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Penis Photos
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Penis Photos
Penis Photos
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MY PENIS IS SHORT! But it has a big head. I'd definitely make it bigger in circumference and longer in length! For my own confidence and her satisfaction. The old saying.....size doesn't matter.....bullshit! Reject......yes......and never come back for more of it! called it "junior" high school.....and then by my ex......after she was an ex of course.....and to my daughter no less! Yes, I've been reassured....."It doesn't keeps me happy" of course she is no longer around. I can fill it building up, and afterwards, can't continue anymore...completely spent. Squirts......white

TITLE: nol

it is fairly straight circumcised goes slightly nto the left. My ejection is small and quite clear but if I do not wank fot a couple of days it is more milky and thick. But Ilove to wank and do it a couple of times a day.When I come it dribbles out but I get a great tingling sensation

TITLE: tergal

my penis is straight symetrical brown clor it bens to the left whn erect I like it to be long up to 8 inches I am ashmed with this size especially when flaccid it looks very small no one rejected and I am married and have kid my wide enjoys no nick name for my penis is given only when I was young no one made plainly but I feel that they make fun of my penis size it shoot when ejaculates and the color is whitish

TITLE: jere 21

my penis reminds me of a banana. it is long with a slight curve in the middle. It slightly bends to the left. if there was a way to change the appearance, I would make it straighter. like I said, it reminds me of a banana. never been rejected because of it(Penis). my ejaculation is average, I would say During ejaculation It starts with a dribble, and then there is a major eruption of long streams of semen

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