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TITLE: garth

It is smooth, white, and does not bend.It bends slightly up. I would not change it. It shoots and then dribbles. About one tablespoon comes out. The sperm is an off white liquid. Just before shooting, it gets harder then relaxes. It shoots about 3 ft. There is a lot of thick black hair arount it. Sometimes, I shoot it in my thick chest hair.

TITLE: george

it is a tube with a cone on the bends to the left, up. its fine the way it is.i haven't tried to get someone with my nicknames. someone once told me that it looked funny.during an ejsculation it shoots abuch of white with a tint of yellow sometimes

TITLE: DrabJuggler

It's very small compared to all the penis pictures I have seen on this site and my ball sac is out of all proportions to it when I am either limp or fully erect. When I am cold my penis shrinks even further into a tight sharply pointed state. It gets so tight in fact that it's sometimes quite difficult to draw back my foreskin to have a pee. I masturbate a lot, sometimes several times a day. I have great difficulty with my balls. Because they are so large and because they are always the same size they are a constant source of discomfort. Because they are constantly drawing my attention to having to adjust their position in my pants it seems like a constant reminder about how long it's been since I last masturbated. Of course I like the feelings I have when I masturbate, though there is another reason too. I have developed this habit of milking myself regularly because if I go too long without ejaculating not only is the ejaculation itself extremely painful but my tiny penis spurts out so much sperm that I find it difficult to cope with it all. I told one of my girlfriends once about this and she was very supportive. She promised to help me with my problem whenever we went out on a date. We were both quite shy at first but she got the hang of what was needed very quickly. It even got to the stage where she was often the first to suggest she should give me a "quick one" as she called it. She always uses her hands on me and we slip off to a parked car or local park where we can complete the deed. Once, when she went away on holiday with her parents she begged me not to masturbate again until she returned. Foolishly I agreed and, in fact, kept strictly to my promise. By the time we met again I was exceptionally randy but also fearing the worst because I knew there would be a great deal of pain with such overdue pleasure. We were in her house and we went, as we always do, to her own small bedroom at the back. Before I had time to say anything she suggested a "quick one". Who was I to argue, I had waited nearly two weeks and I could only remember the constant agonising over not being able to wank. It happened so many times during those ten days that I was desperate for it! She then said I should remove all my clothes this time as she knew I would make a mess. She also wanted to see it happen this time, since usually she would milk me straight into a handkerchief or a wad of tissues. I lay in the middle of the bed on my back while she kneeled down on the floor beside me. I still remember her warm trembling hands as she lifted my penis before going into her usual routine to arouse me. I am always quick to respond and within a matter of seconds my small erection was a permanant fixture. As she often did she chattered on about her holiday while she stroked and cajoled me towards a long overdue destination. I remember too how painful my balls felt when the edge of her hand came down on them at the bottom of her slow regular strokes. After complaining how sensitive I was down there she started tickling my frenulum instead. Her fingers flickering all over me there, time and time again, just below my purple swollen glans. She changed her rhythm again and again dragging the tight flap of skin that was attached there at the underside of it's heafty base. It was then only a matter of time. I remember groaning out loud and then, in a hoarse whisper I told her to watch closely. When I came she began to giggle with delight but my thoughts were as far away from her by then as they could ever be. I remember the intensity of that pain and the feeling that followed as I pumped out the spend. Her giggles increased in volume as I came back into the real world. The light milky spunk covered her hand and a great deal of my chest. As I have said before these were not just a few assorted and well spaced drops but whole pools of opaque and pearlescent fluid that moved slowly over my skin to settle in the nearest and most appropriate low lying area. She was clearly fascinated with it and let it spill from her hand, the long strings still attached strongly to the shrivelled remains of my penis. Her laughter died then and, in retrospect, I believe that she was either in shock or subdued in awe of what she had just witnessed. Needless to say it took us a long time to clean up and she had to put her bedcover in the washing machine to process them before her parents got home from work later that day. By the time she got back to her room I was fully recovered and, as they say "ready to go again". After that she started to call my penis "the gusher" and it stuck. Often she would nonchalantly use it in open conversations whilst others were present. The crazy thing was that nobody ever asked her what she meant by it. I guess that this was her little game which she always liked to win. A couple of years on she still seems addicted to my "gusher". She has never offered to take it in her mouth though she has kissed it many times, though this is always before I have spunked out. These days I hardly ever need to masturbate. From time to time we do have sexual intercourse, but, more frequently she just wants to bring me off while she masturbates as well. Sometimes she asks me to do it to her before she starts on me. Often, just after I squirt my seed in the air, she sighs and stills my hand or her own on her quim. I think she may be addicted to the sight of me squirting and, though I am so small, this seems to bring her off most of the time. For one of her geography projects she asked me to abstain for over two weeks and then she delighted in emptying me straight into a teacup. After putting the cup to one side she insisted that I bring her off straight away. She came so quickly that I hardly had any time realise that she had done so. We both dressed and afterwards she measured my spend using a plastic measuring cylinder she had brought home from college. She recorded my result in her project as part of her rainfall measurements, which I thought was rather neat. I don't remember her measurement but I think it was somewhere between twenty and thirty ccs. She still plays her "gusher" game with our friends and, yes, she milks me often while I enjoy feeling her succulence as she does it.

TITLE: tezza

My penis bends to the left slightly, I would have it bigger if I could because its small, im still a virgin, never gave it a nick name, when I ejaculate it squirts out and its a creamy colour.

TITLE: bob

My cum is pretty white and shoots out on the first spurt. Sometimes it can hit my neck. I love eating my precum. Occasionally I will lay on my back and shoot into my mouth. My cum tastes sweet and creamy.

TITLE: george b

my dick is 5.5" long, very asian in color. I gets hard when I see chicks. when it is erect it bends to the left. if I have the opportunity to improve it, I would. I like it longer and thicker in size. I have a piercing at the frenulum for a decorative ring. I like to watch it grow. when I masturbate it usually takes a longer time before I ejaculate. sometimes it squirts, sometimes it drools. it all depends on how many times I masturbate in a day. usually I get 3 to fie times in one setting shile watching porn movies. I simply like girls especially their pussy.. it doesn't matter if its asian or latina or african. the color of my load is white and it's kinda juicy. when I have sex with my fiancee, she like to swallow my tastes good. in fact, I had purchased a penis enlarger two years ago. I use it when i'm free. I envy men who possess a huge dick. some say, size is not a question but I insist that it matters. my partner like my dick,she like to lick and play with it. she sucks it and it make me cum. my asian sex partners get kinda shock upon seeing since it is quite long for them. but it reaches the cervix I think.

TITLE: prof x

My penis is Pink, bumpy. It points straight up when erect and slightly to the left. I would like to make it bigger to impress but it has never been rejected and has no nickname but once it became visible through my trousers and there were a couple of rised eyebrows. Ejaculation is amazing and usually shoots quite high and shoots lots of white cum.

TITLE: jam

its shaped like a cocnut....its smooth........its bends up and down and side to long it was cuz girls like it bigger......and its better for oral sex.......i have never been rejected becuz the size of my always complimented on it.


My Penis is average in length. I have no forskin and my penis head is perfectly shaped and rounded with quite a big head . I have hair at the base of my penis and trim my pubic hair. I have a vein running down the front of my penis which becomes more pronounced when erect. I like being cut. I get hard many times a day but especally when I think about giving a hot penis a blow job.

TITLE: Thong Pansy

My penis, when in full "bloom" stands straight up! It is on the lonish side & has a georgeously HUGE mushroom shaped head. I would not dream of changing a thing about my's perfect! I have been told by men & women alike, that I have the most beautiful penis that they have ever seen! The name of my penis is the same as my first name,"Thong" & when it becomes erect it is known as "swollen Thong" Upon ejaculation it squirts wildly , straight up into the air! The cum is the warmest, sweetest, creamest ivory colored cum ever!

TITLE: Anonymous

Mine has a large purple head when erect.Gets very hard and stands straight up.I am not circumsiced.Would not change a thing.Never been rejected because of my penis.No nickname ever or never been made fun of. My ejaculation is usual 3 or 4 large spurts and a few small ones. it will squirt several feet when I am very horny

TITLE: Wade69

My penis is a dark chocolate brown with very smooth skin and texture. It is well proportioned with an equal balance of the head, thickness, and shaft length. It does have quite a huge piss slit, it sticks straight out and points slightly to the left. I enjoy it and have never been shy or modest. I'm quite proud of it and my partners have always been happy with it. I'm in my mid 30s and still get boners like a teenager. My only problem is having a hairy shaft. I prefer pubic hair everywhere, except on my shaft and as I get older. It's gets thicker and more grows on my dick. Otherwise, I'm proud of it and enjoy sharing it. I prefer fucking and with age or experienced lovers, I'm enjoying more blow jobs. I'm glad I'm a man and I have a nice dick!

TITLE: P. Nis Owner

For all I can tell, it is about normal in appearance. It is "lighter" in color becuase I am a red head so my complexion dictates skin color. My hair color often drew criticism in high school from the other guys in the locker room ("you are red down there too?") It has an overall curve from base to tip that goes down, giving it an "arc" but only slightly, enough to notice but not enough to say I have this obtuse bend or deformity. I would say I am smaller than most even erect but I am thick for my lenghth (I think). If I could change it, it would be longer to about 7.5", nothing bigger than 8.5" or 9" though. I am only 5'4"...I would be a freak!!!

TITLE: aash

My penis is round, slightly curved towards left, veiny and light brown in colour. My penis glan is covered with foreskinin both flaccid and errect condition. But I am able to retract my foreskin in both flaccid and errect condition. I would not like to change it. I had sex with my girlfriend and she was in sheer pain the moment I inserted my penis into her vegina. She compelmented my penis as bigger one.

TITLE: Lantis

It's really thick at the core. It's dark. I've always been told by women that they enjoy it if only the occassional it's too big. I'm satisfied with it's size. I just wish it hung longer when I am flaccid.

TITLE: Trixi

My penis is the perfect shape, size I think and it is a nice tan color. My penis bends to the right and is curve a little bit up. I wouldnt change anthing about my dick its perfect to me. I have never been rejected because of my dick. Never been made fun of but have gotten numerous complimets on how big it is.

TITLE: jo jo

I supose my penis is average size. My wife says she likes the shape of it.I am cicrcumsised. my penis has given me many pleasurfull times. I used to shoot a pretty strong stream of cum but as I am growing older the volume and distance has diminished. Some times just running down the shaft.

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