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Penis Pictures
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Penis Pictures
Penis Photos
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TITLE: Nimrod

My Penis is thick brown and straight, No one has ever rejected my penis, I have had some large eyed expressions. Never been made fun of. The ejaculation spurt out several times then ooze, a milky white color.

TITLE: woogieman

my penis is very smooth, circumsied, and a nice shaped head. I have a bend to the right starting just below the head. Iwoul not change anything, no one has ever complained. when I cum it is milky white.

TITLE: rubbernut

shaft slightly darker than my light skin. About 1/2" of pink inner forskin beyond circumcision scar. Head dark purple and about 1/2" larger than shaft when fully erect. It bends to the left slightly and up very slightly. I would change being circumcised because I believe it would be more sensitive. Noone ever rejected me because of my penis. My wife calls it Mr. Lovejoy, came from a movie. I have never heard any comment on my penis except by my wife our first time. Se said "are you sure it will fit" When I ejaculate I mostly dribble, however if I am extremely aroused I can shoot 3-5 long jets.

TITLE: Anonymous

My penis bends slightly to the right. I was circumcized as a baby, so the corona is rough to the touch and not as "purple" as some I've seen. I have considered restoring my foreskin, but have not yet started. I have never been rejected because of my penis, although I have been kidded about it being so small. My ejaculations are okay. I've never measured how far I've ejaculated, but I have reached my face while lying down. But it usually ends up in my chest hairs. It usually squirts. There's quite a bit and it is usually white, although I've occasionally seen a trace of yellow in it.

TITLE: pussyboy

I am a 33 year old male, circumsised at birth, becuase it was common practice then, not for religious purposes. It points up when I have an erection, not to the left or right. The head is like a mushroom, except for one thing. I have two thin strips of skin attached to my shaft and head. I watch a lot of pornography, and always wondered what they are, because I have never seen another penis like this. One time I was with a girl, and she was going to put a rubber on me, and she asked about my penis. She said she had never seen a penis whith two strips like this. She touched them, and asked what they were and if they hurt when I have sex. This did not bother me at all, because the girl genuinely seemed interested and curious about my penis. I told her I did not know what they were, and they usually do not bother me. I began to get curious about this, and finally looked on the internet. I found out they are called skin bridges, caused by improper circumcision. The author of the sight was dead set against male circumsion, and said skin bridges were ugly. I have mixed feelings about my penis. Sometimes I hate the skin bridges and thought of having them removed, and other times, I think they make my penis unique, and should just leave them alone. No one has ever made fun of my penis, and I do not really have a nick name for it. I was with an escort once, when I confided in her that sometimes I whished my penis were not so small. She reassured me that my penis was not small, but average size. I believed her, since obviously an escort has seen a few penises before. This made me feel better. I also wish I did not have so much hair at the base of my penis. I shave it constantly, and it is a pain in the ass, but I like my penis to be clean. If I could change anything, I would like no hair, and perhaps a bit bigger. I am still unsure about my penis skin bridges. My ejaculation always comes with my orgasm, and can vary. Sometimes, it seems to shoot and spray on my leg, and a lot of it comes out fast. When I have a less powerful orgasm, my ejaculate tends to drool, and dribble. My ejaculate is always a whitish colour.

TITLE: Peenie

Normal circumcised penis, 5.5 inches long. Sort of a blueish glans - turned blueish when I started masturbating at age 14. I masturbated every night at bedtime. My wife likes my penis. I'd like it a bit longer, but that's my personal preference. It does it's job and that's OK with me. I still masturbate, as does my wife. Often we do it together. I prefer my ejaculation to flow - the longer I can put off the contractions, the longer my orgasm is - while it is still flowing. The contraction means it squirts and that is the end of the orgasm. Total relaxation delays the squirting. Always a cream/ivory color. About a teaspoon. The longest I have squirted is to my neck, although I much prefer it to pool on my belly.

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