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TITLE: Craig

I im just turned seventeen and I love my penis. Really I do... its perfect!! I live in the county ass town in South Georgia(mainly white ppl), and my family is like one of the 4 African american families in the whole damn town. Little do the secure feeling dads know but I out almost every weekend fuckin the hell out of their daughters. They all compliment me how big it is and how the love its light brown complexion.

TITLE: jeff

I'm pretty happy with my dick. It's nice and straight. When it's soft I think it's small, but it's 4.5" and, from what I've read, that puts me in the 80th percentile. Hard it's 7.5" in length and 5.5" in circumference. It's pretty--nice and straight with a big head. I wish my balls were bigger and hung looser; they're pretty tight. I guess I'd add an inch just for fun if I could. DEFINITELY have never had anyone reject me due to my penis; in fact, nearly everyone I've been with has been quite complimentary of it. I love cumming and it feels awesome and intense. Cumming when I jack off is one thing, but doing so inside someone is something else altogether--incredible. I used to shoot buckets. Now I'm 42 and I've noticed my quantity has diminished somewhat. I've probably only met about 5 guys with peniss larger than mine.

TITLE: ppumper2323

My penis is the same color as my skin,White, it curves to the left, very thick at the base, and it becomes less thick going toward the head, My head is rather large,I don' think that I would change anything about it other than the curve, I have never had anyone reject me due to what my penis looked liked. I have found that using a penis pump is very erotic, although it does not increase the size of it. When, I use a penis pump, I find that my ejaculation is so much stronger than if I don't use the pump.

TITLE: Blue2202

My penis is 6.5" in circumfrence. I've received compliments from both men and women on it. When fully aroused, the head of my penis gets impressively big. I usually squirt when I ejaculate, but sometimes I'll shoot or dribble.

TITLE: wildncrazyguy

small head, large girth, caucasian. it is pretty straight. I have never been rejected I have always been told it was large. Ejaculation, is clear and it is between dribble and squirt.

TITLE: jonty

my penis is flesh coloured I have my foreskin which is quite loose it hangs open at the end. I curve up when hard my bell end is slightly narrower than my shaft. I have had a girl laugh at my penis coz she'd only been with one other man who was much bigger. I ejaculate different amounts depending on how long I wank for, if it's a quicky I only spunk up a few spots but if it's an all morning session I can produce a massive load. If I don't wank for about 4 or 5 days my spunk is much whiter and doesn't fire out it just runs out in one long length when I have a quicky my spunk fires out across the room.

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A machine can give you a blowjob (seriously)
The Autoblow 2 replicates the feeling of a real blowjob. Just like a blowjob, its automatic and hands free. Click to watch demo video.