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Exhibitionist Post (and Public Masturbation)
A free documentary for people who experienced an exhibitionist or are one themselves. This particular study was started to determine if a certain type exhibitionism could be considered healthy sexuality.

Penis Photos
Human Male Penis
Human Male Penis
Penis Pictures

Men's Health Magazine - Health Benefits from Masturbation
Men's Health Magazine starts their article by saying: You won't go blind from masturbation. However, by the end of the first page they ask: But are your jacking off habits normal?

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WebMd - Five Things You Might Not Know about Masturbation
WebMd has been a reliable online source for several years. The WebMd Men's Health section encouraged several experts to discuss whether masturbation is safe and normal, or if it can end up causing dysfunction.


Below are the survey results from the public:

TITLE: zeeshan

i'm an asian male so color is brown . it bends towards right . I want my dick to be stright cos it looks normal from one side and weird from the other side . No I have never been rejected may be becaus I m vergin I do masterbad but never had sex with women or man :P . No. Its off white in color .. normal amount .. and thick .

TITLE: jumbo

I always feel strange when reading on line surveys that an average 13 yr old has a bigger and thicker penis than me, also I have only a small amount of pubic hair around the base of my penis and none on by small balls.

TITLE: robert pendle

My penis is quite tanned, a bit bent to the left , smooth , propurtioned , a small mole near the bottom , I would make it bigger to make my self feel more proud , I have never been rejected because of it , it hasn't got a nick name , I have heard that it is a pleasurable size , it is said to be extraordinarily tasty , my ejaculation is long , it squirts at first and then at the very end it dribbles , it ejaculates alot and is white.

TITLE: pepeto

My penis is large and it is very smooth, when I have a boner the color is red and I am circumsized. my penis is strait and it is huge, when I jack off sperm shoots out and when I am lookin at porn it dripple/drools and sometimes sprays. no one has ever regected me for mi penis. I wouldnt change it at all. my nick name for mi penis is lala. When I ejaculate tons shoots out. probably 5 table spoons

TITLE: Miguel

I have a big dark tan penis that is very sturdy and thick when fully erectal, my wife loves it, she moans for sex every night because she can produce an orgasm very quickly. I wear String Bikini briefs and every time, I put them on, it gets a full erection. THe ejaculation is very intense because it last for a whole minute and about 3 tablespoons comes out.

TITLE: Devon

When hard-on my dick sticks straight out in front, leaning a bit to the right. Skin is smooth, main veins are visible as well as a few in my foreskin. It's slightly darker than the rest of my body. My foreskin is shorter than average, and quite baggy. This is the one thing I'd change if I could: If I could be nicely circumcised or somehow make my foreskin look more 'normal', then I'd go fir it. Only one other person has seen my penis since adulthood: My former best friend. He commented on how big I was, and wouldn't women be pleased. He is pver-average sized too, so I repaid the compliment. Nickname: Johnnie... I'm uncut and my brother is cut, and he's commented on our difference a few times; I've got the feeling he's jealous. Oh well...sibling rivalry! When I jerk off the cum shoots about a foot, usually. Sometimes if I haven't done it in a while, it goes further, and if I'm tired it goes less. Seldom does it just run out the end. My toes curl when I come. Did I cover everything?

TITLE: jman

My penis is thick, round and smooth to the touch. It bends upward. My head is fatter that the shaft. I wouldn't change a thing; I love the size and shape, so do others in my live. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. My wife loves my penis size and has told me that it's the biggest she has had and that I ejaculate more than her mouth can handle. I know that I ejaculate more than any of the men I have been with, it is white in colour, very thick and if I jerk off just right, I will orgasam at least 2-3 table spoons full. I have noticed that when I ejaculate, I can shoot 4-5 feet in very hard and powerful streams.

TITLE: Jeremy

My penis is 6 inches long, smooth, uncircumsized, with no curves and no nick name(I think thats a bit strange). I've never been rejected for it except for when I was growing up and I was the only one of my friends who wasn't cut, people like to make fun of us un-cuts...screw them eh.


Circumcised with a little bend to the left. Wish I was uncut, but love my dick anyway! At age 50, I still shoot some of my load past my shoulders when my wife whacks me off. Big creamy white loads. Lot of precum, too.

TITLE: James

I have a very smooth straight dark 7 inch penis, when erect. It is just perfect for me and I would not change it, and no one has rejected me for it. No, my penis does not have a nickname, it is just a penis. My ejaculation is different everytime. It starts off with a moaning feeling and I can feel it coming up the shaft, when it gets to the top, it shoots out violently, and about 2 tablespoons that are cream colored.

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