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Penis Photos
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TITLE: Norman

My penis is very small and is uncut. When I ejaculate, I squirt a couple of times, then it turns into a dribble. I was teased at school about it in the swimming pool changing rooms, which got even more embarrassing when word got out amongst the girls I fancied. I was given the nickname 'peewee'. Having said all that, I am happy with the size of my penis and wouldn't want to change it. Secretly it turns me on knowing that I have a small penis.

TITLE: Claud

I am about average in size for when I went to school ther was larger ones and smaller ones. My best friend was the one with the largest. After I was married I found out that my wife had had sex with my best friend before we had started going out. She said bigger is allrite but she would rather have a normal sized one for the big ones always hurt some. She also said that it was uncomfortable to do oral sex on a large one and impossible to do anal sex with a large one. So I am happy with just being normal.


My penis is long with a soft mushroom type head. The shaft is light and soft. I have extra skin. When I am soft sometimes it looks like I am not circumcised. The vein up the back stands out a lot. When hard it bends to the left and straight up. I was always picked on in college because I am pretty thin (140 lb and 5"10') with a big dick. My nickname big-in and my friends would always tell everyone at parties. I would like mine to be a little thicker. When I ejaculate it shoots out up to my chest and sometimes on my face. I usually cum a large amount. Most of the time it is white, but if I haven't gone in a while it will be more yellow.

TITLE: Talan

I am nice long thick uncut. I have never gave it a name, kinda of cheesey in my opinion. I have never been turned down by a chick. I have had a few tell me on our first date that they would never do anything with an uncut penis. But at the end of the night, while they are going down on me or bouncing up and down on him they never complain. When I tell them I am uncut they don't believe it and then they say that must be why it made me have multiple orgasm. I would like to be a litte thicker but I am happy with were I am at. It kinda curves to the left and it points straight up to my chest when erect. All in all I am happy with my uncut penis.

TITLE: master

I think my penis is slightly above average in size, ive never had any complaints, it has a slight bend to the right, my girlfriend calls it a tardis todger as it starts out very small on soft. I have always ejaculated a lot, so im told, and I tend to be quite explosive most of the time, sometimes a bit too soon for my liking tho.

TITLE: lukedutch

My uncut penis is above all massive. Because of its girth (17.5 cm) my penis is nicknamed El Gordo (the Fat One in Spanish) In short: I'm very happy with my penis. While it slightly bends to the left, it is very nice to handle. I also gets lots of compliments as my penis is easily aroused. I try to keep my penis in shape by daily treatment: massaging and hot/cold showers. When I ejaculate I try to shoot my cum as far as possoble by closing my uretra for a few seconds to build up my cum

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