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TITLE: Hard Wank

My dick is darker than my body. It is cut and curves slightly upwards. When I'm really horny my dick goes rock hard and bright red. I like to wank without lube because it takes longer to cum. I use lube sometimes especially when my dick is really hard because the skin is too tight. I wank 2 or three times a day, depending on the free time I have. It takes about 30 mins to cum when I take my time but if I use lube and wank rough and hard it takes less than a minute. My cum squirts out and is thick and white


My penis is uncut with a forskin which I use for wanking alot. I can not understand how cut gus can have a good wank without a skin to rub across the head. I like to go real slow and peel the skin right back then push it forward. in the locker room I get loads of looks from the guys who are cut, particularly when I skin back in the shower to clean. Sometimes for the real curious ones I leave the skin back when drying off, and then make sure they see me pullin the skin back over the head. I often do this two or three times but have to take care not to give myself a boner. The guys who are keen to watch sometimes get a semi and try and cover themselves with their towels. One guy once told me that he thought I had a nice dick and made no attemp to hide his growing hard on. I didn't respond in any way bu may be one day I will My dick is basically straight but the curve at the base means it stuck up just off vertical. When hard the skin stays over the head until I peel it back. The web that attaches to the head is tight but I love the feel of it stretching when Im real horny and pull down real hard my best wanks are when I keep hard for an hour and edging close ever five minutes or so then I cum with quite hard - it often hits me in the face wall if I am on the bed. Usually I wank at least twice a day but if I try real hard and don't touch my dick for two or three days then it gets hard at the slightest thought -it is really difficult getting off the school bus with a hard on. After two or three days I can only edge for about half an hour and then I seem to cum loads all over the place

TITLE: dicky penis

My penis is the same thickness all the way and is darker than my body. It has a slight upward curve and points slightly upward. It can get really hard and red sometimes and the veins pop out. When I ejaculate it squirts about eight times out onto my chest and is white and thick.


My penis is very straight and is darker than other skin on my body; very brown where the rest of my body is medium for a caucasian. My penis has a great head when erect and flares a bit wider near the base. It's heavy enough that my erection points straight out rather than up. Like most guys, I think I'd like a larger penis but I'm very satisfied with what I've got. Although I admire a penis with a nice curver to it, I like that fact that mine is straight. Everyone who has seen my penis likes it -- both women and men. The only complaint I've had is going a little too deep with a few women, so I ease back to make it more comfortable for her. Nickname for my penis? We use the usual 'dick' most of the time, but he seems to be called 'Junior' a lot also -- not for size but as in 'my second personality'. Nobody has ever made fun of my dick; most have commented how nice it looks. My wife (both of us were married before) has reassured me that I have ample. She had experiences with one guy who was much larger but most were smaller than I am. Since I'm a 'senior' now, my ejaculation isn't as forceful as it once was but the sensation is much the same. I prefer the feeling of ejaculating inside a woman's vagina, but masturbation is also very pleasurable. Masturbation allows me to see the ejaculate, which is a turn-on. Gone are the days when I shot several feet when I ejaculated. Now I'm down to shooting a few inches. I shoot quite a volume of semen, probably averaging a tablespoon or more -- sometimes a couple of tablespoons. The semen is basically white, of course, with parts that vary from almost clear to very thick and white.

TITLE: nic

My penis is thick and pink in color. It bends up and is uncut. I would change it by making it one inch bigger. I have not given my penis a nick-name. I have been complimented by all of my partners as well as some of my friends. My ejaculation is an out-of-body experience. My ejaculation is an off-white color, is liquidy and it squirts.


I am 66 years old and still love sex. Can't believe how horny I am at this age. I still have sex with my wife at least 3 times a week and jack off sometimes. My dick is a little over 6" long and 5.5" around. My dick fills my wife up, especially the thickness. I dribble sometimes although sometimes I still squirt like I did when I was young. My wife is always telling me how big I am, especially how fat I am. By the way I am uncut and love the skin. My wife loves playing with the skin, sliding it back and forth over the head. I love it. My dick has brought me much pleasure over the years and hope that it continues to bring me pleasure for many more. There is nothing feels like my dick sunk in my wife's vagina.


Slight curve to the left with a big mushroom head. Little on the thin side but it is perfect for painless anal sex. I keep my balls shaved but leave a nicely trimmed bush out front. I produce ALOT of precum that I use to jerkoff.

Masturbation Videos for Entertainment
Here you can see the best high quality masturbation videos anywhere. Free pictorial previews with no sign-up or email needed. Free movie minutes with email and card. Absolutely no spam.

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