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Penis Photos
Penis Pictures
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My penis is slightly bowed, upward. The shaft is normal skin tone, except near the end of the shaft-red when hard, and the head which is a light pink to purple depending on the degree of hardness. It is 8.25 long and 6 cicum. When erect it sticks straight forward. One of my girlfriends gave my dick the nickname of "Moby". I told my friends and the dick nickname became my nickname. My ejaculation volume is huge, particularly the longer I go between shooting-off, approximately 3-4 teaspoons. Since the volume is on the high end, my ejaculation takes longer, I believe. It shoots straight out does not dribble or "ooze" out -very forceful. I have ejaculated all the way to the wall in back of my head. When masturbating, I have often hit my face with cum, usually my stomach and chest. I have been complimented about my size, often. Most women enjoy larger size, that's a fact.

TITLE: Heavy Hitter

My penis is long with a great big mushroom top. The shaft is half way tan, and the head is light purple. It bends slightly up. If I could change one thing about it, it would be to have a slightly thicker girth, and to hold out longer before ejaculation. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis. My ejactulations have plenty of fire power; you better stand clear, and I'll fore warn you if you've got this in you mouth. My precum is very clear, and my cum is milky white. I will have much more of an intense orgasm, not during sex or an oral encounter, but during frot: penis to penis contact. There is no feeling like stroking two at once!

TITLE: Nutts

Has a slight curve in it. I think its because of all the wanking I've did when I was a kid. It bends a little to the left. It's a light color and If I could change it I would like to add a little girth to it. I like the length and the shape.I have never had penis rejection. Never had a nick name for my penis.My ejaculate is nice creamy and white, but my wife says its very salty. Depending the length of time between sexual experiences will dictate the speed at wich the ejaculate comes out of me.

TITLE: Buddy G.

My penis is beauiful. I love to stoke it and feel how hard it is. I masturbate everyday for at least two hours. When I cum I love to lick it off my fingers. My cum tastes really good. The head has a very nice ridge and is very sensitive. My only regret is that I can not suck it. My penis loves to be sucked. I shave my balls and the skin is very soft. My balls are small but they look great hanging under my 6" hard on. What can I say, I lover my penis! I could look at it for hours if I had the time.

TITLE: Ricky

My penis is quite small when flaccid but makes up for it when I have an erection. It points upward when erect and does not bend to either side. If I could make my penis a bit fatter, I would, but not really bothered. A couple of girls that I have been with have said that it is a good size, so I am happy with it. My ejaculations vary each time, sometimes they are powerful spurts that can reach a fair distance, other times its just a drop or two that ooze out of the end!

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