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TITLE: lat

my penis is very long whether hard or not. quite a long foreskin which can be retracted fully. my penis is much darker than my body. i have salow skin but my penis is much darker; the head is purple whether erect or not

TITLE: bob

I like my cock ,it has a light tan and has a red head when erected. It is 7 inches long. I wouldn't change anything about it. I've never bean rejected, my girlfriend loves it. It has a sligt bend to the right.

TITLE: fred

 i love my cock, my birth mark is on it and i have a mole on my ball sac. ive been able to stick it in my own ass, and on a good day i can put the tip in my mouth. the best part about it is the sweet tasting cum that it shoots out all over. every night after sex my girlfriend and i fight over who gets to eat it.

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TITLE: ron the pom



Long and thin when erect. Not large when flacid - if cold, may be only 2 inches in length. When erect, longer than most (90% - 7 1/8 inches measured along top), but only 50% in circumference (5 inches). By large margin, head is thickest part. I am not circumcised. Head is bright red when erect. When erect, bends slightly too left but stands relatively erect (does not lay on my stomach if lying flat).

TITLE: slippery

My penis is small when soft. It is a thick 6" with nice, big, perfectly shaped, shiney head when hard. I am cut and the scar is almost not visible. My skin is smooth and pinkish. My penis stays hard as much as I/we want it to(even after I cum). It sticks out straight as an arrow when it is erect. I wish it was longer, maybe 8" so I would feel more confident. A guy at camp made fun of my small size when i was prepubescent. What a jerk. I make lots of precum when i am the least bit turned on. This can be inconvenient sometimes, but I/we like it. Plenty of natural lubrication. Hey, I must be turned on now!

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TITLE: Cyber

Penis is circumsised. It is small, lucky to be 4 inches when fully erect. Has a nice mushroom head. Bends up an to right when stiff. I would like to have it a little longer. Why, cause it is short. No one has rejected it as I do not offer it to many.

TITLE: Un(cock)sure

I have always been unsure about my size, probably from all of the advertisements that abound. Still, I know I am below average as far as size is concerned, and I can't help wishing for more lentgh than my 5.75 inches. I've never measured width. When erect and viewed from above, my penis is perfectly straight. From the side it bends upward like a banana. My penis is more red in color than my skin tone, and the head is quite large and mushroom shaped, especially when I'm close to ejaculating. I would say the texture is quite soft, which is an interesting contrast with my very stiff erection. My frame of reference is limited, however, because I have never felt or seen another man's erection in person. Women have never rejected me, nor have I been made fun of for my penis size or shape. I avoided showering in the locker room in high school, but currently find it liberating to shower in front of other men at the gym.


It's thick almost 8 inches around measured with a tape measure. The length is 6.5 inches. The shaft is pinkish before stimulation. The head is also pink, but deepens to bluish toward the corona. It sticks out vertically from my body in the horizontal plane with a slight bend to the left. I wouldn't change it if I could. No one has ever made any derogatory remarks about it; nor has anyone made fun of me because of my penis. Boys with whom I masturbated as a teen remarked about how thick it was. My wife often remarks about how hard it feels in her vagina.

TITLE: Jared G.

My penis is reddish/pink in color, reflecting my Northern European heritage. It is 6 inches in length when erect and straight as an arrow. The head is just about the same girth as the shaft. When I'm standing, my erection will rise just above horizontal. I am circumsized, however, when totally flacid I can pull the skin down over the head for a temporary uncut look. When I masterbate, I can pull the skin several inches along the shaft and down over the head. I know my penis is about average in length but of course I would like it to be bigger. On the other hand, I'm very proud of what I've got and am very happy to show it off when I have an appropriate opportunity. I have had mostly all positive and complementary comments about my penis which makes him want to fluff up even larger! My penis is just about my best pal! I love to masterbate, either alone or with a buddy. I appreciate penises of all size, shape and color and sometimes I know guys are a little self-conscious if they have a smaller-than-average penis. I always tell them how great their penis looks and that they should be really proud of it. Thanks for the great site!!

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TITLE: Jimbo

I have a small penis, even when erect it does not get much beyond 3". I am 6 foot tall have large hands and feet. It is perfectly straight when erect but hangs to the right when flacid. I have a scar on the right side of my penis. I have been made fun of several times about the size of my dick, boys and girls whilst at school, and adults. My current girlfriend thinks its cute and always like s to play with it.


I think my rod has a good shape, smooth and tan in color. Has slight curve to the left. I wouldn't change a think about my dick. My girlfriend loves it, she has never run from it, but there have been a few that said it was too painful for them to take.

TITLE: effinpistov

thick, cut, shaved, straight hang, always dress to left, stretch everyday for the past 12 years, pump every other day for 30 minutes. wear cock and ball rings usually all the on many websites...enjoy heavy duty "vibe toys" (back massager" for prolonged pleaseure and delayed ejaculations...when I masturbate, I generally eat my own cum, asn I am usually striving to keep the flavor sweet (strawberries, peaches work for me and my lady). When she takes me orally, we generally snowball. She has some girlfriends who like to watch me masturbate and then I finish while I watch the two of them...I don't interfere with their play, however) and this works fine for all involved.

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TITLE: Eddie

My penis is slightly above average length and girth. It has a very pronounced head and a slight curve to the left when erect. I believe the shape and size of the head makes for better sensativity during stimulation. I do not think I would change anything about it if possible. I have been to several massage parlours and received compliments about it being a nice size. I keep the area shaved and have gotten possitive comments about that as well. It has been my experience that the ladys like the smooth hairless skin in the area especially if they are hesitant about oral sex.

TITLE: nic

My penis is normal, long and slendor. I make it do tricks, bend, get hard, move up and down, it entertains me.I wouldn't change my penis. No one has ever rejected me or made fun of me because of my penis. Also, my parents own a hottub. I get hard, and turn the jets on full blast and stick my penis in front of the jets. The force of the water tickles my penis. It is just my way of jacking off when no one else is home!

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I perceive my penis to be about average in every way as far as appearance and dimensions are concerned. But it's importance to me is as a semen delivery system. In time, I have become extremely focused on obtaining semen for my own consumption. My penis, and anyone's for that matter, is perfectly suited for feeding semen. I wouldn't change much in mine with the exception of some additional length so I could suck on it directly. That would be a huge improvement in how I get my semen. But some penises are so long that there has to be a down side to that. At any given moment, I prefer my non erect penis to be short enough to not hang down. After a while, hanging down is a bit uncomfortable, and I start redirecting it to an angle that bends it another way for a change. If it retreats too much, that is uncomfortable too and I reach down and pull it out while "working it" slightly to achieve enough size so that it stays out. I like to be constantly aware of it and how it is. This way, there is always the glad thought that it is there waiting and ready to give me the semen that I'm always longing for. Whenever I look at my penis, visions of sucking always come to mind. So my perception of my penis has morphed to a source of incredable anticipation and satisfaction in a tightly closed loop of sex involving just me.

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TITLE: bubble278

I love my penis. think it is average not really sure! perfectley straight. my girlfriend says t fits perfectly. she orgasms every time so it must be okay. she has told me her ex b was a bit bigger. this bothered me at first, but now i dont care as he never bought her to orgasm- so see lads it really is what you do with not just how big it is.