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-Submitted March 20, 2006

Pink and slightly bend towards left side. Wehn erect it is mostly straight but has a very slight downward slant Head and shaft are similar girths. Never had any rejections and had it nicknamed Harry, Ejaculation is white and sometimes has some clear fluid. Ejaculation depends on frequency of having intercourse. The longer time between sex seems to build up the explosiveness.

-Submitted March 20, 2006
little guy

well I think my penis is perfect! it is shaped beautifly I have thick hair and my balls are huge. but the one thing is I wish it was bigger, Its only five inches and my dads is about nine inches. he says he was a late bloomer like me and his penis didnt start to grow until he was almost 17. we talk alot about our penis' and often masturbate together, I hope mine gets as big as his. well I am now 17 and my dick is huge its 9 in. just like his and I have had so much sex and I even made one girl bleed. I even asked my dad how to put on a condom for the first time. then he asked if he could join in the fun and have a three-some it was great.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

I have an average penis, its uncut. I never had anyone reject it. I wish I had two more inches of length. but im satisfied with my penis.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

I like my penis very much. It is uncircumcised, slightly darker than my body and a little curved. It has a quite big head that is dark purple, with a quite big pisshole. When it is erect it stands quite vertically along my body.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

Tan,Purple head,circumcised. Smooth shaft and head. Wouldn't change a thing. No rejections. Nickname Mr. Lovejoy because of a movie. It does all of the actions described at different times during ejaculations at different time amount varies according to when shot last usually white but can be yellow if it has been a while.

-Submitted March 20, 2006
Pissed Off Pete

I hate my cock. Its too small. I cant keep it up for hours like all my mates. I cant shoot 5 feet like all my mates and its not long and thick like my mates. My best mates is as thick as my wrist, and so I let my wife suck it. Now I wish I were dead. My tiny cock has ruined my life.

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