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TITLE: Big Head

Curves to the left with a large thick well defined mushroom head. It is somewhat veiny and when I'm very aroused stands up at a 90 degree angle. I wish it were a bit longer but I like the thickness. Nobody has complained about the size and have complimented me on how big it seemed. I can blow a huge load.

TITLE: Radiator

My penis is perfectly shaped. The head is well defined with a slightly flared corona. There is good definition from the head to the shaft. The head is larger in cirumference than the shaft. The head is deep rose color and the shaft a nice caramel tan. I was not circumcised as an infant, so I had that done when I was 25. It was a great decision. My cock is now more attractive, retracts less when flacid, smells better and during sex, I don't have to reach down and pull the skin back to expose the head, so I can have full sensation. Since it doesn't get "cheesy" and sticky anymore, I don't have to use talc or lube to jack off. My penis is ramrod straight and sticks straight out. You could use it for a towel bar. I like the look of penises that gently curve upward and always wished mine was shaped that way. I can wave bye bye when I'm hard. My jism doesn't shoot, it just sort of oozes, so when I am pounding down the homestretch, jizz flys everywhere off the top of my flailing hand. I suppose I should invest in a black light, because I often find "Peter Tracks" on the wall, the furniture and my shoulders.

TITLE: jacko

My penis is great. I love almost everything about it. I am not circumsized and sometimes wish i were. When my penis is hard it sticks into my belly. The head is alot wider than the shaft. I have been told i have a good sized penis. what i lack in length i make up for in girth.

TITLE: wide7

my penis is curved to the left and it arches down when hard- it is white with lots of veins. I would like 2 more inched in length just so it would hand lower when flacid. I have been told mine is thicker and harder than other guys. it has been call backwards because it points down instead of up.

TITLE: grandpa

It's normal skin color sticks straight out. As an old man its smaller than before but stilll works just fine. It takes longer to get it up now but it stil shots just fine.

TITLE: biggy

It is in Normal shape and it is darker than my skin. it doesnt bend. i wouldnt change it beause i think i have big hard penis.i am not circumised and i havent been rejected but i have been complimented because of its lenght meny times...

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