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TITLE: Mikey

My penis is nicely curved up for thrusting and hands free entry. The corona might be a little wider than the shaft but from there the glans narrow to the tip. At five inches long and some adolescent exploration, size has been in my head since puberty. I would not change it; that seems unnatural. I would like to wrap my lips around it though. I cannot even imagine being rejected for size (mean) and so when my wife sucks me my entire penis gets it at once. So there monster cock. Reassurance would come if I shared these words.

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TITLE: Chuck

My penis is a thick, full shape...the head is circumsized, and when erect, it is very plump. the Shaft actually gets a bit wider than the head at it's widest point, and a very slight curve to the left...I've never had any complaints, and because it is on the thick side, the women I've been with have all sort of made me feel really good about the fact that they say it "fills" them like they haven't been filled before. So, all in all, I'm happy. If I could, I'd take about another inch in length, though. Honestly, I really enjoy looking at penises, even though I'm straight, and I wish I could have the opportunity to touch and squeeze another one...and compare them in-person.


Short, straight, large head, light caucasion skin color on shaft, purple head, I would like it to be longer of course. Only one compaint from woman, present lover says she can't feel it very well. It is plenty large, 5" circumference, she just likes it very physical. All other partners liked the size, both length and width. I always try to hide it from other men unless it is semi-erect.

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TITLE: big

My penis is thick in girth and larger than average in length. i am uncircumsised and my penis is very muscular. my penis points nearly straight up, has a nice smooth texture and is the same tone of colour as the rest of my body. i have been complimented on it by various of my friends and partners about how big it is. my penis seems to attract people and im very happy with that.

TITLE: allen

I'm 35 years white old and my penis is what i call a flesh tone. Flacid it's 4" and erect is 6". I am circumcised and when erect it has a slight upward bend. I would not change a thing about it but if I could make it bigger without any surgery or expence I would.

TITLE: Eddie

I love my penis. It is circumcised,hangs slightly to the left and I think it's average in size. The head is a purplish color and the shaft is pink. I've never had a complaint about it. I had one person tell me that it was nice. I never measured the width. Never really thought about it, but I'm going to.

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TITLE: jocko

I admire my penis as a representation of my masculinity. When erect, the veins protrude outward excitedly and seem to long for a wet pussy or a woman's mouth to stimulate and caress it. Giving pleasure to the lady is most fulfilling for me.


I am a white male. When flacid, my penis is about 3.5 inches long and usually hangs to the left. When erect, my penis is 7.5 inches long and has an upward curve, looking like a banana. The thing I would change about my cock would be to have it go straight out, instead of having a curve. No one has rejected my penis (maybe me, but not my penis).


My penis is uncut and the foreskin is very soft and smooth and I can feel every vein. It's light in color with a nice pink head. It curves up when fully erect. I've never been teased about my penis. I feel it's special because it's mine. The women I have been with me have always complimented me on it.

TITLE: mr. mack

I would say my penis is larger than average. it is straight, and it curves up a lil bit. I'm uncut and I love it because sinse its big most of the time the foreskin is not on the head and its great for masturbation. I have a vain in the middle if the shaft that the gurls love to lick. I wouldn't mind it being no more than an inch bigger cuz everyone wants a bigger dick but I don't want it to big to where it would hurt the gurls and make sex not that fun. I've never been rejected and always complimented. The gurls always kiss the tip when we're done having sex. It is a lil bit darker than my skin color and I'm a light skinned mexican. I also trim and shave my balls, they are smooth and the gurls love to play with them, hair gets in the way. I even shave my butt crack. The ladies love it.


It is rather large around and it has veins that are prominent and skin is very dark just below the head. If I could change I would like to be 8" long just for my own pleasure. I have had compliments on the appearance of my penis and never been rejected or made fun of.

TITLE: portkapivit

I think I have a nice one it curves to the left I am cut but I wish I was not ived never had a complant but when I was in scool and took a showerthe bigger guys got pissed because I was biger then them whichmade me feel great

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TITLE: pussy_nutz

MY schlong's head is so big that one time it got caught in a women's asshole. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cut it off. It took me a whole bottle of K.Y. to trust it out. but I think it was a good experience because it seemed to strech an inch or two.


My penis is like a belly button when soft and is short and thick when erect. Nice fleshy color with big vein running down the top (like most). when erect the head gets a nice red color to it. When I was thinner my dick was a little longer and pointed straight up. Now since I am heavy it points straight out. I would change it if I could but only to make it just a bit longer. I would be happy with 6 or 6.5 inches when erect rather than the 3 or 4 I have now. I have been rejected because of the size but only once. Made fun of by that one person as well. However, I have had more people, men and women, say that they like my penis and have had compliments on it (mostly by men). Overall, I like my dick. It works just as well as a larger one and I tend to have rather large ejaculations.

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TITLE: shorty

I have hypospodia- the uthrether exits at the coronol band on the underneath sid of the shaft. Peeing is uncertain because I can not aim properly and the stream sprays. I have learened to squeeze the head during urination so as to more or less direct the flow but still is not accurate. Thus I am pee shy not wishing to pee on the pants of the man next to me. also my short (flacid 2 inch) penis makes me want to hide. Hypospadia is not good- yet I manage to mainain relationships with my wife and have 4 children. I also have not been faithful and have had many lovers both men and women. I have never left any unsatisfied- yet I am always left feeling guilty.

TITLE: jocko

I'm a pretty well-built guy with a high-average length erect penis and above avg. circumference. It bends somewhat to the left when erect but is straight when flacid at 3". It's off-white on the shaft, red a few inches below the head, and purple throughout the bulbus head when standing fully erect. Surveys put it at about the 90th %ile erect and 95th %ile circumference-wise, so neither myself or any of my partners (I'm totally straight) have any regrets. I'm also a senior citizen !!

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I have a little dick, when erect. It is circumcised, straight and with no bends. I have not been rejected by any woman. The only people who have laughed have been other men. I like to go to nude beaches and represent all those guys who are not hung like horses.

TITLE: Rhino

My penis hangs to the left. It is slightly darker shade of brown of brown than the rest of my skin that is exposed to sunlight. It is cut and not as sensitive as I would like. I have never been turned down because of it but have been told that they are sore the next day; I'm not sure if that due to size or because it takes me a long time to cum. I'm quite comfortable with the size but wouldn't complain for a little extra length and width. I have been told that its quite large by partners and the occasion guy in the showers at the gym.

TITLE: paddy

flaccid my penis is small but increases as im erect it bends to the right I wmasturbate twice a day and I get a great thrill out of my penis and I have made a lot of girls scream

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According to statistics, my penis is of average length, but I seem to get compliments on it anyway (That is a BIG penis!), probably because it's wider than average and has a big head. I really love the size variance from soft to hard and even the range of soft sizes. If I've had a shower, it's probably two inches long at most, but it's in its most natural state, and I think it's beautiful. It can grow up to about four inches long while still being basically soft. Unless it's really hard, it hangs straight down. It seems like most men have a penis that hangs at maybe a 30- to 40-degree angle, resting on their balls. But mine’s vertical. What's cool: Because it can get so long before it gets hard, I can have an erection but no one can see it. The bottom (head) is pressed against my underwear, and it would burst free if it could, but it's kept safely in place. Once while I was masturbating when I was younger, I decided to put a small disposable drinking cup – the clear plastic kind – over my dick to catch the cum, but there was another result. When I was sliding my hand up and down, I couldn’t reach the sweet spot – the part where I was circumcised – because of the cup. This drove me crazy, but by the time I ripped the cup off to hit that spot, it was even more sensitive because of the delay. I shot it a mile! To this day, that bit of wrinkly, circumcised flesh means a lot to me. Let's hear it for dicks!


My penis falls into the catagory of the most common shape. It is smooth with just a slight vein showing on the top. The color is a light brown even though I'm fairly light skinned. No bend and when erect it points straight up at my chin. I wouldn't change a thing about it since it has worked very well all my life. No rejections because of my penis and a lot of compliments on how well it gets the job done.

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TITLE: jimmy

nice smooth shaft, nice bulbous head, darker than the rest of my skin,it tips to my left,i would never change it, noone has ever rejected my penis, I have been complimented tons of times

TITLE: hugga

I've always been insecure. I was a, "late bloomer." I fully matured at 21 yrs old. I have always had compliments from sex partners, but I still feel just average. I like that at 40, I still have a rock hard straight penis, fully circumsized, and enough stamina for married sex life and a fantasy masturbation session 2 or 3 times a week.

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