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Human Penis
Human Penis
Human Penis
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Below are the survey results from the public:

TITLE: Brandon

My penis is pretty smooth. It does bend to the left slightly. The head is pretty large. I have had several women tell me that it is bigger overall than most men they have been with. I don't know if they are telling me this just to be telling or are really telling the truth. I have seen several of my friends, and they are smaller. What you have is what you have; and I have gotten to the point where if a woman doesn't like it, then she doesn't have to play with it. My ejaculations are very enjoyable and usually intense. I usually shoot quite a bit of semen. For the past 6 months, I have averaged jacking off 2 or 3 times a day. It doesn't seem to change the amount of semen. I have been told I have a pretty penis, and that it is quite large. I know that is a relative term in relation to each woman's experiences. It usually shoots out and doesn't vary too much when i orgasm.

TITLE: small_man

Its really small, and its boring. Most small dicks i have seen in the locker rooms are bent but im just a staright line. I would deffinatley chang the length (at leats 4 inches bigger). My girlfriend at 14 dumped me when i unzipped and told evryone, i changed schools. My ex-fiance's sister (whom was the root of the brerakup) called it "the lethal tiny". At the high school i go to now, all the guys have really small peniss and so im like the king (yeah REALLY small)Ejaculation is the best though, so i gess tiny isnt all bad


Its bent a little to the left.I was recently circumsized the scar is by the base of my penis and the skin is tight when not erect,but when erect it is very tight and smoth .my wife says it looks and feeles so much better.The base is light brown and head is dark redish brown. It bends strait out but curve up and though I am thick the head of my penis is much bigger then the shaft. No I would not change it but would have been circumsized much sooner. but i was worried about how it would effect my sex life, mostly would I stil be able to masurbate with out any skin to pull over my glans but after awhile not only could I masurbate I also could do it with out lubercation and wow what a wunderfull feeling it is. No as amatter of fact when I shower after a swim I have noticed some men looking at my penis. yes Mr.Top Hat becuse of my large glans.Yes a few men have asked me how I can get it in some pussys,I say with lubercation its not hard. If I have sex for a while and almost come three or four times it comes out strong far. One time I went to get a massage and the fellow giving it to me kept teasing me and almost would bring me to come but would stope, I told him if he was going to keep doing that he would sorry. Finley he said he could wait no longer he wanted to see me come,so he started to stroke me hard and fast when I came it was so stong and went so far it hit him un the face. We both though this was funny.SO YOU COULD say it shoots and sprays, It is verry white.I love my penis

TITLE: corey

I am not circumcised and my penis foreskin does not retract at all. the foreskin's hole is really tiny and when I pee my foreskin balloons out. Same when I cum. I love my penis and it feels so good. It's bigger than my friends but they can withdraw their foreskins or they are cut. When I cum it oozes out. I love the way it smells too.


My penis is an average male lenght and width. I have always been told that my penis is a nice size to do whatever anyone wants to do with it. It stands straight out and does not bend in any direction. It is of pale color. I do not think I would change anything. I do like it the was it is and functions. I have a very nice set of balls with a good bush background. My ejaculation is very forceful and I shoot a good size load of cum each time I ejaculate. It is of a pure white color cum. Most men never have a problem enjoying it. I think I enjoy it also and would not change anything.

TITLE: Conor

My penis is average but(i think) quite skinny .It is thesame colour as the rest of my skin but a bit pinker. It bends slightly to the left. If i could change it i would make it a bit wider. When i have an orgasim my sperm is whote but also clear in places. During ejaculation it varys depending on how long since i did it last and how "happy" i am. Generally it will shoot a bit then drool the rest. i Have never been rejected for my penis size but i think i will always be sub conscious about it

TITLE: Fsnyc

My penis is cut, nicely shaped and fairly straight. It has a very slight curve to the left. I have nice large balls. I keep my bush trimmed close and my balls shaved smooth. When I was younger I felt that my penis was small, especially when compared with that of some of my friends (whose penises all seemed both larger and thicker). As I got older and learned to appreciate myself for who I am and also had a lot of sexual experiences, I found that plenty of guys like my penis and have told me it is pretty or nice-looking. Plenty of guys like to touch it, jack it and suck it so I have a lot more confidence now. I usually shoot a lot and it varies between squirting and drooling. I pre-cum a lot. The amount of cum I shoot seems to depend on how long since I have ejaculated and also how excited I get. Sure I have been rejected because of my penis size but I have found that chemistry, attraction or whatever is so much more than penis size. And the real key is to be attracted to one another. Of course I wish it were a little longer and particularly a little bit thicker (not too big because often you can't do much with really big ones). The ideal for me would be 6 x 5 or at most 7 x 5. I think 5 is a good thickness. Anyway I have what I have and it gives me a lot of pleasure so I am ok with it. I think that shaving it and grooming around it is a way of caring for it and feeling proud and making the most of it.

Every man likes blowjobs, right?
A toy called the Autoblow 2 makes blowjobs available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for life. Demo video and more information available by clicking this link.

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