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Penis Picture
Penis Pictures
Penis Picture
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I am writing on behalf of my boyfriends penis. It is about 7 inches hard and almost 6 around. It goes up when hard and kinda hangs to the right. Its not curved or anything. The color is white with a pink head. His dick gets pink and his head gets almost purple when he gets really horny. I love his penis and wouldnt change a thing about it. It makes me have multipul orgasms every time. He can shoot very far when we have sex. But when I give him oral it comes out a whole lot faster. I think its because I swallow and thats gets him very excited. Never nick-named it though. We should.


I have a slightly upward curve in my penis. I am circumcised and my penis is very flexible it is tannish with a pink tinted head at the base I have a crown of dark hair. If I could change something I probably would ask for more length becuase I do feel ashamed at times becuase of the size. No, my penis has never been rejected it is well acepted and has been by all the people I have dated. No, my penis does not have a nickname I think it is silly to name it. My penis has never been made fun except in a joking manner, however even when it is a joke it is slightly embarassing. I have a very strong ejaculation that I can feel comming with impressive force most of the time. I usually ejuclate in a shoot, very hard and fast, and usually if I have been drinking enough liquids and I am suficently hydrated I ejaculate a large amount of cum. My cum is usually a whitish color with a slight hint of transperancy to it.

TITLE: Love The Big Ones

I am not a guy but right now as I view this page I am craving for a dark 9 inch penis that is circumsizes so when I ride that bad boy without a condom I would feel nothing but hard viens feel my insides. I like dicks that stand straight up when they see me and my phat ass so when they take it out of my asshole and my pussy they can put it where it belongs and that is in my mouth so when I suck the meat off of that bad boy and the cum starts cummin in my mouth I drank it up like it was Fruit Punch and while its still pouring and cumming out I make sure I put it on my breast so afterwards I can be titi _____ with the last ending of the hard hard 9 inch dark penis Come get me boys I am waiting if you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to come to this page to get me

TITLE: buster

Mine curves up to the right when hard very happy with my penis. am uncut and have enough foreskin to cover the head when hard, usually JO 5 or 6 times a week. never had complaints from the ladies call my penis buster. usually shoot five or six times and then dribble. buster usually rises to the occasion when called upon. very happy with the size and length of my penis.

TITLE: Secured in Myself

It would seem that size really does make a difference even on this web page. Most of the pictures make everybody looks small. What ever happened to the idea that we are who we are and it really does not make any difference about what other men have. A penis is a penis and there is nothing more to be said. Mine is not big compared to the pictures I see or the stories I read. You would think everybody has one that is huge and like adolescents, we have to brag about what we don’t have so we can feel good about ourselves. Sad we need that kind of affirmation about ourselves! My penis is 2” long and 2” in girth flaccid. It grows to 6.5” in length and a girth of 5.5”. The girth is the same size from the base to the head. A mushroom shape head of reddish pink is 6” in size. With a full erection, the penis sticks straight out. There is no foreskin so the head is something you first see and experience. Rock hard, it is smooth and sensitive to any kind of stimulation. Either through masturbation or intercourse, when I ejaculate, I explode. I can shoot cum over 4’ from my body and when I explode my wife shivers with a giant orgasm. The greatest joy of sex is having a mutual orgasm. This happens every time we make love. The cum is clear and white with many different taste and smell. It changes as I change the foods I eat. I like to masturbate almost every day and really enjoy looking at my penis while I pleasure myself. I have cum up to 5 times in a day and it seems the more I cum, the more I want to. I stay extremely hard for a long time after I cum so I can still pleasure my wife even after I am finished. My length is not like many who brag but it is enough to make both of us very happy. I would not change a thing since I have enjoyed what I have for 50 years and look with anticipation of having a tool for the trade for many more years.

TITLE: jonney

its ok its kinda small,its regular,and its tan. I think its healthy and i jack off often so I dont know. It dosnt turn or anything like that it just goes up. ya I would change it I would make it bigger. No I have not. No i dont have a name for it no but I think its small.when I jack off it comes out fast. it varies like it will shoot or squirt or spray.Its white but sometimes there is clear stuff in it.

TITLE: good_n_strong

smooth and tan, bends to the right, wouldn't change a thing, never been rejected, nick name a penny packer that is my girlfriends name, complimented and reassured, ejaculation volcanic eruption, shoots alot pure white

TITLE: Justin

My penis is ussally from 5 to 5.5 inches hard, which is pretty tiny. This is how the size chart goes in womans minds. 4-5 inches LAUGHABLE TINY 5-6 inches VERY SMALL 6-7 inches Kinda Average 7-8 inches Pretty good 8-9 inches Large 9+ Hung

TITLE: hotty

my penis is white. it bends up a little bitt. I would change my penis size to about 8 inchs. during ejaulation it will some times drool if my nut sack is hot, but most of the time it squirts out. and when I am really really horny it has lots of forse to it. it is about 2 to 3 tablespoons of cum. and it is white cum.

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