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Penis Pictures
pics of penises
pics of penises
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Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.

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TITLE: mike

My penis is not smooth but rather textured, the head of my penis is wider than the base though not extremely wide. When I do not have an errection it falls slightly to the left, but when erect it moves slightly to the right, If I could change my penis more than likely I would make it just a little longer not much bigger but about an even 6 inches. I have never had anyone reject my penis in fact my partner enjoys it very much, I have never given it a nickname. My partner likes the feel of my penis and compliments me on its width and texture, My ejaculation rather interesting in that about the time I am to ejaculate my entire body becomes flush with color. When I do ejaculate it tends to shoot rather far so muchs so that in the past I have had to lay out towels when masturbating in fear of making an embarassing stain on the rug.

TITLE: ricky

I have a great looking penis, not too big and not too small m girlfriebd days it is unique because it bends upwards and always hiys her g spot. I have a huge ejaculation that spurts over my head



TITLE: Christopher

My penis is rather large and very thick, I'm gay so I've had plenty to compare it to. It curves neither left nor right, but bends down slightly instead of pointing up. I wish it pointed up as some sexual positions are more difficult with its downward orientation. I am circumcized but wish I was not. My head is very big but in good proportion to the rest of it. The shaft doesn't taper at all, its the same thickness the whole way. I wish my balls were a little bigger. I guess they're average sized but they look smaller because of the size of my dick. My ejaculations are usually thick and plentiful but don't shoot very far. I sometimes wish they did as I think that's really hot when a guy is a shooter. I can sometimes make it shoot further if I put pressure rght below my testicles while ejaculating then release.

TITLE: jaz

Like my right ear, the damn thing just tries to show off to all the damn public world. I think the last time it was soft was when I had forceps on my fucken head. My jeans always wear out in the crotch first, a hole on the left. I hang left. Chicks hate me cuz I hurt when i'm mellow. One girl was real kewl until she dried up and got me stuck in here for 3 hours. Only one guy ever touched my penis, I won't share his name. we had fun.


I am uncircumcised. It doesn't bend in any way. If I could change it, I would make it maybe an inch longer. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. My "Partner" continuosly reassures me that it is the perfect size for her. My ejaculation is extremely intense. My sperm tends to shoot actually quite a long way when I cum. It is usually not that much though, maybe one or two good shots, and then it tends to dribble out.

TITLE: ben

I guess the head,or tip, is bullet shaped Slight bend to the left. Not sure if that's because it's always in my left pant leg. Hive never been turned down because of my size, even though it's very small when flacid, only 2.5-3" long and only 3.0" round. Ejaculation, not very impressive. Alot of pre-cum, a little dribble, two small shoots. duration Average 30 min. sometime up to an hour, with a very short recover time, like 15 min.

TITLE: fire

My penis is fairly straight it slightly curves back to my belly when is is fully erect.It is a light pink color when first erect but the longer I stay hard the redder it becomes especially around the head. At this stage of erection it is especially sensitive and the veins are extreamly large. I would not change anything about it I think I am fortunate to own it and my wife does too. I was once rejected by a girl because it hurt her too bad to have sex with me because of the size. not so much the length she said it was the width and circumference that hurt her. In high school and in collage many people have told me I have a large penis or told me that is was a little above average in size. My orgasams vary depending on how long between ejaculations. If I cum everyday the volume is around a tablespoon to a little more,every other day produces a little more semen. But if I can hold off 4 to 5 days or maybe a week I can cum alot sometimes as much as 4ccs of ejaculate. My wife says it is an extreamly large amount of semen. When I ejaculate most of the time the first bit of semen kind of leaks out then it is follow by 3 to 5 long squirts then some smaller squirts that kind of dribble out. It mainly depends on how long in between orgasams and how long I am stimulated before allow to cum. The color is always white with alot of clear semen mixed in. I find the clear semen to be very sweet to the taste and so does my wife. We also agree that the sperm part that is white taste salty and bitter with a bad after taste. All in all I am very happy with my penis. I would not change it at all.

Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.