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Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

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Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

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Picture Penis
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TITLE: bobby

Nicely shaped for my age A little of the left but probably from wear More pubic hair all around No I was told it was a nice tool but I was much younger. Don't know what wood (!) be said now!!!

TITLE: Sausagebaby

My penis, during full erection, points out perpendicular to the body and is perfectly straight. It is not circumsized and when it gets erect, the foreskin retracts by itself and lodges beneath the glans. I have always felt that my penis was small, but my female partners always tell me that it's not. Some have said that it is very thick or that it has very good girth. It gets erect very easily, often embarrassing me. I enjoy both heterosexual intercourse and masturbation.

TITLE: forgottenone

My penis is very straight for the most part, however it may bend very slightly to the right if at all. When erect, my penis goes at approximately a 45 degree angle...perhaps a little straighter up than that. When flaccid, my penis hangs down to the right (and measures about 5 1/2"). I don't want to change my dick at all. I am very happy with it. It is 7 1/4" erect, which is longer than average, but not super-long. Partners have never complained, I have had guys in the locker room compliment me. No one has ever rejected my penis. Extra information: I am circumcised, and my preferred lubricant for masturbation is Vaseline (Petroleum jelly). Baby oil is just as good, however. I have shaved my pubes before, though I like to keep them intact, relatively short.


The measurements of my penis are when erect. Afterall, it is impossible to have intercourse with a limp member. In regard to its shape, well my penis looks like a penis. I'm a caucasian American, so you can guess what color it is. It is, however two-tone. There is a band of "pink skin" approximately 1/2 inches wide directly behind the glans.I suspect that the "pink" is there from my circumcision.My penis is virtually straight with no visible bends. If I could change one thing about my penis, it would be its length. Who wouldn't want a couple extra inches? Anyway, I was rejected by a former lover because she said that I was not big enough for her. I wanted to tell her to ditch her "battery-operated boyfriend", but I am a gentleman so I refrained. My self-esteem was restored when I met my wife. She has repeatedly told me that I am all SHE needs. I have never failed to please her so it's all good!

TITLE: Anonymous

my dick is fat at the bottom and goes thin in the middle and bulks out at the head my dick was go staight out we erect but since ive been wereing tight boxers its started bending to the right I always get an erection when I have them on but it isnt as visable with tight underwear on I wore loose boxers or none it was always visable I would make my dick longer because I dont like using urinels I use cubiccals because I think its smaller than everone elses .


I am circumsized and have a very nicely shaped penis. My whole body is very tan because I'm always skiny dipping in my backyard pool. ALL ARE WELCOME IN!! It has a slight bend to my left and it is always complimented by my boys and girls, espeacilly in the pool!

TITLE: hungsolo

My penis is thinner toward the base then around the top roughly 2 3/4 in. to a hair larger then 3 1/4 in. when erect it has a hang as though it is flacid but is very firm. I never thought it was abnormal until a friend on the football team pointed it out as though I was some sort of freak. most women have no problem with its size but I have had women of twice my age basically become obsessed with me. When I was younger I always thought I wanted it to be bigger, but in my current position I probably wouldnt change anything about it.


It's long and cut. Its got hair half way up its shaft. The head is dark pink and is very sensitive. I wouldn't change it for anything. In the locker room, every guy stares. I sometimes get complimented.

TITLE: av nob

I am extremely happy with the shape of my penis, it is slighlty above average size with smooth skin and a purple head. It gets hard quickly and stands to attention when erect. It also produces lots of precum. If anything I would like it to stand closer to my body when erect.

TITLE: Honky

I think my penis looks like a normal penis, it curves a little to the left, I think it is because that is the direction I masturbated when I was younger. My dick is a little short, but it is really girthy. Compared to my best friends dick his is longer, but much skinnier, and mine is shorter but girthier. We both curve to the left. Then there are balls, I have a huge ball sack, I wish it were much smaller, sometimes I sit on my nuts

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