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Penis Photos
Penis Pictures
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Shape: girthy, large head Bends up, slightly above horizontal Ejaculation is powerful, frequently hit headboard. Most measured at 6.5 feet standing up. Squirts in multiple shots.

TITLE: Lildawgs9192

My penis is smooth, and tan. I have a very hairy Scrotom. I wouldn't change it for the world. Women love it, so do other men. I have never been rejected or made fun of for it. Everybody compliments it. MY PENIS IS SO SEXY~

TITLE: puff

Normal shape (Been told model penis) straigh no bend no changes no rejections complimented on size in the shower depends on how long I hold back and how often I do also depends on how often and how long I hold back

TITLE: Michael

I like my penis. It is cut and I think looks sexy. It has a slight bend up and to the left? I would prefer that it be straight and large when not fully erect. My penis has done everything when it comes to cum. Dribbled, shot, squirt. My mood and tightness of balls has everything to do with THAT. If ive been stroking for a long, long time...i Know its gonna explode...porno style. No doubt about that. During those prolonged masturbation and intercourse feels as good as anything in the absolutely flying and deliriously turned-on.

TITLE: peteyboy

My penis is white in color. I am not a very hairy man. I was always laughed at in the showers because I was "bald" down there. well one day I thought I was alone after practice and another track runner friend of mine caught me, you know, doing myself. no one had ever seen me erect - I thought I was again going to be ridiculed. well he gasped and said "woa woa woa - hey skin dick that"s a #$#$@#@ boner. I turned around quickly and popped my load. he did not laugh at me as I expected. in fact he never said a thing. I guess he jerked off in the shower too! my cum is a hard full-forced shot. if I am laying on my back I can hit me breast/tit area with the first couple of cum pumps. it is white or light cream color. my dick is uniformly thick from bottom to top with a little curve up and to the left at the very tip.

TITLE: Danish

The head is a little blunt. It bends down. Its darker then has a ring of darker skin where is was circumsized, and then it is a lighter peach color, then a red head. I have not had anyone reject me because of my pernis. My boyfriend said it was weird and he had never seen a penis that bent down before. My ejaculation varies, like most guys I think. But it is always good. It more of dribbles drools and shoots somtimes. Its usually whitish, and clear.

TITLE: Woody

My Penis is staight and long with no faults. I wouldn't change it for the one has ever rejected me and i've never been made fun ejaculation is good and it squirts a is uncircumcised


when soft hangs down,when hard stands up curved back toward beely,when hard red to dark red head,smooth,shaft light brown,wouldn't change it,never had a gal not want it,most say it's right size , heavy cum off white coloe, precum is sweet and full load is semi sweet,squirts very hard when ejaculating and able to get hard in about half hr cum becomes smaller amount as number of comes

TITLE: Stanley

My penis is fine by me, it could be longer but no one has ever felt un satisfied. Ohters have complimented me on my penis and balls both male and female. I normally jack off every day at least once, I come in a drool normally but can shoot if really excited.

TITLE: wantmore

1. Smooth circumsized with large and small veins. Shaped is curve up with a large head 2. UP and I've been told I have very large balls 3. Yes - I like the way it looks and so did the women I've been with. But when I am soft it is too small about 2 3/4" to 3 1/4". I think 4 - 5 inches would look much better. Also, I think my penis is too thin. Most women that I talked to about size would have liked it to be thicker. 4. No 5. No I have never been made fun of but, I have been told by women that when I am soft I am very small. Also, that my soft penis is sometimes (not always) very disapointing and much too small. 6. I have a clear whitish color and my ejaculation is very intense. I have been told I have a lot of cum. 7. It shoots never varies. I ejaculate I think and I've been told a lot. whitish and clear.

TITLE: natecumer

My penis is a light red to a brownish color. during an erection it sticks straight up, I have been circumsized, and the tip it very soft and a pinkish color. I would change nothing about my penis. I have gotten many girlfriends because of my penis, and I love it for that and many other reasons. An ejaculation is amaxing, my cum is a creamy white color, and I usually get about a half dollar size amount. overall I am very happy with it and so have my parteners.

TITLE: gerry

My penis shaft is smaller than the glans, curves left when erect, uncircucmcised, a real wilter, may be only 2 inches when soft & or cold I,ve never been rejected or ridiculed because of my shape . I am now 64 yrs old & ejaculate with less spurt than I used to but still spurt as opposed to dribble, like one chap I new as a teen

TITLE: J dub

brown lighter at the top bends to the right a little have a scar from my circumcision at the very top. Got kind of a dribbling technique going on but sometimes got an intense squirt and its not quite white all the time, has a yellowish tent to it

TITLE: Marcus

When my penis is erect it bend little to the left. the foreskin is smooth and easily retracted. everytime I ejaculate it comes out creamy.the first ejaculation is a shoot then it drools slowly.


my penis has a slight lean to the right it is uncut which suits me just is 5 and a half inches round at the penis is natural in color with the penis head more reddesh in colcr tone. I do wish it was at least 7" in lengh.,but never been rejected my ejaculation is always a happy one and I really like to watch it come out.when I come it first shoots out then rolls out after that I cum quite heavy and I enjoy the flaver of it and do a lot of fantasizeing as I enjoy myself

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