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Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

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Human Penis
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Pictues of Nude Men
Free Picture Site - The nude body is considered a work of art in many cultures. This study project demonstrates one hundred different nude men.

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Free Picture Site - In many cultures the nude body is considered a work of art. This is a free nude-study project with demonstrations of one hundred different nude women.

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Mutual Masturbation
Free Site designed to study the psychological effects of mutual masturbation on individuals. Readers can also contribute. Includes free videos and pictures.


Below are the survey results from the public:


I'm cut, it's straight feels good normal skin color pretty straight doesn't bend up or down. I would probably make it a little bigger never been rejected. doesn't have a name never been made fun of. when I cum it feels so great all over and it shoots out about 5-6 times white and sometimes a little clear and if I jerk off more than 3 times a day it's starts to dribble out

TITLE: someone

really straight does not bend, its colour is white/darkish white it stands upwards I would not really change it, maybe make it a 8-9incher noone has ever rejected it never had a nickname

TITLE: Damar

It is pink, bends to the right, I would change it if I could, no one has ever rejected me because of it.My wife says it is perfect, it varies on how turned on I am whether it shoots or drools...teaspoon white sometimes clear others..

TITLE: a.j

thin and short with a rounded head and circumsized, I wouldn't change but i do wish it was thicker. never been rejected because of it and its never been named, I was bullied at school because I was circumsized and small but that never bothered me, the only time it ever bothered me was once when i went swimming, I was 27yrs old and I had just got out of the shower and was drying, when a bunch of young boys must have been about 11 or 12(only 2 of them had started pubety) started make fun of me because my penis looked even smaller because it was cold. Apart this the size of my penis has never bothered me. My penis works well, during ejaculation I tend to shoot quite a lot and its quite thick and white in colour

TITLE: hotrod

My penis looks like a long thin rocket. Its about 3.5 inches in length when flaccid and about in diameter. My penis is uncircumcised, veiny when erect and although the skin of my penis is smooth, has these white spots on one side which doctors tell me are glands. When erect, my penis measures 5.8 inches long and 1.4 inches in diameter and is brown in colour with a reddish head. The head of my penis has a faint sunspot on it, I think from sunbathing nude. My penis bends upwards and slightly to the left. I have only slept with my wife and she has no problems with my penis or so she tells me. Other women have seen my penis but have not really commented on it. One female friend thought it looked pretty big and another, who gave me oral sex, told me she thought it was on the small side of average. She has had plenty of other penises before so she would know. I dislike my penis because I feel it is too small. The length I can deal with but I think it is far too thin. There is not one guy that I have come across that didn't have a thicker penis then me. I wish it were longer, say about 7 inches and thicker so that I could please my wife more.

Pleasure Objects For Women
Ladygasm is a new brand of vibrators for women designed by women. The shapes work in harmony with women’s anatomy and are also made from medical grade silicone.

Nude Male Pictures
Free Picture Site - In many societies, the nude body is considered similar to a work of art. This site is an introduction to pictures of over one hundred different nude men.

Nude Female Pictures
Free Photo Site - In many cultures around the world, the nude female body is considered a work of art. This site is an intro to a nude-study project that has over one hundred different nude women.