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Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

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Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

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TITLE: vini

My penis is straight it has no curve I would change it make it bigger not yet a reject no nick names no not made fun of ejaculation is good ejaculation it shoots out its white.

TITLE: yankee

My penis short when non errect, stubby and thick for length. big balls, not low hanging just large in size (almost ping pong balls size) tight sack hairy shaft and balls nice moderate size head with a nice look. Was perfect when I used to model underwear, nice show but not to much of a buldge (would make the clothes look un comfortable)

TITLE: andy

Strangely enough, I think my penis is very beautiful. I've had to see some pretty ugly cocks in my life (but don't get me wrong; they were PRETTY HUGE!) However, I believe that when penises are on the smaller side, like mine, but not abnormally small, they tend to look better. My only partner thinks it is perfect, so I would never change it. Sooooooooooo... my ejaculation varies A LOT! It all depends on the current frequency and whether I have a visual aid. With the aid, I tend to get a better "shoot", but it isn't very pleasurable. When I have masturbated/ had sex a great deal recently, my ejaculations are much weaker (DUHHHHH!) So now you know my penis. Enjoy!

TITLE: hawkefan

I have an uncut cock. I love the shape how the head is longer on top than bottom, I love my big balls that hang real low. I love the fact that I can cum 5 or 6 times in a jack off session. I have had a lot of partners both female and male and have never ever had a complaint. I have had lots of compliments about how much cum I shoot.

TITLE: mixed martial artist

 i have really felt sad about my penis size since having sex over a year ago with my girl friend. Some times I begin to hate all women and i know its wrong BUT why should I if women treat men like bits of meat. My gf has no problem with my size ( so she says anyway ) but I know I remember things what she has done with other guys and begin to feel low and begin to dislike women again!

TITLE: idontlookdown

Soft measurement -- 1 inch or less, more or less a mushroom cap. Hard just about 5 inches. Bends straight up on full erection. I would certainly make it bigger, particularly when soft. Vulnerable moment: an old girlfriend and I were lying in bed after sex and she (in wonderment, not in a mean way) actually was able to push my penis all the way inside of me. Her reassurance that it was all right both excited and humiliated me. A high school shower room incident where a guy pointed and laughed probably didn't help my psyche either. I am 6'2" and 200 lbs, so having one so small when soft is a bit of a contradiction. I try not to look down...

TITLE: any

it's straight an doesn't bend to any side, but a bit upwards. i'm not circumcised, as there are no medical indications. When I was a kid my best friend made fun of me sometimes because I had a smaller penis than he had and wasn't circumcised like he was. When I ejaculate it squirts out a lot. I fI could change my penis, I would make it a bit longer and wider, and the foreskin a tiny little bit shorter.

TITLE: The Gun

I am with what I think is a fairly big cock. It is circumcised and all the women I have had sex with said they loved it. They said my penis is huge for my age and they wanted to _____ me more regularly. Because of my cock thickness I find it easy to penetrate an older woman. I have never been ashamed to show my penis off in the change rooms at school because it is so big. Other guys look at it in jealousy. It is a struggle to _____ girls my own age, because I have not found one that can fit my penis inside them. It hurts their vagina too much. One girl I made bleed.

TITLE: sock

I am a blonde guy and still have no pubic hair which is embarrasing as my sister does. My penis length includes 0.5 cm of loose skin. My erection is 9.5 cm and when I cum, (after about 20 seconds), it forms a puddle on the top then dribles down the shaft. It is clear/white but once i'm done I can't get another erection for about four hours.

TITLE: b-ryce

its widest just before the head. it bends to the left. I would not change it because I like it. I have never had any one reject me because of my penis. never had a nick name.never been made fun of have been reinsured. ejaculation is awesome sometimes it squirts sometimes it shoots it is usually white unless i dont do it for a while then it can be yellowish.

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