people I had a small penis, but I didn't, his just was 10, and he just liked making himself feel better, because he got abused everynight by his family. Every single girl that's seen it, and blown it, all told me that it's the perfect size. Not small, and not huge, but great. They also complemented me on the thickness. I've never measured the width or girth, but I like it, and so has everyone else. I'm circumcised, but not very tight, so I have a little bit of foreskin to play with.

-Submitted August 27, 2006

I have a very hard 5.5 inch penis. Circumcised. Many people have told me I have a two-toned dick with a pinkish tip and first inch then a tan shaft. I have a sensitive rim, and a centered hole. Very proportional. It hangs straight and hardens straight. Maybe I would add an inch, but I like it the way it is. I've been told I look like a Greek statue (i'm not Greek). I used to call my dick sparky but that seemed a little stupid after a while. People who see my penis seem to think it is very balanced it is very prototypical. Not too thick, but not a pencil, long, but certainly not porn star long. Nice coloration. I am naturally not very hairy at all so I have a small patch of hair and nothing on my thighs at all. Recently I've used depilatory cream to get it buttery smoothe. What I lack in size I make up for in power. When I cum I cum hard. I usually shoot about 8-10 ribbons, and they travel about 5-7 feet. I have hit the ceiling in a bathroom stall before. My cum is ivory white and is very slippery and not sticky. I could easily fill to the top, a shotglass. Happy tuggings!!

-Submitted August 27, 2006

It is very straigt and has very deep veining.The skin is lihgt in color and the tip is always red.When hanging flaccid it has a dark circle just below the head.Ihave never had any complaints about my penis.The pet name is peter because he likes to jump from hole to hole, just like a rabbit. Compliment are the normal occurance for me.My ejaculations are thick ,dark yellow to cream and pulse for about seven good pumps,but usually ooze out because of the thickness

-Submitted August 28, 2006
Atul Srinivasan

My dick is brown, soft, yet firm. It sticks straight out. I wouldn't change it at all; it is the best looking one i've ever seen. No one has rejected me, in fact, everyone has been wowed and jealous because of it. No unique nicknames so far, but you could give on. My ejaculation is beautiful. It shoot, squirts, fountains, everything. About two minutes worth of warm white, and clear stuff comes out.

-Submitted August 28, 2006

It gives me great confidence. Been in a few group sex situations and been complimented for it by both girls and guys. Bends slightly left. Uncut.

Reacts quickly and is ready for action. I can usually last as long as I want, sometimes it requires thinking about something else for a minute or two and then go on. Just wish my ejaculation would be as much as it used to be, since with age the volume seems to be reducing.

-Submitted August 28, 2006

Shape - standard straight shaft with head base wider than the rest of the shaft. When erect it bends to the left. I would like a thicker & longer (length about much - 2-3 cm longer) penis. Never been rejected but thought that mine was smaller than average and was told it was not. Never named it. Never been made fun of it but have noticed other guys looking at it, in ublic - not commenting. Ejaculation is stronger and shoots when masturbation is not often. Oozes when masturbate a lot. Amount is about a spoonful. Colour is normally white - when done a lot of masturbation. Yellowish when not masturbated for a while.

-Submitted August 28, 2006
Am I Normal

very normal looking, smooth with a well shaped, purple, pointed head. loose foreskin. points up at about 45 degrees and slightly to the left. never had any comments about my size, but I have always felt small at 5.3/4 inches erect and 2.5 inches soft (smaller when it is cold), with a 5.5 inch girth. I keep my pubic hair trimmed to make my cock look bigger. when soft my rather large scrotum hangs lower than my penis. ejacuation depends on frequency of orgasms, 2 or 3 days off and I shoot several inches, otherwise 3 or 4 drools. my cum is off white and quite runny. I want a bigger cock, at least when soft.

-Submitted August 28, 2006
Mr Erectite

My Penis is about 6.75 inches , the texture is medium , and the head is very smoothe almost silklike.Its pretty much straight allthough it tends to lean to the left abit. I wouldnt change my penis for it fits me fine , allthough it would be nice if ot was a couple of inches longer.I had a girlfriend really loved the shape of my penis and wonderd how god has created such a wonderfull device.My penis did have a nickname by one of my girlfriends she named it MR winky.Most women I have had never complained about the sex , I guess I like to please a woman.My ejaculation is thick and very white at first , I am multi orgasmic and it does get clearer after more orgasms.Durring 1st an orgasm it usuall shoots about 3 to 4 times about a foot and a half.Then as the mulitiples come on it more or less squirts and seems to get clearer.I do like to masterbate I think its healthy and it does have a relaxing effect...I guess Im just a sexual person ,and love to watch it do the things it does while stimulated.

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-Submitted August 28, 2006

I love my dick, it fits my hand perfectly, and most girls (and guys) I've been with have been quite surprised at its size. It's not terribly long, it's just really thick right before the head. It's a darker color than most of my body, at least right up until after the dark circumcision scar, then turns a bright pinkish red. It's completely straight, and sticks out and up a little when I have an erection. I really don't think I'd change my penis. I've been with girls that were afraid I would hurt them, but, with a little foreplay, they loosened up so it wouldn't be an issue. When I ejaculate, it really depends on how many times I've ejaculated that week on what happens. If it's been a few days, it will shoot out a little, hitting me around the navel. If I've ejaculated recently, it just flows out, with the occasional spurt that shoots a few inches. I really think that, for me, anyway, the way I ejaculate is better. I'd really hate having to explain semen in my hair or cleaning it off of a wall. And let's not even talk about getting it in your eye.... ugh.

-Submitted August 29, 2006

Pink skin color of white person, foreskin covering about 2/3 of head, with very soft skin and in good condition for age, with some veins showing, and some hair on underside about half way from base to end.

It is quite straight with no bends.

Would not change it.

I have had no rejections because of my penis.

No nicknames.

Have been complimented because of size and its effectiveness in bringing woman to orgasm. Have never been made fun. Was complimented by a buddy when he saw it for first time in college.

Sometimes my ejaculationg seems like it will not end and keeps squirting. Sometimes it cums slightly.

During ejaculation, it can do any of the above, dribble, shoot, squirt, or some combination of these.

-Submitted August 29, 2006

My penis is pink got veins that you can see. It is skinnier by the base then gets thicker. When flacid it's about 3.5 inches long but sometimes it gets even smaller. I'm uncircumcised which I enjoy especially with masturbation. It's smooth, lean's to the right and there is a bend to it. The bend is up but it's not a big bend. During ejaculation it shoots, squirts and drools. When I don't ejaculate for a long time it shoots out very far and I have about six to seven strong contractions. The color is white, clear and yellowish white sometimes.

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-Submitted August 30, 2006

My penis is a bit differant to the colour of my skin, when I cum it sometimes flys out through the are and other time it just dribbles out of the top. Yes I would get most of my pubes waxed off, because I shaved my penis and I have quite a bit of hair. My erection curls up a bit, it gets as hard a a rock, nice and smooth, and I am also circumsized. when its on the flop it bends a little to then left!!! Though I only jerk off, I haven't had sex yet. I also have very dark brown Pubes, but I can wait until about 16 1/2 years.

-Submitted August 30, 2006

My penis is circumsised. I consider it just slightly above average in length and girth when erect. Its definitely wider across the shaft than front to back. Its straight without a curve and uniform in girth from base to the glans. It sticks up at about 45 degree angle from my torso. The head is a common mushroom pink in color. Shaft is average caucasian pinkish white and veiny. Sometimes my balls hang free while erect and sometimes they pull up tight. When loose one hangs a little lower. When I ejaculate, it normally shoots or squirts if I can let it fly. When I haven't ejacualated for a while I can cum alot..counted up to 11 squirts on one video I took of myself. Average is 7 good squirts. My semen is usually pearly white and medium consistancy, sometimes a little yellowish. My biggest diappointment is that my wife doesn't appreciate it nearly as much as I do. Sometimes I wish I was uncut but I guess I really like the looks of circumsised better.

-Submitted August 30, 2006

Smooth skin with a darker tone after midshaft to abdomen. It bends and curves upward. I would like to increase the length, for partners (and my) visual stimulation. I've never been rejected for penis reasons.

My partner calls it baron von stein she is german and it means the lord of stone, she says this because I am so easily aroused. I've never had a woman say it was very big or small but have received comments of it being thick or fat. My ejaculate is very far from normal when I ejaculate, I shoot ALOT and very far.

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-Submitted August 30, 2006

My penis is a good size and generally I am happy with. I would probably make it a little longer if I could but who wouldn't! When erect it is straight and points up at about a 40 degree angle. I was circumcised because of medical reasons so this is some scarring on the head but it has never put anyone off. I have a natural tan so the skin is quite dark and it has a smooth texture. Ejaculation tends to vary depending on how it is achieved, I think i've experienced all in the list!

-Submitted August 30, 2006

Uncircumcised, when erect slightly curved downward. when erect skin on head is tight and barely pulls back. I never have had sex. If I pull it back more often it stretches slowly but surely all the way back. Many sites of women poles prefer the circumcised penis. They say it is sexier to them. I have done research and doctor say sex is more pleasurable for uncircumcised men do to sensitive heads! I' am very happy I wasn’t circumcised plus that is the way God intended! Oh and doctors say that the uncircumcised penis triggers the G spot in women! No wonder girl rarely reach orgasm...Most men in USA are circumcised at birth!

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