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TITLE: shuu

I don't know how to describe the shape or texture of my penis, but the color is just like the rest of me. I'm fair skinned and white. It bends upward. I would change it. I would make it 7 inches long and a little wider (I'm not sure what the girth is). Noone has rejected me because of my penis. I did have a girlfriend who told me the whole size doesn't matter bit (I guess she thought it wasn't a very good size at 6 inches). There are no nicknames for my penis at this moment. I have been reassured by a partner, as I stated earlier, and luckily, I have never been made fun of for it. (She did say "it's not bad!" when she saw it). I usually ejaculate normal. Sometimes it dribbles and sometimes it shoots. I always dribble just a little out before I orgasm. Also, this is slightly embarassing, but I have been having some erectile dysfunction lately, and I'm only 20. It's scary. Should I actually go to a doctor about this? Thanks.


My penis has a very large head when erect, it is cut, normal skin color except head is a little darker red in color. When erect my penis points straight up. I would like about another 2 inches in length, but have never had complaints except that the head is too large. Have had two bottoms reject me in _____ them because of the size of the head. Circumference of the shaft is 6 inches but circumference of the head is 8.5 inches. When I was in my 20's and 30's I could shoot a load about 2-3 feet but now in my late 40's it oozes out. I have always been told my cum tastes very sweet. Again because of the large head I have never had anyone deep throat my penis. Because of an accident while playing football when I was 12 years old I have atrophy of my right testicle and my scrotum never developed fully.

TITLE: No nickname

I'm uncut and my 1.5 inch flaccid length increases to over 5 inches when fully hard. I'm a little over 4 inches in girth when erect. Except for the vein on top and the tube on the bottom, I'm smooth and hard. I'm part Native American, and my shaft and sack are tannish-olive. My hardon is 'bottle' shaped, curves upward, with a thick trunk and an average length, wide head. I'm happy with my penis and happy to be intact. I especially like that it is small and easy to pack when at rest. I've never been rejected, but have had few partners. No nickmanes. I've gotten the usual locker room/urinal stares and mental comparisons from other boys/men, but no one has ever said anything. My wife once confessed that one of the reasons she married me was because of my penis and my skill when giving it to her. We do all positions. She likes to ride and I prefer doggy when I come. She has a tight _____ and won't let me raise her legs in missionary because she doesn't like me to 'bottom out', so I guess I'm plenty long enough for her. When I'm getting pussy on a regular basis, I can last as long as she wants. We usually _____ for 30-45 minutes. She likes to come 5-6 six times before I unload. I love to eat her pussy and like for her to suck me as foreplay, prefering to come deep in her _____. My balls are average, but my tubes are thick and swollen with sperm. My orgasms are mind blowing! When I was a teenager, I shot hard, powerful squirts. I'm 61 now and my wife can still give me a nicely angled hardon. After giving her multiple orgasms, I can still shoot a couple of hard salvos before finishing with drooling pulses. If I've not had any for three days, my cum is thick and plentiful, off white. My wife likes my foreskin and often plays with it.


My penis is uncut. I have good control with men or women. I like to jackoff my brother and have him blow me. We enjoy sex with each other. My penis has a large vein down the top and my balls hang low. Everyone, men and women love my penis. I shoot a very large load if I am aroused and it explodes out of my penis. I can shoot about 3 feet away and it is milky white

TITLE: uncut

rock hard with foreskin over huge mushroom head that curves to theleft. I wish it were bigger. no one has rejected me. . My balls draw up to my ass and my cum rolls out a white milky color. usually quiet a lot on the second shoot


My penis name is penisy. Most of my partners scream when we do it. I have sex with both male and female. I mostly have sex with guys. Women wants me to push them more and guys just cant get enough of sucking it. I wont lie i am a wanker and sometimes my friends come over and we wank each others penis. I love sucking my friends penis. My penis is straight and long. Sometimes the skin peels of the top. I dont know if that is normal or not because i dont want to talk to my friends about it.


The shape of my penis is fat, it is hugely massive.The colour pink.It bends down.I would change it so it would be easier to slip into a vagina.No-one rejected before but it does hurt.My penis' nick-name is ton, because it is very heavy.I have never been complimented or made fun of, but I feel people look at it when it sticks dribbles white sperm.

TITLE: Clyde

My penis is only 2 inches when soft, the shaft is one inch, and the head is one inch. At full erection it is 5 and 1/2 inches long. I wish it was longer, I want my wife to know what it would feel like to get _____ by nine or ten inches. She doesn't complain though. It bends slightly to the left when hard, probably because I'm right handed and like to jack off a lot. When I was younger, my cum used to squirt out to my stomach and chest when I masturbated. Now it just drools out over my hand and my penis. My cum tastes slimy. I get so horny that I want to eat my own cum, but unless I put my penis directly above my mouth when I cum and taste it that way, I almost always back out, because after I cum, I'm not horny enough to eat my own cum.

TITLE: always high

my penis is the color of my skin its straight with large head , I wish it was bigger mostly in length but some width would be great too. I have never been rejected because im too scared to talk to any girls. I have never given my oenis a nickname, I have never been made fun of or been complimented on. my ejaculation is thick . when I ejaculate I squirts white.

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