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Free site Female masturbation and Male masturbation. Includes techniques, pictures, videos, stories, Fleshlight reviews, and ejaculation videos.
Penis Photos
Penis Pictures
Penis Photos
Penis Pictures

Penis Documentary
Free picture site that was started to adress myths about penises (size and shape). This site also has a penis survey.

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Penis Documentary
Free picture site that was started to adress myths about penises (size and shape). This site also has a penis survey.

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Below are the survey results from the public:

TITLE: Big Dicked 0008

My dick is long and stright it is nice and tan since I like to tan naked outside It dosent bend at all just srtight and hard and there is really nothing that I would change about it at all! I compaired with a lot of people and they think that my penis is one of the best they have ever seen! I recently pierced my balls and it looks hot as hell and when I jack off, it looks so good with my cum running down my balls man , I love it

TITLE: Dylan

My penis is shaped like most men. The color is redish tan it is smooth. It bends up all the time. I would never change it. No one has rejected me because of my penis. No one has ever given my penis a nickname. I have got complimented a lot a times about the size. Ejaculation is like having fun with yourself. During ejaculation my sprem shoots and sprays a lot it is mostly yellowish white.


My penis is circumsized, very smooth and a pinkish white color. The shaft is narrow and the head is somewhat larger than the shaft. When erect it is straight. It bends upward toward my belly and is 90 degrees to my body. I love my penis the way it is. If anything I would like to have it a bit longer. I have never had anyone reject me because of the size or shape. My wife always tells me how beautiful my penis is, how good it feels, etc. I can have mulitple ejaculations. I can cum as many as 8 times before having the final ejaculation. The last one is always the most intense, but each of the others feels very good. Since I have so many ejaculations in one session, I do have a large amount of semen. My ejaculation shoots or dribbles. It depends if I do the multiple ejaculation or not. A single ejaculation shoots about 4 times, then dribbles as it subsides. The first shot can go about two feet in distance. It's white in color. Thanks for the survey. I enjoyed it and also reading others.


My penis looks like your standard-issue caucasian circumcised penis. It's a bit darker than most--when flaccid it is almost brown. When hard, tho, it's still darker than the rest of my body (but not as dark as my nut sack). Plus, there's a tiny dark mole on the head near my pee hole, which usually catches new sex partners off guard--I have to reassure them that, no, it's not an STD. It lists a bit to starboard, but not dramatically. I used to assume that I'd warped it through excessive masturbation. If I could change my penis, I'd probably make it a bit bigger. But I assume most guys say that (though my boyfriend, who has an exceptionally large penis, often wishes he could make his smaller. As the bottom in our relationship, I sometimes wish he could make it smaller as well). I have, once, been rejected because of my penis. Not because of its size, though, but because I couldn't get it hard. I believe the term is 'beer dick,' and I had it. No nicknames. People who name their body parts kinda weird me out. I have, indeed, been made fun of because of my penis--in fact, my partner giggled over it for several minutes just the other night. I'd had excessive amounts of caffiene, which, for some reason, tends to make my flaccid penis shrivel while making my scrotum swell a bit. My boyfriend, contemplating giving me a blow job, checked out my genitals, then began talking to them using a sort of leprechaun voice, and laughing uproariously at how 'tired and scared' my penis looked. And, yes, I've also been complimented--because I have the standard issue penis, I'm often told how nice and neat it looks when hard. Reassured? Yes. My boyfriend is HUNG, so it took some reassuring during the early months of our relationship that he wouldn't leave me for a guy with a bigger dick. My ejaculations tend to go all over the place. It isn't a spray so much as it is an explosion, which takes some people by surprise. After orgasm, I frequently need to clean a wide area... not because I shoot so MUCH, but because I shoot everywhere. And, usually, my ejaculate is pearly-nicotine white, though sometimes, especially if I've already ejaculated a few times in a few hours, it is clear.

TITLE: Hambone

My penis is quite a bit bigger then what is considered average as I am 8.5" long and 6.75" circumfrence and these are honest measurements. When I wear a penis ring, I swell up to about 7.25" circumfrence with ugly veins popping out and a swollen purple head. I have a slight curve to the right which I attribute to a lot of masturbation since eleven years old. I'm 65 years old now. Today, my sex life is ejaculating about three times a week, usually with my wife but sometimes alone just for the fun of it. I ejaculate a LOT as far as volume but not the force I once had. When young, early teens, I was the first to ejaculate out of my (gang) of six guys, two older by a year and one younger and the other guys my age. Also, my penis was like double the size of theirs if not more. One buddy told his mom about my penis and I overheard her talking and laughing to my mother about it. She was surprised when my mother said she saw me and I was huge. Most girls I've had sex with loved my big penis and all said I was the biggest they've had by far. Oral sex is very difficult and not satisfying. Never experienced anal sex as I'm too big for any girl I've met. I usually take Viagra for best erections but don't truly need it yet it works well for me. Orgasms for me are from ten minutes to well over an hour depending on what I want to do mostly. At this stage of my life, one orgasm is enough and I need the night to recuperate. Best sex was with a neighbor whose husband had a 5" long and very thin penis (according to her) and would ejaculate in two minutes or less. Once she saw my penis and experienced it, we had excellent sex for years and never got caught. She was truly beautiful and as close to double jointed as any person I've ever met. Also very inquisitive and inventive in bed and out of bed too. Never orgasms with hubby but multiple with me. But that was long ago. Sometimes when I masturbate, I'll hold off for a very long time, get close then back off and when I do that, I can cum two or three times by just letting out two or three squirts then hold back for a minute or two and go again. Best ever was four good ejaculations like that in about ten minutes. I was totally drained after that. My penis is the best part of my body to me.

TITLE: john

I I have a huge penis. natural as well. the problem is that many women cannot take in all of it. it is beautiful though. being an asian itis also not common for me to have such a large penis.guys in the gym are shocked when they see it hang around 9 inches. I come with fury.

TITLE: bcfir

When erect, it is has an arc similar to a banana. the glanz base is overhands the shaft about 3/8" and base of glanz to tip is 1.3". the shaft alone is 4.5". erection is upright an an angle of about 50 degrees from horizon. very stiff boner. can sustain, by myself for hours, without drugs or topical stimulation. I have had up to 10 orgasms in a 24hour period (including about 7 hours sleep). my age is 52. my ejacutation just 'spouts' out. maybe .5" from the urethra (the 'mouth' of the penis). but sometimes, like maybe twice per year, it shoots to my chest. I wish I knew how I can re-enact this. I like to masterbate with three fingers, usually: left handed is prefered; thumb, forefinger, middle finger. I do not have a knick name for my penis. I have had several partners and most have called it 'the bird'. I don't know why.

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