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Picture Penis
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Below are the survey results from the public:

-Submitted March 20, 2006

My penis just under 7 inches it curves up quite a bit when erect, it dosent really bend left or right. I have a width of about 1.8 inches, which is the one thing that I would change, it would be nice if it were a little thicker in general, the head is porportional to the shaft. I have never had any nicknames for it nor have I ever been made fun of because of it. I like it curved i'll admit it isnt as good for oral but there are a few things you can do differently in the sack that can be pretty fun. My ejaculation depends mainly on how long its been but usually squirts then dribbles to equal about 1-2 tablespoons

-Submitted March 19, 2006

I have an average sized penis. It is about 6 inches long and curved slightly up and to the right. It is average width, about 1.6 inches wide shaft and 2 inches at the widest part of the head. The head is pretty large compared to the rest. Women seem to like it, espeically because it is fun to suck because it is not to fat, but has big head to suck on. No one has ever comlained, but I have never been a women's biggest, because it is not super fat. I would like to have some more girth about 2 inches at the shaft would be nice. I ejaculate mostly with a dribbling action, because my cum is thick. I cum about three teaspoons worth, and once in a while it shoots in two large busrts about 3 to 4 feet. It is usually very white and thick, though, and thus cannot squirt out.

-Submitted March 19, 2006

my penis has soft skin, and is a pinkish color. I have a very large head and a very sensitive nub on the underside my penis points upward and slightly to the right I have a birth mark right below my head. when I cum my penis gets very red and my head twitches as I cum, when I cum I shoot and the amount is quite alot I think about a tablespoon and a half my cum is milkly white and slightly clear.

-Submitted March 19, 2006

My Penis Is Small But It Gets The Job Done.

-Submitted March 19, 2006
Big shooter

I'm cut unfortunatly. My penis is 6 1/2 inches long and about 3 inches in diamiter. Its only a little darker than my body and it bends a little to the left.its head is proportional not like amushroom. I have a big bush and a lot of ball hair I would make it a little longer but i'm still growing. I'm 15. I love my dick, my friends say its qwsome to suck when we have our jackoff sessions. Never been rejected. I wish my cock still had a foreskin cuz I love 'em. My friend still has one and its awsome to play with when I jack him off. My ejaculation is stong. I shoot tons maybe two hand fulls and it goes all over my friends and me. its clearish white

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