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Below are the survey results from the public:

-Submitted April 4, 2006

My penis is pretty smooth. It's brown, but pinkish in some areas. It bends at a slightly high angle. My penis is pretty cool because it curves outward from the base then inward at the head. I would probably just change its unerected size by a few inches. All of the girls I've been with compliment me on my penis. They like to give me oral because of its unique shape. One of my girlfriends did give it a nickname. She called it my funnel. My ejaculation tends to shoot out, then pump three or four more times. Then it just leaks for a while. This works pretty good whith condoms. Their is usually a lot depending on how long its been since I've had sex or masturbated. The cum is usually white or clear.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

When erect my penis is just over 6 inches, it very slightly bends to the left. also it feels very smooth and its a light pinkish colour. during ejaculation my penis varys from shooting or drooling, it depends how good the orgasm is.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

normal shape, soft texture, curves slightly to the right, wouldnt change it my girlfriend loves it too much, nope no rejections,my girlfriend named it clark gable (supermans identity) never been made fun of, my cum is shooting, mainly all over her face or in her tight little....hang on.....

-Submitted April 3, 2006

my penis is average i guess. im uncircumcised, its uniform in size, and its the same color as the rest of me. it bends down and a little to the left. if i could change one thing, i would get circumcised so i could wear a condom without the wxtra skin screwing it up. other than that, its fine, i dont have any problems with it, and everything works fine. ive only been with 3 girls and none of them disliked it.. it isn't the penis that matters, its how you use it ;-) I have never been made fun of, and i often have my pants off in front of other people- whether it be skinny dipping or whatever. When i ejaculate, usually it kinda dibbles/squirts like an inch, but when im really turned on, it shoots about a foot, and its thick and white.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

My penis is circumcised, and I have a a lot of foreskin, more as I get older. The head is pink and the skin is the same color as the rest of my body. When flaccid, my penis is shorter and smaller than average, but when erect it is of average size, 6 1/2 to 7 inches and straight. My sex partners have been satisfied by it, but I would like to have it larger when flaccid. My semen is pure white and the texture of it is thick, though if I ejaculate freqently over a relatively short time, the semen becomes somewhat watery in color and texture. My ejaculations generally are very strong and often leave me exhausted whether I am mastubating or having sex. There are usually 2-3 large spurts than can travel 8 to 10 inches, and the remainder of the semen comes out with increasingly less force and quantity and then dribbles.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

It's long and full. I love the feeling of the erection that I get and then the streams of cum that shoot out. It feels great

-Submitted April 3, 2006
Dicky Chickie

Medium length, round and straight, fat relative to length. Prominent vein always evident when erect. Perfect for deep throating for petite women, ejaculate is said to be sweet. Many women enjoy swallowing it and small women in particular like the fullness that its thickness provides but is not so big that it hurts them.

My dick is very white and smooth as is the rest of my skin. No bumps, or bends. The balls don't hang down far and I keep hair neatly trimmed as a courtesy to my partner.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

My member is hard and 7 inches long. i masturbate at least twice a day unless i get laid. my girlfriend says she wants to keep it in her mouth all day. i love the way my semen drools down her body. all my friends tell me they want a dick like mine.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

Darker than the rest of my tan (naturaly, not from the sun) body. Bends slightly downward. My foreskin doesn't retract fully, but otherwise works fine. My ejaculations normally dribble, but if I edge for 30 min or so, it shoots fairly far. Ejaculations are about a tablespoon on a daily basis, and sometimes larger if I am abstinent for more than a week. Its color is pure white.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

long narrow with regular shape it white but alittle pinkor red at the headit bends to the left and upward i would get rid of the foreskin

-Submitted April 3, 2006

my penis is brown and a little cured to the left. I have been to that it is very thick and long. When i ejaculate i shoot sometimes but mostly drool. My dick was named jorge as in i am good at what i do. The only thing i would change about my dick is, sometimes i wish it was not so thick then i would get more and i would for my cum to shot all the time.

-Submitted April 3, 2006
Dicky Moe

A brown penis, which bends almost fully upwards during erection. Never had sex till now!!

It squirts semen when i ejaculate !!

-Submitted April 3, 2006

The shape of my penis is it is broad, straight, and the head is slightly larger arond than the shaft. The urethra instead of coming out the tip comes out the under side where the fore skin should be attached . If I did change it, i would make it shorter for my girlfriend(soon to be wife) becuse it hurts her because it goes in way to far. I have never had anyone reject me. I've been complimented on it for it's size by all of my partners. My ejaculation depends on my diet, but most of the time it is a milky, grayish white. When I ejaculate it shoots out and my girlfriend likes it covering her tits, not when it gets in her hair though.

-Submitted April 3, 2006

My penis could be used as a model. Perfect head, length and thickness. I have been told that my penis turns on that individual because of it's look, and size. Not too big and not too small - just right.

-Submitted April 2, 2006

My penis is quite normal in size. it looks really small when its flccid. It is slightly darker than my olive skin. It dosn't bend left or right but it bends up a little. I would like to add a inch or two in length and girth becaus id like to be above average. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis but it could happen someday. If im lying down on my back i can ejaculate past my head. It comes out quickly and shoots far. its always white and thick.

-Submitted April 2, 2006

My dick is a bit shy of 6.5 inches, and appx 5 incher around. Good size head, and with a slight bend to the left. Like it the way it is, nevere had a coomplaint, and had several return partners. My climax is great, and I have enjoyed the art of edging, which prolongs the sensations, and the climax is even more enhanced. Will use a cock ring at times, tight, and that delays the clomax, and I can jack for quite some time, and the build up to the actual climax is fantastic! When I shoot, I shoot, and it is white in color, and appx. two or three tablespoons.

-Submitted April 2, 2006
Frank Tampa

Im white, its goes in to out then to in then to the head, it has like a little bulge, although nothing abnormal. It tends to bend upward, really nothing else unique about it. I would only change the length, i would like to have around 6 or 7 inches. No i have never had anyone reject me because of my penis size. No really never gave it a nick name... i really havent been made fun because of it, my ejaculation lasts for a while, and i tend ot have quite a bit of seaman, one time i ejaculated for over 15 seconds non stop. it shoots, shoots everywhere, however when the more then 15 seconds one hit non stop it shot then it just kinda streamed out.

-Submitted April 2, 2006
Older Married guy

My penis is average by length by above average by girth. I'm married and bicurious but would never act anything out, I love my wife of many many yars. Her and I share a great sex life. I still jack off a few times a week. In total I cum about 6-7 times a week.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis is straigh up and down, brown skinned, long, smooth and has a nice width. People and my sex partner always say my penis is big for my age. When i ejaculate the color of it is white as usual and sometimes it shoots when i have an intense orgasm but most of the time it just kinda runs out.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis is olive-brown and perfectly cylindrical with a fairly blunt/rounded head and is always very hard when erect,which ia fairly often.It is perfectly straight and angled upward at a 45 degree angle.I'm quite satisfied with it, although like most men would like it to be longer and a little thicker since I'd love to be able to perform autofellatio. I,ve never had any complaints from any male partners and actually have several tell me it's pretty. Odd, since so many men are size conscious. The general consensous is the important thing is how it's used,and since I'm a top I must use it well. In oral sex, my favorite, it's not more than a mouthful,so my partner(s)can easily deepthroat me. If I'm very aroused whether having sex or masturbating,especially if I start and stop to prolong cumming, it is usually explosive and shoots a foot or two 'til the last of it drools out. If I haven't cum in a day or two, it is really thick and white, but if I can't help but stroke off one or two times a day for a while, my cum is more clear but still creamy white.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis is pretty average based on all the penises i have seen both in pictures and real life. Mine is light in color and straight when erect. If i could change it i would have it a little longer and more girth. My ejaculate is usually thick (a portion of it is usually thin and runny though) and white in color. Sometimes when i ejaculate it dribbles and sometimes it shoots, just depending on the last time i ejaculated. While masturbating either alone or with my female partner sometimes i shoot past my head or her head a distance of about 2 or 2.5 feet.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis... My penis is getting tan and bends slightly to the left. If I could change it I would make it slightly longer and slightly thicker. I think it would give my girlfriend (when we have sex in 3 years...) More pleasure. The nick- name of my penis is Princess-Cessica. Haha. My girlfriend thought it would be funny to code name it. People called me flabby because they didn't know what foreskin looked like. When I ejaculate I can make it drool, squirt, or spray depending on my mood. It is cream white and thick...I usually ejaculate alot.


-Submitted April 1, 2006
jeremy q

i have a long penis that slightly curves to my left and up a bit. i wouldn't want to change much because everything is good the way it is now. no one has rejected me because of my penis. girls have looked at it wierd because it is uncircumcised but then they want it anyway. no dick names. my girlfriend reassured me that it is okay to be uncut. my cum usually dribbles, if the foreskin is retracted it shoots. it varies. usually white cum.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

Mine is straight with a healthy color. I would make it and inch longer and add an inch to the girth. No one has ever rejected me cause of it. Prince William is a nick name i had. I dont know what to compare ejaculation to but I suppose it pretty strong. It shoots then dribbles a tad.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis is i think average.When erect i am about 6.4 inches, and my penis is points upward a little bit. Its a tan color and the head is a little darker.When i ejaculate it shoots out and then dribbles.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

darker than skin on face legs bend in it. the bell end is large and dips slithgly down as it has a slant on it. wud like it to be longer. ejaculation shoots out 2 or 3 times. colour is slightly white but also kind of clear, and watery.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

Uncut, soft and smooth skin, when erect I have a slight bend to the left. I am ery satisified with my penis and never have been rejected. My ejaculation is thick white semen and can vary from single table spoon to two+ table spoons.

How can I include a picture of my penis on your web site?

Thanks for the site, enjoy the viewing.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

My penis is quite small but very sensitive Ican ejeculate by holding it with two fingers and sliding them up and down about six times my cum is thick and white about three teaspoon full.

-Submitted April 1, 2006
Jim Dog

Bends a little to the left. I have been told I have a large penis. I have been told I have a small penis. I think it is all relative to what the girl has had before you. However it is rude to make the small comment. Ejaculation is less than it used to be because I take Avodart to prevent baldness. Never been rejected because of my size. No nick names. Ejaculate is white it gets clearer as the more time I come.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

my penis is strait and slightly bent to the left. i've never had sexual relations, so i haven't had the chance to be rejected. when i shoot, it can be a forceful ejaculation, or just a dribble, it depends on how aroused i am. it's a clear white color.

-Submitted April 1, 2006

it is brownish... shaved pubes, bends to the left... if it were longer.. i prefer longer dick.. Not rejected because of penis size.. I shoot out and dribble sometimes... white color

-Submitted March 31, 2006

My penis is pretty big. I can get a full hand around it and cum very far. It continues to get bigger as a measure it. It is a tan type and my cum shoots everywhere when I do it.

-Submitted March 31, 2006
mr. big

purple head, and I would like it a little longer. when I shoot the ejackulation is intense and I use to shoot up to about 3 feet, but as I aged I only shoot about 6 inches

-Submitted March 31, 2006

My penis is light brown with a purple, angular or pointy head. It is circumcized, bends slightly left. Most women who have seen it have generally been complimentary. I like the way it looks. If I could make it a little longer I would, but I'm happy with its thickness. When I was younger (I'm now 44) I would ejeculate 12 to 18 inches, but now that happens rarely (only when I'm extremely turned on and haven't indulged myself in a few days). The semen is approximately the color of hair conditioner.


-Submitted March 31, 2006

Mine is brown. It do not bend. I'd like to have a little more. I don't ejaculate a lot, wich i consider is a problem.

-Submitted March 31, 2006

even colouring, light brown, bends to the left, would change the girth, nobody has rejected me, never given it a name,never been made fun or, but i have been complimented twice on it, my ejaculate squirts out. clear /whitish colour

-Submitted March 31, 2006

My penis erexts a little to the left. It has given pleasure too over 30 woman. The really liked it. The only problem is that it cant ejaculate propperly, and that is what i hate.

-Submitted March 31, 2006

Uncut, smooth texture, favors a slight bend to the left. I enjoy my penis and my wife is always satisified and then some. When I ejaculate, I do't have the force I use to, however, I make up for that in the amount and thickness of my white semen. I masturbate an average of 3 times a week and enjoy it.

-Submitted March 31, 2006

My penis bends a little to the left and it goes up. It's brown and when I pull my forskin back I can see a dark spot that I think is a mole; on the foreskin. I would not change it just make it a little longer. I gave it a name once but i forgot it. When I ejaculate it squirts out. It's thick and white maybe a little yellow sometimes.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

My penis is very short, darker than the rest of my skin, and very silky smooth. It is straight but angles upward when hard. I have not had anyone reject me and have had guys attracted to me becasue of my small size. My wife calls my cock and balls, dick and the boys. When I come, there are several long ropes that fly and then more spurts that hit my chest (if laying down jacking) and finally a few more spurts that dribble.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

Circumcized average 6-incher, a bit on the thin side(4.5) because the shaft is flatter, more oval than most. It is straight, the same color as the rest of me, with just one big vein along the top and a head wider than the shaft.

The unusual thing about it is that there are four tiny red bumps on the underside right below the head. A doctor said they were skin tags caused by an incomplete circumcision. I've slept with 15 women and none of them ever mentioned it or said anything critical about my penis. (It's not the meat, it's the motion.) At my age I can't ejaculate 3 or 4 feet like I could at 15, but if I save it up for a week I can still shoot half a dozen big lines and puddles of thick, whitish cum as far as my shoulders. My penis has brought me a lifetime of pleasure. Sure, we'd all like to have a magnificent porn-star-sized member just to show it off, but what you've got (whatever its size or shape)is what you've got for life, so make the most of it!

-Submitted March 30, 2006

It has a name. Its name is PI. It was given this name after a female friend found my magnum condoms, and named it magnum PI.

-Submitted March 30, 2006
Dark Castle

My penis hangs to the left, its brown and it sometimes fells bumpy. When I ejaculate it shoots. If I could change i would a bout another 3 inches.

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