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Penis Photos
Penis Pictures
Penis Picture
Penis Picture
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TITLE: mh83

My penis is quite normal I think. It's uncut, 5,5 inches long, very hairy and there's plenty of hair around my balls too. I would like it to be thicker and a bit more upward when erected. I usually shoot a lot every time onto my chest.

TITLE: Matty

My penis is large and it bends slightly to the left when fully erect it also shows my vains quite clearely when fully erect.I wouldnt change my penis because we get on well together. I model nude for artists and am proud of my body and my penis I have had a few sexual partners male and female and they all loved my penis.My ejaculation depends on the intensety of the orgasm I usually shoot a small dribble of semen then carry on stroking and then I shoot a large spray onto my chest or partner.

TITLE: duane

I am uncut, fairly straight when errect, I have never been rejected and the women I have been with enjoyed my preformance. I have strong ejaculations and enjoy self masturbating and my semen is thick white. I masturbate an average of about 3 time a week, not bad for a 57 year old and don't need to take anything to get it up. I have tasted my own semen and enjoy it on occassion.

TITLE: CoolDick

My penis is 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around. It is darker than my body color and curves slightly to the left. An additional inch or two would be great. I love my dick and stroke it every day and whenever I have privacy. My cum is does not squirt and not very much when I ejaculate everyday. I also like my shaft and pubes shaved.

TITLE: stiff

My penis is somewhat thick, partial cut, nice head, & rather large balls. bends sl. to left3/4 up. If I could I would remain intact. Never been rejected, gals love my size. Old girlfriend named my penis "soldier" because she could call it to attention with a rub or two. I have been complimented on it many times & equally reassured.My ejaculation is thick but small in quantity. When I do ejaculate just runs off, no squirt etc.& is white in color.

TITLE: Moustache Rhyde

My penis is awsome I love it personaly I wouldnt change a thing I have never been rejected because of it actualy no one outside some of my family (retards that need to learn hw to knock)have ever seen it my genitalia's nickname is "heman and the masters of the universe" because my penis is all powerful and together with my nuts they shall rule you all!!



TITLE: Pleaser

My penis is straight abd elevated above horizontal. The color is dark brown. I really would not change anything about my penis because I satisfy my wife completely as is. I have never been rejected or teased about my penis. My wife refers to it by the nickname "the big boy". The first time she saw it she said " My gosh, that thing belongs on a horse". I usually have several good spurts of cream colored semen. My semen has a very pleasant taste and odor because of my healthy _____ and lifestyle. I eat a lot of raw almonds and sunflower seds and mix soy lecithin granules with raw cereal-usually oatmeal or granola.

TITLE: Anonymous

Smooth and straight going up. Uncut and healthy pink and I wouldn't change it because of it's nice average size, anything too big and I wouldn't leave it alone. Ejaculations are strong and milky white but vary between drool and squirt.

TITLE: 21Aust

My penis is quite thick and very veiny - it bends slightly to the left. Obviously my partner and I are both quite happy with the length - but sometimes the thickness does cause troubles in the bedroom - thats probably the only thing I would change about it. I matured qquite early (about 8 or 9) and my "bits" were fully grown by about 12 or so, so I did get teased abit at school about its size - as I grew older however the gym room comments turned more to compliments. I tend to shoot when I cum - and quite large amounts - but seems to depend on the time of day!!!


After viewing several pictures on the internet I guess the shape is pretty much normal. It's dark pink-to very light purple in color. Soft texture, especially when erect. When it's not erect it generally bends to the right. At the very tip it has a small freckle that appeared by the time I was 19. I would like to make it bigger only to provide more visual stimulation to my partner(this is my perception of the purpose for having it bigger). No one has ever rejected me because of it. I think it would take a very shallow person to reject me because of it. Ejaculations are intense. A lot of pressure felt at the tip while rubbing. I usually wait for the last moment to have a really strong ejaculation. It usually squirts out, about a spoonfull. The color varies from white to very light yellow. When the ejaculation is the hardest, it tends to be whiter.

TITLE: Victor

My pensi is long and it points up when had! It has a soft teture and brown color. It bends up when erect. I would try to make it longer. I just want a longer penis. Yes when I take showers at the YMCA wit others they make me fell down with their lond penises. They laugh at me. Yes my pensi was named shorty by m girl friend. I have made fun of my penis becuse it was small. When I ekaculate my semen just flows out somtimes it shots but not all the time. There is alot f I too. It is white with clear alos sometimes.

TITLE: twan

my penis has a ring about halfway dawn all the way around. it is a different color than the rest of my penis. It goes to the left but is staight. I wish my penis was all one color and was pefectly ejeaculation varies but usualy squirts and dribbles.

TITLE: Thumper

Pretty average would be the shape..however I have been circumcised twice so the skin is thickend. The shaft is a honey carmel color with the mushroom head a rosy pink...My penis stands straight up towards my naval. One black mole on the side of the shaft gives my penis a uniqueness. If I could have any changes...i would probably be at least 2 inches longer (making it 8.5 or larger) and make it as thick as my wrist. No one has ever rejected me, but my brother's girlfriend....after _____ with me...commented on she wondered why my penis was so much smaller than my brothers, but I could ride her harder and hit her G spot more....(gee....could it be I knew how to _____...and my brother ....wasn't as good in the sack) My ejaculation is usually about 4 or 5 forceful spurts...then continuous ooze for a few minutes until you milk the shaft .... It is a thick creamy consistency, and sweet tasting...Most I have ejaculated a power orgasm was 9 spurts of long rapid fire jizz, with lots of precum...and after jizz. Haven't done that for a while....maybe if I wouldn't cum daily...would repeat that again...but why stop a good thing .

TITLE: mark

My penis is very thick from the base to the knob. Im cut and have a very large knob. I wouldn't change a thing about it. My penis is exactly 6inches long and has a girth of 5.75inches. I have fairly strong ejaculations. Often I shoot over my left shoulder when lying in bed. My semen squirts out most of the time in about 9 or 10 squirts.


My penis is decidedly uniform in shape, maintaining roughly the same circumference from its base to its head, where it transforms into a nicely-shaped "helmet". If it bends, it is only slightly to the left. The frenulum is minimal, the urethral opening small and overall glans is well-proportioned. The penis was circumcised in its 54th year due to balinitis xerotica obliterans. It would not wish to change it, in fact I have had many compliments on its appearance from numerous experienced women. My penis is fondly known as Dick Hardagain". Now that I am a 61-year-old man with diabetes, my erections are often less firm than they were once-upon-a-time, so the advent of Viagra has been a lifesaver. With it my sex sessions can go on for an entire evening, with breaks for recharging, of coure. Orgasms seem difficult to come by now, partly because I believe the late-life circumcision has dulled my sensitivity, but also because there may be some penile neuropathy from the diabetes, as there is in my feet. Also, another sexual side effect of diabetes is retrograde ejaculation. When I do climax, only a drop or two of semen makes it out. I am presuming the rest goes into my bladder. Nonetheless, I am enjoying sex more now than I ever did when I was married. I have discovered there are any number of hot and willing women who truly enjoy uninhibited sex play. I belong to a swing club, so there's lots of action in a group setting, and it's even allowed me to explore my own bisexuality. I always reasoned, if a woman can enjoy a penis in her mouth, why not me? I discovered I can and do, but that is my limit. Thanks for the opportunity to post this, I hope it contains some useful information for a few readers.

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