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My penis is circumcised, with a very prominent glans. Luckily I still have most of my frenulum. I have approx. 2" of inner foreskin left. It bends to the left and up, and I wish I still had my foreskin. I have been made fun of mainly when I was a child, as most of my friends had foreskins. I mainly squirt when ejaculating, but very rarely feel an intense orgasm, it mainly is centred in my glans.

TITLE: Dylan

Not circumsized;slight left bend;never been rejected for size; would be happier with a little more length (like most men); thick white cum that usually shoots but not too far.


My penis short looking but fat. I have always been told by men and women that I have a nice penis. I have always gotten compliments. My penis stands very straight and hard. If I could change anything, I wish I could have my foreskin restored. I had myself circumsied in my early twenties because of a medical condition at the time. My older brother made fun of me once when he saw my flacid penis, but he had not seen it fully erect, of course he would probably make fun of most guys, because he has a monster penis. I have always loved my penis, I like to touch it every day sometimes all day. When I ejaculate it varies on amount and thickness. Sometime I can shoot across the room, on my face, and across the bed. Sometimes I can ejaculate when masturbating with a flaccid penis, and it can be just as pleasurable as a fully erect ejaculation.

TITLE: Z-man

My penis is perfectly symmetrical, straight with the shaft slightly smaller than the head. It is the perfect size for oral sex, or anal sex, but a little small for vaginal sex, both length and width are small for a woman who has has children, My testes are small and hang tight so I wish that they were more of the danblers so that my wife could envelope tham in her mouth but they just scrunch up. I have always envierd squirting ejaculators who could hot hit the wall or their own faces since my semen is thick and just oozes out, plenty of it thouth. Being a "shooter" would have been fun and a nice surprse for mnay woman.

When flaccid, my penis is very small-sometimes less than an inch long but it pleases my lasy that it can become rather normal in sixw when erect. My locer room exposures don't merit any harassmens but I know that there are some guys who hang longer but don't get any laarger than me when erect. It is rather fun going to MY extremes in length and gorth. Anyway, no matter what my size, my wife likes it and no fantasizing about her getting to know a larger male member attracts her. She said that if we ever did a MFM, the other penis would need to be exactly like mine.


Straight as an arrow, points slightly up when erect. Shrinks down to very small when soft, which I have always been a little embarrassed about. Ejaculation depends on how long it's been and how excited I am. Have hit my face many times, but sometimes just dribbles out. Always white milky color. I have never tasted it but thought about it so I would know what my partner is dealing with. Very sticky.

TITLE: big dick

The colour is slightly darker than ny skin tone, it bends very slightly to left. I would make it bigger if I could but I have never had anyone reject me because of it. I have no nick name for it and no one has ever made fun of it. The ejaculation is like very watery glue, which is a slightly opaque white in colour. The ejaculation varies between shooting and squirting.

TITLE: Davezino

My penis disappears completely into my body when flaccid and grows to about 3 3/4 inches long and 2 1/4 circumference (3/4 inch diameter) with a full hard on. My penis and I were nicknamed "Dinky" for obvious reasons when I was in high school and it has unfortunately stuck with me as an adult. I am very embarrassed by my extremely small dick but it does no good to hide it because the whole town where I live knows about it. My wife has been asked about her satisfaction having sex with me many times over the years and she just tells everyone the truth---I'm quite good at bringing her to great orgasms through oral sex and she also has several vibrators that satisfy her. We both wish I was bigger because, frankly, I just can't satisfy her through regular sex and, since I'm so small, I don't feel much friction or stimulation myself. Other than that, we do love each other very much and have two beautiful children. My erections are very plain. Straight out with no curves. Head and shaft the same size. Very white with no visible veins. I had very few dates before marrying my wife because everyone knew about my small dick. I was "pantsed" in front of the girls at school several times every year from Junior High through my senior year at High School and I always got an immediate hard on so every girl in town has seen my little dick. My balls and scrotum are almost too small to notice as well. For years, at my annual sports physical,the doctor told me I would grow bigger at some point but it never happened. After I got married, he asked me if sex was okay for us and has commented that my penis is the smallest one he has seen in his practice. I think he is genuinely concerned for us because he has also been my wife's physician since she was born. He has suggested that I use different types of penis extenders and I have tried but they're all too big to stay on my penis. I have never been able to use condoms either because they fall off. I have always needed about a week between climaxes and I can only make it once each time (another reason my wife is not fully satisfied). When I ejaculate, just a very small amount of pure white stuff dribbles out. I feel like my small package has been the worst part of my entire life and sometimes I get quite angry about it. Over the years, my wife has brought up the idea of getting my permission for her to have occasional satisfying sex on the side with an old boyfriend of hers who still calls her from time to time and expresses interest in hooking up with her. He is married and also lives in our town. He was a jock in High School and I know he has a big dick because I have seen it in the locker room. I have never seen his erection but my wife says she measured it once along the top side while he was standing up and it was about 8 1/2 inches with a 6 1/4 inch circumference. My wife has told me how great sex was with him and she wants to meet up once a month or so because she misses the pleasure of feeling completely filled up with a huge dick. I have told her it would break my heart if she did it and so far I think she has held off to protect my feelings. I wish things were different!


My penis is very straight when hard, pointing up a little bit. It is purple and head is a little smaller than I would like, but the rest has an ample girth. The girls (and guys) like it a lot. I often get stares in the locker room and urinals and I usually let them look. My ejaculation squirts out a lot. I ejaculate more than the average guy and it is white and sticky. I would not change anything about my penis.


My penis bends back slightly and has a small lump in it when I am hard. All of the girls/ and guys I have been with like my penis. My friend, (who sucks me off from time to time) calles it donald headly because the head is big. every ejaculation is powerfull and the longer I jack off the more I cum....i have litteraly hit the sealing from lying on my bed.

TITLE: georgie

My penis is light brown and uncirumciced, but skin stays back behind the head when hard or having sex. It's just like being circumciced. It's a bit veny so, but the girls like it. It bends slidley to the left. I'm very happy with my penis. His nickname is "big brother", coz of it's size and thickness.nobody ever made fun of it. To good looking and to be enjoyed.The ejaculation is strong and powerful and shoot over 2 foot through the air and last longer then 20 sec.with up to 7 shots are fired. 3 to 5 teaspoon of semen on the average and it is white to misty white with plenty of solid bit in there and I been told this are the acual sperm in millions.. Well, I'm a happy man.I never had a girl that did not get an orgasm.....Im 56 years old no, and my penis is working better now then with 30. My orgasms are more powerful too.

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