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Below are the survey results from the public:

TITLE: dodge

circumsized(am now in progress of uncircumsizing) is of nornal shape,caucation color, have a slight bend to left,about 90deg from body when erect, would not change,(am very adverage) no one has rejected my penis. my wife has pinned Herman on it. Just so. No fun of it or other remarks. my ejaculation kind of drools more than shoots, and about a tsp now and is white.

TITLE: niceuncutpenis

My penis is small when totally flacid.It can look odd in that state because I have big balls and I'm a big guy.The skin feels very soft and has no viens sticking out when erect.There are no bends either way.I love to jerk my uncut penis.It feels so natural to slide the forskin over the head,back and forth untill I cum.Parters love me and my penis for the fact that I can cum many times a day.If a woman or man are on there back and I'm kneeling inbetween there legs with my penis even with there pussy or penis my ejaculate will shoot hard and far.I usually shoot past their head,I will leave a 1 to 2 inch wide strip of cum on the headboard,face,chest,and stomach of my sometimes unsuspecting partner.White and clear are the colors of my cum.I love to cum.I can be to much for my woman at times.If she is not in the mood for _____,I will ask her to take off her shoes and I will rub my hot penis on her feet and then jerk it untill I shoot my big load.To tell you the truth,she thinks it just helps me get relive,but I like it just as much as _____.

TITLE: Robbie

First, I must tell you that I'm 79 years young, and I started to masterbate in the toilet with a friend before I could pull the skin back. I worked hard at it, and when I was 11, the skin withdrew easily. I like to watch sucking on the computer, and when I do, the precum starts, and I eat every bit of it. I have sucked many peniss, and had mine sucked many times, and my partners always said that I was the best at it. It's hard to get it real hard anymore, but let me tell you, that one nevedr gets too old to masterbate. I do it all kinds of ways, and it always feels so good. You young fellows will never get to old to have fun with your penis. Masterbate! It is healthy.

TITLE: yuga

Its a regular size penis, and the texture is rubbery, and dark tan. It always bends to the right, and i have a lot of hair on the base of my penis. I would defenetly change the size, because the girls mite not like it because its to small. My ejaculation is great, when im horny a lot of cum spurts out, hope the girls like it. And my cum is really creamy like milk, and its really white. and about two table spoons of cum when i ejaculate.

TITLE: bigd012002

My penis is fairly uniform. When fully erecy my penis maintains the same width all the way to the head. When completely erect is has a slight curve upwards, but is still pretty straight. I am cut. Something unique about my penis is that at the base of my head there is a little peace of skin attached to it that creates something that looks like i have a piercing. My balls dangle when warm and dont when i am cold. I trim my pubic hair to make it seem less wild. Nobody has ever rejected me because of my penis. It seems to be about average. When I ejaculate it feels great. I shoot three streams which usually hit my upper chest to neck. However, it has been known to hit my face or just ooze out. As for coloration, it is creamy white with a little bit of clear fluid mixed in. If i could change anything I would probably add an inch to my dick. I have always wanted a slight longer dick.

TITLE: hicksy

seems quite normal. The thick part of the head is the same thickness as the top of the shaft. It bends up very slightly. I would change my penis if i could, i'd make it about an inch and a half bigger cause i feel quite paranoid. Everyone else seems to have a huge penis in comparison. I've never been rejected but i do find that my girlfriends lose sexual interest after a couple of months. My wife says i'm a good size but other girlfriends have said i'm ust average, so i tend to believe them cause their not still with me. I've had women make fun of me who haven't actually seen it but say how their doesn't seem to be a bulge in my pants. My ejaculation is off-white and it shoots out really fast and there's normally alot of it.

TITLE: Eddie

shaped pretty evenly, smooth texture, skin color is two toned on the shaft with the area closest to my body slightly darker than the rest of my penis. the farther area is a lighter shade all the way to the circumsized head, which is another shade of skin. it has a slight bend upwards but from the base of the shaft only. it is a pretty nice looking penis. the only thing i would change would be size. but not too much, i would only want about 3/4 of an inch in length and about 1/2 an inch in girth to make it an even 7 inches long and 5 inches in girth. other than that i would not change a thing about my penis, it is almost perfect. when i ejaculate it is awesome everytime. either with my partner or by myself when i cum my penis feels amazing. it reacts like a shot gun would when you fire it. it retracts and pulses with every load of cum that is fired. when i cum it usually spurts out and over the head of my penis. it's usually pretty thick and an off white color but sometimes comes out clear and a little bit more runny than normal. overall it is a pretty good looking dick that is very satisfying to my partner and myself.

TITLE: will

it is humongously long, tanned, uncircumsized so the ladies have something to play with with their tongues, it bends up, as all do in an erection, its unique because it is so damn huge, if i could change something i wouldnt change anything because ive never been rejected, ive actually been asked by strangers to be _____, they can see it hanging out when i wear shorts, i mean whe i box, which i do, my main sport, it is a little embarassing i can never do it in front of anybody, the shorts, well, everyone ive _____, has said how great they think i am so... my ejacultions are long and hard, in showers, tubs, or wherever i feel like it, on women, in them, ya know, it shoots at the women, and its like the nergizer bunny, it keeps going and going, i never go soft when i dont wanna, its kind of hard to jack myself off, and i mean it doesnt feel as god as getting blown of having sex, so i ussualy do one of the latter, because i can get everyone i want, and on my penis size; you definitely do not know how modest i am!


my penis got a mushroom like head, with light skin, and a purple/pink head, it has a bend to the left, and i would not change a thing, except maybe take the bend away. no rejections, or nicknames ever given to it, and never being made fun of either. My sperm sometimes shoots out, and then other times it dribbles out, usually i cum alot at a time, but it varies, soimetimes it is very little, always a pure white color

TITLE: stick

i have a nice penis, it is big and i am cut, i have a big penis a not vrey big balls i wish i could have bigger, myfiend said he likes it so i am satisfied. when i jack off it squarts out.

TITLE: Banana

The shape is somewhat triangular and veined, medium dark color. bends to the left and up like a banana. I am cut with a dark ring one third the way back from the tip. I and the ladies love it the way it is, easy to suck and ride. I've had a few rejections and have even been made fun of. Most girls say its cute and call it nana because its bent like a banana. ejaculation is an intense table spoon ful of thick milklike juice. Girls offten say...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgoooooood!


My penis points straight up with a curve even more upward towards the head. I would add another inch or 2 if I could. No rejections. I have a nice penis. I called it Rex. I've been told by many that I have nice equipment. My ejaculation varies. By myself without visual aids I tend to dribble out. With visuals I shoot more. With a partner not only greater volume, but distance in 4,5,6 feet or more happens. Almost always a milky white.

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