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Penis Pics
Penis Pictures
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Penis Pics

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Free picture site that was created to address myths about vagina appearances and to show the various types of vaginas. Also includes a survey.

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TITLE: cory

my penis is big flat, round, fat and white it bands up and to the right and the left if I could change my penis I would make it bigger and make it easier to standup yes no I have been complimented because it is verry hard when it stands up good because it makes me feel that it is bigger than it rilly is it verrys between dribble, drool, shoot, squirt and spray. alot and it is white and some times clear

TITLE: man

my penis is long thick and heavy. im uncut, my head is mushroomed and thick. my penis bends to my left slightly. I would keep my penis exactaly as it is, I feel conferdent to be naked in the gym locker room. I love my penis.....alot.... no one has ever rejected me because of my penis, but i have never let my self be in a situation with that type of person. once when i was younger I was made fun off because I had a erection in my swimming class at school. when I cimax, my come dosent spurt out, it just kinda ooses/dribbles out. I never come like porn stars do.

TITLE: Steve

I think my penis looks pretty normal and is average in size. It is noticably darker than the rest of my body. It curves up slightly when erect and hangs to the left when flaccid. I did have something changed. I was circumcised at the age of 35. Although it is already darker than the rest of my body, I would like it to be darker still. I have thought about using an artificial tanning lotion, but haven't done so. I believe I ejaculate a greater than normal volume. The first couple of spasms of orgasm shoots my semen out about a foot or two. After that, it's not quite so far. By the last spasm, it tends to run out like drool.

TITLE: joshy

my penis is very small it is only 3 inches when erect. when not erect it sometimes goes inside my body and hides.i can barely jerk off and I jerk off with two fingers.

TITLE: scott

My penis is straight up, as in it touches my stomach. I only recently discovered that lots of guys stick out not up. Whenever I saw pics with a dick sticking out I thought that they were just not fully erect. It doesn't bend at all, but has a real nice head on it and is circumsized. When I cum, I don't shoot more that a few inches. Always wished I could shoot like 5 feet, but just doesn't happen. My cum is just the regular old pure white. As a teen I called it George, my middle name but never thought much about it. Girls all seem to like it and have told me it is bigger than average (7") and real thick (5.5 in circumference). They especially like to suck it which is great, BUT since it only wants to be straight up, that can be a problem since its harder for them to suck it when it won't bend. In fact one time in college I had sex with my girlfriend and she leaned back. The next day I thought I had VD. It was black! I told my roomate about it and he said I should show him since he knew. I said no, he said come on, I said no, etc. Finally he said come on Scott just unzip and take it out. When I did he started laughing histerically! Said the only thing wrong with it was that I had broken a few blood vessels! It would heal on its own. Even worse he told my gil friend's brother who thought it was funny too and also wanted to see it. I drew the linit there! The idea of showing my penis to my girlfriend's brother was TOO weird. Anyway, it's a great penis and has never let me down. Scott

TITLE: jacky

my penis is slightly darker than my is smooth with a large reddish/purple glans.when flaccid it varies in length but when errect it is 6.5 inches and slightly droops when rigid.i am uncut and never been rejected.extra couple of inches would be ejaculations are white and thick and come in about 5 squirts about ateaspoon full.

TITLE: Big Load

My 48 year old cut penis is 2.5 inches short when soft, but grows to 5.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around when fully erect, with a slight upward curve. It is the same thickness along the entire length, with a nice mushroom head. It is light brown in colour from the base until the dark brown ring where the foreskin was cut, and then pink to the tip of the glans. My testicles are large, about the size of a large hen's egg. They produce copious amounts of white creamy cum, which sometimes shoots 2 or 3 feet into the air (the cum changes to a thin clear liquid if I wank a few times within 24 hours, almost like piss!). I have often shot cum over my shoulder and into my face, eyes, and mouth. I love to be watched when wanking, my nipples get hard and the cum shoots further when I'm being watched. I always wake the next day with a boner AFTER ejaculating at night. I have never been rejected or made fun of because of my penis, nor has it been given a nickname. I would not change anything about my penis, I love it! (I'm envious of guys who can suck their own penis!)

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