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pics of penises
pics of penises
Photos of Penises
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Mine is long, curves to the left a little.. dark I would make it longer and an inch fatter because I would luv to hav a big penis!!! no one has rejected it its name NO! who names there penis... my ejackulation is white and sumtimes clear white! normal and it dribble shoots depends what mood im in!


I've always thought my penis had a nice shape to it. I always thought it looked exactly like a penis should look. It has a long, smooth shaft with a couple of prominent veins. I'm circumcised, the head is a light pinkish-purple and flares out a little wider than the shaft when I'm hard. It sticks almost straight up in the air, pointing at my belly button when I'm fully aroused. I leak a lot of precum, almost constantly from about a minute or so after I get hard to ejaculation. The strength of my ejaculation depends on how aroused I am and how long it's been since I last ejaculated. If I have recently masturbated and am just quickly rubbing one out, I may only dribble a little semen out. If its been a few days since my last orgasm and I'm really aroused, I can shoot a lot more and a lot farther. The first spurt usually goes the farthest, many times reaching my face. The next few are bigger but only reach my neck or chest. The rest go onto my stomach. My semen is usually pretty thin and has a milky color. I'm ok with the size of my penis at 7 inches, but sometimes I kind of wish it was about an inch longer. Still, I'm pretty satisfied with my equipment, and would never be embarrassed by it.


It is brown and symetrical with a very slight upward curve. The head is not large and I do wish that my penis was larger. I've satified all the women I've been with, but I still wish is was larger and thicker. My ejaculation is very thick and it sprays very strongly, especially when really aroused.


I'm 60 yrs old, white. My penis is very similar in color to the rest of my skin, except for its head (circumcised). The head is dark pink and the vorona is very purple. It's pretty straight and since my vasectomy, when erect, stands about perpendicular from my body. It doesn't angle up as many men's erections do, and as it did before my vasectomy.. Compared to othr men I've seen, the head of my penis is larger than most. I'd like it to be bigger, but I've had no complaints - from men or women I've been with. If it's been a few days since my last ejactulation, it shoots an inch or two, otherwise just sort of oozes. In either case, it's about a teaspoonful of liquid.


un-circumsized, mabey a bit more than 6 inches long, no curves, no nick names, I shoot when I cum but toward the end in turns into dribble. Now, I hate to bring this up but was rejected once because of my penis. I was with a girl and she was about to give me head when she realized that I was un-circumsized she thought that it was gross and didn't want to touch it, she told a few of her friends and they joked around about it for while and they all thought it was gross too. I don't normaly ask poeple if they are circumsized or not but I know that being uncut is quit common also. I didn't think poeple were un excepting of it like that these days. I don't know if lots of girls are like that, I hope not.

TITLE: joki

My penis is, I think, average to small, with a smooth head that doesn't really resemble a mushroom like some guys. I am circumcised, but have a bit of extra skin still that I would like to expand / restore. It's straight, and I cum in small squirts.

TITLE: trev

I suppose I'm happy with my penis. It is the same thickness all the way along. My nut sack is a bit tight so when I'm in speedos it does not look that big, but that does not seem to affect how much I can ejaculate, which seems to be considerable, well the amount has impressed all my girlfriends (apart from when I come in their mouths for the first time). When I was young I'd get massive come stains on my bedding and my mother went mad about it. When laying down if I'm worked up I can shoot over my face so I tend to wank kneeling, pointing my dick straight out. The largest amount, comes if I delay my ejaculation, maybe several times over a period of an hour. My penis is 7.75 inches long and 1.8 inches wide, when erect it stands straight up in line with my bellybutton. When hard and really stimulated it does not want to get horizontal, and some girls have found it quite funny when performing oral to let go of my penis and see it slap me in the belly which can be painfull.If I could change it, I would add to the girth an inch and give myself a bigger nut sack, as it can get quite painfull when it gets really tight prior to coming. As for the women I have had sex with, well they come in different sizes. Some are a tight fit and one I went with was so loose I felt quite insubstantial, I felt that if I'd had a much bigger penis I could have really made my mark. This as it happens was only my insecurity as once quite without prompt she insisted that I had been the first one to give her an orgasm, as she reconed I had good technique, so the big dick thing was my thing. As for other encounters one girlfriend I had was petite all over and penetrative sex was just possible once a sufficient amount of oral stimulation had been performed. The thing she liked the most about my penis was that I am uncircumcised and she could feel my hood inside, which seemed to really get her off. Having penetrative sex with the petite woman brought problems for me... not coming too quickly as I felt over stimulated, also as she needed time after each session,it was a while till I was happy with my own self control. Reading the statistics on the_____ I suppose my penis is supposed to be big, but this has never been an issue when I have been attempting to find a girlfriend, that happens because we like each other. If a girl only wanted to date me because my penis is an inch longer than somebody elses then I would not be too impressed with her.All in all I think if anybody wants good sex then learn to open up to each other and to not be frightened to _____ things up haha! its the only way to learn, from my experience sex should get better not worse, my past mistakes are just doing it out of habit and not getting hands on with the goods and taking to soon a conclusion from partners that were as insecure as I was and to a point I still am.

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