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Penis Photos
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Below are the survey results from the public:

TITLE: mpm

the shape is perfect the texture is rosie red/pink very healthy looking but I wish it was larger. it hangs naturally to the right. yes, I would make it larger I feel others looking at it are laughing. no no one has really laughed at it. No one has complained about it it seems to do the job just fine.

TITLE: Buff Daddy

I have been told that my penis is big or pretty big by about a third of the women I've been with. It is straight and thicker than average. I would make it longer if I could, though no one has complained.

TITLE: Frazior

My penis is circumsized with a mushroom head. Smooth in texture with a nice purple head when really erect. It bends upward when really erect. If I would change it, it would be for an inch in length and width. I never had no one reject me because of my penis size, but im the tpye of person that really needs to feel comfortable in order to get really erect, if not I dont get erect at all. My partner gave me Mr. Baldie because of the shape of its head. My ejaculation is really intense always. I spary alot and depending on what I eat, say protein, it becomes more thick and quite alot

TITLE: donnie

During ejaculation, it shoots. I do it in the shower or i'll have the bath room door locked have the shower running and stand out side the shower looking at myself in a full length mirror and some time I lay on my back with my feet in the air and Ejaculation on my face it fells great. I like to have a feeling of someone watching, when I was younger I would jack off at a frinds house while my friend was sleeping and make loud noises to wake them. one time one of my friend woke up and started to jack off with and and before we knew it I was jerking him and he was jerking me. and we would jerk each other off all the time after that, there was a time his dad walked in on us and he just said i'm sorry keep going and he did leave the room he started to rudd himself then left the room! it was great I moved away and that been years ago i've not seen my jerk off frind in for ever but hopfully we'll get togther at are high school re-union.

TITLE: horndog

My penis is, I am told, an attractive shape. It's quite thick and veiny with a purpleish head which is a fair bit thicker than my shaft. The shaft is slightly darker than my body and doesn't have a bend when erect. If I could change my penis I would probably want a little more length and girth, although I have never been rejected and usually complemented. My ejaculations are explosive, which my partners find exciting. I can come many times in succession and only need five minutes rest to get it up again. My sperm is usually thick and creamy and quite white but gets more watery after I have come a couple of times in quick succession. I love oral sex, giving and receiving, male or female and my penis usually gets a little longer and thicker than usual during oral. I like to shave sometimes and most of my partners find this an added turn on.

TITLE: somewhiteguy

I am uncircumcised, my penis and scrotum have a slightly darker skin colour than the skin around it and my head is quite purple. My head is a bit thicker than the shaft. I have been told that I have a nice penis but she could have just been being polite. I've never been rejected or laughed at because of it. When erect, it angles up and to the left - if I was to change one thing about it it would be to get rid of this left angle, I'd like it to stand straight. Usually when I ejaculate it squirts a bit but not far it kind of dribbles. It does vary a bit, I find that if I am able to hold myself at the point of ejaculating for a while before I let it out it squirts a lot further. As an example, once while I was masturbating, I was lying on my back and expecting it to dribble out onto my stomach but it squirted me in the face and neck. Some even made it onto the bed head behind my head. Another time I was masturbating onto my girlfriends chest and accidently squirted her in the face. Generally my semen is white but slightly yellow in colour. I've never really measured how much comes out, it varies but I suppose it would be maybe 3 or 4 teaspoons.

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