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Human Penis
Human Penis
pics of penises
Pictures of Penises
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My penis is bright pink, smooth and hard. It curves slightly to the right (from masturbation). I would like to have it straight. No one has rejected me b/c of my penis. No nick-names. My ejaculation is most of the time lumpy and quite sticky. Sometimes it is runny. I usually drool about 1/2 of a palm full.

TITLE: Geeez

I can't satisfy my wife! I even have a tight forekin, which made sex painful for me & pointless for my wife. She won't actually engage in love-making anymore, and refuses to touch it. She says that 'It just doesn't look right!'. We do, however, have a strong relationship, but one which no longer includes sex. Moaning about a 5-incher? I'd love one!

TITLE: jucy

My penis is shaped like a banana and curves down when erect. It always drools pre-cum . I shave everything and my wife loves it that way, easy clean up. During ejaculation it shoots really far most of the time in long white ribbons of cum.I guess if I could change anything I would like for it to curve up and maybe an inch longer.

TITLE: Brian

I have a big head and large balls. I wish it was bigger. I squirt about 18". My wife has had 6 childen and her vagina is very loose and we swing so she can have a thick penis

TITLE: ww1flyingace

After realizing that my size is a decent one and the spam that crowds my email is bullshit designed to play on men's core sense of self-worth, I am grateful for my penis. It is proportionate in asthetics, being slightly longer than the circumference. The head has a large rough ridge to it, along with a glassy smooth texture. I would still change it given the option. I, like every other man on the planet, would enjoy a 9-10 incher (and only if it doesn't cause problems). Even a few problems would be tolerated. I have always wanted someone to be slighty intimidated by the sight of it. But for the women, I would still want to be able to please them and not hurt them. That is one of the "burdens" to having a huge dick I would guess. And if there is anything that would put my penis with the pros is it's ejaculation distance. I can hit about 10 feet with a lighter load and still a few with big one. All in all, I think I will keep him. He's been at my side (er..front)all these years, he has earned my loyalty.

TITLE: big shooter

My penis is is pretty amazing and has given me immense satisfaction. Its pretty thick which a good foreskin which gives absolutely brill pleasure.I would like a longer one but who wouldn't? MY cum shooter is great and a real turn on for me. I can shoot over 3 metres and it something I have been complimented on. I can also suck myself and love swallowing my own cum.


My penis is pretty noticable in my pants. I catch people taking a glimpse every now and then. When erect my penis curves noticably toward the left. It is light brown in color and has a smooth texture. The head is larger than the shaft but in good proportion. If I coul change anything about it I would make it thicker. I have always been facinated with thickness for some reason. I have never been rejected because of my penis. In fact I have always been complimented. Women seem to enjoy the length and always tell me it is the perfect size. They also love the texture. When I am with a partner I have very strong white shooting ejaculations. Most women are surprised wth the quantity. When I am alone ejaculations vary from dribbles to shooting.

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