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my penis is darker than the rst of my body but only slightly. its really smooth but has some small lumps near the base... i think these are where some pubic hairs come out as they look like when you grt goosebumps on your arms. its just 7inches long and quite thick. it is thickest about half way up and the head is a med-dark pinkyred. its pretty much straight out from my body but maybe slightly peers to the one has ever rejected me because of my penis. if i could change my penis i would make it an inchlonger.

TITLE: Perfect for wank

perfect shape curve a nice tanish colour bends sorta to the left no vains sticking out perfect for wanking Theres nothing i would change once i was at the pools having a shower in the changing rooms i turn round and theres a guy looking at my penis he then my penis starts going erect the guy just smiled we started wanking in the shower and he said my penis looks HOT! so that was a compliment

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My penis is very Straight and light fleshy in color. It is very smooth, and I have a big mushroom head. It doesn't bend to the left or the right, but it does curse slightly upward when erect. I would like for it to be about an inch longer, because I feel it would make me more confident. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. My ex wife, cussed me out the first time we had sex because she said it was too big, but I've been with a lot of slutty women who could take a LOT bigger, and a lot of slutty men, who could take a lot bigger too. I have been told by both men and women that I have a very nice penis, and my current partner has complimented me on how nice and big it is, expecially when I cum in his mouth or ass.

TITLE: Willie Wanter

My penis is a nicely shaped, average (5.5) inches in length and slightly more thick than average (from what I've seen, and I've been with a lot of men). I am circumcised, but the doctor was nice and left me with a good bit of foreskin, and at times(when it's cold) it looks almost as if I'm uncirumcised. When I'm flacid, it looks very short, and I wish it looked much longer flacid. I have never been made fun of or rejected because of my penis, but I wished it was MUCH larger. If I could change it, I would make it so that it hung thick (about 5 inches around) and long(about 7 inches in length) when flacid, and that it would be about 9 inches long and 7 inches around when hard. I think it would just make me feel so much more confident. I have always been able to shoot a very large load when I cum and it has at times shot several feet. One time I even shot about 12 feet behind my head from where I was laying back on the couch (it shot over my head and into the kitchen). I haven't done that in a while, but can still cum buckets and I have to be careful not to shoot it in my eye (It really does burn!) I have been told by some of my sex partners that I had a nice dick, and Ithink most of them have been sincere. Some of the guys I felt were just being nice and maybe wished it was a little bigger. I have however had several guys really go nuts about how much I cum. I have had one guy who couldn't take my whole load in his mouth and got choked trying to take it, and it came out his nose! LOL

TITLE: Big Brother

My penis is soft to the touch and creamy in color. It bends to the right slightly. I was only reject once; she was afaird it would hurt because it was so long. I was always the one in the locker room that got stared at because it was so much bigger than everyone else.

TITLE: mark siemmens

My penis is mushroom shaped, the texture is very soft, the color it white but my testicles are a dark tan. My penis can bend left and right. If I could change it I would make it so i could make it erect anytime I wanted it to. I have never been rejected because of my penis. I have been made fun of but it doesnt hurt me.

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My Penis bends to the left slightly, although I think of it as slightly smaller than my previous buddies, I have never had any complaints an my x-wife complained that I was hitting bottom when having intercourse. As small as I think it is, it has always been there for me and has brought me much pleasure and enjoyment. Have never been rejected by anyone for haveing an uncircumsised penis although as a youth in High school my buddies made fun of it while in the shower telling me it looked like an oil spout, because I was only one of three uncircumsized boys in my Gym class.


My penis curves upward and to the left. The curve has been caused from excessive masturbation and the way I hold it while jacking. It curves about 30 degrees. A couple of women have mentioned the way it feels while inserted and some women have looked at it strangely but never said anything about it. ANYONE who has a bend or curve to their penis has caused it to be that way from the way the hold it while masturbating. I do wish I had a nice straight penis because mine is somewhat embarassing.

Free Masturbation Stories
Read thousands of erotic and exotic sex and masturbation stories. *Share your own.* First time encounters, solo, mutual masturbation stories and more.

TITLE: dirty dave

My penis bends slightly to the left, it's nice and smooth and is circumsised. I shave my pubes as i've been told it looks good, i was wanking off in my friends room and he walked in and said i was big for my age

TITLE: walt

Curves to the left slightly: large, mushroomed head, purple when erect. Women have described my cock as "beautiful". Guys seem to stare constantly at it when in a lockerroom, I'm uncircumcised but the head hangs out of the forskin all the time; it's well above the "average" adult male, so I'm very pleased with my "manliness".