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A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

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TITLE: dave

My penis is about 5.75 inches when hard. I am white in colour but my penis is slightly darker. I have a rather large helmet which has been commented on in a positive way. I have large vein protruding along the shaft. When I cum it is intense and can be a mixture of shooting or drooling depending on the consistensy. I would not change a thing due to the fact that 100% of the 150 women I have slept with have loved it

TITLE: harry

My penis is medium length thick straight up,circumsised no change needed no rejects no nickname no fun but complimented for the size of my thick gland as by women and men my ejaculation: There is a large amount of semen that keeps squirting out. It is a milky white color .after masturbating twice it becomes light as water

TITLE: jay

-Straight, same colour as rest of body, mostly smooth due to upkeep with shaving - told its a good penis - I'd maybe add some length to it and wish I was uncircumsized. -Ejaculation is intense and when it blows it blows, chest high or more in some cases - I'm a shooter


My penis is a light tan color and is very thick all the way through. it bends to the right a little but not to much. my size erect is about seven inches long soft it is about two to three inches long. when I jack off my loads are usually verly large and white. I have never been rejected actually I have always been complemented on my penis and what it can do. when I jerk off I usually cum with and explosion and shoot about one to two feet away from me if I am standing up and is usually alot I have been told. according to people


My penis is long and quite wide. It is tanned like the rest of my body and fizzes when it ejaculates. My gay partner said it tasted nice, and a couple of times people have said it looked wonderful.

TITLE: A_Fuzzy_Bear

I have a penis is that is normal in shape. It is around 4" long flaccid and 2.5" in width. It has a large vein on the top on the shaft that is seen easily during an erection. I have no foreskin and whoever cut me left no evidence of having a foreskin. The shaft is darker in color than my normal skin color and when erected the head is beautiful deep red color. My penis points out at a 90 degree angle from my body. It is straight and firm. There is no bend in it and it has the same width from the base to the head. The head is slightly larger (6") and has a beautiful shape. I am a hairy person so I keep the shaft shaved and that make my penis look longer. I would not change anything about my penis. The size fits well in my hand and anywhere else I want to put it. I have never been rejected by anyone. My partner loves it shape and with the length, I can penetrate deep. I have never been made fun of by anyone since I am very comfortable with my body and the size of my penis. I don't need someone to tell me how I should feel about myself. I masturbate almost every day and enjoy looking at my self while I masturbate. When I ejaculate, there is a great explosion and at times the come will travel up to 4 feet in distance. Even at the age of 50, I get rock hared many times during the day. I still have a powerful orgasm and come for many seconds. There is a large amount of semen that keeps squirting out. It is a milky white color and has a unique smell. I have made love up 5 times in a day and each time there is plenty of come and much pleasure. It seems the more I come, the more I want to come. My beautiful penis is always ready for action.

TITLE: London Guy

My penis is pinky in colour with a few bumps on. I am uncircumcised. my helmet is dark pink/reddish in colour and becomes very sensitive when I see beautiful women. It is around 7 inches in length and a girth of 5.75 inches. When I ejaculate for the first 3 squirts it is thick and goes around 3 feet and shoots out sometimes onto my face but for the rest which is probably another 4 squirts it goes around 1 foot onto the floor or onto my chest

TITLE: forthenry

It is pink to red when erect, sort of brown when soft. My penis is straight out from my body. I wish it pointed up but it is satisfactory. No one has ever objected to my penis. We have had many nick names, weiner when I was a boy, dick or pecker when I was in my teens. No one ever made fun of my penis -- my wife thought it was hard too much of the time. My ejaculations were quite pleasing to me, in fact, I know of nothing that I liked more. My ejaculation was very strong, shot out several feet, and was white, now it is subdued, and is sort of clear.

TITLE: David

I don't suppose that many smaller guys are willing to talk about it, and truthfully its not something I feel comfortable discussing among friends. You know how guys are, they only tease the _____ out of u if you are smaller. Anyways I am smalled--just shy of 4 inches. I'm uncut, with a banana bend upward, straight up. I have been teased a lot about it. Hell, between my brothers and guys at school, by the time I graduated from high school I suspect I had heard every little dick joke ever told. Lucky for me college and life since was not hte ongoing constant barrage of ridicule that high school was. I have been rejected, but not by anyone I was dating seriously. Only by size queens I met out, etc. I think that the thing that bothers me more than actually being teased, is when someone (well intended) calls my penis "cute" which is just another word for "small". I did nickname it "Captain". I tend to spray a bit. My ejaculate is pretty clear and watery, no so white as some guys I have met, but I tend to squirt out a fairly average amount I think. Anyways, I guess I wanted to mostly tell guys to be kewl with other guys whatever their size is. Making fun of smaller guys cuts them more deeply than you realize. Especially in the USA where size matters, no matter what anyone says to comfort themselves.

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