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My Penis is regularly shape, almost like a cucumber with a mushroom head. It does not bend left or right, however it does get hard pointing upward. No I wouldnt change it at all I love my penis. I have had a guy reject me because of my penises length he refused to let me top him, he said " its going to hurt". LOL yes I refer to my penis and testes as Jonny and the boys. My boyfriend refers to it as "OH MY GOD". I been complimented only twice once in a fling and once by my boyfriend. Ejaculation for me is extacy, I shoot more than dribble and its usually stark white. Once I sprayed which was weird.

TITLE: anon

im quite happy with my penis 7 inches erect at 15 years olds all right. eaven though I havnt been circumsised it lookes like I have as my feorskins a bit short for my penis. The colours darker than the rest of my body,nice droopy balls loads of pubes. soots mildly when I cum, lots of it. My freinds dont bealive me when I tell them the size. the only thing I would change is longer feorskin

TITLE: thumper

very thick base very ribbed with nice dark head ,it has a slight curve upwards,i would not change it most of my partners have loved it only had one that said they could not take it,its nickname is tugpole , when I come it shoots ,squirts then just pump out in globbs its a nice creamy white and very thick.

TITLE: jibb

no curves but slants to the left. head and shaft all the same size but I am circumsized. Looks tan all the time. I would prabably and an inch or two if I could. Just because every man wants more. Never had any rejections and I have never been made fun of because of my penis. Have been complimented with every use and reassured by my girlfriend. Ejaculation varies.

TITLE: Ronny

I'm not sure if this is normal. The measurments that I have given are when my penis is erect. I do enjoy masturbating and I do it quite often. During my ejaculation my sperm it shoots and then dribbles. My sperm is white and a large quantity is emitted when I do ejaculate.

TITLE: Nut Wanter

I am average size, smooth white shaft with a nice light purple colored mushroom head. It is simply straight and cut tight at birth. I am working on foreskin restoration which is coming along very nicely. I have noticed since I am getting more skin over the head I enjoy a new sensitivity and am glad I am making the change. I have worked on this for the past month or so and wish I had known about it sooner and started it sooner. Ejaculation comes in a variety of forms. Alone, usually kind of dribbles. When with someone male friends it shoots with more power.

TITLE: shavenone

I have a nice uncut penis. I guess its what you call a grower, about 3 inches flacid but gets up to 6 erect. It also adds a nice bit of girth when up. It is smooth and has a opink head when flacid but gets veiny and purple when hard. There is a slight curve in towards my belly but I would not change it as it works perfectly well and has been a good fit for most of my partners. My current partner describes it as the perfect dick and likes to masturbate me and has become more adventurous with what we try. I used to be very concious when I was younger especially after sports when I had to shower in the communal area. Now my opinion is you got what you got and you cant really tell much form down size!! when I shoot my load it is a mixture of dribble followed by shooting out, it feels great. the only thing I change with my penis is the hair, none on my sack and tightly trimmed above

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Pleasure Objects For Women
Ladygasm is a new brand of vibrators for women designed by women. The shapes work in harmony with women’s anatomy and are also made from medical grade silicone.