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Penis Photos
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It is darker to rest of skin, curves upwards from base like a banana, leans to left. Sometimes I wish that it was bigger, wider/longer etc but in the end it doesnt really matter as it does the job. I'm uncircumsized as well, which makes up for the lack in size. Ejaculation varies alot, can be a spray, a dribble and sometime can even shoot. Varies from very little to alot! Always white.

TITLE: ste

Shape: At 8 1/4 inchs 'long and muscular' are the key words Curves upwards from the base like a banana No I would not change it - though even at 8 inches one could live with an extra inch or two No nick names No rejection Yes it gets remarked upon a lot Orgasms are energetic Colour creamy white. Sometimes shoots a long way eg to shoulder height or further : other times dribbles depending on how long I take and how often in the day. Can be quite a lot of it.


My penis is long and fat in the middle then it thins till it reaches my head where it gets fat again,my penis is perfectly straight, I would not change it if I could, no I haven't been rejected because of my penis, Noi have not given my penis a nick name nor has my partner, I have had a few compliments but nothing to boast about, I have heavy ejaculations with higher than average sperm, It shoots and sprays it is an off white with a blueish tinge.

TITLE: Kevin

My penis is circumcised. It is almost straight with a slight angle to the left. I love it, I think it looks great and it feels great when it gets hard. My wife always compliments me on how handsome it looks, which makes it just get harder and harder.

TITLE: Peter

The Head of my penis is the thickest part of it, but the middle and the base is pretty thick too..the head is shaped like a mushroom and the rest of my penis has lots of thick veins protruding out. I never thought I had a big dick until I started having sex with girls that have been with a lot of guys, and their reaction was amazement. They are mostly into the girth of my penis, even though it is pretty long they love the thickness. I've had some problems sleeping with virgins which I dont do anymore cause its soo much trouble trying to get it in. I was in love with this girl once but it didnt work out between us cause she couldnt handle the size of my dick which was frustrated..but overall i'm happy with the size of my dick

TITLE: gogga

normal skin color, with light purple head! in the middle it have a small bend when errected! the chick loved my dick and was surprise by the size, she liked it! when I am horny, my sperm shoots out like a rocket, it just explodes!! but at night before I go to bed, I play with him, making me horny, imagine a girl gives me a BJ, nibble the head softly, and massage it with her/his tongue, then I wank and go bed relaxed

TITLE: Mickey

I am an Asian. My penis is only 5.3 inches when erected. It bends up and is about 2 inches thick. I am not at all satisfied with the length of my penis. I was astonished by the sizes of penises other people have. I ejacuate well, I suppose. I do have a fair amount of semen coming out. I would guess it is about 5 centimetre cubed? When I ejacuate, it first shoot, then dribble. The colour of semen is a little yellow, which is normal according to doctors. No one has ever commented on my penis, except myself.

TITLE: woodt6969

perfectly cercumcised shape,it is my body color,the head is large and lite pink.when erect it bends slightly to the left and straight up.I wish it was 1inch longer,so I could suck more of it,no rejections,no nck-names,all the women I been out with,like to suck it,for a long time,ejaculation is like,I feel its just flowing out ,like solid stream,dr opping my seed.IF im on my back ,before I shoot,a little will drool out,then its 2 to 3 burst,hitting my face and takes a few paper towels,to clean-up,its thick white.oh yea,its 8 long and 2 wide

TITLE: woodt6969

perfectly cercumcised shape,it is my body color,the head is large and lite pink.when erect it bends slightly to the left and straight up.I wish it was 1inch longer,so I could suck more of it,no rejections,no nck-names,all the women I been out with,like to suck it,for a long time,ejaculation is like,I feel its just flowing out ,like solid stream,dr opping my seed.IF im on my back ,before I shoot,a little will drool out,then its 2 to 3 burst,hitting my face and takes a few paper towels,to clean-up,its thick white.


My penis is not excessively large, but rather average. It's got a slight upwards curve, but none to the left or right. The head is pretty fat, but I think that whoever circumcized me did a good job, since everything is prefectly proportioned. Sometimes I push down the tissue on my pubis to make it seem bigger, and it will measure about 7 inches. On average though, I'm about 5 3/4 or 6 inches. Fairly thick, about 6 1/2 around. If I could change it, I would make it an inch or so longer, and make it thicker, since my last girlfriend said it's the thickness, not the lenght, she prefers. Only she's seen it, and has never said anything negative about it, though this is the first time we've ever been with another person sexually. Generally, my ejaculation is a small shot into the air, and I actually shoot a good amount. If I don't fool around for a day or two, and I grip my shaft hard while stroking, I can shoot probably better than Peter North, and a huge amount. My cum is pretty thick, with a milky white color. On the whole, my penis is the only one I've ever had, so I wouldn't want to change anything, unless, like most men, I could make it a bit bigger.


I have a Very straight erection with a light pink colored head and pale skin. I have a loose foreskin, a peeper? I have been told I have a really nice looking dick. I wish it were longer although no one has complained about the size so far. I was made fun of in the college shower room because of the small size of my soft dick. My ejaculation is kinda forceful. It can go quite a ways.

TITLE: mark

my penis is a lot darker than the rest of my body but it is a cool red and purple when it is hard my knob turning deep purple I like to shave the hairs of it and the rest of my body it feels so senual after as well as making it look longer it as a upwards bend to it I am proud of my penis I call it percy and I have not had any complaints so far in the showers at school we would compare our willys and I had a few nice coments on it I was not short of chums there I like to do a slow stroking movement holding back as long as I can then letting cum all over my chest and belly it tasts great the first shot shooting out like a gun then dribles over my balls a lovely creamy colour I can cum what seems like bucket fulls at times but if I mastabate a few times over say 24 hours then it can run on the dry side

TITLE: bill

I am circumcised with a large pink head. my shaft is nearly straight, but slight bend to the left. The skin of the shaft is smooth with a few veins showing.. y ejaculation is strong and shoots about 12 inches. It is a lovely white creamy cum. I love my partner to suck my penis until it is about to cum

TITLE: mestupkd

my penis color is a light brown, its wider around the base than at the head, i would like my penis to be bigger and thicker, I have never been rejected because of my penis, my organs are usually intense thats what I like about my penis the most the orgasms, about 90 % of the time I usually shoot during ejaculation and dribble as well and it's a very milky texture and a dark white color


My penis is tan colored, smooth with a pinky-purple head that gets darker as I get closer to shooting and I am cut. It is straight as an arrow with a slight curve to the right from masturbating. I'd love for it to be a longer. When I ejaculate, it shoots out like a shotgun and and there is lots. Overall I love my penis and it brings me great enjoyment every day.

TITLE: srtwangbigballs

tan,very smooth, when erect it goes up and left I would like to be 9 inches, i have never been rejected because my balls are gigantic, im not marriedbso no nick names, never been made fun of, when im about to ejaculate my head turns dark red and swells up, and the sperm shoots out, never measured but it comes out a little clear and a white


Mostly smooth shaft, veins and texture when really hard. shaft is skin color, below head gets sightly brown, head is reddish but not bright or pink. Straight up but with a curve which works well for womwn doggie style. If I could change it I would have it the same but slightly bigger in both length and width because I would like to masturbate a larger penis. I have never had a rejection. No nick-names. never made fun of. Complimented by both men and women. reassured by girlfriend in whining moments of "is it big enough".ejaculation varies..usually consistent and thick. After a couple cums, is thin. Inside her it feels like it shoots but no way to tell. all the others have occured during masturbation, it depends on how many times I do it and how I squeeze the base for the buildup of the "shot". always white except for a short time years ago it was somewhat yellowish. It scared me, I thought I was sick or something.

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