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Penis Pictures
Penis Pictures
pics of penises
Penis Pictures
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Nude Male Pictures
Free Picture Site - In many societies, the nude body is considered similar to a work of art. This site is an introduction to pictures of over one hundred different nude men.

Nude Female Pictures
Free Photo Site - In many cultures around the world, the nude female body is considered a work of art. This site is an intro to a nude-study project that has over one hundred different nude women.

Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.

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TITLE: lydon

my penis is oval, in shape, curves slightly to the right, has a nice pink tone, I am circumcised, my glan is larger than my shaft, I am 5.5 in girth at the base. I have had alot of partners, one said I was on the small size..but she qualified small, as anything under 8 inches in lenght, and 5.5 in girth..i have been told I am very pleasing to the eye, looks alot like the dildos in sex shops

TITLE: Rootrat

My penis is of fair length cut and is attached to a Bisexual.It is of fair complection and bends slightly to the left.It is errect first thing in the morning and stays that way until I ejaculate.When I ejaculate I tend to spray it all over my body and my sheets most of the time.Sometimes while ejaculating with my friends we try to see who can shoot the fartherest.On other occasions it has been known to just weep out but this is more often after having a wet dream about another cute guys penis.

TITLE: hardboy_fll

My penis has been described to me as nice, pretty, big. In reality it is about 6.5 inches long and about 1-3/4 inches across when erect. I have measured it at 7 inches when I am extremely horny and turned on. It's slightly darker than the rest of my skin which is quite tan as I am a nudist living in Florida so I get a lot of sun. In the past year or so it has developed a slight bend to the left, but I don't know why. I am circumcised but I would definitely like to know what it would feel like to be intact, not restored but never having been cut ever. Aside from that I am very happy with my penis, I honestly think it is one of my best features. I don't think I have ever been rejected because of my penis, but I sure have gotten lucky at the sight of it many times. I actually had a guy in the gym shower lean over and tell me I "have a real pretty dick". I don't have as much ejaculate as I used to unless I have been saving it up and it usually just dribbles out. But I masturbate frequently, at least 2-3 times a day so I don't give it much chance to build up.

TITLE: averagedude

My penis is straight and circumcized. The head is good sized. If I could change anything I would want another inch longer so sex from behind would penetrate better. Otherwise I'm happy. No one has ever complained or praised my penis. Most girls said I was just a little bigger than most guys they knew. So I figure I'm a little above average. My sensitivity is a little less than most guys which is good and bad. good that I don't ejaculate fast but bad in that I don't raging boners in two seconds. I need a little stimulation and then my hard-on comes and goes, sometimes. It usually makes sex last longer, though. Most girls have told me I tend to produce alot of pre-come. Its probably because it takes me longer to come so there is more time for leaking pre-cum. On rare occaisions, I come a little bit about a minute before before I orgasm. A small squirt comes out. I have no clue what causes this, its very random. I tend to ejaculate forcefully in a thick stream. Two good squirts followed by a few small squirts and then it oozes. Right before I come I realease some real watery semen, it usually just dribbles out. Once in a rare while, I will spray a watery blast just before the first squirt. When I was a teen I had to put my hand over the slit because I would tend to shoot far, often making a mess in my hair or elsewhere. Now I am much older and I only squirt about a foot, if I haven't come for a few days. Sometimes just a few inches. My sperm is not as white as it use to be. Kinda greyish white and thick. It used to be snow white. I don't have very sensitive balls so I have always let my girlfriends touch and squeeze them. I rarely have had wet dreams; probably 3 or 4 in my whole life.

TITLE: bob

My penis is large, and is uncut, it curves upwards. I have never been rejected as im still a virgin. My cum is very little ammounts, and dribbles usually. I am very horny so I masturbate 24/7, when im often at work working outside, i will unzip and let it hang out while working, its such a turn on. I love my penis.

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Pictues of Nude Men
Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

Pictures of Nude Women
Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.